Nine Tailed Mutant legend CHPs 18-19

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Nine Tailed Mutant Legend

CHP 18: Paths to same destination 


Staying on track swarming above through the vent, the conversations below block out any sound the dark knight lets out while crawling. So far so good, Naruto has been released and with any luck Sonya along with Zatanna are being held in the same area. Taking a few different turns he finally comes to a stop. Kneeling down further the dark knight glances down into the room below. At first sight he sees nothing, but after a few moments notices his target slouched over on the couch. Working fast he uses a gadget out of his belt disposing of the locks on the vent entrance setting it off to the side steadily. He peaks down making sure there isn't anyone else present before gliding down. Looking over her shoulder she jumps startled but soon realizes it's her teammate. Standing to her feet she displays a small smirk.

"Well aren't you my knight and shinning armor, took you long enough." Zatanna complains.

"I didn't have to come at all; there is no time for talk we have to get out of here right now." Bats replies.

Placing her hat over the top of her head she walks over next to Bats. Reaching out she rests her fingers over the bat symbol on his chest moving down lower to his stomach. Not saying a word he just raises an eyebrow behind the cowl while she runs her fingers over his muscles.

"Are you sure we don't have time for a quickie?" She asks moving her finger down lower past his utility belt.

Reacting almost instantly Batman reaches down grabbing her by her wrists, moving them away. He narrows his eyes completely confused on what her intentions were. Stepping back she looks up into his eyes before looking away just as quick; what did she just do? What is wrong with her? The moment has now become awkward

"Zee are you ok," Bats places a hand over her shoulder, "Is there something that you need to tell me?"

With dropped shoulders she looks down thinking. What could she tell him? It's obvious that something has been done to her, but it's not like he could do anything about it anyway. Looking up she puts on a forged smile.

"I'm fine Bruce, these last two days have just been rough."

Nodding his head he just pretends what she asked him moments ago didn't happen. What was that all about anyhow? Just as in past events, the small thoughts vanish quickly with him now focusing on the bigger picture.

"That's good to hear, now lets get going." He tells.

She steps forward wrapping an arm around his neck seeing as he grapples them both up.

Outside the castle exiting off the rooftop is Donatello along with both the leaf village ninjas. Just as they did within the castle walls they stick to the shadows staying silent not wanting to draw any attention. The turtle leads them off the roof and into a group of surrounding bushes.

"For now lets keep quiet until Batman shows; from there we can do whatever he has planned." Dony informs them.

Leaning back while sitting Naruto rubs his shoulders in an attempt to try and warm himself up a bit; from the south side is a very frosty wind which passes through.

"The two of you can do whatever; thanks for busting me out turtle but I'm going my own way." Sasuke says.

Naruto jumps up grabbing him by his forearm pulling him back. His efforts are denied as his old friend pulls away from his grasp.

"Listen Sasuke I don't find it smart at all for you to just leave us, we're stronger as a group. On top of that if you haven't already noticed we're on an entirely different planet and you'd have no clue where anything is." Naruto tries to explain.

It doesn't take Sasuke long to figure out that the blond haired ninja is indeed right, splitting at this point just wouldn't be smart. Without a word he comes back to their side standing in place. Looking up into the atmosphere Dony observes the full moon which brings back memories from his childhood, training with his brothers on the rooftops of New York city. Boy they sure have been through some rough times together; but the important thing is that they've overcome many situations which seemed impossible to overcome. Sometimes it seems as though they should be called the cardiac reptiles; their ability to come back and win the unfeasible is what brings them internal brawn. His thoughts come to an end noticing movement with on the turret top.

"Well it's about time." He whispers to himself.

Moments after bats glides down with Zatanna who holds on tight. Once on the grass Dony waves a hand getting the Dark knight's attention on their whereabouts. Both he and Zee pace over that way.

"So I guess we can make our way back now huh?" Donatello asks.

"Yes I guess so, there was absolutely no sign of Sonya in there from what I could tell. She is most likely being held captive elsewhere."

Both Zatanna and Naruto are stunned by the news, the two of them were captured some time ago and have obviously missed out on some events.

