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-The Following takes place in an airforce hanger in Reykjavik, Iceland after the events of the Brood/Arcryn War in Luz's Perspective:

>Well, the news of Logan and his OutRiders arriving safely is the best news i have heard all week, its just i wish i was fighting along side him against the brood rather than fighting a civil war that was dividing our entire Nation.

The same civil war in which took the lives of my most trusted friends who had turned to traitors to their own cause.

Everything is done now, everything has changed and i hate to tell Logan what has transpired here but he will want to know what happened to Rachel. I will have to tell Logan that i have killed his wife because she went psychotic and threatened the very peace that is already too fragile with the humans.
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ES' Perspective, Inside one of the OutRider Troop Carriers:

~Its been a long and bloody war, my hands are still stained with the blood of my battle brothers and with the enemy's. We could have beat them! We could have won, but Gambler had to take what was left of the Arcryn Senior members! Maelstrom and Vigilante, only two people, but these two decided the outcome of this conflict in which we have sacrificed so many to achieve nothing.

We did reach the Brood Empress, and killed her but we did not predict the brood would still fight on without their leader. I was wrong, if only I knew... I... I still wouldnt do anything different. It seems like the Brood can't be defeated even if you think you can find a weakness.

This war proved one thing to me, that the Brood are too many, too fierce. They are my worthiest foes and i respect them for that. I still remember our first battle, in the caves on the moon where if it was not for te inhumans, the war would have been over too quickly.

I just hope there is good news when i place my first steps back in my home, I hope Rachel is ok.

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this is turning out pretty good

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yea very, now lets get on with the show!

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-Airforce base, Reykjavik...

~Luz looks to the sky which bright lights have caught his attention. He smiles as he knows that the OutRiders have returned home.

~As each of the troop carriers land, ES is the first to land his feet on earth's soil and smiles as he breathes in the fresh air. His smile grows bigger as he sees Luz at the other end of the landing strip along with HAZE, the arcryns most trusted member.

ES runs out to greet them with a large smile on his face but his smile amost immediately dissappeares as ES sees Luz and HAZE are not smiling back at them but are depressed.

~Luz walks up to ES, "Logan, its nice to have you back but i'm afraid i have to tell you horrible news"

~ES pauses and waits for Luz to speak again.

~"Rachel and Amy are dead, HAZE and I saw someone break into their rooms, before we could get to the girls it was already too late, he had cuts each of their throats and dissappeared"