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Naruto/Batman/TMNT crossover story

Nine Tailed Mutant Legend
CHP 26: Return to the Leaf Village!

Walking out in a forest area it is Sasuke Uchiha who holds the map in front of him with Kung Lao directing the group in which direction they will go. It isn't quiet known exactly where they're headed but there are a few notable areas which could prove useful for the short term. This invasion has proved irritating for them all, but keeping a clear head and staying focused is vital; with everyone around them in panic mode seeing this invasion as the end of the world they must be at their best.

"I don't know about you guys but I think we should try and attack them head on! Come on I mean think about it, they totally won't see it coming; which gives us the element of surprise." Naruto says with much emotion.

How things are going who knows how long they'll be running, at some point they have to look in the mirror and realize it is time to attack. All running will do is most likely get them all killed one at a time. He's not prepared to sit around and be picked off like a bunch of targets, as if they're what's in for the particular hunting season.

"Sometimes I wonder if you have a brain inside that head of yours. What you're suggesting is suicide; but hey no one's stopping you be our guest and go try and take them all on by yourself." Sasuke says.

Understanding the valid point, Naruto realizes his old teammate is right; but that doesn't change that he is tired of running and hiding. If they're going to die, it can at least be in battle and not like cowards running from destiny. Pulling a water bottle out of the bag that Donatello holds Naruto takes a drink refreshing himself. Truthfully he couldn't agree more with the blonde leaf village ninja, but at the same time Sasuke is right. Currently they just don't have enough to truly fight against those guys and actually emerge victorious. Standing their ground back at the Shalion temple Azun signals for his men to attack! Running back Batman wraps an arm around Zatanna informing Jax to grab hold of him as well. Using his free arm he grapples them to the rooftops. Following his lead Peter grabs hold of Raphael doing the same. Scorpion follows them using his rope spear also getting out of harms way.

"Haha so you think you can get away from us that easily; keep dreaming!" Azun yells.

Standing on the rooftop Batman turns to Zatanna placing both hands over her shoulders.

"Do you think you can get us out of here?" He asks.

"I'll give it my best try."

Releasing his hands from her he steps back standing by the others. Clearing her throat she begins to speak words none of them have a clue of; but what brings hope of an escape is seeing as her eyes light up purple. Just then a force field appears around them all as they're teleported away.

"Dammit you can't be serious! So I see she's got her abilities back; no matter we'll just have to get back on their trail somehow." Azun says with much agitation.

Who knows where she could have taken them, they could be just about anywhere. Close to six miles away the group re appears within a forest area with both Peter and Raph landing into a lake while the others on dry land a few ft away. The two of them get out walking over next to their friends; Peter looks down at his now wet spider suit in his arms shaking his head.

"Good going magic pretty girl or whatever your name is; if it weren't for you we would have been fried back there." Jax says thankful for what she did.

Most everyone wonders how they ended up in the particular area, after all Zee is new to this world so their relocation must have been at random. But there is no need to complain, what is important is they're all out of harms way.

"Good work Zatanna, with the amount of them back there we wouldn't have had a chance. As of right now we will no longer be able to stay there; the enemy will definitely mark that down as one of the area's to locate us." Batman tells.

Grinning it feels good to hear him compliment or thank her, seeing as he rarely does it for anyone. But that is just the way he is and most who know him have grown accustomed to it over the years.

"I just have one question; why did Azun call you his little slut?" Peter asks, with the moment growing somewhat awkward.

With wide eyes she can't believe he popped out the question she hoped would not be asked. Honestly she was praying for the possibility that no one would really look into it with the life or death situation which was standing before them. So in other words it would have been great if her teammates just forgot. Everyone just stands in silence while Raphael spins a Sai; truth be told he wouldn't have minded getting in a scuffle back there with those invaders.

"Ah ok forget I asked, anyway so where do we go from here you guys?" Peter asks.

"No don't forget it; I want you to answer his question Zatanna. Tell us exactly what may have happened to you while in captivity." Batman informs.

Tightening her grip a guilty smirk forms on her face, why should she have to explain anything. Seriously it's beginning to feel like she is the center of attention for no apparent reason.

"Uhm ok, how bout we talk about this later; I mean lets get real we've got a whole bunch of people out to kill us and you're questioning me!" She replies with obvious annoyance.

"Yeah you're right, they're out to kill us..but not you. This has nothing to do with trust, I'd like a better understanding of why that creep wants you alive." Batman informs.

Wow ok really why is she on the hot seat, there has to be some way she can direct their attention away from herself onto something else of more importance. Discussing any of this will get them nowhere, but being unresponsive will not help her credibility. Turning to her teammates she begins to speak but stops looking in the direction of where some sort of energy forms. Any who have weapons pull them out at this time, except for Scorpion who feels he's seen this before. With the person stepping out from the portal which closes behind them Scorpion walks forward shaking hands with her; as does Raphael. Everyone else just stands off to the side confused wondering if there is something they missed.

"It's good to see you guys made it past them; had you guys arrived back to this realm a little earlier you would have met up with the others from your group. I forewarned them Azun and his men were on their way to the Shalion temple so they were able to escape."

Walking back Raphael introduces Kayla to everyone around, explaining to them how they had met the fighter in battle but have since formed an alliance. Everyone does the same giving their names in response. Putting a hand into her pocket she pulls out a device even Raph and Scorpion have never seen before.

"I took one of Azun's G2VX devices, in other words it is what he used to jump dimensions and worlds."

Moving forward Zatanna jumps up a bit excited to hear this news.

"That is great, so those of us who don't belong in this world can go as early as now? Is that what you're saying?" Zee asks.

"Yeah that's pretty much it."

Hearing this puts relief in Peter, Batman and Raphael as well; for a moment there all of them really had no clue how they were going to get back to their home dimension.

"If there is any of you who don't want to continue forward from here on out with this, let me know now and I'll send you back to your world?" Kayla asks while informing at the same time.

Her proposition does sound great but it does raise a few questions, most importantly amongst them all is how would she know the exact coordinates to their world. But choosing to run from this problem is not the right thing to do; who's not to say after Klenk has reached full power he won't send his minions to take over their home planet as well.

"None of us are going anywhere, we're going to see this thing through as a team." Batman says.

Walking over closer to Batman Zee looks Kayla in the eyes.

"Hah yeah, tall dark and lonely speaks for himself; as for the rest of us we'd like to be sent home right guys?" Zatanna asks looking back at Peter and Raphael.

The turtle shakes his head apparently disagreeing while Peter just crosses his arms. Turning back Zee displays a half smile feeling somewhat stupid.

"I guess we're all staying." Zatanna says.

"That's good to hear, so if you could follow me this way I'll take you to the others."

Opening up a portal Kayla enters with everyone following her through. Many of them wonder how this will all end, in most scenarios it's probably not good when you stack up the numbers which favors the bad guys by a massive margin. Exiting out of the vortex through the other side is in fact the rest of the group who look surprised.

"Hey Raph! It's good to have you back bro." Mikey wraps his arms around his older brother giving him a tight hug.

Breaking out of the grasp Raph pushes his brother away brushing himself off.

"Yeah it's good to see you to bro."

As good as it may be, right now is not the time for a family reunion sitting under a tree and having a picnic with basket appetizers. With everyone exiting out the portal it closes behind them. Standing before them Kayla updates them on the next steps the invaders will be taking to continue their brutal invasions of their chosen worlds.

"Uhm I've got one question, as not to put a damper on whatever our plan might be; how's this little group goanna do anything against all of them?" Donatello asks.

The question does have them all thinking, yes it's true with the powerful abilities of Zatanna they have a slight chance but will it be enough? Most in the group don't want to take the chance, but who could blame them it's suicide to try anything involving a direct attack.

"Wait that's it, if you can transport some of us back to my world we can get some recruits!" Naruto yells out.

"Yeah same goes here we could get the justice l.." Before Zatanna is able to finish Batman puts a hand over her mouth shaking his head.

It doesn't take her long to realize he doesn't want any of their teammates from the league to get involved, who knows if it has to do with his ego or his stubbornness to do things on his own; one of these days it's going to be the death of him.

"I can't agree to that." Michelangelo says.

"Do you really want to get those buffoons involved, all they'll do is get in our way." Sasuke says.