"We can't just leave without being sure," Naruto steps forward, "If she is inside we need to get her out."

"Don't worry about it kid I'm sure she's not, I'm rarely ever wrong." Batman gives off his bat glare, "Right now it would be best if we try and recover Jax along with Spiderman; I sense a war coming."

Reaching down toward his utility belt he is grabbed by his arm.

"What happened? Is Peter ok? When did this happen?" Zatanna asks a bit historic.

Batman looks over at her raising an eye brow once again; it's obvious she has something for the spider, but this is ridiculous. On top of that she barely even knows him; they just met about 4 days ago.

"When we get back to the temple I want to have a few words with you alone." Bats tells Zatanna.

Taking her hand off his forearm she roles her eyes crossing her arms. He notices this just shaking his head.

"Lets get going, we don't have time to waste." Naruto says.

Bats nods pulling the device out of his utility belt pinpointing the exact spot of the Shalion temple. After doing so everyone follows him as he leads the way. A long distance away to the north both Raphael and Subzero fight against an unknown clan who use bow and arrows, staffs, and swords. The Lin Kuei member picks up one of their weapons using it as his own.

"Wow this is amazing on how many battles we keep getting ourselves into," Raph ducks down blocking a blade while kicking the individual off to the side, "Any chance you know how much longer until we reach this Liu Kang?"

He does not reply busy fighting; surrounded by four of the clan members who viciously swing their weapons around trying to take him out. Using a sword he slices two of their weapons in half kicking them back.

"The two of you think you can just enter our territory and just leave untouched? Hahaha that is funny, once you step in you become our prey!"

Stabbing his sword into the turf Subzero quickly loads up an ice ball freezing the man solid. The three bystanders do not show any signs of fear continuing to duke it out against their foe. Dodging over five attacks Raphael spins a Sai stabbing it into the rib of an enemy tossing him face first to the surface. The entire clan is soon taken out wit Raph along with Subzero continuing down the path to recruit more fighters/earth defenders.

"As I was saying are we close to reaching the residence of Liu?"

Putting a finger to his chin he thinks for a few moments before answering. Both of them look up at the ravens which fly by.

"Honestly I'm not entirely sure, as it has been quite some time since I was there. Don't worry too much though, I'll be able to find the temple easily."

Outside one of the main cities in the area Ermac sneaks around looking in every direction before proceeding into a shrine through the back door. Stepping inside he walks over to a table where candles are lit creating what little light is in the room. Sitting within a chair on the opposite side of the table is Quan Chi.

"You did use the path in which I insisted? It's crucial that know one finds this place."

Before Ermac can reply, a familiar person steps out of a dark corner taking a seat at the table as well. He looks away only hearing the Tarkada Baraka biting into a raw piece of meat!

"You don't have to worry about anyone finding this place, I stuck to the shadows just as you wanted. So where are these prisoners you spoke of, I personally don't see how this benefits us one bit." Ermac tells.

"Come now Ermac you know it isn't good to ask questions, I'll fill you in at the proper time. I called the two of you here to announce the plan Shinnok has in place."

The sorcerer explains to them both that the distraction of the invaders creates a great opportunity for Shinnok to launch his plans for the invasion of earth realm. All parties involved know it won't be a walk in the park by any means, but they do intend on being victorious. Smiling under his mask is Ermac receiving more details on the plan. How things sound, they will most likely succeed. Some time passes before he dismisses both fighters from the meeting.

"At least this wasn't a waste of my time; I'll be sure to inform the others of this late development," Ermac stands from his seat, "I'll see you two in time, for now I have a few things on the agenda which need to be addressed."

Ermac exits the Shrine through the way he came through.

Back at the fortress of the invaders, it has now been discovered that Naruto along with Sasuke have escaped!

"Oh my, this is certainly not good we need to try and find those two before Azun returns."

Over more than fifteen of the black knights stand in the room investigating on how the two could have escaped. The jail cells were designed for meta humans, so the fact they were able to escape is insane. Now some miles away walks Naruto along with everyone else on that of a dirt road.

