Ninetailed Mutant Legend chps 24-25

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 Naruto/Batman/TMNT crossover
CHP 24: Prison Search

It is no secret or even being denied that the outsiders/Invaders have the upper hand in all area's

of territory they progress in conquering. Sitting within his throne King Klenk relaxes his eyes closing them happy with the news he's been receiving from each squad on their progress. So far there has been no one to slow down or stand in their way. The best part about it all is he hasn't had to do a thing, just sitting around giving the orders organizing the squads; deciding which locations they will take over. Having one of his colleague's enter the room he is brought back to earth thoughts shattering away like glass.

"Any word if they've obtained the boy," Klenk stands up out of his chair; this kid is vital to his plans, "If not have you heard from their progress on the matter?"

It isn't the leaf village ninja himself which is important but rather what he carries inside of him. The nine tailed fox is one of the most powerful life forms which can be stored into a single individual; imagining what it could do for him excites him greatly beyond what anyone could think. Unlike Naruto, because of his body he may be able to operate in full capacity in the stage of the ninth tail present.

"No sir they have not got him yet, but I'm sure Azun and his followers will have the kid in no time."

Giving his king the news he is dismissed from the room leaving Klenk to think on his own. Back in the Netherealm Scorpion gets the group ready to leave knowing which prison area they will visit first being closes to their area. Before any of them attempt to leave the ninja skims out the area making sure it is clear. Moving with caution the four exit out Batman setting his lenses to detect mode of any body heat. Though it may prove pointless seeing as they're in the world of the dead; but it doesn't hurt to try, anything they can use to their advantage.

"Not to put any doubts in anyone's minds, but what are the chances that they're still alive?" Raphael turns to Scorpion keeping pace, "I mean the people.. excuse me the souls of this world aren't exactly your friendly next door neighbors."

Observing the area Batman doesn't pick up any extra movement from the surrounding area, but that could change in an instant which is why they must all keep their guard up.

"I'm sure they're fine if they've cooperated with their captors; if not, well than that's an entire different story." Scorpion replies.

Re positioning her hat Zatanna doesn't like the sound of that, being in this land of the dead puts she Batman and Spiderman that much further from their world. But if they're able to recover Spidy and Jax in one piece that will upgrade their chances at being able to fight back against the invaders. But the real problem is figuring out just how many worlds this group of experts have attacked, doing that will be no easy task. But for now they've got their own problems to worry about.

"Well it sounds like we better hurry before those scum bags do something they'll regret." Raphael says spinning a Sai.

"Trust me when I tell you this, the individuals in this world don't know regret; they could care less what they do to each other or visitors. This is no place for well to do people; those type of individuals will be broken, destroyed, and eaten alive."

With wide eyes the turtle puts his weapon back into it's place, the quicker they get out of here the better. Now that sure would be something if they were captured before they could even locate their friends, keeping a low profile is extremely important. Continuing up a hill they come across what appears to be some sort of massive fortress.

"All of you follow me inside, there are some materials we can get that might be able to help us." Scorpion tells.

Before he is able to continue forward Zee grabs him by his wrist, turning to her the ninja pulls away narrowing his eyes. Looking up at the castle look alike body of construction the capped crusader is surprised that something like this is located in this realm. What really gets him thinking is who built it?

"What makes you think any of us are going in there? How do you know there aren't any of those spirits in there?"

"You can be assured I'm one of the only few who know about this place. You don't have to worry, we'll all be just fine."

Looking away from her he continues forward, but stops in his tracks hearing her laugh. Turning back around to face her Zee crosses her arms.

"Really you're one of the few who know of this place; ah would you look at the size of it! It's basically saying..hey everyone I'm here, why not come in for some fun!"

Watching as she laughs some more Scorpion tightens his fist walking toward her. Before he can get to her Batman steps between them both.

"That's enough, we'll all enter together. If Scorpion says it's safe, than I'm sure it is; questioning one another at this point is going to get us nowhere fast."

"Ah excuse me I'm not your little girl, so stop acting like you're my daddy."

Pushing Batman out of the way Zatanna steps up coming only a few inches away from Scorpion's face staring him down. Standing there for some moments neither of them blink. Stepping forward Batman pulls Zatanna off to the side.

