Nine Tailed mutant legend chps 16-17

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Nine Tailed Mutant Legend

CHP 16: Distasteful Circumstances


If there is any hope left for this world or any of the others, something must be done fast. The time for talk is not an option, for the plans of the malevolence ruler draw near; time is running out for the earth's defenses, which is also that of a prospect of hope, prosperity and light. After hours of traveling, Kung Lao finally arrives to the home of the shalion monks; his home which is also known as the Shalion temple. The turtles along with Batman stand at his side. The Dark Knight steps forward, informing them all to proceed with caution. In front of them is a relatively quite temple with no signs of light. This is strange, given the fact nightfall was over two hours ago! Kung Lao reaches out grabbing Batman by the shoulder.

"Maybe I should enter first, if there is a trap I don't want you to put yourself in peril."

"Don't worry, I'm sure everything is fine," Batman continues walking forward, "If there is a problem it's nothing I can't handle."

The caped crusader continues forward walking up the steps with the rest of the group close behind. Batman slowly opens the front entrance stepping inside leisurely. Kung Lao jumps ahead of him realizing there is not a single light on! This definitely doesn't look good, it is quite apparent that something bad has happened. Leonardo steps forward pulling out both his swords, advising his brothers not to enter just yet. Kung Lao calls out for the eldest Monk, but gets no answer. The darkness makes it difficult for any of them to see, the moonlight coming in through the window is the only provided light. Not trying to waste anytime Batman sets his lenses to night vision.

"You're much more familiar with this place than I, so you lead the way," Batman reaches into his utility belt tossing Kung Lao a flashlight, "I'm having a bad feeling about this."

Kung Lao turns on the flashlight finding the light switch to the room. He walks over to flip it on, but gets nothing.

"It would seem whoever might be behind this cut the power." Leo whispers.

"That doesn't matter, lets go further in to see if anyone is around. This doesn't look good at all." Batman says.

Kung Lao leads the way flashing the light down the hall creating a path for the three. Mikey and Don watch as the three disappear into the darkness. The turtles listen to the sound of the night life; including that of crickets, mountain lions, wolves, and even Owls. Michelangelo leans up against the wall looking outside of the temple's gate glancing over at the forest trees in the distance.

"Wow it sure is crazy; I mean how these last few days have led up to. This whole scenario seems like a dream, but I guess sometimes you have to expect the unexpected." Dony says.

"Yup that sure is true bro, but we should be use to crazy terms of events such as what we're going through right now." Mikey adds.

Donnatello almost laughs at his brother's words knowing that he is 100% right; the four of them have been through so much together. Is it possible this could be their last adventure? Nothing is ever impossible, which is why he knows they must enjoy everyday they have of life. Inside the temple Batman discovers something through night vision leading the three. Bending down the Shalion member steps ahead flashing the light over what appears to be a body! The individual is quickly identified as Liu Kang. Putting one hand to the MK champion's neck Kung Lao searches for a pulse. Liu has been brutally beaten bleeding from the nose, mouth, and from several cuts on his chest.

"Is he alive?" Batman asks hoping his prediction is wrong.

"Not for long if we don't do something soon," Kung Lao wraps one of Liu's arms around his neck, "Help me lift him to the infirmary."

Leonardo takes his other arm lifting him up to his feet. The Shalion warrior waste no time getting them all to the infirmary. once there the situation becomes even worse. Throughout the room lay dead bodies of the temple's inhabitants. Using the flashlight they find a table to set Liu over on. It is hard for him to keep his emotions inside, slouching over while shedding a few tears. Scanning the room the dark knight locates a stack of candles within a nearby box.

"We better get started on him; the next thing we need is him dieing on us," The caped crusader walks over picking up five candles, "It's quite apparent we're goanna need all the help we can get."

It doesn't take long before the room is lit up by the candles placed in different sections in the room. Within a nearby closet Kung Lao hands the bandages to Leo who wraps them around the chest of Liu. Their work is a success stopping any further bleeding.

"This may not have an answer; but what are we supposed to do now?" Leo asks.

Neither the dark knight or Kung Lao answer. It is apparent they're not within a favorable situation; it doesn't help with the injured Liu Kang laying before them fighting for his life. Judging by how things look, it seems this time evil will triumph. Leo can't stand the thought of failing his family, along with the many innocent people and animals throughout the different worlds.

"If either of you need me I'll be out in the front with my brothers." Leo informs exiting the room.

