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I was kickin' back and watchin' the new Iron Fist series on Netflix, and thought, 'this got me a little pumped.' Meet the Urban Ninja, also known as Matthew Mayhem. A personal character I've always wanted to be but couldn't because I am stricken by physical disabilities (and other reasons); he is based on me in real life, and as such, shares quite a lot of qualities with myself; there are elements of Batman, Captain America, and Ryu thrown in. He has been in constant development since early 2001, when I first began my adventures in role playing and avidly reading comics, and is ever changing to accommodate current standards. Creation-wise, the programs I used were Second Life (a social video game for its marketplace and in-game tools) and Adobe Photoshop (editing and filters). I am his template, forming his shape, hair and eyes around my own, but the skin is a tone off or two. The outer-armor consists of multiple suits pieced together with the same visual texture, but the under-armor was commissioned.


Background Information.

Real Name: Matthew Allan Prince.

Pseudonym: Matthew Mayhem.

Codename: The Urban Ninja.

Factual Age: 31 years old.

Place of Birth: Portland, Oregon.

Nationality: American.

Ethnicity: Germanic-Norwegian.

Race: Neo Homo-Superior, Evolved.

Legal Status: Registered Citizen.

Marital Status: Single, Not Looking.

Identification: Publicly Unknown.

Residence: Gresham, Oregon.

Occupation: Crimefighter.

Income: $600 USD (weekly).

Faction(s): Remnant Arms.

Psychological Information.

Alignment: Neutral-Chaotic; "Free Spirit."

Religion: Agnostic-Atheism.

Ideology: Conservative.

Personality: Advocate, INFJ.

Pursuit: Proud of Achievements.

Goal(s): Self-Improvement, Preservation.

Desire(s): Admiration, Respect, Loyalty.

Character: Matthew is a whirlwind of staccato remarks and brusque gestures and is a living tower of amiable good will. Now one sees him, now one doesn't. And what one sees is exactly what one gets - congenial speed. Matthew is easily bored, and the concrete density of his nature meets with the hasty and sympathetic bohemian nonsense. How he even has so much of a second to stop and pet a puppy or kiss a baby, is beyond anyone. He is jet-propelled and has the metabolism of four hummingbirds and the true gift of sincere bonhomie. Like many others, Matthew is a bit awkward. When smoothness or suppleness might be in order to stem the flow of some clumsy social goof, count on him to end up chewing on his own big toe. He never sees the social amenities as anything more than what he basically thinks of them - as hogwash. He's always in too much of a rush to hang about outside waiting for the butler to let him in; he is the guy one is most likely to find standing dripping wet in the middle of one's living room, having just barged through one's front door. Matthew is disdainfully oblivious to the tide of society and carries on at his own pace, tending to live a parallel existence to the real world workings. His work takes him through insufferably protracted periods of inhuman effort, but he comes up smiling, enjoying challenges, and preferring results rather than applause. What one thinks of him is of actually no concern.

Historical Information.

Scanpan Initiation: Matthew is descended from a clan of warrior Vikings and explorers known as the Sjobrottsjoer ("Sea Breakers"), who were said to have befriended the Kawano Village that existed in what is now the Miyazaki Prefecture, Japan, back in the early 700's. Rather than documented, the legend is by word-of-mouth, keeping its history scarce. It's mentioned that upon arrival and settling on the coastline, the Norsemen came under surveillance by "shadows," mysterious beings garbed in black. In response, the warriors attempted to follow these "shadows" into the forest, but were soon captured for knowledge. The Vikings would later discover that they were gifted humans and honorable fighters from the Kawano Clan, and opt to trade in exchange for their philosophical and spiritual arts (Way of the Ninja). The Sjobrottsjoer would provide more protection against rival clans and greater crafting and metalworking techniques throughout their tenure.