Naruto just shakes his head at the words of Sasuke, it's hard to imagine he could have become like this when he thinks back on their early days together. Discussing it they decide it is best that they move forward with this action. Between them all they decide to send Batman, the turtles and Naruto. Punching in the coordinates the six of them disappear into thin air with Sasuke crossing his arms.

"With any luck most of the leaf village civilians are dead, I could care less about those people." Sasuke informs.

The others around pretend like they didn't hear his comments, and can obviously see he has some issues with some of the people he knows back where he comes from. With those who remain being Jax, Liu, Zee, Sasuke, Peter, Subzero, Kung Lao and Scorpion Kayla informs them to follow her. Out a couple miles to the east is a small village area where no residence lurk.

A mile outside

Leaf Village

The portal opens with Naruto along with Batman and turtles coming through, shutting behind them all. Standing out in what appears to be a dark forest area the six of them are silent, just listening to their surroundings. With the invaders being here in this world that is the last thing they want is to have themselves being spied on. After some moments they deem it safe to speak seeing as this area is empty aside from the forest animals around.

"Not to burst anyone's bubble, but how exactly are we going to get out of this world once we've got recruits? I mean it's not like we can call that pretty girl with the pink hair."

All of them look at Michelangelo realizing he does have a point, how will they be able to inform her. Talk about an un organized plan, but they're already here so they might as well go through with it.

"So Naruto do you know where we are? If so you can lead us to your village, or wherever you think your friends and family are being held." Leonardo informs.

"Yeah I have a pretty good idea of where we are and if we take the trail which goes that way it will lead up to the Leaf village." Naruto informs.

Stepping forward it is him who leads the way all staying on full alert. They'll have to be especially careful when they get close to the village. Journeying through all of them stay close together being very weary of their surroundings. But the group is stopped by Batman, and with Mikey trying to speak Leonardo puts a finger to his mouth. Just as the Dark Knight he senses another presence within the surrounding trees. Re positioning the group stands back to shell; as well as shell to shell. All jump out of the way as an arrow comes in at them!

"So I can see the six of you have been trained well in the department of knowing your surroundings; but we shall see just how good you are in combat!"

Getting to their feet, in all directions they're approached by the invaders.

"Oh crap it's these dudes again, I was hoping I wouldn't have to see their ugly mugs again." Mikey says.

Hearing his words gets many of the attackers standing around laughing.

"I wouldn't talk green freak! So master will we bring them in, or kill them all as a bonus?" One of them asks.

At this time all four of the turtles pull out their weapons while Batman pulls out two batarangs and Naruto just stands his ground keeping his guard up. Seriously you'd think they'd get a break, but nothing seems to be going their way ever.

"Kill them all and bring me their heads as a souvenir."

"Man that's a real bummer I was hoping you would bring us all in so that I could try some of the prison food." Mikey says.

The invaders again laugh at his comment, having Donatello and Naruto raise an eye brow. Both get to thinking wondering if there is anything which won't make these guys chuckle.

"I'd say turtle soup will be our dinner tonight; what do you say guys?" Another of them asks.

The group again laughs with one another now even having Batman raising an eye, what is wrong with these guys? The things they do are so fierce and unimaginable, but at the same time they act like children; makes you wonder what this Klenk guy is all about.

"Alright enough jokes..kill them all!" The leader of the group demands.

Running at the four Batman throws down a few smoke bombs jumping up and coming down on two of them performing a quick take down KO'ing them both! Dashing Forward Leonardo and the others move in fighting alongside the capped crusader. Creating clones the leaf village ninja takes on a few of them at a time.

Earth Realm

After a long period of walking the group finally arrives at the abandoned sight, Kayla spoke of. It's a beautiful sight which gets them all looking around, just taking in the pretty sight.

"Well this is it guys, you should be safe here for now; I'll update you all on any information I may receive. But for now I need to get going, there are some things on my schedule which need to be taken care of." Kayla tells.

Using the small device within her pocket she teleports herself out of sight. Scorpion and Subzero have them all stand in place with the two of them continuing forward to check if it is safe or not. Walking over Zatanna has a seat on a bench which is located over next to a huge fountain; observing the crystal clear water brings a smile to her face. Thinking about it, Peter decides it best not to accompany her; Zee is obviously going through some stuff mentally at the moment.

"Hopefully us trusting that Kayla girl won't come back to bite us." Kung Lao says with crossed arms.

Both Peter and Liu just nod standing silent, feeling a bit anxious unable to relax considering everything that's happened up to this point so far. It takes some time but the Lin Kuei member and Ninja finally do finish up the search declaring the area safe to everyone else.

"Thank goodness, at least we'll have a warm place to stay until we figure things out." Peter says.

Before them is only three cottage homes, but hey that is more than enough for them. Kayla wasn't lying when she said it was a small village. Calling Zee over she stands to her feet walking over next to everyone else.

"As far as either of us can tell this place should be safe to recover and wait for the others to return. But I'm not one to sit around, so I'll see you all later." Scorpion says teleporting out of sight with only flames being left in his place.

"Man that's pretty impressive how he does that, is he meta human?" Peter asks.

With a smile Liu walks over placing a hand on the shoulder of Peter.

"Think of it however you'd like, but he's a dead man walking. A lost soul if you will, but he's a great material artist." The champion of MK tells.

"So what are we waiting for, lets all go inside and make ourselves comfortable." Zee tells running ahead of everyone.

Shrugging their shoulders both Peter and Liu Kang follow her, while Kung Lao, Sasuke and Subzero just standing in place just looking around wanting to be positively sure there isn't something they may have missed, that could be an ambush. Once inside the first thing Peter does is set the spider suit down on a chair located in one of the corners of the rooms.

"I think I'll be able to get use to this place, it's actually quiet nice; so are we all going to stay in this cabin even though there are three of them? That way we really could watch one another's back." Peter asks.

Walking over to one of the beds Liu squeezes at the smooth/soft sheets.

"That would be silly, I figured the two of you could share this one here; while Kung Lao and I would share one and Sasuke along with Subzero could take the other."

Hearing this makes Peter gulp remembering back what happened with he and Zatanna in the netherealm. Having a seat in one of the chairs Zatanna smiles, boy she really wouldn't want it any other way! Having some alone time with Peter is what she's wanted for some time, and perhaps she can get him to forget about this other woman in his life! Oh just thinking about it causes her to smile wickedly; and the good thing is from what she can tell is he's no resister like Batman. Seducing him should be no problem; she does find it weird that she's thinking this way but it doesn't bother her one bit. Azun will pay for whatever it is he did to her, but for now she won't fight against her feelings.

"So is that ok with the two of you?" Liu asks breaking the silence.

Before Peter is able to say a word Zatanna replies with yes.

"Good, than it is settled. Let's hope Batman along with those ninjas are able to work fast and get back here ASAP." Liu says.

To Be Continue

Nine Tailed Mutant Legend
CHP 27: From allie to enemy

Out in the area of a forest, the battle between the invaders taking on Batman and the five ninja's continues on with the heroes having the apparent upper hand. Reaching out Mikey grabs the hands of Naruto spinning in circles while the leaf village ninja kicks knocking over a good amount of them. Working quickly the two of them KO the fallen enemies. Out from the west someone jumps down from the tree tops joining the side of the heroes.

"Men retreat, it would seem Jiraiya has joined on their side; it will be beneficial for us to alert the head authority."

Stepping up Leonardo knocks another of them down, blocking a punch which comes from his left drop kicking the attacker responsible.

"We must not let them leave; if anything , we're going to need the element of surprise!" Leonardo yells out.

The words of the mutated turtle frustrate the leader of the knights who frowns behind his armor. But the swordsman is absolutely right, these guys cannot be aloud to leave. If higher authority is informed of their presence, they're as good as dead and or captured. Jumping over the shell of Donatello, Naruto kicks into the commander knocking him over. Besides Jiraiya who stands in place, the others continue to fight against them. Grabbing and snapping the arm of an attacker, Raphael stabs a Sai into his neck throwing him down.

"I don't know about you guys, but this is to easy!" Raphael says, enjoying himself.

Whenever in battle, at any given moment the warrior within him comes forth; sometimes upping his cockiness. Grabbing and putting one of them in a master lock, Michelangelo calls over for the leaf village ninja who runs out round house kicking and KO'ing the fighter.

