My Sweet Shadow - Part 5

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I am back mans! (and Womans!!) I have been out of the Fan-Fic loop for WAAAY to long so.. Yeah this is my return, and hopefully you'll like it. if you haven't been keeping up here is part one. This Fan-Fic is rated T for violence, suggestive themes and such.  
I woke up much earlier than usual the morning after getting beat up the night before. It was almost 4 o'clock so I knew I had about four hours before I had to get to school. I tried to return to sleep bu that failed, so I quickly decided a shower would be a good Idea. The shower's water was freezing and as i got in I felt my whole body break out with goose bumps. Somehow though I dozed off and opened my eyes to a very dimly lit restroom I shut off the water and hastily got out of and wrapped my body in a large beach towel. i tried turning the light of but as I flipped the switch back and forth the dim light stayed the.  
"That's weird." I said as I exited the restroom. 
I when into my room and flipped the light switch which triggered a blinding light. Right before I instinctively covered my eyes I saw a dark figure run towards me. He grabbed me by my throat and slammed me back against the wall. I dropped my hands from my eyes and saw that he had no face. 
"What the fu**!!" I shouted which really came out as more of a terrified shriek. "Get away!" 
Then a deep Husky voice erupted from his shadow covered "Face", "Daron!"  
The everything went black and before I knew it I was back in the shower scrubbing my head with a largely unnecessary amount of shampoo.   
"I should have known," I said finishing my shower. 
Once I i got ready I noticed that I still had the better part of two hours before I had to head off to school. Which to be completely honest after getting my butt whooped wasn't something I wanted to do in the slightest. I didn't have Mike for any classes so I didn't think running into him would be a problem, still I was not completely sure.  
I looked out of my window from up stairs, my mom didn't seem to be home.  
"Good," I said head heading out of my room, "at least I don't have to worry about her freaking over my black eye."  
The living room was hardly lit, the only light came from the small t.v. My dad sat there hardly awake, and I could tell by the fact that his head bobbed back and forth that he was on the verge of passing out. I walked into the kitchen to make my self some toast before heading out. As I opened the front door my dad hoped up to attention. 
"Isn't it a bit early for school Daron?" he said taking a step towards me. 
"Uh yeah" I said pulling my hood up to hide my face, "I got uh, you know tutorials and stuff." 
"Oh.. ok" he said returning to the couch.  
I left the house and looked at my watch, I had over an hour left before school started, and I lived just ten minutes away. I had been walking aimlessly for a good half hour before I felt as though I was being followed. I turned quickly to find myself staring a tall man draped in black he was a few feet away from me and was walking toward me in a very intimidating fashion. 
"Hey man you need something!" I said filled with a false sense of bravado. 
He said nothing only quickened his pace.   
"Uh. I asked if you needed something." 
Again the man only sped up.
"Say something!" I shouted, scared out of my mind.  
Then for the first time he spoke. "DAARROOON!!!" before he broke out into a full maniacal sprint.  
Hope you liked it! Please comment below and tell me what you think (regardless of whether or not its good).