Standing in total silence the hero of Gotham City looks around at the dead carcasses. The signs left behind show that these men did not go down without a fight. Bat's knows it makes things harder seeing as he is not on home turf. Pulling a chair up to the side of Liu is Kung Lao who takes a seat. Out of the blue something comes to mind! This whole incident should not have happened.

"I just thought of something; where was Raiden when this whole scenario occurred?," The dark knight crosses his arms, "Wouldn't he have known or been alerted?"

Looking up to reply Kung Lao stops; realizing what Batman said is right! Where is Raiden, none of this makes sense? This has to be close to one of the strangest days in his life. All that has happened up to now is surreal. Whatever the case all questions will be answered when Liu wakes.

Distance away

Sitting near a camp fire is two ninjas on what seems to be an impossible mission. Blocking out all distractions within the forest is the turtle Raphael who meditates to try and keep his body and mind focused. Subzero sits nearby fiddling around with a miniature stick in the fire. The eyes of Raph open at the sound of the branch catching fire. At the corner of his eye he watches Subzero drop the branch into the stack of flames. The turtle just shakes his head closing his eyes once again. Taking a deep breath, Raph almost jumps opening his eyes to the sound of the scream. Both he and Subzero stand.

"That didn't sound good at all; if I didn't know any better it sounded like a child." Raphael says clinching his fist.

"That may be true, but it is none of our business. If anything we should be coming up with a plan to attack the main threat; there is no time for random incidences."

"Maybe that's how you do things, but back where I come from we don't turn our backs on anyone in need."

Raphael sprints forward not saying a word leaping up into a nearby tree headed for where the scream came from. The Lin Kuei fighter can do nothing but smile; he realizes this ninja from another dimension has the true heart of a hero. Not trying to loose him in the darkness Subzero quickly follows. The two ninjas leap from tree to tree progressing to where the trouble is located. After traveling for a great length of time Raph stops in his tracks looking down on a small village. Slouched over in a nearby tree is Subzero who also looks down on the scenario. Both ninjas are intrigued by the seventeen foot creature which stands before a group of villagers.

"I'm a very reasonable guy, all I want is this villages entire fortunes; which includes, diamonds, jeweler, and anything else valuable. I'd make it fast if I were you people."

A man steps forward placing one hand in front of him. The two watching from above get the idea he is one of the leaders of the territory.

"We will not give any of our belongings to you, we have all worked hard to put together this community. No outsider will take or destroy that!" The man makes himself clear.

Seeing the villagers words as a joke the giant laughs, while at the same time spit hangs out of the corner of his mouth. The creature lifts up a log over his head.

"I love doing things the hard way, you little people will be crushed into submission!"

Pulling back the object it is kicked out of the Creatures grasp, off to the side. Raphael lands clear on his feet in front of the creature pulling out his Sais. Not knowing the intentions or even what Raphael is; all of the villagers run inside the village gate. Shaking his head his shoulders drop a bit annoyed.

"Can't for once some people understand that I'm here to help; I guess no matter what world I'm in that will never change."

The turtle does not stand alone for long with that of Subzero coming down to his side.

"What is this supposed to be, some sort of costume party hahaha I'll take you two out with ease."

The creature reaches out grabbing Subzero throwing him into the "Welcome" sign of the village. The giant knees Raph in the stomach grabbing him by the head and swinging him around throwing him into the general area of Subzero. Looking down on the two; the creature clears his throat chuckling. Raph kicks off the ground standing and charging toward the enemy. The Creature is knocked off balance by the power of the flying kick. A sweep kick preformed by the turtle puts him on his back.

"You know what they say, the bigger they are the harder they fall." Raph says with a chuckle of his own.

Faster than Raphael can react he is grabbed by the throat being chocked slammed into the turf shell first. The creature takes a full stand stretching; before kicking the turtle to the side who looses his weapons.

"That's a good one little green freak, but the reality is the bigger they are the harder they hit, Hahahah." The creature laughs some more, with saliva coming out of his mouth.

Subzero jumps forward kicking him in the chest causing him to side step a little. Raphael picks up his two weapons putting them on the sides of his belt. The giant rubs his chest grinning. Lifting his fist high up pounding into the ground. The turf beneath them erupts falling apart tossing them back. Both manage to stay upright staring up into the eyes of their foe. The massive creature charges the two only to have his feet iced in place by that of Subzero tumbling to the ground. It doesn't take much effort for the creature to break out of the ice getting back on his feet. Looking at one another both shake their head as Subzero loads up a snow blast firing it off at the creature freezing him solid. Both he and Raph kick the giant into a tree shattering the ice. The giant gets up slowly while holding his head, walking off into the shadows of the forest.