Angelic Inception: Millennia ago, a gruesome battle ensued between Archangels and Demons on Earth. The mighty war lasted for centuries, and all but one from each side survived. A deal was a struck between them. The Demon, Andromalius, would cease destruction so long as the Archangel, Selaphiel, forgo his advancements and permitted him a vessel of his choosing. Selaphiel agreed on one other condition: he, too, would take hold of said vessel. Neither anticipated Matael, a lower ranking Archangel and Guardian of Principles and Legality, to hear this treachery before his departure from the Human Realm. Thousands of years later, Matael reincarnated within the body of Andromalius' cooptation before the Demon and Selaphiel were able to invade. Matael surprised them, and having analyzed their deception, prevented both from controlling the subject's body and trapping them inside. There were repercussions, however; Andromalius depressed the body's natural healing, Selaphiel galvanized the body's soul, and Matael inspired the body's mind and cerebral endurance, appealing to the subject's physical deterioration but mental amiability. The subject would be given viable, admittedly accursed, entry to wondrous gifts, regardless of his nefarious ailments. Matthew Prince would not be the man he is today, protecting the weak and defeating evil, if it weren't for these virtuous and infernal intrusions.


Revised Suit: Matthew's combat suit, resembling that of a Ninja but highly modernized to today's standards, is a dream come true. A great deal of time and effort and loads of money went into creating the perfect ensemble, searching for the best materials both on the Internet and in-person. Constructed from numerous products, the "costume" is built from Vantablack (a substance so black that it stands out in darkness), Hydrophobic metal (water bounces off like bullets to Superman's eyeball), Super-Steel and New Magnesium (as durable as titanium and as lightweight as aluminum), Beta-Ti3Au (a lovely concoction of titanium and gold but four times healthier), and SAM2X5-630 (an amorphous metallic glass). Conclusively, the wardrobe is approximately 60 pounds, very resistant to weathering and deformation, and keeps Matthew safe from damaging effects while retaining his complete mobility and articulation. The uniform is comprised of several elaborately designed pieces, compact and armor-segmented.

Spear of Destruction: The Spear of Destruction is Matthew Mayhem’s primary and most powerful weapon, and despite its elegant appearance, remains incredibly dangerous. The spear is composed of an unknown yet very durable metal, completely immune to conventional damage and the elements. The shaft is 7 feet long and the bladed-point is 1 foot, weighs approximately 40 pounds, and has a smooth and shiny texture comparable to polished silver. The spear is enchanted with several functions; when thrown, it never misses its target and always returns to Matthew’s hand; twisted or yanked out of its target, a pulse of energy erupts and opens the puncture wound by 5 inches, disintegrating bone, flesh, and organs, leaving a gaping cavity; drenched in enemy blood causes the spear to radiate intense heat and bright glow, harmless to Matthew but capable of instantly melting through steel; the spear can even stretch its length, reaching as far as the Moon (238,857 miles); unless granted permission by Matthew, no other man or creature can wield the spear or its abilities.

Muramune: A one-of-a-kind set of katana crafted by Pierce Electrical Industries Limited (fictional company) and named after Japan's greatest swordsmiths. Swords: The daito (blade) is composed of an insentient, organic-metal alloy known as Abanebrium, which reacts to and absorbs kinetic energy to increase its own density; mono-molecularly sharpened, slashes cause perfect incisions followed by massive bloodloss and nerve trauma. The daito is pure black and polished (reflective), has a length of 70cm (27.5in), a vertical width of 2.54cm (1in) and horizontal width of 0.5cm (0.96in), and weighs approximately 1.36kg (3lbs). Its tsuka (handle) is wrapped in black, smooth titanium and braided (ito) with a black, ballistic nylon weave; the bookended fuchi (collar) and fuchi-kashira (end cap) and habaki (front-collar) are made of black-dyed silver; there is no mekugi (peg) or menuki (ornament) in the mid-section. The tsuba (guard) is squared and comprised of elaborately-crossed extractable/retractable black titanium plates (pressure-gauge button located below the guard). The saya (scabbard) is quality lacquered Honoki wood (traditional in today's Japanese workshops) and sports a black-dyed silver kojiri (end cap) and koiguchi (scabbard mouth), as well as black, ballistic nylon weave sageo (cord) and a steel kurikata (knob).