"Now that's what you call splendid team work pal." Mikey says shaking hands with Naruto.

Both move out of the way just in time to kick over a knight who rushes at them. Dodging a knife hand, Batman uppercuts one of them into the air with Donatello whacking him across the head with the tip of his staff before the individual manages to hit the ground. The move results with an instant knockout. Before they know it, they're victorious taking out the entire group.

"Too bad there aren't any more of them, I barely even got warmed up." Raphael says spinning a Sai.

Before any of them do a thing, it is made a priority to confirm that all the attackers are indeed defeated. After doing so everyone's attention turns to Jiraiya; besides the leaf village ninja the remaining five have no idea who this man is. Heck for the most part, he really didn't even do much fighting; in all honesty was a non factor in their success of defeating the knights.

"So who're you supposed to be dude, you kinda came out of nowhere. I think we all figured you're not one of them; so I'm guessing you wouldn't mind telling us yourself." Mikey informs.

Before anyone is able to say or do anything else, Naruto moves forward informing the group there is nothing to worry about, and that Jiraiya is a friend/instructor of his.

"It's nice to see you're in good health Naruto, most of us thought you were dead with the invasion of the Leaf village. I'm one of the few they were un able to take captive. I hope you don't mind if I ask where you've been all this time?"

Observing the four turtle fighters as well as the man dressed as a bat, already tells him it was some place far from here. Looking up at the sky Naruto scratches at his head a bit, with all that has happened he wouldn't even know where to begin. It's been one hell of a last couple days, which have also probably been the weirdest most un predictable days of his life.

"I think It would be in our best interest to get somewhere safe before catching up." Leonardo tells.

Everyone agrees with him continuing on, but it is Raphael who stops them looking back at their defeated foes.

"What are we going to do about all of them, we can't just let them lay around like that. Once they awake they'll surely return to their people and inform them what happened. I think I have a good idea what needs to be done." Raphael says pulling out his twin Sai's.

Just as he sets out to make his move, the turtle is stopped in his path with Batman having him lower both his weapons.

"As bad as these people are, killing them won't solve our problem." Batman informs.

"What do you mean it won't solve our problem, the less of them the better! Your method of doing things just doesn't make sense." Raph replies.

"Raph cool it, lets see what he has in mind." Leonardo adds.

Standing off to the side Michelangelo shakes his head; why couldn't Raphael be more of a team player and not question everything which he disagrees with. With the dilemma standing in front of them, all should be on the same page if they're to be successful from here on out.

"If you look carefully, all of them carry with them rope as one of their many projectiles."

All of them listen to what the dark knight has to say, helping him tie the KO'd enemies to surrounding trees. It should hold them for awhile, but eventually they'll free themselves; but hopefully by than they will have freed some of Naruto's associates. Getting the attention of everyone, Jiraiya informs them to all follow at his side; but before they're able to even begin moving laughter can be heard from the trees!

"Your little group is impressive, but even all of you cannot defeat me!"

The individual jumps down from the trees above revealing himself. Just as the others, he's fully suited in armor; but is much bigger than any of them. As far as height he stands a little over seven foot five "7'5" resembling the structure of a body builder.

"So the dude is much more buff than the others; stand back guys, this one is mine." Michelangelo says with much energy pulling out his chucks.

Dashing over Mikey swings at the knight who dodges him with ease, which is surprising due to his size. Reaching out he grabs Mikey by his head punching him in the other direction toward his friends where he tumbles to the ground seeing stars.

"This whack bag is mine!" Raphael says, infuriated.

Running forward he punches at the knight who grabs his fist, but showing some strength of his own he kicks off of the brute breaking the hold. Pulling out a Sai he runs at the massive enemy stabbing at him but misses seeing as the fighter jumps up high! Coming down he grabs Raph by his neck, kneeing him in the stomach lifting him up punching him over in the direction of the others. The turtle grabs at his stomach grunting out of breath.

"So who's next? I can go at this all day hahahaha!"

Looking over at the others Batman pulls out two batarangs.

"Now all at once, he won't be able to take us all." Bats tells.

"Yeah you guys go right on along, I'll have to sit this one out; I still haven't recovered from my last encounter involving these guys." Jiraiya informs.

So that explains why he wasn't very active in their previous victory over the invaders. This is just one guy, and he shouldn't be needed. Spinning his Bo staff Donatello is the first to run forward attacking. Both Leonardo and Naruto join him while Batman stands in place awaiting an opening. Dodging the attempts of Naruto and Dony, he bangs their heads together throwing them off to the side. Off guard for the second, Leo takes advantage slashing at his arm drawing blood!

"Nice one green freak! But it'll be the last time you touch me!"

Tightening his fist he growls at the TMNT's leader, but from his blind side an explosive batarang explodes on his right arm with Batman coming in uppercutting the fighter. With great concentration and technique, he manages to land on his feet. Grinning underneath his armor he jumps forward leg grabbing tossing Batman to the turf. Turning to look over he's kneed in the face by Leonardo who also knife hands him across the back of his neck.

"You're becoming a real pain in my side turtle! You shall know the power of Gioumeroth!" He says revealing his name.

Punching at the turtle once again who flips out of the way with ease holding up his Katana blades while getting into a fighting stance. Having good awareness this time around, he blocks the Bo staff of Donatello who jumps back as Naruto comes in from the other side punching on the enemy.

"Man this guy is tough, he must have some enhancements! He's rock solid as far as strength!" Naruto says becoming worried.

Without warning Naruto gets backhanded by Gioumeroth, coming to a stop near a set of bushes. The Leaf village ninja brushes himself off, ready to continue. Turning his attention back to Leo the knight charges the turtle but is knocked over by Michelangelo who comes from his right.

"You all remind me of house mice; and the thing you have in common is annoyance and hard to put down!" Gioumeroth tells.

Standing tall over Mikey he reaches out to grab him, but stops feeling someone tapping at his back. Now growing somewhat agitated he turns only to have both Batman and Raphael punch! The combined strike by both fighters to the face is enough to finally put him out. Recovering a few things of rope, Dony, Mikey and Naruto drag him over to a tree making sure everything is especially tight for this particular knight. Everyone who carries a weapon puts it away at this time seeing as they're in no immediate danger.

"Good thing all of them aren't as tough as that guy; or we'd really have problems." Naruto says.

"Now that they've been taken care of, you and or your buddy Jiraiya can lead us to this Leaf village of yours." Donatello tells.

It is Jiraiya who steps forward telling everyone to follow at his side. But they'll have to take a different rout, mainly due to the security of the invaders.

Worlds Away

Kicking off her shoes, Zatanna lays on the top of one of the two beds within the room while Peter sits over at a table looking out the window. Standing over near the book shelf Liu goes through some of the different titles, some he recognizes and some he doesn't. His reason for doing this is to get an idea of who might have been staying here before they arrived. This stuff alone makes it hard to truly know, but for right now it really doesn't matter.

"Not saying anything bad will happen to them, but what will we do if they're not to return?"

Both Liu Kang and Zatanna look over at Peter, but neither have an answer to his question. It is something to think about though, if the others weren't to return at all; they'd for sure almost be screwed. But every outcome must be taken into consideration, in this situation they must be prepared for the absolute worse.

"I'm sure it won't come down to that, lets try and stay positive in this hour of darkness. If it so happens they don't return; we'll have to gather as many civilians as we can for one final stand; which is something I hope doesn't become an option." Liu tells.

Looking away from them both, Zatanna lays her head back over the pillow taking a deep breath. Why are the two of them worried anyway, have they not seen the abilities of Naruto and material arts skills of the turtles? Not to mention the JLU's very own Batman is with them! She'd say the six man team should be more than enough to get the job done and return in one piece.

"I think the two of you need to just relax, they're big boys and can take care of themselves." Zee tells.

Hearing what she has to say, both have a brighter outlook on the situation. Moving away from the book shelf Liu walks over toward the door's exit.

"I'll be leaving the two of you now, but I'll be back later to checkup." Liu tells exiting out of the room closing the door behind him.

Sitting at the table, Peter tightens his fist. Honestly he'd rather be out with Naruto and the others fighting. Being the one to sit around waiting, is not something in which he's accustomed to. Being a part of this has really opened his eyes, showing him just how small some of his problems are back in his home world compared to this mess.