"Well it looks like that guy won't be coming back, what a relief. It looks like we can return back to the camp site." Raphael states.

Neither of the two move a muscle watching as a group of the villagers come out of hiding approaching them.

"There will be no need to thank us, we just happened to be passing through when we saw that someone was disturbing the peace. So if you'd excuse us we really have to be going." Subzero informs before they can say a word.

"Maybe so, but perhaps the two of you could stay around for some refreshments? I can get you some cold drinks if you'd like?"

"That's very kind of you, but there is too much at stake. This is something none of you would understand." Subzero tells.

The villagers can only watch as the two ninjas disappear into darkness. Raphael leads the way back to camp where the flames still burn good. Opening one of the bags set at the side of a rock Raph pulls out a water bottle taking a drink. Subzero takes a seat close to where he sat just before they had left.

"So what was the reason for the speedy departure?" Raphael puts the water bottle back into the bag, "It's not like they meant us any harm, if anything they were trying to help."

"Just trust me Raphael, we will be better off isolating ourselves from any distractions."

Shalion Temple

Just outside the temple the dark knight has just buried yet another body. He uses a gadget out of his utility belt which lasers the name of the dead on their tomb stone. So much sentiment runs through his spirit, remembering back on the night this all began. No seven year old boy should have to go through what he did; it was in fact that night in which he made a promise. From that night on, the long journey to justice began; the mantle of the bat is the icon and chance for a deserving future for the city of Gotham. No matter how impossible it may be to stop this new threat; he promises himself and his parents he will find a way to prevail. With his head bowed down Bat's says one final prayer for the deceased Shalion members. Afterward he walks up the hill headed back for the temple. Once inside the temple he makes his way over to where Liu is being held.

"At this point it doesn't make sense for all of us to sit around," Batman takes something out of his utility belt throwing it over to Kung Lao. "This is a bat tracker which will enable you to track me while I go out and find the others."

Kung Lao steps up from his seat shaking his head.

"I don't think that is a good idea at all, we can't afford to loose you as well. I mean lets be realistic we have no idea where they could be."

"That's where you're wrong, I had placed a bat tracer on Zatanna the morning we left the last time we saw them. With any luck the others are with her."

"Good thinking, but I still advise you stay here until at least Liu awakens."

"There is no time for that, I'll try and be back as soon as possible."

The caped crusader exits the room afterward. While walking down the dark hall he comes across the turtles holding a candle, informing them on what is going to happen. Leo insists that one of them go with him, but he declines. After a short negotiation it is decided that Donnatello will travel along side him. The two waste no more time walking out of the front door, beginning their way on a trial which could lead them to their friends.

To Be Continue

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Nine Tailed Mutant Legend

CHP 17: Enemy fort discovered 


Precisely as the countless times before this situation, it is no different from what he has been through within the past. Sure there is the disadvantage of no home field/grounds; but to be remarkable one must be able to succeed in any given terrain. This is something he has overcome several times throughout his life; It is the mission that drives him above and beyond his abilities for the chance for a peaceful tomorrow. Following the tracker the dark knight progresses closer to one of his allies. Sometimes he thinks about how much easier life would be if he were to hang up the cape and cowl permanently. It was definitely a path he could have followed, but had he done that he would have been letting down the two he loved most. It's that one night that now shapes his world, there is no choice; this is what he has become.

Just than a voice speaks within his cowl.

"Batman can you hear me, this is Kung Lao speaking reply if you can hear."

Bat's stops in place along with Donatello. The Caped crusader pushes down on his cowl in the area of his left ear. After doing so he replies to the Shalion member informing him that he can hear clearly.

"I thought this would be a good time to update you. Liu just awoke a few moments ago."

"Good, have you questioned him any yet?" Batman asks.

"Not just yet, I'll let him rest up for a minute or two before I do. I'll update you on any relevant information."

Listening to Kung Lao for a little while longer Batman ends the transaction continuing to the supposed destination of Zatanna. Little do they know they're on their way to the central fortress of the invaders.

"Hey Batman I hope you don't mind if I ask you a question; but how long did it take for you to reach your level of detective intellect?" Donatello spins around his staff in one hand, "It's quite impressive what you have achieved in that area of your profession."

"Lets just say everything began early for myself. It's wild what one event can do to a person's life."

Donatello decides not to ask for clarification seeing as the question may be a little bit too personal. At full speed a rock of massive size passes by barely missing the head of Dony.