"I'm one of the furthest things away from being your father, but what would Giovanni say if he was here. Stay focused and quit reacting like a child."

Before anyone is able to say or do anything else Bats is slapped across the face, falling off balance a bit but not to the ground.

"I've heard enough from you, I'll play your little game and keep my mouth shut unless necessary. It figures you haven't got very many friends."

Crossing her arms she walks away from both Batman and Scorpion standing off to the side. Without a word Scorpion leads them all up to the entrance. Looking over Zatanna smiles over at Raph who just does the same as a reaction. Opening the door all four of them enter.

"What I am about to say applies to all three of you, Just stay here in this front room. I don't want us loosing each other."

Leaving the three he disappears into the darkness, but what has the attention of them all is the lit torches. Who was responsible for this? Whatever the ninja Spectre is up to he had better do it fast, being in here creeps them out. Standing there in silence for over a few minutes begins to make things feel somewhat uncomfortable and awkward. Patting both teammates on the shoulder Zee walks forward heading up a flight of stairs. Reaching out Batman wants to say something, but seeing as they're already on bad terms he decides not to.

"Stay here Raphael, I'm going to make sure she doesn't get lost." Batman says walking forward up the stairs.

Why couldn't they all just follow simple instructions and just stay put? I guess it isn't in any of them to do so. Looking around Raph shrugs his shoulders exiting out of the main room and into an area which greatly resembles what a dining room should look like. Looking over at a shelf he notices a few framed pictures walking over to take a look. lifting one off the shelf he wipes the dust from it's surface trying to see what's in the image. Up two floors Zatanna enters into her 4th room but this time lays out across the bed on her stomach. Moving her hand over the beds surface she squeezes at a small pillow.

"You can come in Bruce, I won't bite..not that hard anyway."

Stepping from behind the door he enters into the room. Now this is quite weird, this room is very colorful unlike the rest of what he's seen of this place. What stands out most is the bright green walls; it almost seems as though this is some kind of children's room. Walking up behind her he can see she is upset, most likely at him. He normally isn't one to show much affection, but in this case like it or not this is not the time for them to be angry with each other. Reaching out he almost feels stupid rubbing a hand over her shoulder, but doesn't stop there moving it down her lower back.

"As teammates we aren't always going to see eye to eye, but if something is bothering you just tell me." He says trying to make up for earlier.

Moving his hand down further he doesn't realize he moves it over the surface of her butt until it's to late! Removing his hand instantly he walks away from the bed; he may not be able to see her face but he knows she smiles. With clinched fist he walks toward the door way not believing what he just did!

"Wait don't go," She still faces the opposite direction to him, "You're right I haven't been acting like myself, mainly due to all the stress. All in all I've been a complete idiot, some of it my fault and the other..well I'd rather not talk about it."

Re positioning herself she now turns facing the dark knight. He understands what she says, it still isn't clear what exactly those invaders did to her when she was in captivity.

"And you were right, you aren't my daddy; but that doesn't mean you can't teach me a lesson." Zee says beginning to lift up her shirt.

Oh crap, his antidote didn't work! Not this again oh he must think fast before he ends up tied to the bed again! Hopping off the bed she snickers walking toward Batman.

"The look on your face was completely priceless; oh Brucie don't be upset I was only trying to bring a little light on this situation."

Wanting to say something he just doesn't; at this point all his antidote has done is stabilize her condition. Zatanna in her right mind would not mess around like that; especially in a time like this. What was her reason for coming up here any way? Guess it doesn't really matter, stepping out of the room he follows her. Still in the same room Raphael pulls a box from out of a corner curious as to what may be inside. Before he is able to do anything something steps from out of a dark corner of the room wrapping a rope around his neck attempting to suffocate him! Fighting back Raphael uses his upper body strength tossing them both into a wall. Moving his head out of the way the rope spear misses him barely going into the head of his attacker.

"What did I say about waiting in the front room, and where are Batman and the girl?" Scorpion asks pulling his weapon out of the now defeated individual's head.

"Right here," Batman answers entering the room alongside Zee, "So what is it you got?"

Scorpion tosses each of them a compass, keeping one for himself and also holds in his person a map to most of Shinnok's prisons. Leading them out of the building they make their way to the closes prison to their vicinity. Walking out in the open just as they did coming to this fortress is their only option for moving from one place to another. None of them like it very much but it's not like they have a choice in the matter.