"Please tell me you guy's have some sort of plan; I've battled with those invaders, they're definitely a tough crowd to bring down?" Sasuke asks finally breaching the silence.

Expecting an answer from either Donatello or Batman; soon realizing neither individual has an answer. The group continues walking through the dark not speaking a word. Stepping to the side of Bats Zatanna pulls at his cape.

"My feet are killing me it's hard to walk this long in these, so I was thinking maybe you could carry me on your back?"

The dark knight looks back at her showing an obvious face of disapproval. Bending down she takes off both her high heels carrying them.

"So what is the plan Dony or Batman, please tell me Raiden and the rest of the guys have put something together?" Naruto asks.

Don replies to the leaf village ninja letting him know that whatever the plan is, will just happen. They have nothing close to the amount of fire power needed.

"This may not have anything to do with the current problem, but I have a question that I've always wanted to ask?" Zatanna clears her throat turning to Batman once again, "I've always wondered if you and Robin carry condoms in your utility belts?"

Almost replying immediately Bats stops, with his mouth wide open and eyes as well stunned by what she just asked! What in the hell is the matter with her; it's apparent she's not in the right mind! Everyone looks at her amazed but confused at the same time; Naruto tries hard to hold in his laughter.

"Shut up, I don't want you to say another word until we reach the temple! I'm not sure what's wrong, but I'll be running some tests on you to figure out the problem." Batman tells.

She does as she is asked not speaking. Why did she ask him that, she feels in control of herself; but that was just completely out of her character. Azun must have done something to her. She bites her lower lip feeling the sexual lust surfacing within her once again.

Shalion temple 

Sitting at the table inside the main room is Michelangelo who just reflects on things. What will become of them all, most would probably accept defeat at this point. But that is not the way of the TMNT, they fight to the bitter end even when out matched on all levels. All those battles with the Shredder sure have helped them to grow, whether any of them like it or not. Entering into the room is an vigorous Kung Lao somewhat jogging in place.

"Would any of you care to join me in the training area?"

Liu glances over surprised at the confidence displayed on the shalion member's face. Sitting over in a corner with a candle set by his side is Leonardo who sharpens both his Katana blades.

"How are we supposed to train when we cannot see, have you already forgot the electricity isn't working?" Liu asks.

"There is nothing to worry about, I took care of that issue personally," Kung Lao looks around the room seeing that none of them look interested, "Well if any of you change your mind I'll be in there. I've lit several candles throughout the room to create enough light."

All of them nod continuing on with their business. With the threat level this high none of them seem to have the same amount of positive energy which Kung Lao displays.

"Hey wait I'm coming with you." Mikey says jumping up.

The turtle follows him out of the room using this as a way to clear out all his thoughts.

Out in the forest Subzero leads Raphael through the somewhat maze, it might as well be one with most everything in all directions looking the same. But there are certain landscapes which Subzero uses trying to lead them to either that of the Shalion temple or the base of the special forces.

"It's funny to be going through all of this; when you think about it this is like a lot of little kids dreams. But saving the world sometimes can be a pain, I'm not liking the circumstances one bit." Raph utters.

"That may be true, but what we have ahead of us will be more than any kid can handle. Hopefully the ones we seek are still alive, for all I know they might have already tried to confront Azun." Subzero says.

Hearing a rattle sound up ahead both stop looking at one another. Pulling out both his weapons the mutated turtle steps forward; doing so he is kicked onto the ground landing on his shell. Subzero stands his ground waiting for the certain individual to step out of the shadows

"So you must be the two who defeated my villagers back there. I will say I'm very impressed. I was watching from afar and would like to challenge the two of you in battle this instance."

"Look whack bag we got more important matters to deal with," Raphael jumps up spinning a Sai, "Just step out of our way." Raph insists.

The village leader stands in place for a little while just staring the two of them down; but then out of no where begins laughing. Raph looks over at Subzero who just shrugs his shoulders.

"The only way you will be able to go through this way is through me, so make a choice. I'd hate for you to have to turn around and re route. If I didn't mention I'm Zibler the 3rd." He says getting in a fighting stance.