"What in the world was that?" Donatello yells out getting in a fighting stance.

Getting on the defense as well is Batman removing two batarangs from his utility belt holding them up right. Stepping out of the shadows is an enormous beast looking creature.

"It looks like the two of you have stepped into the wrong territory; I am Moloch and have been instructed to kill anyone who comes by this way. In a few moments you two will be nothing more than a reminiscence."

"Seriously this is a bit ridiculous now; it seems everywhere on this planet territory is claimed by someone else. Can't you just let us pass through Mr. Moloch, we have no intentions on starting an unnecessary fight." Donatello tells.

Moloch just shakes his head back and forth giving the two the clue that isn't going to happen. Both look at the other giving the cue to attack, which is what they do right away running forward. Dony whacks Moloch across the face putting him off balance a bit. As a failed attempt the staff is snatched out of the turtles grasp as he is hit across the chest area with his own weapon. Moloch picks him up by his head throwing him in the general area of Batman who moves out of the way.

"Lets try and get him on his back, if we can accomplish that we should be able to put him away immediately." Batman whispers.

Hopping back onto his feet the turtle nods agreeing with the suggestion. Batman throws a batarang at the face of Moloch who catches the projectile tossing it off to the side along with Dony's staff. Using his grapple gun the dark knight pulls himself up landing on the shoulders of Moloch. He slides down a bit wrapping his arms around the massive beings neck applying a tight grip. The dark knight holds on for dear life as he is flung around in all directions. Thinking fast Donatello recovers his staff sweeping Moloch off his feet near the ankles. Batman jumps off his back flipping out of the way as he falls backside first to the ground. The caped crusader moves over hurriedly wrapping his legs completely in bat wiring.

"Hahaha the two of you must think you're mighty clever; but I should inform you this will not hold me for long."

"It'll hold you long enough; lets go Donatello we've wasted enough time already."

Both walk passed the defeated enemy continuing forward.

Shalion Temple

Liu sits up on the couch rubbing his head, taking the glass of ice water out of the hands of Mikey.

"Hopefully you feel better soon, are you about ready to tell us what went on here?" Michelangelo asks.

Liu takes a sip placing the glass off to the side. Picking up one of the candles Mikey walks over to a close table taking a seat. Leonardo along with Kung Lao don't sit to far from Liu.

"Yes I suppose the sooner the better, be sure to listen carefully. It all began much earlier in the day with the invaders attacking the temple and taking all the temple's women including Zatanna."

He goes on telling them all that had happened up to the point; revealing that the 2nd attack consisted of the invaders along with Quan Chi, but that neither party was working with the other. It was in fact Quan Chi who beat down and took along with him Spiderman and Jax. Sonya was the last one standing with Liu but was also defeated and dragged off with the invaders. The situation just went from bad to worse along with a lot of confusion! What was Quan Chi up to? And why the attack on the Shalion temple, nothing makes sense.

"Damn what happened to things being simple, we're not in a good position by any means at the moment. Do you have any idea where Raiden was during all of this?" Kung Lao asks.

"No clue whatsoever, hopefully he shows up soon I'm afraid we're up against a fight we cannot win." Liu replies.

Mikey shivers a bit at their next to no confidence, whatever they might say he chooses to stay positive about the circumstances. Sitting here and complaining isn't going to help them out one bit. Within the forest the two ninjas sit around the camp fire in silence. Using a Sai Raphael draws a picture in the dirt of a blossom. Both ninjas look at one another hearing the sound of a tree branch snapping. Subzero takes a stand preparing himself for a skirmish.

"Stand down it's just me; I've got some things to share with you both," Kayla steps forward walking over and having a seat next to the fire, "You both can sit and relax I won't bit; well maybe not that hard." She teases while giggling.

The two look at each other a bit uneasy but still decide to sit. She leans back a little stretching out.

"So what is it you came here for? As of right now we're in no position to encounter your boss; that pretty boy has a more powerful army than what I'm accustomed to." Subzero informs.

"I actually came to let you know that his preparations for this planet are nearing the end, soon he will have full control of every power house left that can stop him. Please tell me you have recruits?" Kayla asks.

"Lets just say I know people who know people, I might possibly be able to put something small together."

The turtle stands pacing back and forth while Subzero and Kayla talk. The Lin Kuei warrior names a few persons with high status deciding it would be in their best interest to find them. During the conversation the three of them look over to see flames forming in front of their eyes. Raphael readies himself for whom ever it may be. He sets his weapons down as Scorpion comes into apparent prospect.

