My original character, Professor Portman

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Time travelers and time manipulators are everywhere in western fiction, they're like a dime a dozen. But barely any space manipulators, either generic teleporters or multiversal cosmic entities, no inbetween.

Here is a high tier/herald tier Spatiokinetic user I made. He looks like an obese African American teacher in his 40s

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Name: Professor Portman

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 250 lbs

Age: 41

Powers: Space Manipulation

Techniques and Applications:

Basically, he can create/generate, delete, shape and manipulate space. That also includes manipulating distance, like for example what happened here:

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Spatial Perception: He is able to perceive the spatial distances: the dimensions (length, width and height), distances between objects, shapes and sizes of things, etc. He can discern how far away something is and the exact measurements of the proportions of an object.

Dimensional Vision: Can see through dimensional barriers, allowing him to see what occurs in other dimensions, and see objects that are in a state of dimensional flux between two worlds.

Spatial Slicing: He attacks by tearing out a section of space to sever the spatial connection of the target. Since this is a spatial attack that distorts the fabrics of reality, there is no physical defense against it. The blades can appear very quickly, with very little to no lag between the attack and damage.

Spatial Flight: He can control his location in space, and can use this to levitate or fly by preventing his location from altering as it would do if one succumbed to gravity and fell. He can also control the direction and speed of his flight by changing the location. Basically he stays in place while area around him moves

Master of Teleportation

He is capable of teleporting on a planetary scale, moving anywhere on the planet or possibly to the closest satellite such as the Moon. He can teleport mass up to buildings.

  • Remote Teleportation: He can teleport others away without transporting himself along with them or requiring physical contact; can be used both offensively and defensively.
  • Partial Teleportation: He can teleport parts of a target away.
  • And of course, he can create portals to a number of effects

Floortilting: He can change the direction or rotate an entire area of space into a different direction, making everything sideways or upside down.

Dimensional Travel: He can travel between different dimensions and universes, and cross over different planes of existence or travel across various forms of reality.

Dimensional Storage: He can put items/beings into a separate dimension for safe keeping, and can summon them back with relative ease.

Spatial Duplication: The Professor can take a said section of space and create a copy of it, and then recreate that said space within somewhere else. This in effect allows him to record and duplicate enemy attacks and use it as his own. In such a case, it may appear he is manipulating time to recreate such effects, though it is simply to recreate the space (and everything occurring within) in another area; in short, a "copy-and-paste" effect. He is even able to clone himself using this power, for example.

His weaknesses: Only human level physicals at base, his base reaction time is peak human. He can be blitzed and KO'd if unaware. Aware, he is almost untouchable, and can fully physically restore (aka Flawless Healing) from anything except death via filling-in and replacing space.

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Nice, now write a story about him :)

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@batkevin74:I would like some suggestions, I'll take anything ;)

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@xlr87t3 said:

@batkevin74:I would like some suggestions, I'll take anything ;)

Start at the beginning: write his origin or his first time appearing on the scene with powers. If you've got the idea, you've got the story. ;)

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@xlr87t3: You have your characters powers well in mind. What you need is a solid plot.

When you write your character, you need to have a plot and story that cannot be strictly solved by the use of your main characters power set.

Thus you have to ask the question, what is the central plot to your story? Is it a problem that highlights your characters powers? Does it requires more than his powers to solve it and if so, what does he need? Will this turn into the evolution of his powers or him as a person thus, making him able to save the day or person?

Regardless, your plot or villain has to put your hero 'in-over his head'. This will culminate into your hero's journey and give you space to even make secondary characters for him to rely on.

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Details so far: His primary motive is to find his daughter, he'll stop at nothing, and he does it by ripping through space and dimensions carelessly. In his search he has damaged space and time and threatened a Reality Bleed, causing the MC to be kicked out of the council of OP powered people. The MC is confirmed to be a fat mustached guy that appears to be in his late 40s.

That's really it. A bunch of details, a premise, but no real plot. The OP council people consist of a guy who controls gravity, one who controls time, one who controls Electromagnetism, and two people who one masters the strong force and the other the weak force.

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@xlr87t3: (FicOPedia here) Like you said: more details, but no plot yet. Interested to see your story.

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@cbishop: Right now I am trying to come up with a main antagonist, that's what I really need help with

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A great main antagonist would be someone who develops the ability to cancel out any powers within a certain footage. That'd be pretty cool.

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@silverspidey:I meant his motivation for being a villian. Why is he evil, what relationship does he have with the MC? Nobody likes a 2d villian.

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Great villains often have a great connection with your antagonist. Something that the Hero isn’t willing to do to solve a problem, or a way of thinking that threatens others, is what the villain will exactly do.

So you have get a good sense of what story you’re trying to write, what your hero wants to achieve and how your villain perhaps wants the same thing, but his choice goes against the hero. Then just place them in a position the story for it to develop.