Leg-Strap: 6 small vials are worn for certain purposes; Mountain Dew (for sugar intake), Blood (just in case), Dog Saliva (to mends wounds), Vaseline (to help keep wounds closed), Flammable Gas (to make fires), and Water (to hydrate). There is also a canister meant to hold needles, thread, matches, band-aids, paper and pens. Pouches on the front side contain money and items gathered from the environment.

Miscellaneous Information.

Orientation: Pansexual (prefers females).

Known Languages: English, German, Norwegian, Chinese.

Speech Type: American English.

Vocal Range: Baritone-Bass.

Vocal Style: Radio & Voice Artist.

Hobby(ies): Writing, Drawing, Graphic Design.

Primary Transportation: 2007 Black Kia Rio.

Secondary Transportation: Black Extreme Mountain Bike.

Tertiary Transportation: 2017 Black Kawasaki Ninja 650 ABS Sports Bike.

Family: Lynn (grandmother), Lloyd (grandfather), Derelee (grandmother, deceased), Wayne (grandfather, deceased), Terral (father), Constance (mother), Megan (sister), Christopher (twin-brother, deceased), Diane (aunt), Jennifer (cousin), Julia (niece), Brandon (nephew), Daniel (nephew), Buddy (dog, deceased), Maya (dog).

Physical Information.

Locomotion: Bipedalism.

Somatotype: Mesomorph, Heavy Athletic.

Complexion: Type IV-18 (vLCD).

Exact Height: 5 foot, 11 inches (180.3cm).

Exact Weight: 2 hundred, 52 pounds (114.3kg).

Eye Color: Moody-Hazel, Brown.

Hair Color: Midnight, Brown.

Hair Style: Short, Unkempt; "Jacamo."

Distinguishing Features: Matthew has a large but very brawny frame with broad shoulders, a medium-sized cranium and low brow ridges; he sports a goatee, soul patch, and thinning side-burns. He exhibits a black-inked tattoo on his inner-right forearm that says, "Year of the Tiger," a Chinese astrological meaning written in Japanese Kanji. Both ears have been pierced a number of times, and he is often seen wearing fake diamonds (three variations; squared, triangular, and octagonal) or loops wrapped in stainless silver; he generally sprays Candies for Men cologne or an Axe Phoenix scent. Matthew favors hooded sweaters and jackets and prefers to have t-shirts and tank-tops beneath them. He finds comfort in blue jeans and cargo pants of most colors, sneakers or combat boots, and always tops off with his Police, CIA, or SWAT caps. As Matthew has acceptable hygiene, he tends to wear the same clothes at least three days before needing to change.


Weakness(es): Matthew has contracted the herbicidal chemical Agent Orange due to his father's exposure during the Viet Nam War, and since birth has been enduring its consequences. He suffers from involuntary acid reflux that chews at his sternum, tendering and breaking cartilage, invoking chest pains, and at times irritable bowel syndrome (diarrhea). A clogged nasal cavity sends mucous into his stomach, inflaming his kidneys and producing back and leg spasms. Arthritis cramps his hands and exerts imbalance upon his knees, where he loses stability and aims to tumble. Having to deal with these inflictions has implied massive anxiety in the forms of depression, agoraphobia (panic attacks), minor convulsions, blackouts, and coupled by the occasional mental haze (blank mind). He is lastly strung by an obsessive-compulsive disorder, where Matthew has unwanted and repeated thoughts and is thrown into behaviors that drive him to do something, for example, rearranging the items on his computer desk to where he feels they are positioned properly; whatever the cause to gain temporary relief. Matthew not only has Gallbladder stones, but is diagnosed with Spinal Stenosis (condensing of discs) and Spinal Osteoarthritis (degenerative joint disease, as well as has sudden bulges on the annulus, the skin covering the cushioning tissue of the spine). He does take medication on a daily basis, although it seems to do less than prescribed.

