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You were walking towards the monster with your fist up ready to punch it, when the monster notice you, the creature begin talking to you.

Monster: Well well, who do we have here?

Y/N: Just a guy who's a hero for fun......and profit

Monster: heh, it won't matter, after one of my portals takes care of you, you'll be erased from this universe along with everyone on this earth!

The monster starts to make a blue circle portal as he saids it flying towards you, you dodge it easily as you start to dash towards the him while dodging the portals. You made your way close to him with your right fist up as you ready to use your combo attack.

Consecutive Normal Punches

Doing that, an after images of your punches appear towards the monster making its body parts go everywhere, soon one of its portals appear on the ground underneath you as you were starting to get sucked in.

Saitama and Genos: Y/N!!!

Saitama and Genos started to notice this as they run to you trying to save you but end up falling, you were already sucked into the blue portal.

You were floating in space with no air and your body wasn't responding to you. You thought to yourself if your dead or not as you hold your breath.

Y/N thoughts: Am I dead..? That monster dropped one of those portals at me after I killed about bad luck, I knew I shouldn't walk under that latter...

As you said that in your head you were starting to go towards some bright light.

Y/N thoughts: Huh, a light? Must be an exit.

As you continued being pulled towards the light you started to go unconscious. Moments past as you woke up in the middle of what looks like a part at night, you got up and start to look around.

Y/N: Cool, looks like I'm not dead surprises there

You start to wonder around the park when suddenly you hear a voice behind you.

???: My my, aren't you looking tasty tonight~

You turn around to see a women with black hair and black eyes...naked from head to toe, after examining her you look to the side trying not to look anymore.

???: Oh come on sweety its okay to look, after all this body is for you tonight~

She said that while licking her upper lip smirking at you, you payed no to any attention to her as you stood there.

Y/N: No thanks, I don't like hookers

Somewhere not far from you a group of girls were fly towards the park where to find the stray devil is been hiding.

Rias: Akeno, are you sure the stray is at the park.

Akeno: No doubt about it Rias, reports say that people have been missing near the old park.

Rais: Alright, Koneko I need you to get ready.

Koneko: Right.

After landing near the park the girls starting to search for their stray, after moments of searching they witness to figures in front of them. One that's a naked woman and the other one with a weird yellow suit with a white caped with red gloves and boots.

Rais: Thats the stray, looks like it captured a civilian, let's go!

After listing to the naked woman of you not interested in her while not looking you starting to hear footsteps behind you, you look behind and saw three girls, one with red hair that you never seen before, one with black hair and the other one with white hair with cat ears..?

Rais: Quick, get away from her before she gets you!

Y/N: Huh?

You turn towards the women as you see her in somewhat spider monster form.

Y/N: Huh, so your a monster?

Stray Devil: Yes I am, I lure people in and eat them while they beg for mercy. Since your the first male that rejected me, it makes me want to have fun with you a lot more longer then the ones that offered themselves so easily!

The women grabs you and trys to squeeze you with its spider looking arms while you just...not give a damn

Rias: Akeno, Koneko stop her!

They both nodded as they start to run towards you the unexpected happened, You broke loose from her weird spider arms and you punched the spider women without any effort, sending its blood, guts, and body parts all over place as you stood there with your fist up smoking.

The girls were shock to see what they witness, an ordinary human being defeated an S-class stray devil without any effort. After a few moments in awe they walked up to you for questioning.

Rias: Um, excuse me in the Lucifer did you do that?!

Y/N: By punching it?

The girls were confused after your response as the red hair girl ask you another question.

Rias: Okay....who are you exactly?

Y/N: Just a guy who's a hero for fun.....and profit

After saying that you crossed your arms and a small wind go through your cape making it float.

Girls: What?!


After your uncounter with a naked women spider and the three girls, you parted with them while you were wondering in the streets at night don't know where to go.

Y/N: Okay, I have no money, no place to stay and no food to eat...great, just my luck, damn you latter

Few moments of wondering aimlessly you heard a scream what sounds like a lady, not avoiding your hero instincts you go to the source of the scream.

You finally arrived where the scream came from, you see a lady on the ground while her back is on the wall and a monster what looks like trying to get her with its tentacles.

Lady: P-Please don't hurt me...

Tentacle Monster: Hahaha, you thing your sweet talk of mercy is going to help?! Sorry dear but your in no luck for it.

The monster starts to move its tentacles to her as it wraps around her body....inappropriately, seeing this makes you disgusted as you dash towards it.

Tentacle Monster: Now before I kill you, I might a little sig-GAHH!!

The monster was cut off before finishing what he said as your punch send him flying to end of the streets, crashed into a car and making it explode as its guts and bodies went everywhere.