"I know this might be a stupid question but would there by any chance be any food in this realm?" Raphael asks.

"For the most part no, but at certain prisons some food is available. Just hold on for a little while longer and I might be able to get you something." Scorpion replies.

Traveling down the path Scorpion holds out the map getting them to the first jail on the map. Folding it up he hands it to Batman who knows just what to do with it sticking it within one of his pouches on his utility belt. The four of them discuss the plan on how they will enter observing the layout of the place. It's decided Scorpion will travel alongside Zatanna while Batman and Raphael will go solo searching the west and east area of the prison.

"One question, how will Scorpion and I contact the two of you if we find anything vise versa?"

"We don't, we'll all meet back in this spot in the next twenty. It shouldn't take longer than that to figure out if this is the place or not. Good luck to all of you, and remember to stay on guard." Batman says pulling out his grapple gun pulling himself over the steel gate.

Giving the two remaining a thumbs up Raph finds two walls in close proximity to one another jumping off both continuously to get himself over on the other side. Wrapping one arm around Zatanna Scorpion uses his other to spin and throw his rope spear around the neck of a statue pulling them both over. After doing so he pulls it back down into his person.

"You know you didn't have to do that right? I could have got us over with two words."

"Maybe so but it's over with now, lets just try and find the two we came for."

Quickly making their way into the shadows keeping themselves from being seen is the number 1 priority. They cannot afford to be imprisoned, not with the problem involving the invaders. Finding an open window Batman enters into the dark room. setting his lenses to night vision makes it so much easier to see. Throughout the room there is various cleaning supplies such as mops, sponges, and brooms. Putting his ear up against the door he enhances the sound through his cowl trying to pick up any sound that might be outside the room. Hearing nothing he slowly opens the door looking out noticing the piped ceiling. Grappling himself up, he decides this will be the easiest way for him not to be seen.

"I hope this is the right place, I don't want to visit to many more places like this. Prisons give me the creeps, as if this realm of the dead isn't already bad enough." Raphael says to himself entering through a vent.

Circling around the building Scorpion and Zee search for any entrance which won't alert any of the guards of their presence. Several search lights brighten the area, this could be due to the fact a prisoner or so tried to escape recently. Security usually isn't this tight unless there was a problem. Tapping him on the shoulder Zee points over at a bush signaling for Scorpion to follow her. Once there the two of them crouch down so as not to be seen.

"I was thinking maybe you and I can wait out here. Batman and the turtle alone should be able to figure out if they're in there."

Scorpion thinks about it, that is true; say their two targets aren't even here than they would be wasting their time.

"I understand what you're saying but that wasn't supposed to be part of the plan."

"Yeah I know, but think about it this way. If we stay out here it will help our chances of not being seen, all four of us in there will only heighten the chances."

She's definitely got a point there, but again this is not what they discussed. After all there are certain area's that must be checked by them which could be holding more prisoners away from the main group. It's common especially in this world, mainly for the reason some need to be detained not able/capable of getting along with others.

"I've got my strengths, but lets just say stealth isn't one of them." Zee adds.

"Alright we'll wait it out, but if we're going to do so than it needs to be back at the checkpoint."

Nodding she agrees, both move from behind the bush with much caution. Still walking through the shadows they stick close to the walls avoiding the search lights. With the passing of some time Batman finally finds the area where all prisoners are being held. Gliding down from the ceiling he is sure there are no guards around. Down the hall is where the majority of them are being held. Leaning his back up against the wall he slowly moves forward. Just as he is about to open the door he is bumped into from his right side just as he comes off the wall! Flipping back he pulls out a batarang, but puts it down realizing who it is.

"Looks like we found the place," Batman looks away from Raph setting his lenses in another mode enabling him to see through the wall, using heat signatures as a way of knowing if any guards are present, "Looks like we're good, but we'll need to work fast; the cell mates will probably get loud when they see us and alerting security."

"Gotcha, our objective is to see if they're here."

Nodding both step forward kicking the door open getting an immediate reaction. The prisoners within their cells yell out at the top of their lungs. Some even reach out for whatever reason, it isn't known if they try and grab them, because that just isn't possible because of the distance between them and the middle of the room.

