My own Slenderman fanfiction.

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It's an unusually lonely night for Timothy, the boy who's known at school as the kid that's weird for walking a lot. His headphones dangle gently from his ear to the plug of his phone in his pocket. A whole new world awaits him everytime those earphones go in.


The air is thick with humidity, and the road is bare. Little to Timothy's knowledge, the entire town is bare. Empty. Right now all Timothy knows is the song he's listening to, the girl he's texting and the road he's walking on. His relationship with the road is intimate, as walking has become an almost warped type of therapy for the boy.




He's ripped from his special world suddenly and takes his phone from his pocket. It's his Dad calling. All the way from Utah. Briefly, Timothy tries to remember the last time he saw his Dad.


Must have been three years ago...


He pauses the song and, slightly reluctant too, breaks the connection from his world and himself. He answers the phone.



"Hey, son!"


His fathers happiness to talk to him makes Timothy feel guilty for that brief reluctance earlier. A sensitive boy, he blinks back an urge to apologize. 


"Hey, Dad."

"What are you doing, kid?"


Should I tell him? He wonders, should I tell him about the man? 


"Uhh.. I'm just walking, Dad."

"Yeah? Where too? You know I don't like you walking around the bad part of town."

"I know, Dad."


A memory slyly sneaks into the mind of Timothy. He tries to forget it, but it's already planted it's seed. His mind takes him back, as his Dad's voice slowly fades into the background.


It's him and his Dad, outside of his old house, three years ago. His Dad is a rather plump, tall man, with thin glasses and freckles everywhere. But standing next to an overweight Timothy his Father looked barely even chubby.


"Well, son, I... got something to tell you."


The solemnness didn't register in Timothy's mind back then, he didn't notice. He was only 14. I was a stupid, apathetic kid  back then. Dad deserved more.


"Yeah, Dad?"

"I got to go away for a while."




Timothy remembers every little detail, down to the wrinkles in his Dad's shirt when he leans up against his car.


"Far away. I found some work out in... Utah. I have friends out there."


That, if anything, knocked the "taking it for granted", apathetic attitude right out of me."  Timothy remembered. 


"... what?"

"I'm sorry, son, but I don't have a life here. Don't you get it? Here, I have nothing. No house, no job. Out there I know a couple people."


"Yeah.. that makes sense, I guess."


Good acting. Don't think he could even tell that was a slap to the face.


"You gonna be OK, boy?"

"I always am, Dad. When are you.. leaving?"

"Tonight. I came by today to tell you, and to say bye. And that I love you, no matter what."

"Love you to, Dad. We'll still be able to talk, right?"

"I'll call you, when I can.... Bye, son."


They embrace in a hug. It's not a very long one, only a few seconds at best. Before his Dad climbs into his car and drives away.


As my Dad drove away I felt apathy, I felt cold. How could someone I love so much say they have nothing here, when I was there all along?


"... and that's why you can't walk around there, son. Do you understand?"


Timothy jerks back into reality, back into the warm nights humid grasp.


"Yeah, Dad. I understood the first few times you told me."

"I know, I know. I just want you to be safe, son."


Suddenly Timothy shivers. It's not just a regular chill, this is a down-to-the-bones chill.


... that's strange, Timothy thought.


Something in the distance catches his eye and he squints behind thick rimmed glasses.


.... n-no.


Fear floods into Timothy as he realizes what he sees.


It's the man. The man from my dreams!


Over by the far streetlight stands a tall, stone still man, wearing a regular suit. His head and part of his torso are in shadows, though, just out of the borders of the light.




He tries to speak but suddenly can't. His Dad hears what appears to be choking sounds.


"Tim, are you alright? TIM!"


... Dad...


Terror stabs into Timothy's heart, his eyes widen, and momentarily it's almost as if everything were dead. No noise, save for the sound of his heart beating. As Slenderman takes a step forward, bringing his faceless head into the light. The shape of (X)'s flash before Timothy's eyes and he can feel himself walking towards Slenderman.


What's happening?  He wonders. I shouldn't be here... It's so... cold...


Almost like a loud bang, the noise returns to him and he hears his Dad screaming in his ear.




The once humid air is now like cold mist against Timothy's clammy, pale skin. He's looking directly into Slenderman's "face".


So.... so cold....


  Timothy's eyes roll into the back of his head and he faints, falling forward into Slenderman. Slenderman takes a long arm and places it around Timothy's shoulders. The clatter of the phone hitting the pavement isn't heard by anyone. Timothy is far too gone to hear anything. The sound of Timothy's shouting father is cut off by a new voice, a womans voice.


We're sorry but the person you are trying to reach is busy. Please call back at a later time, or leave a message after the beep.



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Good stuff. 

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"As my Dad drove away I felt apathy, I felt cold. How could someone I love so much say they have nothing here, when I was there all along?"
Wow. Truth and it's consequences. You are a very good writer. Your own father must be very proud. And grateful.
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@YoBroskie12: Just wanted to check out this Forum and saw this story. This is indeed written with a lot of feeling and emotion. Hope you continue, nicely done.