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As is known at the dawn of time the balance was struck that of good and evil each given a representative and each collecting unto them those spirits which were best suited to their purpose.

Now much attention is given to that which is good and the light which in human understanding is all which defends the realm of earth, yet sadly we often ignore that service which the darkness or so we call it provides for there are spirits which would do harm unto mortals and it is the charge of the darkness to watch over and restrain those spirits from the mortal realm.

At first the powers of Light and Dark were able to control the tide and destiny of all spirits which came to their realms yet as time passed and the hearts of mortals became consumed by a lust for power or the fear of failure the power with which some spirits entered the halls of death was to great even for the Lords to control

And so it was that Light and Dark met and took council with one another and created The Hounds

though their true creator is Lucifer they are neither servants of good nor evil they are care takers of the balance charged with controling and at times removing spirits of great power from the mortal realm.

The first of these was Darmoth The Wise to whom was given the power to hear and see all that spirits did both in life and in death it is he who is judge among the hounds and sends them upon their tasks

The second is Dinio The Fighter who took to wife Demora a true spirit of Hell and from her all Hounds are born.

Dinio was first to do battle within the mortal realm subduing the wild spirits of pain and anguish the first to bear his fangs and flash his claws in the dark brining pain and fear to its knees.

And so the Hunters were born yet the question remained where should these spirits be placed being neither worthy of the light and too strong to be held by the bonds of Hell

So it was that Darmoth spoke and decreed that a realm should be fashioned a realm of confusion and darkness from which no spirit lest they be very cunning could find release for all would be twisted there and its gates would ever be guarded by Hounds so it was

The Dark Realm land of no return here the pain shadows within the halls singing as sweet music to the Hounds a just reward for their efforts.

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