OMNI: Chapter 6

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Adrien sat on his bed lost in thought. It had been 2 hours since he told JC that he wasn’t going to train under him until he explained just who he was. It wasn’t too much to ask seeing how JC ‘knew everything about Adrien.

‘He was definitely hiding something.’ Adrien thought to himself. He began to throw an old tennis ball in the air to help pass the time to dinner, but time just wasn’t moving fast enough for Adrien. It seemed that since discovering what he is and that he has powers; time began to move even slower for him.

“Omni?” Adrien said aloud to himself.

“I’ve heard of Vampires, Were Wolves, Angels, Demons, and even the Gods. But not once have I ever heard of a supernatural being called an Omni?” Adrien set the ball that he had been tossing around, down. He walked over to his plugged in Laptop and typed “Omni” into Google. The only thing’s he found relating to “Omni” was things like “Omniscient “or “Omnipotent.” He came up with zip on beings called Omni’s.

“I need to go out and think.” Adrien reached for his black & white flannel jacket. Pulling open his window, Adrien stepped out on to his roof and climbed down the houses fancy white fence with vines sprouting from it. Jumping a few feet from the fence, Adrien landed both feet safely on the ground.

‘Been awhile since I did this!’ Adrien excitedly thought to himself. Whenever he needed to either clear his head or think, Adrien would always sneak out of the house and go walk around the town. Just because he is kind of a geek doesn’t mean he always obeys his parents and his curfew.

Adrien decided to head to a party that a friend had told him about. It was being held at “The Point” which was a place in the woods (not the abandoned forest) that teenagers threw parties at. One of the great things about “The Point” is that it is close to the lake in case anyone wants to go for a night swim. Adrien could see the cars of teens parked all around the entrance to “The Point” and the music was blaring so loud that you could hear it from the parking area. Following behind some teens that were already starting to drink, Adrien made his way into the party that was just kicking off. He saw a lot of familiar faces, most from school, and the rest from around town. The song “Burn it to the Ground” by Nickelback was blasting all throughout the party. A huge bonfire burned at the center of “The Point” with sitting logs surrounding it for seats. All around people were drinking and socializing. Adrien recognized only a few people, the rest he did not know. He made his way over to a vacant log and sat down. All around people seemed to be enjoying themselves.

‘Wish I could be as happy as everyone here.’ Adrien sadly thought to himself.

“You look like a guy who could use a drink my friend?” Startled Adrien jumped up and looked down to his right to see a boy with icy blue eyes and jet black hair smirking up at him from the log that he was sitting on. The kid who looked to be in his about the same age or a year older than him held, he out a plastic cup full of beer for Adrien to take.

“Geez, you startled me!” Adrien exclaimed trying to regain his breath. The guy just smirked some more and held the cup of beer higher for Adrien to take.

“Here it will help loosen you up a bit.” The guy insisted. Adrien looked from the drink to the guy.

“Uh, no thanks, I’m not much of a drinker.” Adrien politely declined. The guy just laughed.

“Neither is anyone else here kid, well except me of course.” The guy cockily said while winking at Adrien. Adrien raised an eyebrow.

“I don’t know, some of the kids here have been drinking since they were 10 or 11, Adrien said looking around at some of the people here. The guy rolled his eyes unimpressed.

“I’ve been doing it a lot longer than they have.” The guy mumbled to himself while taking a drink of the beer he originally offered Adrien.

“I’m sorry did you say something?” Adrien asked confused if the guy had said something to him or if he was just talking to himself.

“Nope, not a thing.” The guy smugly responded while taking another drink.

“Oh, okay.” Adrien sighed. The two sat in silence for a few minutes not knowing how to continue with their small talk. Adrien decided to break the silence by introducing himself.

“Hi I’m Adrien, Adrien Hinson.” Adrien introduced holding out his hand for a handshake.

The boy looked at it for a few moments before returning the shake; he let out a small smirk.


Adrien waited for the guy to say his last name but it never came.

“Don’t you have a last name?”

“Nope.” Samuel winked. Adrien was getting a little annoyed at Samuel’s wink.

“Oh come on, everyone has a last name!” Adrien exclaimed. Samuel smirked and took a drink.

“Well, I am not everyone.” Samuel simply stated. Adrien raised his eyebrow at him.

‘Tell that to all the bad boy’s from TV and books that you are ripping off with the way you dress and act.’ Adrien humorously thought to himself. Unbeknownst to Adrien, Samuel rolled his eyes.

“I am like you Adrien.” Samuel stated with the most seriousness he had ever used.

“You’re a geek too?!” Adrien asked shocked as someone as cool as he looked was secretly a geek. Samuel widened his eyes and raised his right eyebrow.

“What?! God no!” Samuel exclaimed.

‘Do I look like I could be a geek?’ Samuel mentally asked himself.

“Well, then I don’t get it. How are you like me?” Adrien asked genuine confused and curious about Samuel’s answer.

“Well for one, you and I are both part of the Omniverse.” Samuel finished his beer as the color from Adrien’s face drained.