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Name: Slasher

Host: Alex Scott

Color: Purple and black

Story: When the symbiote Slasher came to earth he attached himself to a host named Alex Scott who is a young teenage man who is at his school is an outcast. When Slasher attaches himself to Alex and they began bonding over time, and they become anti-heroes and want to turn their home city to a safer place for other people. Because of Slasher bonding with Alex, Alex has been doing better in his life.

Abilities: He can run really fast, is immune to sound and heat, he can form blades around his arms, super strength. Can grow tentacles on his back and spider legs. Super healing.

Design: Finger claws, Two horns on the head. Slasher is thin

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When I get around to it, I enjoy creating characters myself. The only difference I have and often suggest to people, is if they have powers, to detail what they are fully. For example: you put he can run really fast. But how fast is really fast? 20mph? 200mph? What's the extent of his super healing, as in, what can and what he not heal from? How strong is he? Can he bench press objects over his head weighing as much as 100 tons? 1000 tons? How hard are his blades and what can his blades pierce, puncture, slice through, in terms of metal? Are they sharp enough to slice through steel or titanium? These are the types of questions that go through my head when I'm making super-powered characters.