OMNI: Chapter 5

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JC stared into those famous icy blue eyes. Samuel was 5’9 with jet black hair; he appeared to be in his early teens like Adrien and JC. His skin color is Caucasian with a little bit of a tan and he wore all black.

“What are you doing here, Samuel?” JC questioned, not taking his eyes off of Samuel for even a second. Samuel smirked.

“Can’t a guy just visit an old friend?” Samuel asked innocently. JC rolled his eyes but quickly refocused them on Samuel.

“No, now I’ll ask again. What are you doing here?”

Samuel smirked at JC’s question. He began to circle around him.

“You and I both know the answer to that.” Samuel glanced at Adrien’s house, which didn’t go unnoticed to JC.

“Adrien.” JC whispered but was still heard by Samuel.

“Yup.” Samuel said popping the “p”. He stopped when he came face to face with JC.

“Leave Adrien alone Samuel, he has nothing to do with us.”

“Correction, he has become an Omni so now he has everything to do with us.” Samuel stepped closer to JC.

“Doesn’t he JC?” He asked cockily. They held each other’s calculating stares for a few moments until finally,

“He’s never going to join you or your Dark Omni’s Samuel; he’s different than the type of people you recruit.” JC angrily said. Samuel chuckled.

“He may be different than other Omni’s but he’s still a human, and like all humans, even Adrien can be tempted.” Samuel cockily spat. JC had had enough, and raising his right hand he blasted Samuel with a teleportation beam.

Samuel, caught off guard, was hit by the beam and teleported back to the forest where Adrien and JC met. Not long after JC appeared also.

“I am warning you Samuel, stay away from Adrien, he wants nothing to do with people like you!” JC spat.

‘Finally after all these years you let your anger show, JC.’ Samuel thought to himself while chuckling.

“What is so funny?” JC asked agitatedly towards Samuel. Samuel just smirked at the fact that he was getting under JC’s skin after so long.

“It’s nothing, just, well it’s been awhile since I was able to get any emotional reaction from you, so then that means you must really care for Adrien’s wellbeing.” Samuel deduced like an inspector would if he was figuring out a suspect’s motive.

“I care about all the Omni’s that I take under my wing, you know that Samuel.” JC now began to scold. Samuel rolled his eyes and threw red fiery ball of energy at JC. The energy struck JC, sending him flying into a nearby group of trees.

JC got up and brushed himself off casually, and looked at Samuel with a “Did you really just do that?” look. Samuel smirks at him. Taking the smirk as an opportunity, JC shot a light energy beam at him. Seeing the beam coming, Samuel dodged to the right and sent his own red beam of energy at JC. Planting his feet, JC held out his right hand and caught Samuel’s attack. He redirected it. The blast blew away a small portion of the forest. JC raised his eyebrow towards Samuel.

“Why are you holding back Samuel?” JC questioned.

“Because JC, I am not here to fight you. I’m simply here to raise hell and steal your new protégé.” Samuel smugly answered. JC frowned at his answer. Samuel smirked and began to tease him.

“Smile more JC, you’ll live longer.” Samuel winked with hidden meaning.

“You’re not funny Samuel.”

“It’s not that I’m not funny, it’s more like you have no sense of humor, JC.” One of Samuel’s favorite things was pointing out other’s flaws, especially if they are JC’s.

“No, I just have no sense of Samuel humor.” JC corrected smiling victoriously. Samuel smirked

“Aw, but Samuel humor is the best kind of humor!” Samuel whined and made a puppy dog face. JC did his usual eye roll which was surprisingly starting to get on Samuel’s nerves.

“Yeah, I’m sure killing and hurting innocent people is everyone’s idea of a good laugh” JC said with much sarcasm.

“Oh come on, JC they are just humans!” Samuel yelled humorously. Anger surged through JC, he decked Samuel which made him slide across the grass, leaving a trail of dirt behind him.

“No, you are wrong Samuel! They are beings with thoughts and feelings; they have nothing to do with us!” JC pleaded to his old friend. Samuel got up off the ground and blurred up to JC.

“I know that, I just love to use them for my own personal goals and needs. One of which is tempting Adrien over to my side.” Samuel winked and smiled sadistically.

“Samuel please, you don’t have to do this!” JC tried pleading some more but Samuel refused to listen.

“See that’s where you are wrong old friend. I do have to do this, not just for myself but for everyone else out there that’s a pawn in both our fathers plan, and you and I both know that Adrien is the key to their plans!” Samuel blurred in front of JC.

“I along with Adrien and the Dark Omni’s at my side will begin a New Universal Order that will be better than what your father and mine have planned out for this Universe. I gave you, my one and only best friend the chance to join me so we could stop them, but what did you do?!” Samuel screamed. JC looked down in shame.

“I betrayed you, and joined my father’s side.” JC shamefully admitted. Samuel smirked evilly.

“Damn right you did. You know what our fathers plan to do yet you still stick by your father’s side? That is why I hate you more than you can ever know, because no matter how terrible your father’s plan turns out to be, you still stick by him after everything that it is going to do to, not just to ours but to everyone and everything’s existence. That, JC is why I hate you.” Samuel waved his hand causing a reddish, blackish portal to appear.

“Be seeing you JC” Samuel winked and then stepped into the portal which closed after he stepped all the way through.

‘Samuel, if only you knew the wonderful feeling of a father’s love.’