Y/N: Welp, that's gonna wake the okay miss?

You turn to the lady as she has a face of shock and a little terror in her eyes. You neld your knee as you try to comfort her to make her not scared anymore.

Y/N: Its okay, I took care of the pervert monster so your safe now

After you said that she had tears running down on her face as she hugged you still frightened a bit.

Lady: That you! Thank you! I thought I was going to die..!

Y/N: Well your safe now, besides saving the day is what I do.

Moments past as she finally calmed down from what happened as she showed a smile on her face.

Y/N: Say umm, do you know where I can find a place to stay?

Lady: You mean, you don't?

Y/N: Nope.

The lady was shock to find out her hero didn't have a home. Knowing about heros, they always have there own place.

Lady: Well, I do own an apartment building and I'm the landlady their, so as an award for saving me, you can stay for free as long as you want.

After hearing this your eyes widened and you got exited. So you agreed, the two of you went to the apartment building, after her giving your room key, you went upstairs to where your room is and went inside, you explored your apartment room as to see not much but just enough space for you.

The room had a tv, a small couch, small sink, a refrigerator beside it and a small bathroom just for you, the best part is you get to stay for free.

After you exploring your new apartment you started to go to sleep on the couch and went sleep ASAP.

Y/N: Man, what weird day...

You said that before you went to sleep but everyday is weird for you.

Somewhere in the Kuoh Academy, the girls arrived back to their club after their weird and unexpected event of hunting their stray as Rias went to her desk to think.

Akeno: So...who was that boy anyway?

Koneko: Don't know, but he was strong.

Akeno: Stronger than you Koneko?~

She said that to her with a smirk on her face as Koneko starting to get a bit upset to see how strong you was of defeating an S-class stray devil with a single punch.

Koneko: We'll just see about that the next time I met him.

Akeno: So Rias, what do we do?

Rias: We'll tell the others about this tomorrow what happened, the underworld is going to notice soon that one of the S-class stray devils was defeated.

Akeno: If they know then the other stray devils is going to be concern about it, making it more hard for us to deal with them.

Rias: And that's why I'm going to make him my pawn.

The two girls where shocked to here that from her.

Koneko: Rias are you sure, we don't know if his evil or not.

Akeno: Also what if he refuses to it?

Rias: Did you two hear what he said? His a "hero for fun and profit" and if he refuses I won't force him, you two saw how powerful his strength was, he would defeat all of us easily.

The two girls start to think about this as they look at each other and nodded as they turn back their heads to Rias.

Akeno: So what you want as to do?

It was morning in your apartment, everything was quite, birds were chirping outside, the sun shining down threw your window when suddenly...

Y/N: ahhhh!! i will not play rock, paper, scissors with a booger on your finger!!!

After saying you look around the room and said to yourself...

Y/N: What a weird dream..

Moments past after you cleaned yourself up in the bathroom, you walked out with a towal around your waist as you heard knocking on the door.

You opened the door to see no one was there until you look to the floor and saw a somewhat school uniform and an envelope on top. You picked both of them up and went back inside, you opened the envelope and it reads "Please go and attend Kuoh Academy, you'll have someone waiting at the front gate"

After reading the letter you looked at the uniform.

Y/N: Really? I have to go to school now after everything happened..? I guess bad luck is still on me...

Moments past as you head toward the academy wearing the school uniform. Even though you don't like wearing other clothes besides your hero suit and your oppia jacket.

Moments later you arrived at the front gate and saw a girl waiting for you, she had long black hair, Brown colored eyes and wearing a blue glasses.

Tsubaki: Hello there, you must be the boy that Rias and the others were talking about.

Y/N: Who's Rias?

Tsubaki: The red haired girl you incountered last night.

You thought to yourself and try to remember and you did, you remembered three girls watched you defeat that naked spider women.

Y/N: Oh yea her, now I remember.

Tsubaki: I'm Tsubaki Shinra and I'm the Vice-President of the Student Council.

She said as she offered her had to you as you reached out and shake her hand.

Y/N: I'm Y/N L/N, nice to meet you.

After your introductions with her she walk you to your homeroom classroom as everyone in the room was looking at you, soon you heard whispers of girls talking about you.

Girl1: He looks so cute!

Girl2: Do you thing his a pervert like the others?

Girl3: Of course not look at him, his so dreaming~

After hearing that you sweatdrop and you introduce yourself to the class and afterwards you went to your seat near the window.

The girls in the room are still talking about you while the guys starts giving you angry looks of jealousy...of course you didn't give a damn, if they start messing with you, it won't end well for them.

After all the classes were done and everyone started to leave, a blond walk towards you and greeted you.

