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Continued from Part 5: http://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic/8/new-amalgam-universe-the-green-panther-5/662850/

Finally part 6 is here!

Royal Palace, Wakanda

“I am truly sorry Mr Queen” said the servant who bowed and handed him a towel “But I don’t know where Zamunda is?”

“Really?” Oliver smiled and took the towel “What about King Jaffe Joffer, who is the king of Zamunda? Or his son Prince Akeem?”

“I am truly sorry Mr Queen” the servant kept his head bowed as Oliver sauntered around the spacious bathroom drying his hair “Is there anything else?”

“Bark like a dog?”

The servant looked at the naked billionaire with a puzzled look on his face. Oliver smiled and threw the towel at him “Just kidding!”

“The king will receive you when you are dressed Mr Queen” the servant bowed and exited the room.

Oliver dressed in the clothes provided for him and gazed out the window over the Wakandan landscape. Even after his ordeal in the jungle he felt like he was home, some odd inexplicably feeling that he belonged here. He picked up the assortment of papers on the coffee table the servant had brought in and skimmed the headlines; Daily Bugle: Billionaire Found. Wakandan Times: Drug Ring Crippled By Playboy. International Inquirer: I am the son of Dark Claw & Amazon!

Oliver tucked the International Inquirer under his arm and headed down to meet the king.

Dining Hall, Royal Palace, Wakanda

King T’Chaka looked up from his copy of the International Inquirer as Oliver Queen strode into the room. Oliver took a seat right next to the king, much to the kerfuffle and confusion of the wait staff.

“It is customary to bow and wait until you are told to sit?” said the king

“Never been one to follow protocol” said Oliver as he reached over and grabbed a handful of grapes.

The king glared at him, in only the way a sovereign can and Oliver stopped. “You are a guest in my country Mr Queen”

“Did you know you have a giant white panther running around your jungle?”

The king went silent and returned to his paper.

“Serious!” said Oliver “A giant white talking panther”

“Did you see my physician Mr Queen?”


“Well, see him again before you leave Wakanda. I believe you may have hit your head in your plane crash harder than first expected”

“Funny. You look familiar”

“As do you Mr Queen” the King folded his paper and nodded at his cup, a servant swooped in poured him a cup of coffee “I suspect it is because you are a multi-billionaire who crashed his plane into my country’s sacred mountain while I am the ruler of Wakanda and have been for the past forty years”

“So who do I make the cheque out to?” Oliver smiled as he picked up a knife and stabbed himself an apple.

“Keep your money Mr Queen” King T’Chaka got up “And please leave Wakanda. We don’t need your money or your bad publicity”

“Look your hig…”

“No you look!” T’Chaka turned and thumped the table causing Oliver to jump “This is not America! This is Wakanda! I am the ruler of Wakanda! My word is law! You have trespassed into MY country! Guards!”

Almost out of nowhere a team of armed women appeared beside the king and around Oliver, semi-automatic weapons at the ready.

“Escort Mr Queen to the airport! He is to be deported today!” The king stormed out, Oliver looked on slightly shocked and hurt and confused as the guards motioned for him to stand and escorted him from the palace.

Shado Klaw stepped out from behind a tribal rug on the wall and scooped up the knife from the table “Thank you Mr Queen”

Star City Airport, Friday 2.47pm

Oliver Queen walked down the gangway of the plane. A gathering of reporters, police and Dinah Munroe stood there waiting for him.

“Well hello America!” Oliver flashed his pearly whites. Dinah ran up the stairs and threw her arms around her employer “You obviously missed me!”

Dinah broke the hug and slapped him across the face “You infuriating man! Now shut up and don’t you say a word”


“Are you serious?” Dinah snapped “You’re about to be charged with regicide! The King of Wakanda was killed! You’re the prime suspect”

“I’ve just been on a plane for thirteen hours Dinah, when did I get a chance?”

“Mr Queen! Mr Queen!” the reporters swarmed on him like bees on honey.

Oliver looked around at the chaos, wishing he’d stayed in the jungle.

