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So over the past few months, I have been doing Extra Credit writing assignments for Language Arts Class.

Here are the outtakes.

War and Peace

“Aphrodite, what is that in the sky?” Ares looked up; a red blazing fire sped through the sky.

Aphrodite looked up and screamed in horror “Run Ares!”

Ares and Aphrodite ran, they went to the hall of the gods.

Artemis and Hephaestus sat in there thrones.

Aphrodite yelled out “Follow me!”

Aphrodite lifted her hands, and everyone in the room turned into a cloud of doves, and then disappeared.

They re-appeared outside Mount Olympus, when they turned around to look back at it, it exploded, into a fiery ash.

Ares looked at Aphrodite “What happened.”

Aphrodite looked down at herself “Revenge.”

Artemis was confused “Who would dare attack the gods?”

Aphrodite looked up at Artemis “Our children.”

Hephaestus snarled “I hate demi-gods.”

Then, a voice was heard from miles away “We hate you too!”

A missile was launched at the gods.

Quickly, Ares made the missile explode, killing the demi-gods who shot it.

Hell'sCastle (I literally could just not finish that last line, so I stopped the whole story.)

“Hugh, are you sure you want to do this, we will lose all of our supporters.” A military soldier stood in front of Hugh.

“Of course, are you ready Marissa?”

Marissa came in the room; she had on a secretary like outfit. “Yes Hugh.”

Hugh walked out; he entered into the streets of San Francisco.

He hopped on a ferry, going to the Golden Gate Bridge, when he arrived, the soldier and Marissa stood waiting for him.

The soldier grinned at Hugh “About time.”

Hugh looked at the soldier “Very funny Nick, not everyone can just fly or teleport here.”

Nick, Marissa, and Hugh walked until the got to the front of the Golden Gate, Hugh stood I front of the cars, signaling them to stop. People cursed at him, and started to throw things.

A few cops walked up to Hugh, but Marissa transformed into a small creature, it appeared she was a fairy of some sort, she waved her hand, and the cops turned into dust.

More cops came up, with their guns out, but Nick took of his hat, and he turned into an elf like creature, tall and handsome, he took out a sword he had by his side, and jumped on one guard, sliced the man’s throat, the last 2 cops tried to shoot him, but Nick just tickled the ground, and a hole appeared under the cops, they fell into it, and it seemed like it was almost endless.

Everyone had gone silent, the people in the cars stopped shouting and throwing things.

Hugh whistled, within seconds, 3 creatures came, one was what seemed to be a griffin, it flew down from the sky, Hugh jumped on, one ran across cars, it was a unicorn, Marissa changed back to her normal form, and got on, the final creature was a dragon, Nick hopped on.

The all flew into the air, Hugh leading.

Hugh took out his horn, and spoke from it “Ladies and gentleman, from this day on, some may consider me a terrorist, but I consider myself a peacekeeper.”

Hugh handed the horn to Marissa “We wish to do nothing but unite, us and our followers have hidden in the shadows for so long, seeing the human race being misinformed about us, led to think we are a myth.”

Marissa gave the horn to Nick “I am an elf, do you see how I look, and I am no short person working for Santa. Look at my friend, Marissa, she is a fairy, and isn’t going around singing songs. Look at Hugh, does he look like a demon, no, he looks like a regular human being.”

Nick gave the horn back to Hugh “That is because we are regular, just not human. If you allow us to take part in this world, that will be it, we can live in a world of peace and equality, but if you don’t, we will have to be a bit more extreme measures.”

No one noticed that a helicopter was behind them, and it was pointing guns at them until they said something “We need you to get to the ground, and put your hands on your back.”

Hugh sighed “Well, we tried.”

Hugh looked at the flyer of the helicopter, almost like he was staring into his soul.

The flyer’s eyes got red, and all of a sudden, he started pulling the helicopter down until it hit the water.

Marissa tapped her unicorn on the head “Alyssa, get ready for battle honey.”

The unicorn speed into the cars, cops already were there, but their bullets couldn’t even hit Alyssa, she was too fast.

Marissa waved her hands as they went along, everything around her stopped.

Nick and his dragon did serious damage; Nick slashed some of the cops, while he manipulated the dragon’s fire to torch the cops.

Hugh’s griffin wrecked through cars, while Hugh made cars go rapid, they ran over cops and pedestrians.

S.W.A.T and military troopers started to come.

Tanks, cannons, and other artillery surrounded the area.

Alyssa was shot by a cannon, and stunned.

Marissa got off, and started to use the wind to create a tornado.

Nick single handedly destroyed 3 tanks, while the dragon climbed up buildings.

Nick shouted out to his dragon “That’s right Firebird, destroy him.” It seemed that Nick had a slight Irish accent, but unnoticeable unless very excited.

Hugh heated up the area near the gas in the cars; they exploded and set of a huge explosion.

All of a sudden, what appeared to be a werewolf and a vampire came from the smoke.

The werewolf held Marissa by her neck, and threw her at Hugh, Nick thought about trying to sneak up on them, but he had better sense than that, so he just went by Marissa’s side.

The werewolf spoke in a continuous growl “How dare you wreak havoc on this city, or on this world, I thought that you all were peacekeeper’s. Now you go around and try to destroy what we where we want to live, who we want to coexist with!”

