Offlimits - Issue #1 (DC fanfic)

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Justice League Watch Tower
Earth's Orbit

Diana stepped on to the teleporter, "Beam me down!" She barked at the technician sitting next to the controls.

He was startled as he turned the chair around to face Diana, "Where to, Wonder Woman?" He asked.

"Anywhere!" She responded.

"Right away..." He turned around, entered some coordinates and punched on the start button.

The ground beneath Diana started glowing, and faint blue light beamed up around her, and she vanished. The platform died down.

"Geez...what's wrong with her?!" The man got up, "I need a coffee!" He said as he walked away from station.

Up in the control room, Batman and Superman were looking at this.

"You wanna tell me what's up?" Batman gave Superman a look.

"...What makes you think I am to blame whenever the princess decides to flip?!" Superman stared back, and grimaced in a cold voice.

"..." Batman stared back.

"...We are not even together...she's with that Trevor...and I have Lois Lane...and my son Jon!" Superman said, sighing.

Grand Canyon

Diana lay atop a boulder, staring at the sky above. It was almost evening. She'd been staring at the sky since she left the tower in the morning. Her thoughts were a mess. Recently, whenever she'd visited Clark and his family, she felt the urge to have one of her own. She'd asked Trevor if this could happen.

"Do you think you could?" This was what he asked her. Could she? Ever since then, she'd been asking this question. Superman- Clark Kent, was a guy. He didn't need to stay home. As long as he was THERE, it was enough for his family. What about her? She was a princess, a warrior, a goddess and a superhero. She had responsibilities. Could she really take a break IF she wanted to? Could a goddess have a family?

"I could!" Diana stood up, her stomach growled non-stop. "But first, something to eat!" She said patting her stomach.


Gotham City
W 47th Streeth

A quick stop at her apartment, where she changed to something proper, grabbed her purse and then she flew directly down to a diner.

"Give me everything you have!" She sat down at a table and ordered the waiter when the boy came for order.

"But..." The boy didn't know how to respond.

Diana flashed her JL registration card, which was also like an unlimited debit card. "Get busy!"

An old man with a bushy brown beard wearing a white apron came out the kitchen, "Move your legs boy!" He barked at the waiter, then as the boy scurried away turned to Diana, "He's new... he don't know you."

Diana didn't say anything else. Whatever that came on her table did not last more than 2 minutes as she gobbled down plate after plate. "Quite the appetite you have sister" A black haired woman sat down opposite her.

"I have not had anything since this morning. Can you blame me?" She asked with a smile on her face.

"No Diana, I cannot." She also smiled. "I won't,"

"So Zatanna," She looked up after finishing the last plate, "What are you doing here?"

Zatanna chuckled, "This is my town Wonder Woman, where else would I be?"

"Oh...just curious you's not like you have ever come asking for me," Diana got up to leave, "We'll talk on the road,"

Diana payed for all the food, then she and Zatanna headed out on to the street. It had already gotten dark. The streets of gotham city looked normal enough, but the alleyways and building tops looked as unfriendly as ever. There was no helping it.

"Girl to girl, whats bothering you?" Zatanna asked.

"So Bruce set you up?" Diana narrowed her eyes.

"No, I saw how you behaved this morning. Most of us did. I have reason to be concerned, you know?" Zatanna twirled her finger in the air, producing a playing card. It had the picture of angry Diana kicking Superman.

"That must've hurt," Diana laughed.

"Probably!" Zatanna laughed, as the card burned in her hands, disappearing along with the green flames that burnt it.

Diana flew up and sat on the edge of a building, letting Zatanna follow her as she did so. "I hate Clark...and his family," Diana sighed, "Why does he get to have a family? Why Lois? Am I that ugly?"

Mount Olympus

"Is our little princess having issues?" Strife asked herself, as she played around the fountain which showed her Diana talking with Zatanna.

"Kill them!" Strife said.

"Kill them!" Zatanna said all of a sudden,

Diana looked at her, bewildered, "What?"

"Kill Lois and Jon. Make it look like an accident!" Zatanna said.

"STRIFE!" Diana looked straight Strife, almost like she could see through the fountain.

"You know its the only way he'll ever even consider you," Zatanna kept talking.