"I'll stay up on this floor and see if I can find either of the two, you check on the lower two floors." Batman has to raise his voice to be heard over the yelling prisoners.

"Let's make this fast, the way these guys are going at this, we won't be hidden for long." Raphael says leaping off the ledge flipping onto one floor below.

Outside the prison both Zatanna and Scorpion have returned to the checkpoint hoping the others of their group have had success. Both just stand silent hoping and praying they won't loose yet two more from their group. Having enough of the noise which is produced by the prisoners guards enter into the room to regain control. But there is no sign of Raphael or Batman. Waiting over a few more minutes both arrive back to checkpoint.

"So what did you guys find? I'm guessing you didn't see either of them." Zee asks.

Pulling the map from out of his utility belt Batman hands it back to Scorpion. They need to get a move on, standing around isn't going to get anything done.

"We were somewhat kind of rushed with the security closing in so fast, but I'd say we got a pretty good look. I'm pretty sure neither of them are in there." Raph informs the two.


Sitting within the Shalion temple, Kung Lao stands at the side of a table looking over the shoulder of Sasuke down onto a map. One thing that is known is they cannot stay here for long, the invaders know of this place and will most likely strike again soon.

"So how soon will we be leaving," Naruto enters the room with an apple in hand taking a bite, "I'm sure those guys will be returning in bigger numbers next time."

Glancing up at his old teammate Sasuke looks back down on the map. If they're to leave here they must pick a sensible spot to hide out. Leaving with no plan is something which will not benefit them, especially with the dilemma they already have on their hands.

"We're going to try and wait it out, a lot of our group is still in the Netherealm. If we are to leave here, it will make it that much harder to meet up with them again; they'll have no idea where we went."

"Maybe so but we can't wait forever, I hope they're quick with finding those two. Right now we're sitting ducks and can't stand around for to long."

Walking away Naruto exits out of the room walking through the hall and finishing his apple. Finding a wastebend he throws what is left of it into that. Exiting out of the front door of the temple Michelangelo follows him. When outside it still rains lightly, slowing down a bit from earlier.

"Hey are you doing ok dude, I'm getting the vibe something is bothering you?" Mikey asks.

One thing that is for sure is the rain is comforting, probably the only thing that has felt good in a long time. He usually isn't the type of person to open up to someone he barely knows, but there is something about Michelangelo that you just know you can trust him.

"I've been having trouble sleeping, not a night has gone by since this invasion that I haven't had a nightmare. Not knowing what happened to the people in my world has been taking it's toll."

Not replying right away Mikey feels him, but he himself hasn't had trouble sleeping but he does worry a lot about if he'll ever make it back home. It would be great if some way everything could go back to being normal. Oh how far fetched that seems at this moment, but if they hang in there and continue to fight; there is always a chance. But it sure would make him feel a lot better if he knew where Raphael was. Being away from family is always tough.

"It's alright Naruto, we'll make it through this all together. I know one thing, not in a thousand years will I give up; if we have to die trying, than so be it. So many are counting on us, and I know I'm not going to let them down."

Hearing the words of the mutated turtle ninja brings confidence to the leaf village ninja. Hope is something they'll all need in a time such as this. A little motivation never hurts a thing, in fact strangely enough it gives him a new energy within.

"Thanks Mike, I hope you're right; I guess we just need to stay positive through all of this."

The two ninjas don't move just standing as it continues to rain. Anxious would be a good word to describe what both individuals feel.


Coming to a stop the four have reached yet another prison. But this one is definitely bigger than the last, this time it will require them all to search. The ninja spectre again hands the map to bats who puts it away safely, all of them observing the large area which stands before them.

"This time you will be with me; the two of you can do whatever. Remember to stay sharp, and most importantly don't get seen." The dark knight tells.

Stepping forward Zatanna crosses her arms rolling her eyes, why is it someone always has to be with her? After all none of them are armatures, but she gets the feeling they don't trust or respect her skill set.

"Ah excuse me, but what's wrong with us all splitting up? I don't need a babysitter you know!" She says with emotion.

The three look at each other then back at her. All of them look in the direction of an area where the sound of an alarm goes off; probably informing prisoners to report to their cell blocks.

