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Episode: 2

After a while of travailing Faris and Dutch finally make it Warpus. They searched a near by forest for the "Plickets" the creature bob spoke of. Dutch spots a ominous looking lake in the forest and the two bounty hunters go in for a closer look, and see the "Plickets lying in the middle of an obviously poisoned lake.
Dutch: What do we do? 
Faris: Trap  
Dutch: Trap what?  
Faris: The Phantom Dutch!! 
Dutch: Is the Phantom here? 
Faris: No, Do you see him here?? 
Dutch: Dutch looks around... No, good that guy freaks me out. 
Faris: Shut up Dutch! 
Dutch: Fine but how do we trap em. 
Faris: We wait. 
Dutch: Wait for what? 
Faris: We wait until he gets here? 
Dutch: ..... Im onto you  
Faris: ... You're onto me!?!
Dutch: I'm onto you. 
Faris: Onto ME!?!  
Dutch: YES!!
Faris: Shut up! 
Dutch: Dutch looks up. These clouds.. they're talking to me. 
Faris: What!! 
Dutch: Yup.. 
Faris: DUTCH! You're slicing it thick today!! 
Dutch: WHAT!!  
Faris: Pay attention Dutch!! 
Dutch: Sorry.. 
Faris: Now back to the trap. 
Dutch: For who?? 
Faris: The Phantom. 
Dutch: Okay. 
Faris: Alright so were gonna put mines around to protect the "Plicket" 
Dutch: Whats so special about this "Plicket" any ways?? 
Faris: Some say it contains magic, They say it cant be lifted. 
Dutch: COOOL... 
Faris: Yeah thats why were gonna put a claymore mine under it.

Phantom: Have fun playing in the woods last night boys?? 
Faris: Phantom! 
Dutch: What are you talking about Phantom? 
Faris: Hes talking about the woods last night. 
Dutch: Oh... well were setting a trap for you! 
Faris: .... What he means to say is were setting up a trap..oline. 
Phantom: Oh how thoughtful but Im not here for hot.. games. Im here for the "Plickets!"
Dutch: Stop beating around the bush Phantom! 
Faris: Dutch! if anything he hit the bush RIGHT on the nose. 
Phantom: Quiet fools I have the key to unlocking the power of the "Plicket" and I will use them to destroy this planet.. 
Dutch: Not if I use them first! Dutch walks slowly and awkwardly into the lake. 
Faris: Dutch. Dutch! Dutch get out of there!! 
Phantom: What? Whoa..
Faris: Get out of there Dutch! Dutch picks up the plickets. Oh oh damn come on get out of ther Dutch bring it here. 
Phantom: Impossible!! 
Dutch: I will show you impossible, Take this PHANTOM!! Dutch throw the stone at the Phantom.... who easily catches it.
Faris: Dutch! What the poop was that!? 
Phantom:  Your partner is quiet the... stupid guy Feris.
Faris: You're not going anywhere with that stone Phantom!! 
Phantom: Try and stop me Feris!!