The vampire took over “The Council of Paranormal Activity has declared you all criminals, and we are here to take you in.”

Hugh shouted at them “Do you think that these waste of space humans would accept us! They do nothing but patronize us! They fear us, because we are superior, they know that even the greatest military weapons on this planet can’t destroy us, or stop us! We are just taking back what is ours; we deserve this, not them.”

The vampire walked forward “I am ashamed in you Hugh, you had so much potential. Not just your power, but your spirit. Its powerful. You just use it for the wrong purpose. You don’t want equality, you want to be superior, and still have a spot

Demon's Blood

A truck driver talked to his co-worker on opposite sides of the truck “Yeah, I hit a big one a few days ago, but it looked kind o-.”

The trucker on the other side of the screen walked over to his peer “Oh my god, Jonny!”

An insect liked creature ate Jonny’s insides, it had 4 arms, 4 legs, it looked like a giant spider almost. It caught its eyes on the other trucker.

The creature lunged at him, and ripped him apart, then fed on his insides.

When the creature got done, it viciously crawled down the street they were on.

A few miles away, a van drove down the street, there were 3 teens inside of it, Mike, Nick, and Rose.

They all looked like they just came back from a party, but a very high class one, since they each wore expensive wear.

Rose peered out the car window, she saw the truck pulled over the side of the street, she shouted for Mike to stop the car.

Mike startlingly brunt the car to a halt.

Rose hopped out, and walked over, Nick grabbed her hand “Babe, we don’t know what’s over there, we’re better off just leaving, they are most likely just waiting for a tow truck.”

Rose slipped her hand off of Nick’s, she continued to walk forward.

She went to the back of the truck, and saw a dead body.

She fell backwards, but Nick caught her.

Rose breathed heavily, and her heart rate was higher than ever.

Nick stroked her hair; he asked her what was wrong.

Within breaths, she told him that she’d seen a dead body back there.

Nick went to look, and he also saw one, but instead of freaking out, he merely just threw up because of the stench.

Then, Rose and Nick heard Mark scream; he slammed the car door, and saw the creature behind him.

Mark ran towards Nick and rose, yelling out vulgar language and questions.

Rose and Nick stood in shock.

The creature crawled towards them, snarling and growling.

The teens moved back until their backs were against the truck, as the creature got closer, everyone was more tense, praying it wouldn’t kill them.

The creature got into lunging position, and then Rose yelled out “Stop!”

A large psychic blast emitted from her, it knocked the creature back.

Rose passed out, Nick stood over her, yelling her name.

The creature got back up, and at incredible speeds, it crawled to Mike.

Mike’s eyes got red, his hands smoked, he pointed his hands at the creature, and then he whispered under his breath “Let’s hope this works.”

He thought about attacking the creature, fiery blasts of sun radiation shot at the creature, it shot straight through it, but the creature only fell for a short time, it came back up, with the hole in its body gone, and it regenerated with new limbs.

Nick still stood over Rose, but he saw Mike get lunged at, it tried to tear him apart.

Nick put Rose down, and all of a sudden, his skin turned into a metallic form, when it solidified, his skin was golden.

Nick charged at the creature, he punched it with all his might, and sent it flying all the way to the other side of the street.

Mike breathed out “Th-Th-Thanks, but I don’t know if you noticed, but we have superhuman abilities!’

Nick looked confused “I know.”

Nick picked Rose up, and they all walked back into the van.

The Next Day

Rose and Mike met up over at Nick’s house.

They went into Nick’s room, and talked about what happened last night.

Mike led the conversation, in a frenzy “We can’t tell the cops, they’ll turn us over to the government, test on us!”

Rose turned her head to Nick “That is likely.”

Nick sighed “Fine, won’t tell the police, but what do we do know, just go on living or regular lives with these powers? Not happening.”

Mike giggled “What, do you think that we are going to be the next X-Men.”

Nick yelled out and stood up, pointing his finger up “Yes!” We can be the real life X-Men.”

Rose raised her eyebrow “You can’t be serious.”

Later that night

A man and woman ran down the street, chased by 3 men trying to steal their apparel, since they looked rich.

Behind the man and woman, the teens jumped out of the alleyway, blocking the men.

They each wore ski masks, so their voices were muffled, but Nick stuck his hand out “Stop there!”

Each of the men laughed.

Rose rolled her eyes; she then unleashed a psychic blast on one of the men, making them pass out.

Mike sent a blast of energy at one of them, knocking them back into a car.

Nick turned into his metallic state, and his skin turned silver.

He sent an uppercut to the last man, breaking the man’s jaw.

They turned around, and saw a crowd of people surrounding them with phones, recording.

One of the crowd members stepped up to them, and asked what they were called.

Rose answered, saying “Our name? I like the name of The Slayers.”

Mike propelled himself in the air, not knowing if it’d work, he waved to his teammates, and flew away.

Nick looked at Rose, and even with the ski masks on, it was obvious what he was saying “You can’t do that can you?”

Well, that's it, if you want to finish or use any of these stories or characters, please contact me, unless you come of as really rude and demanding, you can most likely surely have them.