"Yeah I guess you're right; Zatanna you will take the east side, Raph the North, Scorpion you see what you can find in the south end, and I'll take what's left."

Zee's eyes widen to hear his response, she had no idea he'd actually agree to her advice. Waiting a few minutes after the alarms go off they move in making their way over the steel gate. Raph and Batman are the first two out of sight.

"Good luck, and try not to get yourself killed." Scorpion says disappearing into the darkness.

Reaching out she calls for him but has no luck as he is gone! Biting at her lower lip, she wouldn't admit it to anyone but she does feel a bit nervous. Taking a deep breath she abandons the plan running out in the direction of where the Dark Knight went. She didn't tell any of them, but for some reason her magical abilities aren't working properly in this realm; which means she could do little to nothing to defend herself against the meta like beings in this world of the dead. It's times like this she wishes she knew material arts; but if she is able to find Batman quick, she'll feel much better about the situation. Wow I guess he called her bluff, but she must stick to the shadows as instructed so she isn't seen by someone else not including her teammates!

To Be Continue

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CHP 25: Friends recovered

Out in the darkness it is hard for her to see, but she keeps a lookout for any kind of movement which may be ahead of her. This is a reminder to herself if they somehow live through all of this to learn material arts. Some of the greatest fighters from their world are women, such as Cassandra Cain and Lady Shiva. Hearing voices up ahead she steps off to the side behind a brick wall, it's obviously no one from her group. Just as she is about to take a peak she is grabbed from behind with a gloved hand covering her mouth. Removing his hand the individual looks her in the eyes.

"I thought we decided you'd be in the east area, what are you doing all the way over here? I know it may be hard to see, but it's not that dark."

The capped crusader makes sure to whisper so they do not draw attention to their area. Using his night vision it is him who takes a look over the wall not liking what he can see. The size on some of the guards who pass by far up must stand close to 7"0 ft tall. What that means in most cases is they will be a lot harder to bring down if encountered. Moving back next to Zee, he's got a pretty good idea on how they will be able to get past these two. Reaching within his utility belt he hands Zatanna a flashlight.

"When you get over there be sure not to move to fast, try and take as many tiny steps as you can. I'm not sure what security looks like over in the east section; but I'm sure it's nothing you can't handle."

Tapping her over the shoulder he proceeds forward but is grabbed by his cape. Turning he looks back at her unsure of what exactly she is doing. Of them all she seemed to be the one who really wanted to get their friends back, which is why her actions up to this point are strange.

"Since I'm here there's really no point for me to travel all the way over there by myself; besides I know you will keep me safe." She teases.

Taking the flashlight from her he puts it away with the rest of his utilities; pointing he informs her to follow his lead limiting the amount they may have to speak. Flipping off one wall Raphael brings himself to higher ground looking for an easy entrance. Using a Sai he unlocks a window which leads into what appears to be the main facility.

"Were all prisoners in their place for the count in each cell block?"

"No sir, some are still out working; but will be brought back in within the next twenty sir."

Raph looks down listening in on their conversation seeing if they will give away any relevant information that could potentially benefit him. Standing in place for over a minute the two guards go off topic; seeing no point in continuing to listen Raph looks around wondering what strategy he should use to get by these guys.

Earth Realm

Still standing out in front of the temple both ninja's see this as a way of clearing their minds through the rain. Other than being refreshing it puts their spirits at rest. The eyes of both individuals open to the sound of something forming in front of them. Getting into similar fighting stances the two of them prepare for what may come out. If it is more than they can handle help isn't far away. Seeing as the person steps out in front of them, both drop their guard.

"Wow she's beautiful..I mean you're beautiful." Naruto says looking her in the eyes.

Frowning she looks away from him, now really isn't the time to flirt; especially because of what comes their way.

"So are you two going to invite me in? I know Subzero is in there and I need to speak with him."

Walking past them both she just lets herself in, leaving them to stand with their mouths wide open. Who is this person, neither of them have seen or heard of her ever; not even knowing her name. Not wanting to be left out the two of them follow.

"Would you like us to take you to him?" Mikey asks.