Yuuto: Hay there, I'm Yuuto Kiba

He offers his hand to you, you reached out and shakes his hand.

Y/N: Y/N L/N

Yuuto: Could you follow me please, someone wants to talk to you.

Y/N: Sure

You got of your chair and started following him as you hear some girls fangirling about you two being a couple which made you sweatdrop more.

Moments past as you two arrived in some what old looking school, you followed Kiba inside and you were greeted with the girls you met last night.

Rias: Hello Y/N and welcome to the Occult Research Clup.

Y/N: Oh hay, you must be Rias right?

Rias: Indeed I am, on you right is Akeno Himejima...

Akeno: Hay there cutie~

She winkes at you, licker her finger while giving a smirk which makes you a bit uncomfortable...okay a lot.

Rias: And on your left is Koneko.

You look to see the girl with white hair from last night but something was a bit different from her.

Koneko: Sup

She said plainly while eating a sandwich.

Rias: You already met Yuuto Kiba

You turn around seeing him smiling at you as you face back at Rias again.

Y/N: So what is it that you want sence you want to talk to me and send me to this school.

Rias: Well Y/N I'm interested on how well you defeated that stray devil last night...

Y/N: Well I do fight monsters all the time so it's not big deal to me.

Rias: Really? Why is that Y/N?

Y/N: Where I'm from monsters appear all the time and I have to fight them of course.

Rias wants more of your story but decided to continue it later. She got up from her chair and walk in front of the desk and sat on top.

Rias: Interesting, I would like to hear more but we need to deal with something else.

Y/N: Okay, sure

Rias: I hope you will understand this Y/N because everyone of us not a ordinary human being, you see we...

All of the sudden everyone around you had black looking wings on their back as you stood there examining everyone.

Rias: ...we are devils, and I want you to be my slave.

Y/N: ....what....???


Rias: I said I want you to be my slave.

Without hesitation you answered back quickly saying...

Y/N: No way, not a chance.

Everyone in the room stood there silently as waiting for Rias response while you thought to yourself that this red-heading girl have some kind of weird fetish in her head.

Rias: I understand and I won't force you to join us, seeing what happened last night your too powerful for any of us to defeat you.

Koneko: I doubt that...

You turn to the white haired girl after hearing what she said, moments of silence spread the room.

Y/N: Are you saying your stronger then I am?

Koneko: Thats exactly what I'm saying and to prove it to you, how about we fight?

Rias and her friends started to worry about Koneko having to fight you as they know you would obliterate her easily.

Rias: Now Koneko I don't think that's a-

Koneko: No, I can handle it Rias, I'll show this "hero" his not strong as he think he is.

Koneko got up from the couch and walk towards you as you narrowed your left eyebrow at her.

Koneko: How about it "hero", what do you say we fight to see who's the strongest?

Y/N: No thanks, I don't want you to get hurt.

After saying that she had a small blush on her cheek but shakes it off for anyone to notice, even you.

Koneko: I don't care if I get hurt or not, you and I are gonna settle this to see who's stronger!

You know try to decline the offer to fight the white haired girl was hopeless so you agreed with a sigh. Moments later you waiting for every student of the academy to leave for anyone not noticing your "fight" with the white haired girl.

After every normal student of the academy left, the rest of the devils started to put a illusion barrier around the school so no one from the outside will notice.

After that you notice some students heading towards you and the others as you thought to yourself their devils as well because all the normal students have left.

Sona: Hello Rias, mined tell me what's happening?

Rias turns to the Student Council President as the others gathered around you two trying to know what's happening. You also notice the Vice-President be her side, following her is a Brown haired boy.

Rias: Oh, hello Sona, Koneko is going to have a fight with Y/N here to test out his strength.

She pointed to you as the other girl with short hair with glasses approached you.

Sona: So your the boy that defeated the S-class stray last night huh?

Y/N: Yup

Before she ask you another question the boy with brown hair started to laugh beside the Vice-President.

Genshirou: Hahahaha! You, a human defeated an S-Class stray devil?! Thats hard to believe!

Everyone started to get annoyed by him as Sona turned back to you with a sweatdrop on her head.

Sona: Please excuse him, his a bit of an...idiot.

Y/N: Its cool, not the first time I got hated by someone.

Moments past as everyone get to save distance for you and Koneko to fight, you head towards the track field while Koneko was waiting for you and standing there at the other side.

Y/N: Umm, Koneko...are you sure you want to fight me?

Koneko: Of course I do and won't show you any mercy, so you better be ready!

