OMNI: Chapter 4

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“Now that you know my name, it’s time to begin your training my young friend.” JC said while standing up from the log that he had previously been sitting on. Adrien also stood up, ignoring the fact that he was calling him young even though JC was only like one year older than him.

“What do I have to do?” Adrien asked ready to do whatever JC instructed.

“In order to learn control over your powers you will first have manifest your Darkness power. So close your eyes and focus on bringing that power to the surface.” JC instructed. Adrien nodded in confirmation and did as instructed. He closed his eyes and concentrated on bringing his undiscovered power to the surface but to no avail.

“Concentrate Adrien, you can do it.” JC encouraged. So Adrien thought harder to make his Darkness power surface but still nothing.

“Just clear your mind and think only about Darkness and its power to absorb.” JC added. Suddenly it clicked, Adrien was only thinking about bringing it to the surface. He wasn’t thinking about what Darkness had the power to do.

‘Absorption.’ Adrien thought hard to himself. ‘Darkness has the power to absorb and you have the power to bring forth what lies within you.’ Adrien’s conscience encouraged.

The wind around JC and Adrien began to pick up. JC looked around as leaves began to fly and trees began to shake.

‘Darkness, Absorption, Darkness, Absorption.’ Adrien repeatedly thought to himself. A dark black light slowly began to emit from Adrien.

‘Darkness, Absorption Darkness, ABSORPTION!!!’ A bright dark black light erupted from Adrien and engulfed him. It died down to look like a fiery black energy was surging from his body. Adrien began to feel as if he was getting stronger and stronger. He opened his eyes to see that his Darkness power had emerged. JC stood there with a huge smile on his face.

‘He’s progressing faster than anticipated.’ JC thought to himself.

Adrien never looked so proud of himself in his life. He turned to JC who was smiling at him.

“You did it, Adrien!” JC congratulated while walking over to him. His smile faltered however when he saw the forest begin to die around them. Acting quickly JC told Adrien how to turn off his power.

“Now all you have to do to stop that power is to think about it going back inside you.” JC instructed while stopping a few feet from him. Adrien nodded and began to think of what JC had told him to do. Though it took a few minutes the Darkness power died down until it was no longer emitting from Adrien.

“Oh my God, that was so cool!” Adrien exclaimed. JC nodded in agreement. Adrien was obvious to the fact that he was slowly killing the forest when his Darkness power was brought out.

“Yes it was, now that that power has emerged and you have learned to summon it, it’s now time to learn to call upon your Light power.” Understanding, Adrien closed his eyes and began working on summoning the power of Light.

“Remember this time you need to think of Lights power to reflect.”

“I got this JC, don’t worry.” Adrien confidently reassured JC.

‘Light, Reflect,’ Adrien began to think to himself. Again the wind picked up, leaves blew all around, and the trees began to shake.

‘He’s summoning this one much faster than the other one. Which is strange because this power should be a bit more difficult to summon? Then again he did accidently summon it to blow a hole in his school’s auditorium wall without any knowledge that he is an Omni… What other surprises are you full of Adrien?’ JC thought to himself while he watched Adrien try to summon the power of Light.

Slowly but surely a bright white light began to glow from Adrien. It kept getting bigger and bigger by the minute. As he did this life began to flow back in to the forest again.

‘Light, reflect, light reflect, light reflect, LIGHT REFLECT!’ Adrien screamed in his mind. Just as the Darkness power engulfed Adrien so did the Light power, except this time it looked like a white fiery energy was emitting from Adrien. JC clapped his hands together.

“Adrien, you learned to summon your powers faster than any other Omni that I have ever come across!” JC praised. Adrien opened his eyes to see that he was surrounded by a white energy which he could only assume was his Light power. It took a little longer for the Light power to die down.

“You are progressing well Adrien, but I am afraid we must wrap up for today.” JC regrettably told him. Adrien looked at him with confusion plastered on his face.

“What? Why? You haven’t even gotten to the part where you teach me how to use my powers!” Adrien whined, which for some reason just made JC chuckle.

“I will teach you more things about your powers tomorrow, but for today we are done. It’s getting late and you’re going to need your rest if you want to learn to use and control your powers.” Now that Adrien thought about it, it was starting to get pretty dark out.

“Let’s get going.” JC started to walk until he saw Adrien sitting back down on the log. Confused JC walked back over to him.

“Is something wrong, Adrien?” Adrien looked up to see JC looking down on him worriedly.

“Yeah, I don’t want to walk all the way back out of this forest!” Adrien whined. JC stared blankly at him for a few seconds and then let out a loud laugh.

“You must be tired from using your powers for the very first time. Don’t worry; everyone is after their first use.”

“That and I just really don’t feel like walking all the way home!” Adrien complained. Though Adrien didn’t see it, JC smiled knowingly. He walked right up to Adrien. Noticing, Adrien looked up to see JC smiling from some reason that was unknown to him.

“What?” Adrien asked getting a little creped out by JC’s smiling and staring down at him.

“What if I said we didn’t have to walk to get you home?” JC asked with a mysterious tone. Raising an eyebrow Adrien decided to ask how that was possible.

“And how are we going to do that exactly? It’s not like we can just teleport out of here!” Adrien said, (sarcasm clearly plastered in his tone). He looked up to see that JC’s smile had grown bigger. Realizing that’s what JC was implying, Adrien jumped to his feet.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa JC let’s think about this!” Adrien had never teleported before and he wasn’t going to take the chance that something might go wrong, like his molecules being scrambled! JC ignored Adrien and stepped closer to him. Adrien tried maneuvering around him, but to no avail.

“Can’t we talk about this!?” Adrien exasperated.

“Nope, just trust me.” JC grabbed Adrien’s shoulder. A bright white light engulfed the two.

A few moments later the bright light disappeared which allowed Adrien to open his eyes after previously shutting them, the first thing he did was check his body over to see if he was missing anything. Thankfully he wasn’t. Adrien turned to glare at JC but stopped when he noticed what house was behind JC.

‘He teleported us right in front of my house.’ Adrien bewilderingly thought to himself.

‘He can’t know everything about me, can he?’ JC waited patiently for Adrien to finish being amazed before he teleported himself to his own house.

“Th-thanks for bringing me home JC.” Adrien backed cautiously towards his house. JC tilted his head to the right.

“Adrien, is something wrong?” JC asked taking a step forward. Adrien took two more steps back.

“Yeah, the fact that you claim to know everything about me and that you also teleported us to where I live, would be classified as “something wrong”!” Adrien was in his driveway now.

“Adrien, I thought we established that I am here to help you?”

“Yeah, well it would be easier if I knew more about you seeing how you know all about me!” Adrien exclaimed.

“Adrien I-”

“I appreciate all the help you have given me JC but until you are ready to tell me more about who you are, I can’t train under you!” Adrien sprinted inside his house

“Well that went well JC.” A new mischievous voice appeared. JC knew that voice extremely well

“Samuel!” JC said with vigilance.

“It’s been a while.... Cousin.” Samuel smirked.