Stopping she nods with both ninjas stepping in front of her leading the way. Traveling down a few halls they enter into the kitchen area where Subzero stands up against a wall. Sasuke sits at the table while Kung Lao stands off to the side.

"Kayla! What in the world are you doing here?" The lin Kuei member asks.

"I knew you'd be surprised to see me, but right now I need for you all to leave this place; it is no longer safe."

Her words get the blood pumping in them all even having Sasuke look up from the map. What could this exactly mean; of course they aren't planning on staying for long but there shouldn't be any immediate rush.

"As I speak a huge majority of Klenk's army is headed this way; they said something about the Nine Tailed Fox and Sharingan. They seem hell bent on attaining both objects, if you give them to me I can hide them in a safe place."

Both leaf village ninja's eyes widen at the information in which has just been given to them. This Kayla person is most certainly not kept fully in the loop; neither thing she just mentioned is an object that can be carried; but rather powerful abilities/life forms within the two ninjas. Besides Subzero the rest of the group are fully on guard; how would this woman know the enemy is on the way? The simple answer is she is one of them! Clearing his throat Naruto is the one to step forward.

"Well that is kinda going to be tough, because I am the nine tailed fox. I mean it's inside of me, it's a very powerful life force and comes as no surprise why they want it. But the real question is how do you know all this?"

Before she is able to explain herself Subzero steps in doing it himself; giving them every detail from when he Raphael and Tokie had first encountered her. Once everyone is clear he steps back off to the side. It is also explained to her that the Sharingan is an ability of Sasuke.

"Wait so Raph is alive! Where is he!" Mikey jumps up excited.

"Your brother is currently in the netherealm with Batman trying to recover two of our teammates." Kung Lao informs.

Relief is finally felt between the brothers; not knowing what had become of Raphael was tough. But now that they're aware of where he is, it'll be much easier to focus in on the important matter at hand.

"So I guess we should get moving, you all heard the lady; it won't be long before they get here." Leo says.

Folding up the map carefully as not to damage it, Sasuke hands it to Kung Lao. How they will regroup with their friends in the Netherealm is a huge question mark. But they've got their own personal problems to worry about now. Moving from their positions everyone follows Kayla out the front door exiting.

"I'll keep in contact with you all, but for now I must go; being away to long could get Azun suspicious."

Teleporting into thin air leaving only a blast of energy behind excites Michelangelo observing the bright colors. It is also at this time everyone except Mikey turns to Subzero.

"On a scale of one to ten how much would you say we can trust her? I have a bad feeling about that woman." Kung Lao asks.

"We can trust her, besides it's good to have someone working within." Subzero replies.

But the real question is where will they go from here? That is something they never came to a conclusion on. Returning to the Lin Kuei is not the knowledgeable thing to do right now, plus that would be a long distance to travel on foot. Not to mention if they got there; what then? Before they leave Kung Lao alerts the members of the Shalion temple who still remain to abort the premises for at least the next 24 hours. After doing so he along with his group waste no time doing just that heading in a different direction than the shalion monks.


Tip toeing keeping his shell close up to the wall Raph continues down the dark hall and can hear laughing up ahead. Moving fast he gets himself over to the other side realizing in doing so he will keep himself hidden easier, with the light from the room up ahead shinning bright on the wall. Out on a field like area Scorpion ducks down behind a large amounts of bagged garbage. But looking far out he has hit the jackpot!

"So this is where they're being held," Out in the distance he watches Jax handing his shovel and other equipment to a guard, "Wish I knew what the other guy looked like."

That is one thing for sure, he's never seen Spiderman or whatever it is they call him which makes this process tougher. But what is important is he now knows they're here; looking around he concludes now would not be a good moment to try and attack. Walking off Jax enters into the main building along with other prisoners. Before advancing he waits for the guards to clear the area as well.

"Really I wonder how any one can live in this world, it's so depressing." Zatanna whispers.

Batman does not reply putting a hand over her mouth watching two guards walk by. That was to close for comfort, if she had spoke any louder they would have been spotted.

"Maybe that's why this is hell; it's not going to be pleasant." He replies after they're out of sight.

Not liking his tone she rolls her eyes knowing he won't be able to see, given they're in the dark. Watching him move forward she makes sure to stay close grabbing at his cape somewhat so not to get lost. It may be hard for her to see, but through his night vision it's no problem for him. Stopping in place he turns back to her.