Phobia(s): Claustrophobia (fear of no escape or of tight places), Xenophobia (fear of foreign or strange places or things), Agoraphobia (fear of perceiving the environment as dangerous), Arachnophobia (fear of spiders and other arachnids), Hoplophobia (minor fear of using firearms), Scopophobia (fear of always being watched or examined), Ecclesiophobia (fear of churches or other religious sites).

Preparation Information.

Skills & Abilities: Matthew is a combat specialist, having learned several styles from a young age. He has since become a huge fan, taking up an interest in both martial arts realism and its portrayal in the media. He aspires to be as indistinguishably similar to his idols Scott Adkins, Michael Jai White, Lateef Crowder, Jon Foo, Tony Jaa, Donnie Yen, Jackie Chan, and Jet Li. An amateur, Matthew has trained and fought alongside highly acclaimed masters, though he is not one himself. He chose patterns that best suited his vigorous structure, centering them eclectically around his own prowess. He has earned a 5th Kyu (advanced level purple belt) in Karate, and a 6th Geup (green belt) in Taekwondo; it is said that he is compared to a plant growing its leaves. He is also a practitioner of other forms, such as Tai Chi Quan, Wushu, Kung Fu (Dog, Elephant, Horse, and Tiger), Ninjutsu, traditional American Boxing, Wrestling, Glima, Muay Thai, Vovinam, Hapkido, Kendo, Akijutsu, Capoeira, and Tricking (aesthetic blend of flips, kicks, and twists). Matthew also practices on a daily basis (but has lacked recently due to depression), starting with weightlifting, then onto jogging, swimming, and simulated fighting with dummies and padded opponents. He can perform simple acrobatic and gymnastic routines, as well as one-handed cartwheels, springs and rolls, and mediocre front and backflips. He does, however, possess a semi-precognitive talent to learn, execute, and adapt to pugnacious systems that he witnesses without actually fabricating them beforehand.

Alternative Competence: Matthew has education prevailing in Japanese, Chinese, Medieval, Viking and conventional sword expertise. While not a pressing need as it is in relation to handguns, he has dedicated part of his modus operandi toward the academic. He is content enough employing a bo staff and spear, exerting practical slashing and thrusting, defensive guarding, stabbing, pole vaulting and propping, additionally twirling, palm-spinning, and latching. Conjointly, he focuses on up-close and personal engagement, occasionally against foes better accustomed. Blunt objects, besides those found on rural or urban grounds (trash can lids, fence postings, bicycle tires, etc.), are adopted as extensions of his body in a proficient manner.

Random Qualification(s): Furthermore, Matthew demonstrates protective service duties, essentially in the manner of surveillance and security equipment, stealth (said to have inaudible movement), effective leadership and tactfulness, knowledge of criminology and psychological interrogation, investigation, tracking initiatives, crime-scene preservation, computer operations, public management and escorting, conduction of explosive and fire protocols, CPR and First Aid response, lifting and fingerprinting, handcuffing techniques and pepper-spray usage, and a valid Class-C Driver's License (organ donor sticker on the rear). Such are the requirements for attaining a DPSST (Department of Safety Standards and Training) certification and for employment under Law Enforcement and its subsidiaries. He's newly accredited as a SAT (Specially Assisted Transportation) courier, authorized to drive patients to medical appointments and deliver prioritized packages.