"Hey Pete if you want to get it all off your mind I've got a few ideas."

Glancing over at Zee who smiles he turns away from her. Moving back further over the bed, Zatanna sits up on her knees pushing out her lower lip as a way of pouting.

"Nah I'll be alright, just need a little more time to think and I'll be just fine. You haven't said much since we've got here; are you sure everything is fine." Peter asks looking back over in her direction.

Moving further back she now leans up against the wall.

"I'm just fine, other than being a little tired I'll survive." She replies removing her hat setting it on a table next to the bed.

With the strands of hair which cover the left side of her face, Peter is unable to notice the grin which forms on her face. He hasn't got the slightest clue what she has planned for tonight, he may have rejected her last time; but no man can resist a woman's charm for too long. On another note it is just the two of them this time! There will be no Batman, or anyone for that matter to stop this. Just outside Liu Kang walks over to that of Sasuke, Subzero and Kung Lao.

"I believe there is a river near by, and was wondering if any of you would like to go with me? I'm goanna see if I can get us something to eat."

"Sure that sounds fine, I'll come along." Kung Lao replies.

The Shalion members check with both Subz and Sasuke making sure they'll be ok with holding down the fort while they're away. But the thing that still bugs them both is the random disappearance of Raiden, something just isn't right. Out to the west of them some miles away, Kayla enters into the main fortress of the invaders with on this planet. Stepping into the main room she bows down before Azun.

"Please tell me you've come with some good news Kayla; did you lead the earth's last defense to the small village I instructed you to do?" Azun asks with crossed arms.

"Yes sir, they're all their; even the woman you especially want."

"Excellent Kayla, you've done well. I'll personally lead a team over to their destination tomorrow morning; I'll let them get comfortable for a night."

Both individuals smile at one another with the thrill of success running fully through them both. That is the way to do it, gain someone's trust fully; and then drill the dagger right through their heart!

Worlds Away

The group stay close to one another using the surrounding trees as a type of security blanket to hide themselves from anyone who may pass by. Hearing a grumbling sound the group comes to a stop with the attention on Mikey.

"I'm sorry guys, but man I really need to get something to eat." Michelangelo informs.

Donatello is the first to shake his head at this action by his brother, soon they'll be able to get something to eat, but at this particular time it just isn't an option.

"Just hold in there Mikey, we'll get you something to eat in time." Leo informs.

Continuing forward through the forest both Naruto and Jiraiya notice something out of the ordinary. Extending his arms Jiraiya brings the group to a complete stop, all of them looking over in the area which looks to be some type of small base.

"I don't know about you guys, but we're definitely at least going to take a closer look at this place." Raphael says.

"I agree with that, someone or maybe even a few of someone we know could be held captive over there." Naruto says agreeing.

But the question is, how will they get in and out without being seen? Given the overall layout of the base, it'll be tough to accomplish that one important part about being a ninja.

"I've got a good idea which should help our chances of staying un noticed. If two of us were to go in and search the place, the rest of us could just wait here; but on the first sign of trouble we'll jump right in." Leonardo suggests.

"I'm all for that, but who're we sending in?" Naruto asks.

Both Batman and Raphael volunteer themselves wanting to get this over with as soon as possible. The others agree to this, with both the capped crusader and Raph approaching the area; but from different angles. Setting his lenses to detect mode, Batman counts out how many individuals are with on the premises. The eyes of both Batman and Raphael broaden to see that of a knight in black armor step out of a tent! The only thing this could mean, is this area is one of their smaller organizations; with the main thing itself within this leaf village spoke of by Naruto.

"Darn I was hoping we'd get a break from those guys." Raphael says under his breath.

It isn't long before more and more of them come into sight, now even confirming it for Naruto and the others who watch from afar. These invaders must really think they own the place, is there anywhere these guys aren't?

"I don't know about the rest of you, but I think we should follow them. If we don't act now, Batman and Raph might be taken out before we're able to reach them." Michelangelo complains.

"No we'll wait, they're doing a good job of concealing themselves so far. Who knows, if we're lucky we won't have to get our hands dirty." Jiraiya tells.

Something that comes to the mind of Jiraiya is that of Naruto's physical status; he wonders if he is able to use any of his jutsu's at this point in time. With the invasion of this world, most everyone has had their's mysteriously disabled. Hearing laughter coming from a tent, Batman enhances the sound picking up the sound of a woman! Looking around making sure there are no guards near by he runs from behind the tree making his way closer to the area behind a bush.

"The two of them need to work fast so that we can get out of here." Donatello says.

The laughter grows louder with two knights exiting out of the tent side by side. Over on the other side Raphael hides behind a stack of fire wood observing the guards who walk around, waiting for the right moment to progress further. Still in detect mode Batman can see the body heat of only one individual within the tent, and judging by their position he'd say he or she is tied up. Moving quickly as not to be seen Batman runs diving into the tent with much stealth setting his lenses back to normal mode.

"Just as I thought, looks like I was right."

Laying on her side is a woman who looks up at him with her legs and arms tied with a rope and mouth taped shut. Walking over Batman leans down in front of her.

"I'm going to remove the tape from your mouth, but I need you to keep quite; I'm not one of them, I'm here to help." Batman whispers.

Slowly removing the tape from her mouth he pulls a batarang out of his belt cutting her loose.

"Before any further action I'd like to know who you're? You may not be dressed like them, but heck you're even creepier looking."

Ok this isn't really what he had in mind, but after what she's probably been through it's no wonder she might have some trust issues even though he's freed her from the ropes. But those invaders could return at any time, so he better try and come up with something quick that will hopefully gain her trust. Maybe she knows or has heard of Naruto or Jiraiya, maybe if he mentions either of the two she'll open up. But then again the chances of that are 1,000 to 10.

"Are you a member of the leaf village?" Batman asks.

"I'm not answering anything until you answer my question."

Boy he can see he's going nowhere fast, but maybe his earlier idea might work.

"Look we don't have time to talk, those guys could be back any minute from now. Besides I don't want to keep Jiraiya, Naruto and the others waiting."

Observing her face, he gets an instant reaction; making it obvious she in fact knows at least one of them. Standing to her feet she looks down at Bats with a smile. Narrowing his eyes he stands as well.

"Sorry about wasting time you're right, we need to get out of here; I'm an associate to the two you just mentioned. I thought Naruto-Chan to be dead, but it's good to hear I was wrong. By the way I'm Kurenai Yuhi."

Reaching out to shake his hand asking for his name three knights bust into the tent! Shielding Kurenai with his body Batman turns facing the knights.

"Are you the only one they were holding captive." Batman whispers back at her.

"Yeah I think so." She replies.

One of them cracks his knuckles while chuckling.

"Looks like we have an intruder trying to get away with our prisoner, what shall we do."

Thinking fast Batman pulls out throwing down a smoke bomb. Reaching back he grabs Kurenai by her wrist running forward knocking two of the knights down exiting out of the tent with her at his side. From behind the log Raphael can see this, pulling out his Sais knowing they have virtually been discovered and there is no point to hide out any longer. Seeing as over thirty knights approach Kurenai wraps both arms around one of Batman's.

"Just incase we don't make it out of this, what does someone who wears such attire as your's go by?" She asks.

"Batman." He replies saying his name.

Now it is her who chuckles, what a strange man. Before they know it Raphael comes out of nowhere jumping in front of Batman.

"Friend of your's?" Kurenai asks.

"I hope you can fight lady, this is about to get ugly."

Batman nods giving her the answer to her question. Out in the distance everyone except Jiraiya sprints out approaching the battle ground at full speed. If they're to die, it'll be together.

To Be Continue

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Nine Tailed Mutant Legend
CHP 28: Give in

Taking a few steps forward Kurenai moves up to the side of both Raphael and Batman getting into a fighting stance. It isn't long before Naruto and the remainder of their group come into sight. Seeing the face of Naruto makes her feel all warm inside, perhaps there's still hope for things to return to normal in the future. She isn't sure what it is but something inside her just seems to boost in confidence; a big part of that is due to the presence of Naruto.

"So what now, are we just going to stand around, or actually take these guys out?" Raphael asks spinning a Sai.

