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I got bored. Very bored, so I decided to try and cast the characters I am writing in the fan-fic Marvel Re-Imagined X-Men. So here goes:

Storm: Elena Diaz

Was it possible for me to have found a better actress? Nope, she fits the role perfectly.

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Hank McCoy (Beast): Brandon Jones

Another one who fits the role perfectly in my opinion.

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Jean Grey: Emma Stone

I tried to look for someone more original but what can I say? She's spot on.

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Nightcrawler: Blair Redford

Imagine this guy... but blue. Yeah? Tell me I'm wrong.

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Rouge: Michelle Trachtenberg

I was trying to find someone young, beautiful but also intelligent looking.

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Cyclops: Ashton Kutcher

I thought he would be a good choice for the role. If you disagree who else should play him?

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Xavier Charles: Patrick Stewart

Can't imagine anyone else in that role.

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Now if I pick someone other then Hugh people are going to get picked but lets imagin Hugh is ill or something. Who else should take his role? I was thinking Christian Bale but you tell me.

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@Mediumflyer7: No on Bale as Wolvie. I don't know who could do it, but... just no on Bale.

Rest of the cast is amazing though.

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@Mediumflyer7: Very very good choices dude!

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@TheCannon: @Pyrogram: Thanks. And bt the way #11 is almost done. Editing takes a while though

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Wolverine's a tough pick. Lately there really haven't been rising action stars, mostly because the old ones keep taking all of the lead action roles (i.e. Bruce Willis, Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger).

I'd probably go with Jason Statham. He's has the talent and is close enough to Kutcher's age to keep the team dynamic from being weird. The trick would be adding the Wolverine haircut without it looking completely ridiculous.

Now who would play the villains?

Edit: On second thought, I would probably choose Gerard Butler.

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Gerald Butler is a great choice. I will update that later!