Arbitrary Recognition: On the one hand, Matthew has a considerable aptitude for drawing and writing, although he believes he still has a very long way to go before he even comes close to his ideal potential. He can imitate cartoon voices and singing right down to the lowest decibel, and analyze sound with uncanny accuracy, even to the point of detecting missing notes and distorted arrangements. There is speculation whether Matthew has the neurologically-based condition known as Synesthesia, in which stimulation of one sensory or cerebral pathway leads to an automatic, involuntary experience in a second modality (for example; letters and numbers are perceived as inherently colored, and days of the week or months of the year evoke personalities). It has yet to be fully tested, nevertheless he has shown minimal signs of depiction. On another hand, he can take another person's idea or creation and improve upon them, despite totally devoid of imagination (could even be a subconscious block on his mental processing, or the usual distraction). He has a razor-sharp wit and a devious sense of humor, aside from staying undeniably loyal, trustworthy, and courageous. He can belch at extreme lengths and vehemence, sleep for amazing intervals, and has an inhuman proneness listening to the same songs or watching the same television show repetitively. It's worth mentioning that Matthew is incredible at wasting time, passing hours away doing absolutely nothing, procrastinating chores and other obligations.

Support Statistics.

Intelligence: Gifted, can conceive data and information higher-than-average.

Durability: Peak Human, can withstand greatest of damage humanly possible.

Strength: Peak Human, can bench press up to 1,246 pounds above his head.

Leaping: Enhanced, can jump 20 feet vertically and 40 feet horizontally.

Healing: Enhanced, able to mend wounds at 1.5x normal human rate.

Speed: Peak Human, can reach from 18 to 25 miles per hour sprinting.

Endurance: Peak Human, can maximize exertion for approximately 2 hours.

Reflexes: Athletic, reaction time slightly enhanced above average.

Psionic: High to Super, causing severe harm up to death through charging.

Combat: Trained, is highly proficient in numerous martial art styles.

Willpower: Iron-Willed, unyielding self-control and determination.

Heroism: Blessed Pedigree, charisma can earn respect and intimidate weak minds.


** represents VSS-fueled abilities.

Vectoral Soul Symbiosis: Possessing one of the most fundamentally restrictive yet devastatingly impactful powers ever to have been awakened, Matthew has the power to dominate the quintessential force within him. Otherwise known as the incorporeal or immortal core of a sentient being, the psyche is crowned with the logical assumption that it exercises the deepest divinity of Human action, therefore analogously granting existence as an emergent ingredient to all living organisms in the Universe. Through introspective awareness and progression, this vivacious modulation spawned an overload of chemicals in the brain, selectively engineering a proprietary, collegial rapport between both he and the ubiquitous core within; it culminated in the manifestation of substratal capacities, notably reproducing and upgrading any natural Human talent conceivably explored or lay dormant. The evolution has surprisingly amplified Matthew to an alarmingly peak-human stage, evidently connoting that he is beyond habitual constraints.

**Negligible Senescence & Cryptobiosis: Biological immortality, or in other words, the lack of implied symptoms. Once reaching his prime, Matthew has never been observed to age. He can perish because of diseases introduced into his body, accidents that deter his expectancy, or by predators of greater competence. Likewise, in response to adverse environmental conditions such as desiccation, freezing, and oxygen deficiency, Matthew shuts down all metabolic processes, preventing reproduction, development, and repair (hibernation within death). As environmental conditions return to being hospitable, Matthew awakens and functions restore to normal status.

**Inhuman Might: Matthew's durable bones and dense musculature reciprocates strength, implementing the capacity to bench objects of greater adipose above his head. It's recorded that his power waxes and wanes due to a mysterious, symptomatic amplification; a reactionary device to hyper-arousing complexities. He is able to, strenuously, boast up to six men, where weight, size, and shape varies (about 1,246 pounds), and not buckle under hefty loads. Matthew's heightened physique incurs weightlessness, vertical leaps (20 feet) and traversing long distances (40 feet) and that it functions in the same manner as treading silently on chapped surfaces, smoothly scaling walls, flitting over rooftops, skipping across bounteous water, walking up trees, and hanging from ceilings.