Running over the rest of the group join the side of the three; those who have weapons hold them up ready to fight the attackers off. Leo wonders maybe, if there could be a slight chance they could talk their way out of this. With the amount of them which surround the group, their chances of making it out in one piece is slim.

"Everyone close your eyes!" Batman yells out throwing down three smoke bombs.

Setting his lenses to a different mode; helps him to be able to see a little bit better wrapping one arm around Kurenai, using his other to pull out his grapple gun. Shooting the wiring up he pulls them away from the area connecting with a tree. Leonardo reaches out grabbing the wrist of Naruto, both ninja's flipping over a couple of the attackers who look around trying so hard to try and figure out what just happened, and where everyone is.

"Who're you people!" Kurenai asks holding on tight

Getting up into the tree Batman glides down with her still holding on landing at the side of Jiraiya, informing him to get moving.

"We can discuss where we came from later, but for now we need to get out of here." Batman replies to her question.

Coming up on them at full speed is the rest of their team who all follow that of Jiraiya who leads them deeper into the forest not exactly sure where they're heading, knowing the only objective is to get away from those guys. Out of them all, Michelangelo kind of enjoys this, it almost feels like he's in a action movie but has no idea where it will end! But that is what makes it so exciting, having no clue what's up ahead is always an adventure. Having his brothers by his side makes it that much easier to continue forward, with hope things will turn out alright. None of the eight look back to see if they're being followed, with the amount of them which were present at the particular camp area; fighting against them would most likely result in absolute defeat.

"Gee I'm really starting to wonder how many of these guys there are! Heck an even better question is how many worlds they plan to invade." Mikey says while on the run.

Jumping over a log the group is forced to cross a river, but it's good for them it isn't very deep. While on the other side they continue all staying close together not trying to get separated from one another. Staying on the move for over another twenty the group finally comes to a stop, just listening to their surroundings. None out of the group can hear or detect any other unwanted individuals. Walking over Kurenai takes a seat with on a large rock resting her chin on the palm of her hand.

"I think I can speak for us all when I say we lost them. Those dudes probably see us as non threatening anyhow." Michelangelo says.

"I second that, Mikey is right I'm sure they gave up trying to chase us sometime ago." Naruto adds.

Looking around Leonardo still isn't quiet sure if the two of them are right. Any well trained assassin, will take his or her time moving in on their target. There's a chance they're already surrounded, but than again the Leaf Village ninja and Mikey could be right. Regardless if they're being watched or not, their mission to try and free the prisoners of the Leaf Village will have to be put on hold. When they'll resume to do what they set out to do is unclear at the moment, if anything they must wait for things to cool down involving them.

"Ok now that things seem to be a little bit more stable, does anyone mind explaining to me what's going on? Aside from knowing our planet is being invaded I have no clue on anything else. I mean really talking reptiles and a guy dressed as a bat, I'd like an explanation on where they've come from and if their the reason for all of this?" Kurenai demands.

Hearing her somewhat angry tone makes Michelangelo giggle for some reason having Raph slightly punch him over the arm. Right now probably isn't the best time for them to be talking, but Batman can see things won't get any better if she isn't a bit more clear on how things have become up to this point. Stepping forward the Dark Knight clears his thoughts re collecting the details of everything involving the invaders.

"It is much bigger than you think, this invasion isn't just of one world, but of many."

Before Batman is able to continue, Naruto steps forward as well nodding his head informing her what bats says is right. The spiky blond haired ninja takes over the conversation explaining his first confrontation with the knights which included a man by the name of Azun. Finding somewhere to sit Jiraiya also listens in on what both Batman and Naruto have to say. Eventually even the turtles get involved sharing some of their own encounters with the invaders.

Worlds Away

Hours pass bringing up the rising of the moon; the wind blowing out to east giving a comforting feel to all around. Walking side by with Liu Kang and Sasuke Peter observes that of a lady bug which fly's around an apple which hangs off a tree. It is very rare for him to stop and look at the smaller simpler things in life due to what direction destiny has taken him in life.

"So how did the two of you enjoy the sight of the reservoir?" Liu asks.

Walking in silence Liu looks over at Sasuke who doesn't reply, obviously in his own train of thought.

"I thought it to be very breath taking, but with all that is happening around us it was a bit hard to enjoy the moment. I think we'll all feel a lot better if and when we take those attackers out." Peter replies.

Shaking his head, Liu fully understands where the wall crawler comes from. Nothing can really be enjoyed with the many suffering because of Azun and those associated with him. This walk of their's may have been short, but it was at least better than hanging at the small village the entire day.

"How much longer do you think it will take? It's starting to get to the point where we can't see." Peter asks.

Looking around at the different land marks Liu can tell it will be a little bit longer, but they should have no troubles finding the place. Throughout it all he has lost some who he was very close to, but there is still plenty of reasons to keep fighting. Mostly silent for the remainder of the walk the three come to the sight of the village eventually, with the lights on only in one cabin. Liu turns his attention to both Peter and Sasuke.

"Well I hope the two of you enjoy the rest of your night." The Shalion member says.

Walking past the two of them Liu enters into the cabin which displays the bright lighting closing the door behind him. Both Sasuke and Peter just stand in place enjoying the night weather, feeling the cool breeze blow through their hair. It is definitely relaxing after all they've been through, while Peter wonders what goes on with Naruto and the others Sasuke could care less. In fact if it became known they were all killed or taken captive it wouldn't affect Sasuke one bit.

"It was good hangin Sasuke, I'm going to head in as well so I guess I'll see you tomorrow." Peter informs.

All Sasuke does is nod watching Peter walk forward entering into one of the dark cabins. Entering in Peter turns on the light and is a bit surprised not to see Zatanna anywhere. Shrugging his shoulders he walks over having a seat on the edge of the bed closes to the door. Yawning a little bit he lays back looking up at the ceiling. Staying within this position for over a few minutes his eyes begin to close but open to the sound of the door opening with Zee entering laughing a bit while shutting it. Sitting up he looks at her, with much curiosity.

"Where have you been, you seem all cheerful whatsup?" Peter asks.

Smiling she walks past him having a seat over on the other bed re positioning and squeezing the pillow a little bit.

"I was just out with Subzero and Kung Lao, just getting a little fresh air. Kung Lao shared some of his past experiences which were quiet amusing." She says moving back a bit.

"That sounds cool, well as you already know Liu took Sasuke and I to a very beautiful sight. There was a lot of different birds of different colors around the waterfall, you would have loved it."

Overall today was a bit weird for them both just sitting around and resting with all that is going on involving the rest of their group as well as the knights/invaders. Reaching down Peter unties his shoes taking them off looking over at his Spider suit. At this point he's feeling tired and it would make the most sense to call it a night. Zatanna does the same taking off her shoes and hat getting up off the bed she walks into a back room.

"Hey Zee where are you going?"

There is no reply from her, he just shrugs his shoulders fully getting up onto the bed laying back taking a deep breath while breathing out closing his eyes. Boy will it feel good when he's able to finally return home, he's beginning to grow a little home sick. This isn't really a vacation either, but when the time comes he will get his chance to fight against them again; hopefully when that time comes it will be the deciding battle for the future for all worlds connected with this mess.

"Hey Pete how do I look?"

His eyes open to the voice of Zatanna coming out of his deep train of thought looking over at her! Yikes talk about catching a guy off guard, but he can't lie she does look sexy! Standing in place a few ft from him she wears a sky blue T-shirt which does not cover her belly button and blue panties to match it. Walking over toward him seductively, Peter gulps unsure what to do; he had an idea something like this might happen.

"Tell me Pete do you see anything you like?" She asks licking her lips.

The only thing he does is smile, but he isn't sure why and can't stop himself from doing so. Coming up closer she gets into the bed crawling over getting on top of him resting her hands off to the side.

"Now I'm going to ask you again if you want me, I can make your wildest dreams come true; I wasn't lieing when I told you that. I know you will make the right choice, plus I'm not taking no for an answer."

Displaying a now guilty smile Peter clinches his fists while grinding his teeth together. Why is it him in this situation, heck he'd rather be surrounded by some of his toughest foes back in New York!

"Look Zee you're very gorgeous and attractive, but I'm seeing someone. I know if Mary Jane were in this same situation she wouldn't do something like this with another man behind my back." He finally says.

Lowering herself into his lap he sits up looking her in the eyes, having an idea she has no intention of backing off.

