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The scent of the night the cool and free night swept through the trees he knew this place from long ago the birth place of ancient dreams at one time he may have felt joy at coming home at smelling the aroma of familiar blood.

But alas it was not to be a living man feels joy, feels pain his kind stood on the gray bridge which connected Heaven and Hell, Life and Death and there above a lake of blood they stood lost in a dream of what was and what in truth could never be again

And so he walked down the streets he had walked before hearing in aged perfected ears the tunes of a forgoten world reluctantly he smiled as history took him once again before the oak tree the symbol of his heratage

of his very soul the smell of the one peice of nature left that understood the will of the Goddess and the sweetness of blood he stood before it the face of his father Upri smiling beyond its bark laughing and beckoning him home not knowing why he sank his fangs into the bark its softness a welcome from the cold of reality "I am here" she whispered let your sweet be a dream no longer but come unto her and there lay and smile forever in gentle oblivion come home son come home

His hands touched her he fell and became whole again in the arms of his mother

the world faded

the woman and children came unto him

now after so many years the world was silent no more

This one goes out to the Juggalos!

To Insane4him

To Dawn_midnight_angel

to Pamela

To Angela

To my Goddess

to all my friends at hauntingechoes

to my brother

and all those I am proud to call friend

this one is for you!

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Nice work man