OMNI: Chapter 3

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Adrien looked back at the boy who was patiently waiting for an answer. Adrien just nodded his head.

“Now are you ready to discover your powers?” Adrien nods still unable to speak. The stranger walked over to Adrien and picked up his left hand and placed it between his two hands, his left on top and right on bottom. The stranger closed his eyes.

“Umm, what are you doing?” Adrien asked getting a little creeped out that the boy was practically holding his hand.

“I am analyzing your Omgi to determine what powers you have.” The Stranger answered while continuing to read Adrien.

“Wait hold on? What’s Omgi? Adrien asked confused. The Stranger smirked.

“Omgi is the energy that people like you give off. I am one of the few that can read Omgi to tell me what type of powers lie inside you.” Though the stranger explained it, Adrien was still a bit confused as to what Omgi was? The boy’s eyes opened as he released Adrien’s hand. A smile plastered clear on his face.

“Please tell me you are smiling because you found out that I don’t have some weird powers, and that I am a perfectly normal teenager?” Adrien asked hoping that this was hopefully just a dream and that he would wake up in the school auditorium to the principal’s lame speech.

“No Adrien, The reason I am smiling is because I have never read someone’s Omgi that is as unique and powerful as yours.”

“So what, I’m a freak?” Adrien asked not realizing the boy meant it as a good thing.

“No Adrien, you are special, your powers are unlike anything the Omniverse has ever seen.”

‘What the heck is an “Omniverse”?’ Adrien thought to himself while still listening to the Stranger.

“The Omniverse is a universe where everything you thought couldn’t exist, does.”

‘Everything I thought couldn’t exist does? Now what does that mean?’ So far all Adrien was getting out of this man were more questions than answers.

“Can you elaborate on that please?” Adrien asked getting ready to pay close attention. The boy smiled at Adrien’s interest.

“Now that you have become part of the Omniverse you will be able to see and hear things that ordinary humans cannot, things such as Ghost, Vampires, Were Wolves, Angels, Demons, and Immortals.” The stranger said that like he’d seen them 24/7.

‘I like this less and less as he goes on. And when you say see?’ Adrien nervously thought to himself.

“You will be able to pick up on their presence, humans can see vampires and were wolves but cannot detect them, Omni’s have this an Omnisense that allows you to detect other Omni’s and other creatures around you. .But in order to do that you will have to master your powers’.” The boy added in. Adrien did a double take.

“Wait, powers, as in more than one?” He asked confused.

“Yes, when I was reading your Omgi I detected not one but two powers inside of you. One was the power you accidently used to blow a hole in your school’s auditorium. The other has yet to exhibit itself.” The boy explained. Adrien was baffled.

‘How can I have two powers? I am barely able to wrap my head around having the one!’

“What are my powers since you clearly seem to have me all figured out?” Adrien asked, not hiding the sarcastic tone in his voice. The boy smiled knowingly.

“As a matter of fact I do Adrien.” Adrien’s mouth dropped but he quickly recomposed himself.

“Well are you going to tell me what they are?” Adrien asked hoping for a “yes”.

“Why does every Omni want me to tell them what their powers are?” The boy asked aloud.

“Maybe because they’re a little freaked out and want to know everything that’s going on so that they don’t have a panic attack!” Adrien practically yelled out the last part. The boy just chuckled.

“What is so funny?” Adrien asked. The boy stopped chuckling and faced Adrien.

“That was a rhetorical question my young friend.” The boy slightly chuckled again. Adrien lost it.

“Dude you are like one year older than me!” He yells out in frustration. The boy smiles back and says mysteriously.

“That is what you think Adrien.” Putting his left hand on his face Adrien dragged it down in annoyance. “Look are you going to tell me what my powers are or not?” Adrien asked. He was starting to get really frustrated at this guy constantly beating around the bush.

“I believe that there is a word used when you want something from somebody else.” The boy asked while looking at Adrien expectantly. Adrien rolling his eyes knew what word he was referring to.

“Can you please tell me what my powers are?” Adrien asked politeness also filling his voice. The boy smiled and nodded. He retook his seat on the long and patted for Adrien to come sit back down with him.

“Adrien the powers that lie within you are the powers of Light & Darkness.” The boy told him not taking his eyes off of Adrien. Adrien looked a little confused at what he had just been told.

“So what? I can control good and evil?” Adrien asked really not getting the guy’s answer. The boy laughed.

“No Adrien, you can’t control that, no one can. What I mean by Light & Darkness is that you have Light’s power to reflect and Darkness’s power to absorb.” That made more sense than the power to control good and evil explanation that Adrien came up with but it still didn’t make any sense to Adrien. When he blew that hole into the Auditorium that wasn’t reflecting or absorption that was shooting a beam of light out of his hand that had a physical effect on something.

“I’m sorry but I still do not get what you mean. How is blowing a hole in a wall by shooting it with a beam of light, reflecting?”

“Let me explain further.” The man could tell Adrien was still confused so he knew he had to explain it in much more depth.

“When I say reflect I really mean you have the power to take light and give it physical form like shooting beams of light from your hands, and it’s not just that. You can do more with the power of Light than just shooting beams of white. For example you can make your hands and feet emit light and use them to defend or attack someone. There are numerous possibilities with the power of Light that you can use in the future.” The boy finished his explanation of the power of Light. Adrien actually seemed to get it, but confusion was still on his face.

“But what about the power of Darkness what does that do? I mean that one hasn’t even shown itself yet.” Adrien who had been trying so hard to believe that all this wasn’t real began to take an interest into the powers that he had. Maybe he could finally accept that what was going on with him was indeed real.

“It will, don’t worry. But to answer your question, the Darkness power has the ability to absorb energy all around you and turn it into your Light power to make it even more powerful. It can also be used physically on someone else but Adrien trust me you do not want to do that.” The boy finished. Adrien seemed to finally understand what the stranger was saying, although he wanted to know why using the power of Darkness on someone else was so bad?

“Why not? I am not saying that I am ever going to use these powers on another person but why can’t you use the power of Darkness on someone?” The boy sighed at Adrien’s question but decided to answer it.

“Because the Darkness power is a life sucking force. It not only absorbs and takes in energy; it weakens your opponents making them lose a little bit of their life.” Adriens eyes widened at that. A very awkward silence followed suit till Adrien decided to change the subject. “So how will I control these powers?” Adrien asked finally accepting what he was even though the power of Darkness still worried him.

“I will help you to learn how, if you will let me?” The stranger offered. Adrien was about to accept the offer until he realized something… Out of the whole time they had been talking the boy had yet to tell Adrien his name.

“Before I accept your offer I have to know one more thing first, what is your name?” The boy smiled because he also remembered that he had yet to introduce himself.

“I am JC.”

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