"I hate to be rude but screw MJ, if you just say yes I'll make you forget about her," Thinking to herself she doesn't know why she said that, seeing as it came out rude, "I can see it in your eyes, you're burning up inside for me; besides no one has to know, not even her."

Moving up she brings her face closer to his pressing her lips up against his. Strangely enough he finds himself kissing her back. Bringing her arms up she wraps them around his neck deepening the kiss. Caught up in the moment Peter reaches around placing his arms with on her back pulling them both down. Opening her mouth she enters her tongue into his while at the same time he moves his hands up her shirt rubbing them over the smoothness of her skin realizing she wears no bra! Removing his hands from her back he pushes her up off of him.

"Look I'm sorry, as much as I'd like to do this I just can't. This has nothing to do with you, it's just that I'm in a relationship right now."

Attempting to get off the bed she grabs him by his arm pulling him back toward her.

"Did I not make it clear that I wouldn't take no for an answer, I like you a lot and would hate to have to do this the hard way. I bet your little girlfriend Mary isn't near as hot as me anyhow."

Leaning forward she brings her lips to his neck planting little kisses within the area. Peter himself just seems to freeze in place not really doing a thing about it, now becoming aroused. Moving her hand down to the area she rubs at the surface of his pants while sucking on the lower part of his ear. Just as he did; not long ago, he clinches his fists feeling her other hand rubbing up against his chest.

"You should really ease up Pete, I'm not going to hurt you." Zee says reaching down to unbutton his shirt.

Through it all he does nothing but sit there, but isn't sure why. He doesn't want to do this, but at the same time he won't back away. Fully unbuttoning his shirt she runs her fingers over his muscular chest and lower stomach.

"Wow you really do stay in shape, you could give a certain someone a run for his money. Just relax Spider, I'll take good care of you." She says again kissing him on the neck.

He isn't sure why she's pursuing him like this, especially since they barely even know one another. Heck they just met with the outburst of these invaders who seemed to have come out of nowhere. Lifting his shirt over his head she lays him down onto the bed with much desire in her eyes. Reaching down Zatanna unbuckles his pants pulling them down and off to reveal his boxer briefs.

"Not to interrupt but you and I don't really even know each other, don't you think you're pushing it a bit far here? I mean don't get me wrong I'm not complaining, it's just I really don't even know you."

Putting a finger to his lips she informs him not to speak.

"Of course we know each other, I'm Zatanna and you're Peter A.K.A. Spiderman. I'm guessing there aren't very many people who know about your two sides. But enough talk, I've always loved the saying actions speak louder than words."

With a grin she reaches forward pulling down his boxer briefs her grin widening at what she sees. Looking at the expression on her face causes him to blush; if it were up to him he'd rather be in someone else's shoes than in this awkward situation. Throwing his briefs off to the side she lifts up her shirt revealing her breasts smiling at Peter who holds back a smirk as best he can.

"I guess all that's left is to get rid of these." Zatanna says looking down at her panties.

Observing the face of Peter she begins removing them, but very slowly as to make the moment last even longer.

"I'd say we can skip the four play and get right into it."

Tossing the clothing off to the side she gets on top of Peter, reaching back she pulls the covers over the upper part of her waist. Lowering herself she enters Peter into herself moaning resting her chest up against his. Wrapping her arms around his neck she goes at a steady pace; finally giving in Peter reaches up positioning his hands on top of her back.

"That's more like it...sthgil tuo."

With that the lights to the room turn off. Joining in a passionate kiss Peter follows her smooth motion with slow strokes of his own getting her to moan even louder.

"Oh Peter, please tell me I'm better than her. She could only dream of giving you pleasure like this."

Speeding up her pace she enters more of him into her, with Peter grunting as a reaction not believing the shock waves which are sent through his body. He never thought it would feel this good with her, by the way she does it, one must think she's had experiences with sex in the past. Entering his lower lip into her mouth she playfully sucks and bites at it.

Some distance away within the main fortress of the invaders, stands Kayla inside the front room with a group of Azun's men

"Azun has informed me to let you all know that he's sorry he couldn't be here for this meeting; in addition to that I will be taking his place." Kayla informs.

The group gathers around the table listening to what she has to say observing the demo of how they will proceed with business tomorrow. Some in the group find it hard to respect her as their superior because of her age, but at the same time Azun wouldn't have put her in 5th command for no reason. Being called by Quila, Kayla excuses herself entering into a back room.

"I see Azun is finally getting you more involved with the invasion, that's a good sign. But what I really want to talk to you about is these Earth Realm defenders; or should I say that's what they call themselves."

Walking over to a small refrigerator, Quila pours herself a glass of champagne taking a seat over on the sofa. Crossing her arms Kayla really wonders what this is all about, Azun informed her to have the briefing to his men done by time he got back.

"Why don't you have a seat Kayla, I just want to ask you a few questions regarding the earth realm defenders. I'm just curious to how you were able to gain their trust so easily in such a short time."

Worlds Away

Sitting in front of a camp fire is Naruto along with the rest of the group. It has been decided by the entire group that tomorrow will be the best time for them to continue back on their trail to the Leaf Village. Donatello stares up into the night sky at the many stars as well as full moon. Sitting close to the heat Mikey stretches his arms out placing his hands just above the flames as a way to stay warm.

"So how quickly will we be moving tomorrow, and how many of them are we talking. I mean if they've taken over the entire village I'm sure we'll be greatly outnumbered." Michelangelo says.

"You're most certainly right about that, the numbers will not be in our favor; but let us worry about that tomorrow, for now we should all just enjoy the fresh night atmosphere." Jiraiya replies.

Sitting over close to a bush Raphael just messes with a small tree branch just looking into the flames wondering what will happen tomorrow. As far as he's concerned a big part of why all of them are even alive has been a large part due to luck, but eventually even that will run out on you. If the life of he and his brothers is soon coming to an end, than so be it; but aside from that it's been one hell of a ride up to this point throughout their lives. Sitting by the side of Jiraiya Kurenai looks over at Batman who slouches over in a corner alone.

"So do you ever take off the mask, or did something happen to your face?" She asks turning her attention to the Dark Knight

Almost right away both Naruto and Michelangelo laugh at what she says, Kurenai looking over at the two wondering if she said something wrong.

"You're so far off, we've seen this guy out of uniform and even I can say he'd be the perfect face for playboy. Don't be fooled by the way he acts, he's a complete ladies man and goes by the name Bru.."

Mikey is cut off by Leo who puts a hand to his younger brothers mouth. Smiling Leo looks over at Kurenai.

"Yeah he's keeping his secret identity concealed which is why he doesn't take off the mask." Leo informs.

"Oh ok...I see. But what is playboy?" She asks.

The turtles look at one another but decide it would be best if they didn't comment. Sitting in silence for a few moments more Batman stands to his feet getting the attention of everyone because of his sudden movement.

"I'd rather the two of you not feel uncomfortable, besides after this is all over I will be returning back to my world," Using his gloved hands Bruce lifts the cowl up revealing his face, "We've already got problems presenting us, and I won't be one of them."

Looking over the expressions of both Jiraiya and Kurenai, he can see that both are surprised by the way he looks. If they somehow are able to make it through this all and are victorious, when he and the turtles are returned back to their home world they will never again come back; which is why at this point it doesn't really matter who sees his face or not.

"You sure are a cute one, but now I really want to know why you wear the mask." Kurenai says.

Just as he's about to speak, with splendid awareness he jumps forward taking Donatello down just as three arrows barely miss the turtle! Pulling the cowl back over his face Batman pulls out two batarangs looking in all directions. Everyone else also gets up trying to figure out which direction the projectiles came from.

"Hahaha, that was quiet the reflexes man bat...but I'm afraid it's time we'll be taking you all in." A voice says from the darkness."

Stepping from behind the many trees and bushes the invaders surround the group! Putting a hand to his head Michelangelo isn't one bit surprised.

"Man these dudes again! I don't know about you guys, but they seem to be getting more annoying the more we encounter them."

"SILENCE REPTILIAN! You will not speak unless asked a question. Now the eight of you can come with us; or we can do this the hard way."

Standing their ground none in the group make a move just waiting, but at the same time ready for battle. The invaders quickly realize they have no intention of giving themselves up, each suited up enemy pulling out his weapon!