"So who's the girl one of your little recruits, I doubt she can do much of anything. Why don't you go home to your mother young one, leave the fighting to the pros like ourselves." Scorpion says.

Raphael runs over grabbing Kayla by her wrist keeping her from trying to attack the ninja spectre. All Scorpion does is laugh watching her trying to get out of Raph's grasp.

"She's actually a lot tougher than she looks, she has proven so far to be a valuable source." Subzero tells.

Releasing her from his grip Kayla turns away from Scorpion sitting back down with crossed legs.

"I've decided it's about time we joined forces with the thunder god's students Liu Kang and Kung Lao. I'm sure by now they have seen the destruction of these invaders and have rounded up the rest of their friends; all of us together would definitely up our chance of survival."

Thinking about it for a few moments the ninja spectre nods his head.

"At this point we really don't have another choice. Now would be a good time for the champion of Mortal Kombat to pull off one of his unbelievable victories." Scorpion says.

The four of them convene around talking for awhile before coming up with a solid course of action. Completing the conversation both Kayla and Scorpion head their separate ways leaving both Raph and Subzero. Just outside the castle of Azun's stands both Donatello along with the dark knight.

"So what do you think bat, do you think this place is packed with heaps of security?"

Pressing down on his cowl he switches his lenses to a view which can identify alarms, lasers in addition to any other variety of common security.

"I know this might be a bit strange, but it would seem the only refuge they have is guards," The caped crusader sets his lenses back to normal view, "We'll just do this the old fashion way and stay to the shadows."

Dony has no arguments with the decision, as far as he's concerned; he prefers doing things that way. That's what being a ninja is all about, stealth, quietness and most importantly not to be seen. Don grabs hold of Batman's shoulders while he grapples them both to the top of the stronghold. Standing in place he reaches into a certain section of his utility belt pulling out the tracking device. Both of them take a look at their current standings.

"Well according to this she should be fifteen feet that way beneath us." Don says.

Batman looks around not taking extensive time to find them an entry way. The bars are ripped and thrown off to the side without much effort. Entering first is Bat's leading them into the vent. The vicinity is spacey giving them a lot of room without being confined. Both look down on the several guards continuing to crawl slowly. They take a left getting up a little further.

"Are we getting any closer to her?" Donatello whispers.

"Not quite yet, the way this vent was built it might take some time, but I'll get us there don't worry about it." Batman replies.

Persisting unhurried the conversations below can almost be heard as if they were down there as well. Whatever happens they cannot afford to be seen or detected, they're good as dead if their presence is found out by anyone. Looking down both Don and Bat's come to a stop glimpsing down on someone familiar.

"I'm not sure if I'm seeing things but that guy down there looks a lot like Naruto." Dony tells.

"That's funny I was just thinking the same thing; lets get him out of that cage," Batman looks down in the room using his advanced cowl vision to see if there are any hidden cameras, "Looks like we're good to go, remember to move with vigilance."

Using a tool from his belt Batman melts the nails of the vent slowly putting it off to the side not trying to attract any attention. Gliding down he lands on the polished marble surface.

"Wow hey Batman how did you find me?" Naruto yells out.

"Sshhhhh you need to keep quite, I'll explain later," Batman walks over to a panel figuring that it must be what controls the laser electric bars which imprison the leaf village ninja, "This shouldn't take long."

Jumping down from the ceiling soon after is Donatello walking over to have a look. It doesn't take long for either of them to figure they're dealing with unique tech.

"Stand back for a second, this is my area of expertise." Dony says taking an even closer look at the numerous buttons.

"So tell me Naruto do you have any idea how many civilians from the Shalion temple were brought here?" Batman asks.

"I have no idea, during the battle I was knocked unconscious. But according to some of the guards I heard speaking earlier not everyone is being held here within this facility."

"That can't be good, it seems that things seem to become more difficult by the hour."

Moments later Naruto is free watching as the laser/electric bars vanish. It didn't take Donatello long to figure out the sequences. Not just that but the bars on the cell of Sasuke disappear as well. Both step out in front of Batman and Donatello.

"You guys don't have to worry about him, he's on our side. Now lets get out of here before the guards make their round back to this room." Naruto tells.

"I'll see the three of you outside, I'm going after Zatanna. Just lead them out the same way we entered." Batman tells Dony.

With that Batman pulls out his tracking device grappling up and into the vent following the previous trail.

To Be Continue