**Mortal Stemming: Additionally, Matthew possesses a recessive genetic anomaly that can uniquely sustain and harbor infected agents in his blood. The anomaly breaks down infected agents, such as viruses, diseases, and poisons, much faster than the normal human body would. An outcome of that process generates raw energy and sugar, feeding it back into his system. The initial step is taken by the body when the infection has began its course; instantly, a special enzyme housed within each blood cell start to destroy then convert the pathogen, somehow augmenting the natural flow of adrenaline. The result is a tremendous boost in physical strength and speed, reflexes, senses (noticeably hearing, sight, and smell), and an increase in brain capacity for greater thought processing.

**Extra-Sensory Perception: Grasped at younger age, Matthew can transition his astuteness to descry and decorously feel a target's energetic impression, be they corporeal or insentient (neutral); humans, plants and animals harbor differentiated signatures, whereabouts Matthew witnesses colored auras (thermal level and pheromonal output) based on the substantial conditioning or emotional discourse. Faraway sounds can be heard (telescopic hearing), remote distances can be seen (panoramic vision), deep bitterness can be tasted (edibility) and buried scents can be distinguished (insufflation), all inside a 2-mile radius.

**Uncanny Blessing: The medium to which he subliminally (or psychically) supplements probable advantages, or "good luck" in his activities, whether they be selfish, evil, or having hope on the line. The outcome allows unlikely events to happen in his favor. Stop lights change to green seconds ahead of his arrival, letting him pass without slowing; computers, cameras, television sets, and other machinery malfunction in his presence. At the same time, an extemporaneous byproduct triggers his cerebral cortex to instinctively guide his maneuverability, boosting his reflexes currently 20 times, enabling him to evade skirmishes and hypothetically gunfire (anteriorly surveyed), and irrationally pass polygraphs.

**Anima Consumption: Though not instant in its calamitous effects, the technique slowly breaks down the opponent over time, siphoning only fractions (approximately 02%) of their noumenon when struck. Where at first there is no initial awareness, continuation can spell disastrous results (especially when every attack henceforth produces more force relative to the opponent's keen impression despite Matthew retaining his usual clout); therefore vexing his target in abstruse reflections of their current material status (poignant sensations of hard breathing, profuse sweating, heavily weakened muscles and rubber bones, blurred vision and distorted hearing, disoriented bodily coordination, and the lingering perception of death).

**Vigorous Pathology: Matthew can maximize the rate of spiritual pulsation flowing throughout his body in order to artificially forge bio-electrical (electromagnetic and electrochemical), kinetic (motion, friction, and impact force) energy, harmonizing roughly eight-hundred and fifty watts, thereupon harnessing and releasing excessive currents in distinctive techniques. The simplest manifesting a concentrated shield, destructive lightning bolt, static field, explosive wave and detonating spheres, tendrils and streams (448.39 degrees Fahrenheit, and 0.24 tons or 537.6 psi). The added benefit of a target's own soul influence (Anima Consumption) can intensify the eradicative potency. He can internally spawn heat bordering 125 degrees Fahrenheit during cold snaps, or insulate approximately -10 degrees in hot weather, reducing flak when trotting open flame or snow.

**Temporal Displacement: Technically a spirit and soul are the same thing, yet are deceived by a slight difference; souls reside on the corporeal plane within a vessel while spirits exist within the non-corporeal plane. Matthew basically travels backward through time, using the established history accumulated in the pneuma's pith; this happens by replacing his younger version with that of his older one, overlapping the original incarnation carefully (typically freezing it in-place so it doesn't interact and/or cause fluctuations in idiosyncrasies).

**Truest Mind: Achievable only through circumstance, Matthew must have sacrificed for and have survived a violent heart-breaking, mind-shattering incident; once attained, a series of convulsions takes place inside the soul, wrapping, twisting, and reshaping it before settling on a nexus of metaphysical strands. An atavistic mutation occurs, resulting in the genetic resurfacing (faunal mimicry) of a species that have laid dormant for many generations, commonly referred to as an ancestral type where phenotypical features were centrally and autogenously preserved. The exact composition is scientifically unknown, regarding the apparent aspects of a non-domesticated feral nature during strenuous situations, revealing unrestrained animalistic tendencies. It warrants neotenous characteristics, or traits in a descendant that resemble those of an ancient organism; anatomical reappearances of sharp canine teeth and talons, a heavier muscle mass, fluorescent eyes and pointed ears, elongated shoulder-blades, and on rare occasions, a vestigial tail.

