Night Of The Werewolf.

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My take on a horror story. Basically a short one shot. Any of you wolf characters should like this.

He opened its eyes, breathing heavily. He was very tired from last night’s chase.

“What happened?”- he asked himself while trying to clear the fog in his head.

“I was so close to killing the foolish watcher, when all this racket happened,” – he remembered as the fog in his mind was going away. He tried to get up and the pain all over his body slowed him down. He looked around himself when he sat on the floor. There were numerous cuts on the werewolf’s upper legs, and a couple bullet markings on his back and a nasty burn on his left back leg. “They expected me somehow, they knew I was coming, I was ambushed…”

The werewolf was terrorizing the village for almost a week, coming every night to kill off one of the villagers. The werewolf was always quiet in his deeds, always tearing the throat of someone who was foolish enough to wander outside at night. The villagers were highly terrified when they found the body of the first victim in the woods, a barely recognizable bloody mess. They kept finding another body everyday somewhere around the village. They decided to put a decoy to lure the attacker and then ambush him.

That night when the werewolf was ambushed he was sneaking around in the tall bushes. He already saw his target, the lonely man was standing by a house looking around. The night was very quiet and the werewolf didn’t sense any danger, although the man was carrying a big stick with nails in it, it wasn’t much of a threat in his eyes. He launched a quiet gallop towards the man, his steps unheard and his figure hidden in the dark. The man heard something, like a stick breaking in two and then he turned around he saw a big, dark, wolf like figure leap out at him. “Help!!! It’s a…” but his words were cut off by a chop from werewolf’s jaws. In one bite he bit off half on the man’s throat, the body fell down in agony, blood running down from the neck area. Quickly and greedily it started feasting on the man’s chest, but its feast was cut off by a bullet ripping through the air and hitting its back. The werewolf fell on the ground and laid still, with curses running through his mind. Everyone started to get closer to the scene.

“It’s a wolf,” – declared one of the people, “I’ve never seen a wolf this big in my life”.

“Is it dead?” – someone asked. One of the villagers walked up to it with a lit torch. He looked at it and then shoved the torch into its stomach. The werewolf yapped and jumped 5 feet into the air and ripping the mans face off his skull with its powerful jaws. People started screaming and attacking the werewolf. Someone stuck a knife into its foot, he turned around and with one swipe of its claws, he ripped the mans chest. Then the people poured on their attacks with axes, knifes, broken bottles and other farm materials. He kept jumping, swiping and attacking left and right, but the numbers overwhelmed his strength.

“I’ll get them all for this!!” – furiously ran through his mind as he leaped over three people and started running with all his speed. They chased after him but not for long. Even though he was beaten and tired he was still faster than them. Just as he was about to run over the hill a shot ripped the air and the werewolf fell, his leg almost cut in half from the shot. He barely got up and started limping away as fast as he could, he saw a small cave and he headed there to hide away from them. As soon as he walked into the cave he dropped on the ground.

“I’ll get them tomorrow, tomorrow is a full moon, ill show them the real…” – went through his mind as he fell into a deep sleep.

So now he was sitting inside the cave licking away his wounds. “Its almost time”. He got up and looked outside the cave at the sky. “Indeed, the time was now,” – he thought to himself with a smile as a big, pale full moon was almost in the middle of the clear, night’s sky.

He stepped outside and stretched. He was hungry, as he didn’t get to feast enough last night. It looked into the village, all the lights were on and there were people outside with torches, shovels, machetes, some of them had revolvers, all loaded and ready. He observed the place with an nasty grin on his face, none of those weapons would matter to him as soon as the moon would be in the right place.

It jogged toward the village without hiding, just straight toward the big group of people. “I don’t need to hide tonight, they do, “ – he said to himself. He stopped on the hill about 40 yards away from the village people and took a look at them, they did not take their eyes off of him. They didn’t dare to charge him as they still remembered how many people he took out during their last encounter. The werewolf just sat there and waited, grinning at the foolish people. A few of them threw rocks at him but he didn’t budge.

“Why isn’t it attacking?”, “Hey, you dumb animal, get out of here before you get killed, you hear?” – yelled one of the village people. But he didn’t move, instead he looked up into the sky and howled on the moon and as the moon shined right onto the werewolf, he started changing.

It stood up on its back legs and started to grow, his muscles expanding almost four times the size of what it was before. His shoulders started to get wider, his legs grew longer and became more muscular, his front paws started looking like human hands and arms with 6-7 inch claws, except they were long, wide, muscular and furry all over. It straightened its back with a loud crack of bones and its face got slightly longer with fangs of about 4 inches sticking out from the top and the bottom of his mouth. His stature was close to 8 feet tall, all covered in fur. It resembled a strange fusion of a wolf and muscular human. He smiled a deliciously evil grin towards the horrified group of villagers. “Time to party my way,” – thought the werewolf.

It took a giant leap that covered about 12 yards towards the villagers. A few revolver shots ripped the night and hit the werewolf directly into his chest. The werewolf jumped again, the bullets didn’t seem to affect him much. Another 2 gigantic leaps and he was in the middle of the group. Shovels, pitchforks, hammers, knifes, everything that the villagers had they hit the werewolf with it. He started swinging his humongous arms around, ripping their flesh and cutting off bones, screams were heard every time he swung his claws. In a mater of minutes almost all villagers were dead from the werewolf’ attacks. He literally was ripping people in half. Those who haven’t lost their head in the one sided fight started to run for it and hide in the houses. Werewolf squashed the head of the last villager and jumped after one of the people. Just as the human was about to get to his house, he jumped in front of him, smiled and impaled him with his claws, picked him up and swung him about 20 yards at another villager, they both were splattered against the wall of the house with dead expressions on their face. He looked around and saw the door close at one of the houses.

“Good, I don’t have to play hide and seek with these idiots,” – gruffed the werewolf, and with another big leap he softly landed in front of one of the windows. He smashed the window and grabbed one of the men by his shoulder. He crushed his collar bone and dragged him out of the house through the cracked window and a big squirt of blood went into the house. He punched the wall and it broke under his tremendous strength. As soon as he walked inside the house three revolvers started unloading bullets into him as fast as possible. He stood there taking hits for a second and then started walking towards the closest person. He impaled his shoulder and then ripped his hand clean off his body. The body fell oozing blood and twitching in its last minute of agony, he turned around, jumped towards another villager and shoved his claws into his stomach, picked him up and threw him through the roof if the house. He grinned at the last guy and lunged forward, but his lunge was met with a powerful shotgun blast. He fell on the floor in pain and another blast of shrapnel hit him into his chest, and then two more. His chest was torn open and he lay still, he never felt so much pain before.

Thinking that its dead the last villager slowly walked towards the monster aiming at him with his shotgun. When he got too close the werewolf quickly grabbed the shotgun out of his hand and crushed it into dust. Then he grabbed the guy by the neck and lifted him off the ground. He looked at his ripped open chest as the skin on it grew back together in a matter of seconds, then he smiled at the guy and squished his neck off of his body.

He stood outside enjoying the night breeze looking around at all that he has done. “Its quite the picture,” – he thought to himself.” Oh well, I guess all the fun here has been destroyed, time to move on,” – he said to himself, disappearing into the night.