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Gunslinger, Nightrider, or Gravedigger (still deciding on his name)



Mark Holcomb was a boy born in Phoenix, Arizona in 1929. He was the son of Dennis Holcomb, the grandchild of famous Elfego Baca and a WW2 Veteran. Mark was obsessed with cowboys. He loved hearing the tales of his great grandfather as well as other famous law keepers and outlaws. When his dad taught him how shoot his first gun, he was 16. However an accident soon followed as the recoil knocked him back and the bullet ricocheted off a truck and into his father as well as himself. When he woke up he had discovered that his father was dead but he had survived. Upon looking he had found no bullet wound or anything.

Soon after to police showed up to the scene and despite Mark's protests, he was accused of first degree murder and put in a psychiatric facility. There the boy was, in secret, brutalized and broken down. This continued for four years. The law enforcement he once saw as great, now treating a child like a piece of meat to be shocked and beaten. Eventually he escaped. Learning how to fight by getting into a few beat downs with guards and insane inmates. He began to formulate an escape, knowing that the others were truly a danger to society- he killed each and every one of them.

Then he escaped the asylum and ran away from America. He sailed on a small canoe toward the eastern half of the hemisphere where he landed from a shipwreck into Africa. There he is saved by Allan Quartermain from the crashing waves that would have consumed him. Mark woke up three days later and the two shared their stories and questions. After a couple of years spent in Africa, Mark learned Zulu fighting styles Nguni stick fighting along with Dambe and Nuba. Mark was taught by Quartermain how to track, survive, hunt, and mostly importantly- how to never miss while shooting.

Eventually Mark became so proficient, the immortal protector of Africa said he surpassed him. Mark found his way back to America in 1959 where he had been forgotten. Realizing the reason he had left, he sought to be an opposer to the law. To show the cruel men that ruined his life that he was their worst nightmare. He donned an oilskin duster and the rest of the cowboy garb, with a shotgun on his back and two revolvers at his sides. Becoming the new gunslinger of America. An Anti-villain with a vendetta. (That is all I will reveal)



Hand to Hand Combat- Mark is an exceptional hand to hand combatant. When in the asylum he learned basic shank disarming moves as well as grapples and slugging. However upon leaving Africa he was a more refined fighter using brutal strength coupled with speed and accuracy. He took on three fit and experienced Zulu warriors in hand to hand combat and bested them. He also managed to knock out an entire bar of angry burly men.

Bilingual- While spending time in Africa he had learned many of the native languages and language variations. Often leaving death notes in Zulu (isiZulu) to baffle investigators and interrogators.

Hunting/Tracking- Mark learned how to hone his senses and awareness to become an expert hunter. Able to track animals by footprints, smell, and general knowledge of their behavior. He knows how to slow his breath and heartbeat to match that of the animal so he doesn't stick out. He can stay still in one spot for hours at a time waiting to shoot an animal.

Master Accuracy- He learned to never miss. If picking up any gun he will need only a few seconds before he masters it and he will always hit his target. He was able to hit a fly from 20 yards away with a flintlock, able to kill a police officer with a ricocheted bottle cap, drop eleven men with headshots before they could react, broke a glass bottle with a flicked toothpick, put a dart between the eyes of a biker speeding on a motorcycle, and shoot a man from hundreds of feet away with a M1 while he was in a speeding car.

Melee weaponry- He is adept in using knives as well as sticks, and even guns in close range. He was able to contend with two Zulu warriors in a weapon engagement with a knife and a stick. Though he lost, he had the upper hand for half the battle. He also fought a WW2 soldier in knife combat and managed to win without sustaining any damage.

Street Smarts- he's knowledgeable about various useful information, such as hiding, living on the streets, surviving, assembling and disassembling guns, makeshift explosives, cooking, etc.



Brown Oilskin Duster

Gunslinger/cowboy hat

Red Scarf

Light brown button up shirt

Brown pants

Brown cowboy boots

Bowie Knife

Two Smith and Wesson Model 29s

Remington 870



Regenerative Healing Factor(Expert level)- though he hasn't been shown to been hit many times, he can regenerate from small wounds such as gunshot wounds, cuts, and stabs nearly instantaneously. He took a accidental stomp on the arm from a elephant and healed from it within half an hour. It is assumed the only way to truly kill him would be a bullet to the head or a large explosion.

Superstrength- while nothing too impressive, he has been able to lift a 2 ton vehicle up off the ground to save a child trapped under. He has also been shown to lift a grown man in the air with one hand. He's been able to break stone with a punch, kick a man through a wall, and shatter someone's jaw with a tensed backhand.

Enhanced Durability- He has taken multiple gunshot wounds and be able to fight effectively. He as taken blows Silver Gentleman, a hero who was able to pull an aircraft carrier out of the ocean by a single chain and onto shore with little effort. He also survived various fire incidents, minor explosives, and blunt force trauma. However it should be noted enough force can knock him out. Electricity and tranquilizers don't have as much of an effect on him as he built a near immunity from his time in the asylum.

Advanced reaction time/body movement: Mark can perceive and process things within 2 milliseconds. He can move his body in the same amount of time. He has shown this when he was able to effortlessly move out of machine gun fire as well as numerous shotgun pellets when they already left the barrel. He was able to kick a metal pan from the floor into his hands and throw it to knock a gun from a shooter's hand before he could fire. He's dodged an explosion as it was already exploding- though the shockwave still caught him. He is able to shoot multiple people before they can draw breath due to his speed.

Enhanced Senses- Due to extensive training with hunting, Mark's sense of smell, hearing, touch, and sight is on a heightened level. He can identify a moving object clearly from a mile away, hear when a trained commando is attempting to sneak up on him, smell a small fire burning from a couple blocks down, and feel his way through an underground sewer with no lights.

Iron Mind- One thing that Mark benefitted from while in the asylum was the will of iron. He is immune to serums, narcotics, psychedelics, and telepathic attacks. Thus making his mind a cage.

IQ: 130

Favorite food: Beef Jerky and Cheesy potatoes with corn flakes