New rule/Not actually a new rule.

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[Edit: This is to the Fan Fic section. I know some of you are just gonna click this thinking there's some new rule. Calm down]

Recently the question of whether racial slurs were allowed in story posts. I answered to the best of my knowledge but felt I should run it past the other mods on the off chance I was wrong, The short answer is no, you can't use racial slurs in stories. Not even if they are censored. If you have used these words in a story before today and someone reports it it will have to be changed. If this happens after today there will be a standard warning. Some of you may finds this annoying but the FF forum has to obey the same rules as the rest of the site.

Does this mean we have to go back and alter all our stories?

Um, this job is reactive by nature, so neither myself or the other mods are gonna comb the forum for naughty words. So you can if you want. Like I said, if it was posted before today and it gets found than just change it. From now on though you'll need to use other words. Like I told that dude when the question came up, just make your own words up. You're writers. Be creative.

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@wildvine: Reasonable and easily complied with. :)

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@wildvine: so pretty much what you already told me. I already took your advice so I'm good.

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@wildvine: Same with those considered cuss words?

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@jexsu: You can say curse words. You just can't use the F word

@mikesterman:Yes. I thought maybe there was an exception for fan fic, hence me asking around, but sadly no. And yes, you're fine Holmes.