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Urban Ninja Theme Song.

What'chu thinks?

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@jexsu: Man, I love the amount of thought you've put into this guy, but there's two different guys described here- the time-wasting guy with physical weaknesses and phobias, and the superhuman master of his own body and multiple fighting and scholarly disciplines. Unless his powers allow him to transform from the time-waster to the superhuman master, this character doesn't jibe. One example is the various bone and body ailments you described as his weaknesses, but the inhuman might and mastery of being that you described as his powers. With those kinds of powers, he should be healed of his weaknesses.

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@cbishop said:

@jexsu: Man, I love the amount of thought you've put into this guy, but there's two different guys described here- the time-wasting guy with physical weaknesses and phobias, and the superhuman master of his own body and multiple fighting and scholarly disciplines. Unless his powers allow him to transform from the time-waster to the superhuman master, this character doesn't jibe. One example is the various bone and body ailments you described as his weaknesses, but the inhuman might and mastery of being that you described as his powers. With those kinds of powers, he should be healed of his weaknesses.

What you've read is correct, sans the powers, but it's not two different guys. It's one. It's me in real life. I have those bone and body ailments, as well as phobias and fighting and scholarly disciplines. It's not impossible to have those things together.

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@jexsu said:
@cbishop said:

@jexsu: Man, I love the amount of thought you've put into this guy, but there's two different guys described here- the time-wasting guy with physical weaknesses and phobias, and the superhuman master of his own body and multiple fighting and scholarly disciplines. Unless his powers allow him to transform from the time-waster to the superhuman master, this character doesn't jibe. One example is the various bone and body ailments you described as his weaknesses, but the inhuman might and mastery of being that you described as his powers. With those kinds of powers, he should be healed of his weaknesses.

What you've read is correct, sans the powers, but it's not two different guys. It's one. It's me in real life. I have those bone and body ailments, as well as phobias and fighting and scholarly disciplines. It's not impossible to have those things together.

I had a feeling you might say that, based on what you said in the character bio. To that, I say well done- truly. When you throw the superpowers in though, I stand by my statement- your character should be healed of his bodily weaknesses.

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@cbishop: I honestly don't see how he should be. He doesn't turn the powers on, they're always active. The thing is, people don't understand that someone like me, who suffers day to day with major physical disabilities, can overcome such ailments while partaking in extensive exercise. It's a healing method, or a way to ignore the pains. Like I said, what you read is me in-and-out, without powers of course.

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@jexsu: I get that the character is you, but you've added powers. The powers you describe show him to have pretty much total mastery over his body. I'm just saying he should be healed because of those powers. If it were something like Freddy Freeman saying, "Shazam" to turn into Captain Marvel Jr., and then saying it again to turn back into his lame-legged regular self, then fine. You've said that the powers are always there. The powers simply should have fixed him. Ultimately, it's your character- do what you want- but you did ask what people think. ;)

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@cbishop: Right, he has a power. Singular. He has one power, that's Vector Soul Symbiosis. It doesn't make sense to call the others "powers" when they're abilities stemming from said power. I get what you're saying though, and people can be confused if they allowed themselves to be confused. All it takes is reading closely. But none of his abilities heal him, only enhance him and/or his attacks. Healing has no place, even when that is the most promising aspect it could grant. Well, yeah, I posted what I wanted to not just show-off the character, but get people's critique. =)

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@jexsu: Dude, it's your character- whatever, man- do your thing. The limitations on the power you're describing make no sense to me. It reads like mastery of chi to the nth degree, but doesn't work that way. (And I didn't skim this one lol)