"Alright nutcase since you persist we'll just have to knock your block off." Raph says smiling.

In their fighting posture the two sent by the leader of the Lin Kuei temple ready themselves for yet another battle. But this time it may very well end quickly; one against two is never usually a good combination. Zibler slides forward somehow across the grass knife handing both fighters. The two jump up punching at both sides of his head; Zibler's quick reflexes enable him to block the strikes, grabbing the heads of both Raph and Subzero knocking them together. After doing so he drops back roundhouse kicking both of them to the turf.

"This guy sure is advanced, but he is beyond beatable," Raph stands rubbing his head, "I'm not sure why you're trying to stand in our way just as your villagers; we're trying to stop those invaders if you haven't already heard!"

"Of course I've heard, but lets get real what really do the two of you think you're going to do against them. Shut up and face me!"

Seeing that he is off guard Subzero takes the opportunity to freeze him solid.

"I've had enough of all this, lets get going." Subz says.

Nodding his head Raphael smiles following him past the frozen Zibler.

To Be continue

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Nine Tailed Mutant Legend

CHP 19: Trapped Bat

Since from when Naruto was rescued along with Zee and Sasuke, Azun has returned to the fortress. He is directly given the news of their flee, but no details are given on how it may have happened. Expressing his anger punching at a table busting it in half, he marches out of the main room to collect himself.

Shalion temple

Finally arriving the party is welcomed in by Liu who holds a candle. Everyone steps inside walking down the hallway with what light is generated by the flame.

"You all look tired, so we won't do anything till tomorrow. Plus no one can function without a good night's rest. Come to think of it, how'd you guys get back so fast?" Liu Kang asks.

Reaching into his utility belt, Batman tosses a miniature map into his hands. Looking it over Liu notices the certain marks the caped crusader created, seeing that after finding the invaders hideout he figured a shortcut back to the temple. If he hadn't already known, at this point this certain individual is quite clever; especially given the circumstances of this being an entirely different world from his home.

"So what's all happened since we were captured?" Naruto asks confused, "I mean come on, what's up with the lights?"

Smiling Liu turns covering his mouth while yawning.

"Excuse me; I'll let you know tomorrow plus we won't be planning anything tonight." Liu replies.

Feeling very exhausted he shakes his head thinking about throwing himself into a bed of squashy pillows. The champion of mortal escorts them to where Leonardo sits meditating in a corner of the room. Lighting a few extra candles he distributes them amongst everyone.

"If anyone has forgotten where the rooms are just follow me, we should all turn in." Liu tells.

Narrowing his eyes bats steps over piercing Zee on the finger taking a sample of her blood.

"esolc dnuoW." Zatanna says.

All are surprised including Batman to see her cut dissolve!

"How were you able to do that? If I can remember correctly I thought your magic wasn't working in this world?" Batman asks a bit suspicious.

"Your guess is as good as mine, about twenty minutes ago I felt it was enabled. Guess I should have said something; but it's really no big deal." Zee replies.

"I'll be within the infirmary room running some tests if anyone needs me. Once I'm finished I'll have a word with you if you're not already asleep." He says giving Zee the bat glare.

Turning and walking the opposite direction Zatanna sticks her tongue out as a way of teasing the dark knight; the only one noticing is Naruto who sniggers. But at the same time is a bit worried about her child like attitude. Liu leads only Zee along with Naruto who choose to head in for the remainder of the night. Traveling alongside side Sasuke Dony enters into the training area informing his younger brother and Kung Lao of their return.

"I'll be outside, It's a bit heated in here. I think a little fresh air would help to clear my head." The leaf village ninja informs.

The three of them shake their heads informing him of their understanding. Stepping out of the room the first thoughts which come to Sasuke's mind are that of what became of all the persons back in his world. Entering into the infirmary Bats looks around finding some more equipment which will help him with his setup. Pulling a few certain electronics from his utility belt he puts together a tiny blood testing machine. Sometimes it surprises even him by the amount of items he carries within his belt. Getting himself relaxed, he lifts the cowl off his face letting it hang over.