"Do you think you can get us up there?" Batman points to the roof of the main building, "I don't want the sound of the grapple gun to potentially give us away."

Looking up at him she fiddles with her fingers with half a smile. He isn't sure why but something tells him she can't or won't perform his request for whatever reason.

"I'm sorry to say but I can't, that is one of the main reasons why I followed you. It must have something to do with this world; but my abilities just aren't working."

Just great, this is not a good time for them to be degrading. Turning from her he pulls out the bat grappler shooting it up connecting. Moving forward she wraps her arms around his neck.

"I prefer it when you carry me anyway." She says joking with him.

Making sure to do it quick he pulls them both to the rooftop avoiding the security below. Once up there he puts the gadget back into its place pulling out a smaller utility. Using it to perfection the laser melts off all locks on the window making limited noise. Ripping it off bat's sets it off to the side slowly.

"Ladies first." He says in a rare gentlemen like tone.

Maybe as Bruce Wayne it is common for him to speak this way; but as Batman things are usually more serious. There are only certain people he will make exceptions for, and she's one of them. Walking forward she passes him lowering herself to enter but stops.

"On second thought I'd rather my dark knight and shining armor go in and make sure it is safe." She says winking up at him.

Well isn't she full of jokes tonight, but replying means he'd be playing her little game. It's a shame he doesn't have all his equipment from the cave. Entering she follows him through unable to see in the pitch black until bats turns on a hand flashlight.

"Talk about creepy, do you think they're real?" Zee asks.

Walking over Batman gets a closer look nodding his head implying they indeed are. The sight of the skulls makes her want to puke, all the more reason to get out of here as soon as possible. The small room also contains a lot of dust and spider webs.

"Alright lets move out." Batman informs.

Opening a door entering into a hallway the two are able to see a lot clearer. Batman takes this time to switch his lenses back to normal mode. The only thing either of them can hear is their footsteps which instantly tells Batman they're the only two within the area. But that doesn't change that they still must move with caution, anyone could come out of nowhere at any time. Entering into a room which is un attended Raphael looks around for anything that could display any information which gives the info of which prisoners are present here.

"Well looks like I got lucky, this is better than what I could have hoped for."

In front of him behind a glass cabin is the attire belonging to Spiderman along with a whole lot of other things that surely belong to other prisoners. Punching through the glass he pulls it out recovering the mask as well as everything else belonging to Spidy. This is proof enough that their friends are indeed here. Hearing the sound of alarms makes the turtle jump, he wonders what this could mean!

"Alert level cold orange, we've got two prisoners who are on the run with an unknown; proceed with caution in bringing them down."

Sounds like either Batman, Zatanna, or Scorpion has found them, which means it is time to get out of here. Moving fast he does just that jumping off two walls entering back into the vent which lead him to the particular hall. The alarms are ear piercing but he's heard worse.

"So are you thinking the same thing I'm thinking?"

Running at full speed both Zatanna and Batman look for the nearest exit.

"Yes, Raph or Scorpion has definitely found them. They might need our help so lets try and find them." Batman replies.

Keeping it to herself she totally disagrees, it would be best if they return to check point; why travel in the direction of those who're being tracked down. Plus on another note the check point is probably where they're heading anyway.

"Wait Bruce slow down, I know you aren't one to shy away from action but we really should travel back to the outer edges of the prison where we said we'd all meet. We can't afford for you or I to be taken captive, besides I'm positive they're going there." Zatanna says on the run.

Listening to her it does make sense but he hates to have someone telling him how they will do things. But once again she is right, and with the amount of prison guards they'd stand little to no chance if encountered.

Outrunning security Peter grabs Jax by his arm kicking the door open exiting outside along with Scorpion. Webbing he and Jax to the rooftop Scorpion follows using his rope spear. Catching their breaths the three look for the best way to continue on.

"Now that we've got some time who are you, and why are you helping us?" Peter asks.

This is all so very strange to the wall crawler, usually when someone breaks someone out of prison or whatever they usually want something in return. And usually that something isn't very pleasant.

"You need not worry Spider, his name is Scorpion. So ninja how'd you know we were here, was it Liu Kang and or Kung Lao?"