To Be Continue

Nine Tailed Mutant Legend
CHP 29: Time to pursue

Looking over at Batman and then back at his brothers, Michelangelo pulls out both his nun chucks; a large smirk growing on his face as he spins one of them. Moving his head in all directions while setting his lenses to detect mode, Batman is able to come up with a number of what they're in fact up against. Standing his ground; fists clinched and all, Naruto wonders which of them will strike first.

"You humans truly are hard to predict; some of you surrender so easily, while others of you don't know the meaning of it. Very well, we'll take care of your group accordingly."

Putting his hand forward, the leader of the group signals for them to attack. Swinging out his staff Donatello is the one to knock the first of them down. Using the shell of Leonardo as leverage Naruto jumps over him kicking into one of the enemies. Moving from one another the remainder of the group join in as well fighting them off. Both Kurenai and Jiraiya fight side by side while the others spread out giving themselves some room to do things.

"It would be much easier if you fighters would just give yourselves up; the more you try and fight us the worse it will be once we have defeated and taken you in. Good behavior always works in your benefit."

"You keep telling yourself that pal," Dodging a blade coming at full speed Raphael slashes at the knight's rib area, "If I'm not mistaken I don't believe I've ever been defeated by any of your squads!"

Jumping up Raphael kicks the knight to the ground landing on top of him KO'ing the individual with a punch. Sliding down to the turf Batman leg drops one of the with Michelangelo coming over and finishing the job whacking him across the head with a chuck. Jumping up Batman stays on task not trying to loose his flow running toward three of them. Blocking and grabbing the fist of a knight Leo throws him into the air and as he comes down, he's uppercut by Naruto knocking him out cold. Both ninjas give the other a high five. Standing off to the side the leader of the group watches in silence and is impressed by what he's seeing. It's true, Naruto, Jiraiya and Kurenai fight well; but it is not them what has him worried.

"Where did they pick up those styles of material arts?"

It is in fact the four turtles along with this man who chooses the attire of a bat. Some of their fighting styles are unlike anything he's ever seen, not to mention they're quiet proficient at keeping everything crisp! Between the five, he can't even keep up with how many forms of material arts they may posses. Something else that bugs him is the fact he can't sense any chokra within them; which must mean they're most likely from another world! From what he can tell, the turtle in orange is the quickest of them, resulting in speedy knock outs. The one in red would be the team's muscle and brute force; while the one in purple brings the most reach and seems to put the most thought into what he'll do next in battle.

"I must know the secret to their training!"

The knight clinches his fist watching as Batman takes out close to four of his men in under two seconds! Moving on to the turtle in blue, as well as this bat man; obviously they're the leading members of this team. Both display the most discipline, superb execution of moves and close to perfect awareness! Which of them is the leader is hard to say, but one thing is for sure; this is the two most dangerous fighters he's ever seen in his life! It doesn't appear they display any meta abilities, but their level of fighting ability realistically could only be obtained by someone who's been around 75 to 90 years, but by then would be to old to fight!

"Is that all you dudes got, I've fought tougher street thugs," Mikey elbows one of them in the neck throwing him down to the ground, "Here I was thinking you dudes were supposed to be professionals."

They may have the numbers, but are completely outmatched given the skill of those five. Looking over he watches Naruto create clones of himself taking on a few of his men. What the blond kid lacks in fighting helps out in the area of having that of jutsu's at his disposal. Reaching out one of them grabs Kurenai by her hair, re positioning she slaps him across the face. Coming out of nowhere Michelangelo bicycle kicks the knight to the ground.

"Are you ok beautiful?" Mikey asks turning to Kurenai.

Nodding she gives him a smile, both jumping back into action fighting against more of them which close in. Crossing his arms the leader of them continues to watch with his fingers now twitching seeing as Donatello and Raphael take out a large number of his men.

"I've seen enough! All knights retreat now!" The leader of them yells out throwing down a smoke bomb.

Falling to his knees Naruto coughs while closing his eyes. Putting his cape up to his mouth and nose area Batman blocks out the smoke. It isn't long before the area is cleared with all the invaders gone, except for the ones which were knocked out.

"Now that sure is strange, they were the ones to attack us. Usually it would be the targets retreating. Guess we really must have got the best of them." Dony says.

Traveling back to their base, there is much on the mind of Nieo; A.K.A the leader of the squad. That spiky haired leaf village ninja teamed with those fighters from another world could be lethal, and in order for them to be taken down it will require higher tech weapons. Handheld projectiles like swords, daggers and knives will not be enough given the great advantage of the material arts they possess. Walking over Leo helps Dony up to his feet, looking around to see everyone else is ok.

"It's no longer safe here, we had better get a move on." Leo says.

Making his way over Raphael places a hand with on the shoulder of his older brother.

"Look Leo, they're the one's who retreated. They're obviously afraid of us, and I'm willing to bet they won't be back tonight. I think it would be best if we all stay here and get our rest, and leave in the morning."

"No your brother is right...we must leave now. I wouldn't doubt they'll be back in greater numbers, with a plan. Our plan to travel to the Leaf Village in the morning will still stay in place, but it is no longer safe here." Batman says.

Being the most familiar with these parts of the forest Jiraiya steps forward getting the attention of everyone asking them to follow him. Before any of them leave Batman puts out the fire following the rest of the group into the darkness.

"I hope you all know trying to save the inhabitants of the Leaf village is almost a mission of suicide. I hate to say it, but I will not be apart of your little avenger squad. If you only knew how many of them there were; not to mention you have no clue what they do to women!" Kurenai makes herself clear.

Her tone causes Naruto to gulp wondering what exactly does she mean. What is it those invaders do to females?

"You don't have to answer this, but what is it they do to girls?" Naruto asks very curious.

Looking over at Naruto Batman shakes his head.

"Trust me kid, you don't want to know. It is best we not worry about that, and just focus on what we need to do. I understand how you feel, and if that is your choice not to join us in going to the Leaf Village we'll understand." Batman says.

Worlds Away

Hours pass bringing up the rising of the sun; birds chirping to the early morning breeze. Opening his eyes to the sounds of the Finches and Cardinals Sasuke looks over into the other bed to see it empty, which means Subzero probably went out for an early morning workout. Sitting up in bed the Leaf Village member yawns removing the covers from his body, hopping out of the bed. Walking over he gets dressed into his clothes.

"I guess it wouldn't be such a bad thing for me to start off quick as well."

Heading for the door he exits out of the cabin closing the door behind him. Inside that of the cabin next to his Zatanna lays fast asleep her head resting on the chest of Peter. Seeing as the sunlight comes in through the window it awakens him. Feeling Zee's naked body up against his brings back the memories of last night! Oh how great it was, but at the same time guilt creeps up inside him.

"Morning sweetie pie." Zatanna says opening her eyes.

Moving up she kisses him on the lips rubbing a hand over his chest while wrapping two legs around one of his. Feeling the warmth of her nude body up against his, along with the way she touches him causes his erection to grow as well as guilt!

"Did you enjoy yourself last night baby," Zee asks while kissing at his neck and sucking on his lower ear, "I told you I would rock your world."

Moving her hand down beneath the sheets she smirks evilly grasping his hard member. She giggles a bit watching as he blushes.

"I'd say someone is up for morning sex."

Removing her hand from his area she rolls over getting on top of him.

"I seriously thought you were going to last a lot longer last night; I was quiet disappointed. But hey don't worry handsome, you can make it up to me right now."

Sitting up Peter removes her from himself quickly getting out of the bed putting back on both his socks and boxer briefs. Watching from the side still completely naked Zee roles her eyes annoyed with him.

"What the hell do you think you're doing? Get back over here and screw me, I'm not satisfied yet." She says now frowning.

Somewhat ignoring her he slips into his jeans, lifting his shirt over his head which causes Zatanna to snap at him. Looking the magician in the eyes shrugging his shoulders only makes her even more angry with him.

"Look Pete I'm in a really good mood and would hate to use my magic. Now be a good boy and get back in this bed."

Walking over he sits at the bed's edge giving her eye contact.

"I know we both had a great time last night, but I'm done with all of this. I'm sorry Zatanna but I just don't love you, and I'm not just going to have sex with you for the hell of it. You're beyond attractive, but we need to stop this before it gets out of control."