Quan Chi sits around with Baraka discussing the plans of lord Shinnok. The invasion of this planet in some ways is a bad thing, but the sudden distraction takes any attention off of them. The tarkada looks across the table just watching the sorcerer sharpening his hand knife.

"Isn't there something we could be doing instead of just sitting around? All this suspense is goanna kill me?"

Looking over to his side Quan Chi picks up a cloth starting the process of now polishing the blade. Now sitting in dead silence the moment becomes discomfited with no reply from the sorcerer. Just outside two blue jays fly around descending onto the side of a bird bath taking a drink. Glancing out of the window Baraka watches with much curiosity. An instant later one of the two washes itself off flapping it's wings wildly. Randomly the two birds egress from the bath at high speeds; seeing as in the next second it's blown to pieces leaving behind some flames. Brought out of deep thought Quan Chi is startled at the loud sound!

"Lets go check this out." Baraka says almost instantly.

Standing from the table they're in and out of the front door as nippy as possible. Laughing while looking out close to twenty ft away; it is because the obviousness of the invaders approaching. Quan Chi had an idea they'd be coming; preparing himself to battle he stretches his arms a bit. Stopping in front of them no further than five yards away the knights step off their horses.

"Well I must say you were easier to find than I thought; Azun once again has predicted wrong. So who's the friend with you?"

Looking over at one another they give each other the cue to attack. Baraka strikes first dashing forward punching at a knight who grabs his fist flipping him over. While on the turf the knight applies a tight grip kicking at his face. Using his blades; Baraka forces the invader off him into one of his own teammates.

"Impressive, I'm guessing it wouldn't hurt to bring you in as an extra bonus. There is never too much power to go around."

The surrounding assailants snort at their own; the situation to them is partially amusing. Rolling over to his back the tarkada jumps back to his feet. Neither side shows any signs of fear, nor does Quan chi expect them to be.

"I have a proposition for the two of you, so listen carefully because I'm not going to repeat myself. Perhaps you could join the efforts lead on by our master and king Klenk; he is a very powerful man and could grant you almost anything you wanted?"

Spinning his hand knife around he puts some thought into the offer. There are a lot of pros and cons if he were to except or deny. But you have to believe these guys in the end would most likely double cross; it's a nice offer but much to risky to accept.

"We prefer to operate under our own rules and regulations; thanks for the offer but no thanks. We have no problems with you setting your landmarks throughout this world; but I wouldn't find it smart for you to try and fight against me." Quan Chi says making himself clear.

Pulling out their weapons speaks for their response; they've come here for Quan chi and they will get what they want. The battle between the Sorcerer, tarkada and the knights officially begins.

Shalion Temple

Liu has left Zee along with the leaf village ninja to a room already back downstairs within the main lobby. Closing his eyes Naruto falls asleep fairly quickly. But Zatanna on the other hand over in the other bed, has no luck; in fact is the complete opposite. She tries to close her eyes and fall asleep, but the sexual tension building up inside her makes it hard to do so. Laying there her mind ventures off fantasizing of her most recent crush Peter Parker! Not being able to get it all out of her head, after laying over another five minutes she gets up using her magic to suit up completely. Walking slowly not trying to wake Naruto, she exits out of the room walking all the way down to the lobby.

"Well hey Zatanna what are you still doing up? The others told me you had turned in for the night." Leo asks.

"Yes I did, but realized I'm not that tired at all. You wouldn't happen to know where Batman is?" Zee asks.

Giving her the information she thanks him following his directions to the infirmary. Walking down the hall she can hear the sounds of the others training. Entering into the room, she notices Batman working in the middle of the room.

"Not tired I see, why don't you have a seat Zee and stay a while."

What! How in the world does he do that, he knew it was her with his back turned. Possibly it's the perfume she wears, or perhaps the sound her high heels make whenever she walks? Whatever it may be, he's still impressive. Walking over she has a seat next to him.

"So how's your experiment going? How soon do you expect results?" Zatanna asks.

Turning and looking her in the face he gives her eye contact.

