My neighbor is a ditto Pokedex Entry #005: Training Wheels Part 2

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Last time we left our heroes Kopi had set out on a plan to liberate the city of Sandgem from the clutches of evil! But even with all the prep time in the world, it's useless without conviction. And while our favorite Pokemon may have it but what about our young trainer? Let's find out as we enter the next eccentric entry of our journey!

Taylor POV

I think one of my favorite moments with Mr.Kopi was when he finally managed to get himself a TV. He was so ecstatic that he had earned something for himself that he asked me to come with him as he set it up. And when he finally did (after nearly shocking himself twice), we flipped through the black and white channels until we finally settled on something that took our attention. Even with the old screen, I could still see Ash, the simple trainer from Pallet town that was suddenly titled the world's strongest trainer. And as the young man sat on the couch with a microphone in his gloved hand and his fiery brown eyes on full display. He awkwardly answered a question that may have been asked right before we tuned in.

"What would I want to pass on to the next generation? Well, I guess it would be one of the most important lessons I learned on my journey. Whenever I came across a difficult battle, I realized that no matter how much preparation I went through I think the thing that determined whether I won or lost was that moment that always came down to the wire. Do I turn tail, or do I stand my ground? And while I sometimes wished I turned tail and run I'm more thankful, I took a chance. Preparation is always good, but I think, above all, courage is the real way to succeed as a trainer and in life."

I remember those words even to this day, especially with such an important choice hovering over me. But with the sense of adventure still tickling my mind, I decided to give in and take the leap finally.

"Okay, I'm ready to go," I say to Mr.Kopi

Kopi POV

Before I became Mr.Kopi, I spent months monitoring human behavior through the eyes of everything from a regular Ditto to a Staravia. I used every technique Leonard taught me as we hid from Apex to build up my cover. I even changed his mannerisms and body type to fit my own. But even with all that I knew that all that effort made no sense. I mean, why couldn't I have lived happily as just a simple Pokemon? Why adopt the face of a wanted man? Why go out all this way to help people I don't even though? But every time I create a new all-encompassing question, I always finish with an all-encompassing answer.

"Live your own life Kopi."

Apex kept me away from the outside world for years in shackles and in Leonards's last words I was free of them. And in honor of him, I knew that I couldn't stand aside and let others live in chains as well. And with Taylor's permission, I finally got to work on my plan. Like hundreds of times before I made myself fade away and when I'm on the very edge of nonexistence just as quickly I morphed into the form, I had in my mind: Taylor.

When I opened my newly formed eyes, I decided to compare to my "inspiration" who looked at me with intrigue. Though I already knew that I had copied her features to the minute details. Her very light and short frame was covered in short khakis like her mom with a red shirt like her dad. Her face was littered with freckles and light green eyes. Her hair was a very short light brown, and after the rouge Ursaring incident, she even added a couple of pads on the elbows, knees, and gloves. To make sure that I had gotten here just right though I engaged in my best Taylor impression

"Hello, world I'm Taylor! I want to travel the world, get myself a Lopunny hoodie that Elesea wore one time and used to have a crippling fear of Slurpu-."

"Go already! You're giving me PTSD," she said in a fluster.

"Yes, ma'am."

In a couple of minutes, I managed to get to the confirmed base of The Triumative where all 3 of their vile leaders laid: Ebon, Igna, and their leader Flash. I walk into their den where I'm assaulted with dizzying lights and loud music. With all of the chaos, barely anyone noticed my approach until I went to the speaker and "accidentally" destroyed them! My chaos instantly grabs the attention of everyone in the room. With a storm of murmurs following my outburst, they were soon once again silenced again by one thunderous voice.

"What in the Distortion world is going on here? Who has the guts to mess with the party?"

The crowd dispersed to reveal the three leaders of the Trimutative, all wearing long pants Hydreigon shirts with a different colored head. From left to right I saw a tall and lanky dark-skinned fellow with a purple mohawk, a fat man with spiky yellow hair and a thunderbolt tattoo on his exposed arms and finally a curvaceous woman with burn marks across her red right eye and face. They all have a predatory look of menace as I decided to make my claim in a Taylor like fashion.

"Sorry, but I didn't know a better way to get your attention."

"And why would you of all people, want to get our attention?" Flash said.

"Because silly, I want to battle you guys."

"Ahhahahahah! And why in the heck would we do that girly?"

"Why would you refuse? All I'm asking is a simple wager, in front of the whole town. I want you to use your strongest Pokemon to fight against my strongest Pokemon in 3 one on one battles. If you win, then you get to do anything you want to do to me, but if I win you and your operation scram. Of course, you can simply dismiss me, but I don't think it would do good for your rep to know you were too scared to fight a 10-year-old from Twinleaf. "

"You arrogant little twerp! I should beat your brains in right-," Igna said, jumping in with a ferocious temper.

"Calm down, Igna! I already checked the trainer database; she's not even in any of there rankings. I say we humor her. What time what place," said Ebon.

"3 days, center of town, be there or be square."

Taylor POV

The good news was I was more worried about Mr.Kopi's lame quote or the fact that the entire town was going to watch me fight. In another time, this would have been the most awesome moment of my life, but anytime I tried to remember them all I could hear was confidence crushing laughter. Even with all the rehearsed lines, Mr. Kopi wrote the fear of humiliation still grabbed my throat. And with only hours left before my climactic battle, and the stakes higher then ever I was turned into a complete mess. It got so bad that amid a frantic night terror full of Slurpuff and gangsters, I screamed at the top of my lungs and hit the closest thing that touched me. Which was, unfortunately, Mr.Kopi in his white Ditto form. Once I realized what had happened, I recollected myself and said.

"I don't think I can do this Mr.Kopi; I can't remember those lines, I can't be confident in front of those people like you and Ash."

Mr. Kopi simple face processed and responded to my emotions, and after a moment, he spoke.

" Taylor, I'm not the perfect guy you think I am and I don't think Ash was either. When you ran away, I felt like I was partially to blame. Most of the time, I made stuff up as I went along. Being scared is natural Taylor, but not letting that fear control you is going to be the thing that makes you truly strong. After all, a future explorer needs to be unafraid of the unknown right?"

With his calm reassurance and my tired mind, I fell asleep and readied myself for tomorrow. Hours later with a full belly and resolve, I block out the curious crowd and the glamorous cameras. All I focus on is the battle ahead and unleash Mr.Kopi on my new opponents, ready to show my stuff and stand my ground!

And thus the battle for an entire town begins just like that! Will our dynamic duo handle this triple threat? Find out next time as the journey continues ever forward!