Queen Penthouse, Star City

“If you ever do anything like this again I’ll quit and go work for Logan Wayne!” shouted Dinah

“It all worked out” laughed Oliver “And why work for Wayne, Stark pays more”


“Stark. Tony Stark”

“Is he a new friend of yours from Africa?”

“No Tony Stark. Goldstark Industries. My professional rival. I build a hotel, he builds two. Friends with James Kord”

“I don’t know these people Oliver. We’ve got more pressing matters with what happened in Wakanda”

“What do you mean you don’t know who Tony Stark is?” Oliver scratched his head “Serious he’s richer than I am! It’s like saying you don’t know who Logan Wayne, serious stop playing me”

“Oliver!” Dinah looked straight at him “Who are you talking about?”

Oliver reached over and grabbed a photograph from the bookshelf “That guy! Next to you. Taken at New Year’s”

“That’s you, you idiot!” shouted Dinah “God you’re impossible!”

Oliver looked at the photo; it was him and Dinah and Roy on top of the Empire State Building “What the hell is going on?” Oliver pulled out his phone and scrolled through to Tony’s number…that wasn’t there! “Am I in an episode of the Negative Zone?”

Queen Penthouse, Basement Star City

“Seriously boss I searched the internet and there are several hundred Tony and Anthony Stark’s but none have a connection to you” said Roy “I think you’re having a joke right?”

“How can my friend just vanish like he never existed?” asked Oliver pacing back and forth “It’s like he’s been removed…this is like the plot of a bad comic book or an Uwe Bohl film”

“So did you kill the king?”


“I had to ask boss” said Roy “I just hoped you’d be honest enough to tell me one way or the other”

“What if I’m lying to you Roy?”

“Oh yeah”

“And that’s why you fly the chopper” Oliver rubbed his chin “How did all this happen? People don’t just get erased from…this is all wrong! I need to…” Oliver punched the concrete wall. He and Roy looked on in shock as the wall was worse off than Oliver’s hand.

“Are you sure you didn’t kill the king?”

“Roy…can you sow?”

(Green Arrow, Oliver Queen, Dinah Lance, Shado and Star City are owned by DC. Black Panther, T’Chaka, Wakanda and Klaw are owned by Marvel. This story is mine and the creation of Green Panther is mine as is Shado Klaw but using elements from DC & Marvel. Goldstark, James Kord and Tony Stark in this universe is a creation of PrinceIMC. Zamunda, Prince Akeem & King Jaffe Joffer are from Coming To America. And as I’ve said in other stories they own the sandpit I merely just play in it)

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@batkevin74: Great chapter, I love your dialog and I lol'd at the inside jokes about Platinum Man being erased from New Amalgam continuity

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Love it. My favorite part was the reference to Platinum Man.

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@BlackArmor: Thanks, was trying to get the feeling like 52 we remember but the world at large has forgotten

@TheCannon: Oh there will be more :)

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@batkevin74 said:

@TheCannon: Oh there will be more :)

Woo hoo!

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Just wanted to make sure you saw this

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Nice Coming To America gag! :) Another solid chapter, I may have to investigate this Tony Star/Platinum Man you've erased

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Awesome chapter dude.

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@4donkeyjohnson: Do so! It's really good, its over now but it was very good

@tmacximas: Thank you! Thank you very much

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Tha panther is back!!!

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Ahhh Green Panther :) The only problem @batkevin74 is that you take so long between chapters, is my only minor criticism. Fret not, I just grow impatient wanting to see where you are going with this and WHEN Loiver is ACTUALLY going to don a costume

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@batkevin74 said:

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You keep posting that recently. What is it?

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@TheCannon That my friend is Mr Bump from the Roger Hargreaves series of Mr Men. There's Mr Silly, Mr Strong, Mr Tickle, Mr Messy...it is possibly before your time. He also created the Little Miss series which is almost exactly the same as his Mr Men series, just girls. Clever man, clever idea.

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Fuuuuuuuuggg!!!! Frackin' CV was screwing up my posts for a bit, but okay, this is now added to my FF Long Box - Groups. frizzinfrackinrazzamussinfrggg...