Y/N: Uhh...can we ju-

Before you finished what you were going to say, Koneko cuts you off as she jumps in the air flying towards you as she was ready to land a kick to you. You dodged it easily as you moved to the side, Koneko's kick hit the ground making a big quake.

She dashed to you quickly as she trys to do a round house kick to your face, you duck your head to avoid the kick as you had a awe face with a small smile of your face.

Y/N thoughts: Koneko sure got skills

You said to yourself as Koneko tries to land a blow on you but you blocked it with your hand and got it. Koneko was shock to see her fist blocked with your hand, she took this opportunity to do an upper kick to your chest and it did, you were sent back flying a few meters away from her, it didn't hurt you though as you shook off the dirt from your school uniform.

Akeno: Wow, he took a hit one of Koneko's kick and didn't hurt him.

Rias: I'm impressed that Y/N is holding it up, even though I know that his strong, I'm still worried about him.

Sona and Tsubaki steps foward besides Rias to know more about you as they watch in awe of seeing a human being able to keep up with Rias's rook.

Sona: So Rias, where did you find him exactly?

Rias: Curious about him Sona?

She said with a narrowed eyebrow at her to figure out what she's planning to do to you. She knows because Sona is only curious of how well strong and powerful you are. That the two devils needs a strong pawn like you.

Sona: I'm beyond curious Rias

Sona was more then beyond curious now that Rias told her on how you defeated a high class stray devil last night. Akeno was watching you on how well you can keep up with Koneko as she stood there licking her lips and fingers imagine...inappropriate things with you while brown haired boy was in shock of how strong you are with Koneko.

You and Koneko were still at it, she won't quiet until she makes you beg for mercy...of course that won't happen. Moments later she chases you with great speed as lands a few blows at you while chasing you, she stops to witness you were gone as she realize she was chasing your after image.

Koneko: What?! I was chasing his after image?!

She looked around her surroundings as she spotted you running. She jumps up in the air and lands a few meters in front of you, you stop running as she kickes the ground making a few boulders jump up in the air as Koneko kicks them to you, sending them flying with great speed making a few smoke appear from the ground as they landed to you.

Koneko: He won't able to escape from tha-

She had a tap on her left shoulder to see you as you poke her cheek while she's in shock on how her boulders miss you.

Y/N: Looks like I wi-

Koneko cuts you off as she trys to land a punch on you but misses as you jump back away from her while trying to keep your balance from landing.

Koneko: Y/N

Y/N: Y-yea?

You got your balance back as you face towards her with a plain expression on your face.

Tsubaki: Whoa, how did he invaded Koneko's boulders easily? Those boulders were too fast for anyone to see it coming.

Rias: My thoughts exactly but Y/N may look like and ordinary human being, but on the inside he has something more then that.

All of a sudden Akeno started pleasure as everyone got her attention as they see she was...touching herself and imagining you....

Akeno: Ohhh~ imagine him using that powerful strength of his while breeding~

Everyone sweatdrop of hearing that as turn back to you and Koneko fighting.

Koneko: I told you that I won't show you mercy, but it looks like I can't because your always on your defensive state....

You stood their with your arms crossed as you listen to her while you tilt your head to the right a bit.

Koneko: ...but now I want "you" to show me no mercy!

You looked at her with a plain expression look on your face as you leap forward just a tiny bit.

Koneko thoughts: If he starts to go after me, than that will make it easier to-

Her thoughts were cut off as you leap towards her with a blink of an eye, you got her by surprise as she trys to round house kick you but she misses only hitting your after image.

Koneko: W-What..?!

You appear behind her with your right fist up held back as she stood there in shock, feeling something inside her and telling her "DEATH", you throw your punch at her as she stood there seeing your punch coming.

Before your fist reach her face you stopped your punch inches away from her as you make a powerful aftershock of wind pass her, the aftershock of wind hit the school as everyone try to block the powerful wind you made.

You pull your fist back as you tap Koneko's forehead easily as she still in shock of what happened.

Y/N: I gotta go eat dinner okay? I'll see you tomorrow in school Koneko.

You walked away as Koneko finally snapped out of it and tries to calm down with her heart rising. You wave goodbye to everyone as they stood there in complete shock and awe to see what just happened.

Koneko thoughts: I thought he was just an ordinary guy but....

Koneko turned around to the school as her eyes widen to see the powerful aftershock of wind you made, made the entire school rip in half and beyond it.

Koneko thoughts: ....guess I was completely wrong about it.

Sona: the Lucifer...just happened?!

Rias: My thoughts exactly...

Everyone was still confused in shock as they now know that Y/N is the most powerful human walking on Earth. The brown haired boy stood there shaking and sweatdropping...a lot.

Genshirou: I think I wetted my pants...

And yes, he did wet his pants.