Looking away from him she isn't sure how to reply to that, most definitely stunned. Grinning a thought comes in mind looking him in the eyes.

"I think I'm pregnant."

This must be the fastest his heart has ever jumped, if there has been an even faster time it is forgotten in this moment! The question to think about is if this is true, or is she just bluffing. How would she know if she's pregnant if she's never gave birth; or maybe she has and he just doesn't know. But this could be her way of just trying to lure him in.

"Good one, you almost had me for a second there. I know you're bluffing Zee." Peter says sitting up from the bed.

With his back turned to her he hears Zee chant out a few words feeling nervous on what might happen to him! Turning around slowly he eases up to see her fully suited up in her uniform getting out of the bed.

"I guess you're smarter than some men, but really...what gave me away?" She asks.

"Honestly, it was your tone; you didn't say it with confidence. I'm sorry about all of this, but I'm in love with MJ and nothing will ever change that."

Looking her in the face he can see she's upset, but he isn't sure why. The two of them hardly even know each other, she couldn't have gained that many intimate feelings for him that quickly! Something is definitely wrong, she wasn't this way when they first met.

"It's all good...Bruce has a bigger penis than you anyway." Zee whispers the last part feeling rejected with anger.

"Wait what did you just say? I didn't really catch the last of that." Peter asks.

Looking away from him she grins.

"Do I hear jealousy in your voice spider boy? Anyway I was just talking about a girlfriend of mine, it's nothing for you to worry about. I guess I'll get these sheets cleaned in the back."

Lifting the covers and sheets from the bed she drags them into a back room where a small washing machine is located. Feeling like an idiot Peter walks over having a seat at the table. How could he have allowed himself to go through with that last night; it would seem the part of him being human really took over. Sitting in place for a little while he just uses this as time to think. Just as he's about to call out to Zatanna the front door to the cabin busts open!

"No WAY! It's you guys!" Peter yells out!

Jumping up from his chair Peter runs over throwing a punch out having it grabbed and himself being thrown out the window! Hearing the sound of shattering glass Zatanna enters back into the main room; but before she's able to do or say anything something appears over her mouth, with her unable to remove it.

"There is no use in trying to remove it magician, that stuff can only be removed by me...hahaha! I possess that of TK, so there is no point of fighting against me."

Using his telekinesis, Henk slams her head first up against the wall knocking her out. Henk signals for two of his men to pick up her body and hat, and to follow him outside. The two do as they're asked, retrieving Zee and exiting the cabin with the squad leader. Once outside there is a big group of them who're having a hard time trying to bring down Peter, because of his super human speed and reflexes. Shaking his head Henk just uses his TK catching Peter out of the air smashing him into the turf below knocking him out.

"Enough playing around, get the other ten and lets go!" Henk demands.

Azun was supposed to lead this mission directly, but something came up which didn't allow him to travel along. But in his place he sent one of his greatest warriors in that of Henk. Breaking and entering into the cabin on the far left, both Liu Kang and Kung Lao are awoken by the loud sounds; but just as quickly are knocked out by the sleeping gas the invaders carry with them. Lifting up both Shalion monks they exit out of the cabin. Word is given to Henk that the 3rd cabin is in fact empty.

"Sir should we wait for the others to return?"

Henk does not give an immediate reply, just thinking about it for a few moments. It is true that it is crucial that they obtain both Naruto and Sasuke, both in which could be returning to this cabin sight any minute. But at the same time, they could leave now with what they have weakening the Earth's defenses.

"We shall return to base, the others of their group will be taken care of later." Henk tells.

None in the group question his decision, all following him into the forest. It isn't until the passing of thirty minutes that both Sasuke and Subzero return to the cabin. Right away both individuals can tell something just isn't right, but neither can put a finger on it. Everything is just a little to quite; you'd figure the others might be up by now.

"Sasuke look over there." Subzero says pointing at shattered glass.

Both begin to have a bad feeling about this, walking over to the area. Picking up a piece of glass, Sasuke drops it just as quickly. Walking past him Subzero opens the cabin door looking inside to see the sheets missing from one bed, a chair knocked over and a small dent in the wall. Closing the door he asks Sasuke to follow him, both heading over to the cabin of Liu Kang and Kung Lao. Looking inside, the grand master's suspicion is somewhat confirmed.

"I hate to say it Sasuke, but I believe it is no longer safe. Looking in both cabins, there is obvious signs of struggle in both cabins. I'm not sure exactly what happened to the others, but we cannot stay here; I'm not sure where we'll go, but we had better get a move on."

Nodding Sasuke completely agrees with what he says. Getting a few things from their cabin the two fighters exit the area into the nothingness of the forest. The thing which Subz wonders about, is how in the world will they be able to inform Scorpion about this. Not to mention what exactly happened to the rest of their team? Were they captured, or did they escape and relocate. So many questions which will probably be left unanswered for awhile.

Worlds Away

Walking with much caution the Leaf Village comes into sight, with Naruto and the entire group being hidden by the many trees and bushes. Pulling out a thing of binoculars Batman looks around trying to get an idea of how much security they have in the area, and what routines/routs they're doing. Naruto just shakes his head, not believing what he's seeing; this place looks nothing like it use to! How in the world were the invaders able to build all of this in such a short time!

"What happened to this place? There's no way they could have built all this so quickly. Is this some kind of illusion?" Naruto asks with a whisper feeling sick looking at what's become of the Leaf Village.

Handing the binoculars over to Jiraiya, Batman turns to Naruto.

"I guess we forgot to mention, these guys are beyond anything in the same league as human when it comes to building things. Back in the world of Liu Kang I actually saw one of their massive fortresses, which was the size of a castle, which probably only took them a few days to complete."

"I'm willing to guess they don't do any of it by hand either." Donatello adds.

Observing the amount of security, Jiraiya shakes his head wondering who in their right mind would even attempt to try and get passed all that. Trying to count them, Mikey finally gives up just sitting back; hoping Leo or Batman has a plan to get around all that. Standing from her position Kurenai gets the attention of them all.

"Well now that we've finally made it here, I guess this is the point where I'll drop off. You can all enjoy your little suicide mission, but I will not be apart of it. Don't worry I'll be at the checkpoint we agreed on." Kurenai says.

Beginning to walk in the other direction Jiraiya jumps up grabbing her by the arm.

"I don't think it's a good idea for you to go alone, one of us can sit out this mission. I'm sorry Naruto, but I'm going to have to ask you to go with Kurenai and make sure she gets back to the checkpoint in one piece."

"Wait...what why me? There's no way I'm missing out on this."

Taking a look at the others, and then back at Naruto, Jiraiya sighs throwing the binoculars back to the capped crusader.

"Ok I'll do it, but you be careful Naruto chan."

"Are you kidding, with these guys watching my back there's nothing to worry about."

Both smile at one another, and afterward both Kurenai and Jiraiya disappear into the forest. Placing the binoculars into his utility belt Batman again takes another look at the overall layout of the place. Standing to his feet Leonardo turns to Naruto with crossed arms.

"I don't know if you know the answer to this or not, or if you even have one. But is there someone in control, who makes all the rules and oversees what goes on in this village? I believe if we were to obtain that person first, this process of bringing things back to normal would progress a lot faster." Leo tells.

"Well since you ask, I'd say the Hokage fits that description perfectly. Her name is Tsunade, but inside this mess where in the world would they be holding her?"

Everyone turns their attention to Batman who points at the tallest building, displaying that of different dragon statues leading up to the top.

"I'm willing to bet she's inside there, which is where I'll be going. It undoubtedly will have the most security."

Tapping Batman over the shoulder Leonardo asks to have a word with him alone. Stepping off to the side the two of them discuss how they'll proceed. After doing so they turn back to the group explaining to them they will travel in packs of two.

"Raphael you're with me, you and I will be heading into what appears to be the main fortress. Michelangelo and Naruto will be taking their efforts to the west side." Batman informs.

It is then Leo who walks forward.

"You will be coming with me Don. Before we do anything I need to be sure you all understand how we'll be continuing forward; knowing what routes to take."

Not really worried about Batman or Raphael, Leo calls in everyone else explaining to them what they will do; besides Bats and Raph the rest of them will just be figuring out the entire layout of the place before moving into rescue anyone.

To Be Continue

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