"Lets just say I would have had immediate results back at the cave, it will take a little bit longer with what I've got here," He looks away from her and back on the equipment, "But don't worry I'll have them for you soon enough."

From the corner of his eye he notices her form a smile. But at the same time has no idea why; She had almost forgotten how handsome he was. Bruce Wayne to many is known as a play boy, but only those who truly know him; have witnessed the true warrior/champion within him. All of a sudden her urges rise to the surface; turning the other way she hides a blush. Her chest hardens and at this point she feels she should leave. Standing up from her chair she is grabbed by her wrist.

"Don't go anywhere, I'm actually almost finished."

Oh goodness did he have to touch her, now it feels as if she needs him. His touch his passion everything. It's too much, she can't hold back any longer. She takes a seat; but this time in his lap. Using her hands she brings his face to hers.

"So tell me Bruce, on a scale of one to ten how sexy am I?"

Wait what? Should he really even answer that, what is she doing? Wow she really just dropped the bomb with that, how is Batman to reply to something as this! Her breath runs over his lips making him even more uncomfortable.

"It seems like you're in shock, don't worry hun I'll make it easier for you."

Bringing her face closer to his she licks him across his lips grinning seductively. Looking into his now wide blue eyes, she holds back a laugh at his ridiculous facial expression of disorientation! What in the hell! Zatanna has gone crazy! Bats lifts her up off him getting up out of his chair.

"There is definitely something you're not telling me and I want answers now!" Batman demands yelling out.

Moving toward him she smiles evilly. His anger seems to only pump her up further. It's no secret that she's had more than a crush on the dark knight, but right now more than ever feels like the right time to act upon it.

"I've already told you Bruce I'm perfectly fine; so why don't you give in and teach this naughty girl a lesson? I promise I'll be gentle." Zatanna says putting on a puppy face.

Finally having enough Bat's pulls the cowl completely over his face once again, readying himself to defend against his own teammate. He's not quite sure how far she is going with this; part of him believes this might be some sort of sick joke. But than again probably not, the Zatanna he knows would never in a hundred years do something like this even if it was in her mind. Zee bursts out laughing seeing as Batman pulls out two batarangs.

"You're not serious are yah Bruce?" Zee giggles taking a few more steps forward, "Stop trying to deny something you know you want; besides your toys are nothing to me."

Trying to back her off he throws one toward her arm, but she changes it into a flower.

"You're way to stubborn, it's ok I've got other ways of having my way with you."

Batman's eyes narrow not liking the sound of that. Maybe there is a possibility she's being controlled, what else could explain this.

"namtaB peelsa llaf." Zatanna speaks.

Over that of Batman appears a lot of dust which surrounds him dissolving when reaching the ground. It isn't long before it all vanishes. Looking around he doesn't feel a bit different.

"So what was that supposed to do?"

"Oh you'll find out soon." Zee replies.

All of a sudden everything becomes blurry and Batman falls to his knees.

"When you awake you will be all mine..."

He hears the last of her words before falling into deep sleep.


The invaders have retreated being defeated by that of Quan Chi along with Baraka. Beating them to almost death a clear message is sent back to Azun; along with anyone else associated with the organization. Staying focused listening to the invaders retreat everything is silent. Both make sure they're cleared from the area before speaking.

"We had better keep our guard up, I doubt we have seen the last of those guys. We must hurry with the process for..." Quan Chi stops in mid sentence.

Both look over near a pack of trees feeling a presence; pulling his hand knife from his pocket the sorcerer gets ready for another confrontation. Ready to attack, both rest up taking a deep breath seeing as Ermac steps from the shadows.

"What's going on, the two of you look a bit uneasy? Anyway the others have been notified and it looks as though things will work out as planned."

"That's good to hear; Baraka and I just had a little run in with some unfortunate persons, but it was nothing really. Come lets all step inside so that we can converse further matters."

Just outside the Shalion temple Leonardo approaches Sasuke who sits over on a bench.

"I don't believe you and I have properly introduced ourselves, I'm Leonardo; and you are?"