"I'll explain later, but for now we all need to get out of this place."

Us his common knowledge Raph heads back to where they said they'd regroup, the whole situation is confusing but it could only get worse if he doesn't get out of here. Finding a nice dark area the three of them jump down just as a search light shines over the area where they had stood.

"I probably don't have to tell you two but we must progress at a slow pace."

Leading the way the ninja spectre makes sure not to walk them into the path of any security. Trying to avoid any fighting is the main priority at this moment. Gliding from above Batman sets Zee down on her feet both successful making it back to the meeting area. Leaning up against the wall, Zee has a seat resting her legs while Batman stands on guard looking out for any of the others. Hopefully she is right that they will in fact come this way. The alarms sound carries all the way over to where they wait. Waiting a few more moments Zee observes the face of Batman seeing him smile knowing something must be up. Just as she gets up three figures jump down standing in front of the dark knight.

"It's good to see the two of you again, I guess that means we searched the right place." Batman shakes hands with both Peter and Jax.

Running over without much thought at all Zatanna wraps her arms around Peter just as he is about to speak bringing her lips to his entering her tongue into his mouth! Standing by Jax, Batman and Scorpion can't believe what they're seeing; even Peter is caught off guard. Pulling him in closer she deepens the kiss but he pushes away breaking the kiss wiping her saliva from his lips! With wide eyes she realizes what she just did; boy she must have liked him more than she thought. Turning she looks back at Batman who looks the other way. Wow just great, any chance she had with him is now gone; how stupid could she be! The thought makes her angry tightening her fists.

"I'm sorry Pete, guess I was just happy to see you." She says with her head bowed down.

Stepping off to the side everyone looks at her except for Batman. Is it so wrong for her to like them both; the two in no way are similar, but both Peter and Bruce have traits which appeal to her. If she keeps this up she will end up with neither of them. Scratching his head Jax smiles, feeling as though he is in a soup opera.

"So what are we waiting around for? Shouldn't we get going before they discover us?" Peter says.

Turning to him Batman shakes his head.

"We traveled here with Raphael, and will not leave until he returns."

"Did somebody say my name?"

Everyone looks up to see Raphael jump down next to Scorpion. Looking over he smiles tossing the spider suit to Peter who thanks him completely relieved!

"How did you find this?" Peter asks.

"We can chat later a few of those guys were on my trail so we need to get out of here like right now." Raphael informs.

Scorpion has everyone gather around taking hold of someone in the group. Once everyone has done so he teleports them all back to earth realm. They're all brought back to the front of the Shalion temple. Whenever she can Zatanna needs time alone with both Spidy and Batman for different reasons to try and explain herself; because as of right now she feels sick to her stomach.

"Wow what is this place, it's humongous?" Raphael asks.

"It's called the Shalion Temple, I think you will find it to your liking once inside." Jax tells.

Standing still in place it is felt between both Scorpion and Batman that something just isn't right. For starters everything just seems to quite, and it feels as though their is no life present. But standing around won't answer any questions; moving forward everyone approaches the front entrance but stop as an arrow just misses the head of Jax. Turning to the direction where the projectile came from Batman pulls out two batarangs. Everyone else looks as well not believing what they see!

"So we meet again; and wow is that my little slut over there? I hope you've been a good girl while I've been away." Azun says laughing.

Remembering back the thought she was actually going to have sex with a man like him disgusts her; no respect or mercy for anyone. Observing the large group there must at least be 100 of them. In their current state there is no way they will win in a fight against all of them.

"I'm going to ask once and only once! Where is Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha? I want straight answers; and maybe I might let the rest of you go except for the girl. She is my property now, so hand her over!"

Moving over Batman steps in front of Zee as a way of shielding her.

"Why don't you come and get her; You will have to go through us all. As for Naruto and Sasuke, unless they're inside none of us have a clue." Batman tells.

His words get Azun laughing for whatever reason; it's strange but sometimes certain villains seem to laugh over the most random things.

"You must think I'm stupid bat boy; but if you insist I guess I'll have my men rip your group apart. Don't worry beautiful this will all be over soon." Azun says kissing at Zatanna who again feels sick to her stomach.

All within the group know they have no chance, so their best hope is to find some way to escape from this all in any way they can!

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