Not saying a word for a while for whatever reason Sasuke observes the leafs which are blown away by the wind. Leo perceives this having it capture his attention as well. Once the leafs are blown out of sight Sasuke turns his attention to the turtle introducing himself.

Inside the temple opening his eyes he yawns, but when trying to move realizes he is tied down; this all but refreshes his memory. Almost immediately he realizes he is tied down to a bed; looking forward he frowns at the sight of Zatanna who sits in front of a mirror brushing her hair while humming a tune. If he cannot get out of this quick, things are about to get a lot worse. Struggling to break out of the chains, he stops hearing Zatanna chuckle.

"It's good to finally see you've awoken, don't worry sweetie I'll be over there momentarily. Oh by the way I wouldn't try breaking out of those, it's useless."

Taking a closer look at her appearance only makes him even more nervous; she wears a pink shirt which cuts off near her bellybutton and panties to match it! But being in several different situations allows him to stay calm, even though it hasn't been something such as this.

"What you're doing is wrong, I don't want this and neither do you. If the invaders did something to you I can figure it out and fix this; please don't do something both us will regret."

Being completely ignored she continues humming while brushing her hair. Not that he is afraid or anything, but he does become worried seeing as she ignores him. This isn't good, out of all people why'd this have to happen to him? This is entirely crazy! Setting down the Comb/brush Zee moves on to her eyeshadow.

"You know you could have any man you wanted, your beauty alone could give you that. We're teammates, don't you realize we have bigger problems to take care of?"

Laying back for a while with no reply, bats tries reaching into his utility belt but has no luck. Looking around the room it's obvious they're still in the shalion temple, but whereat? He has no clue, besides it doesn't matter. Putting on a thing of cherry colored lipstick Zatanna smiles rubbing her lips together. Standing up from the chair she walks over to the bed seductively. Stopping at the end of the bed she lifts herself up crawling on her knees up near the dark knight.

"Zee please sto..."

He is cut off with her finger being pressed against his lips. Trembling is an understatement of what runs through his body at her soft touch over his muscular legs. Looking down at him while snickering Zatanna rubs a hand over the surface of his bat underwear, wanting to say something he stops before he speaks. Moving her hand up she rubs it over the side of his cowl. Once again he struggles trying to break free, but she pushes him down resting her hands on his chest. While doing this she sits up on him moving her lower body smoothly over his. Trying to hold back with gritted teeth, he gives in the smoothness and motion of her body up against his turns him on, causing him to grunt. He may be Batman but at the end of the day he is a man. Zatanna smiles wickedly feeling his erection grow. Getting off of him she examines him from head to foot.

"You may say you don't want me, but your body says otherwise. Plus it's not Batman I want, it's the man underneath."

This has got to be one of the most awkward situations he has ever gotten himself into.

"hsinav namtaB fo raeG." Zee says aloud.

Not even a second passes with Bruce now laying in nothing but his boxer briefs!

"Now this is much better."

Looking over at the side of the bed on the ground lays his bat suit and belt! Wow this is crazy, he has never before been manipulated like this. Rubbing a hand in his hair she looks down into his dark blue eyes with much desire.

"I'll take my time, I want to have a little fun with you before the actual pleasure."

His descion not to say a word is probably the smartest thing to do, she's clearly not going to listen to a word he says. Lifting up her pink shirt throwing it off to the side revealing her bra. Reaching back she removes that as well putting it off to the side. Moving over a bit getting back on top of Bruce she rubs and squeezes at her own breasts moaning as a way of teasing him. Lowering her chest over his she kisses him lightly taking his lower lip into her mouth. Sucking and biting on it lightly for what feels like forever. Releasing his lower lip she presses both her lips over his sticking her tongue into his mouth. She starts off slow before speeding her pace, while at the same time grinding her lower body up against his.

Downstairs Michelangelo steps into the infirmary with a towel around his neck from training along with Kung Lao.

"What the shell, I wonder where the bat went. It's probably no biggy, he might be out with Don taking a break."

"I wouldn't doubt it, I could not understand how anyone would be able to sit for too long focusing on doing something like this. Espcecially with the problem of the invaders." Kung Lao agrees.

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