My neighbor is a ditto Pokedex Entry #004: Training Wheels Part 1

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Last time we left our heroes, we had uncovered the mysterious organization known as Apex and the origin of our dashing main hero. However, with the past behind them, they try to move on with the future of their Pokemon journey. But before that, a choice must be made.

Taylor POV

The first and almost greatest choice a trainer has to make is the first partner that they choose. And for Sinnoh, we are always left with three options: Infernape, Piplup, and Turtwig. I looked at the 3 Pokemon with crushing expectation as one of Professor Rowan's many assistants looked with a bored expression. I can't blame him since it's been 15 minutes since I walked in, but I just couldn't choose for some reason. With each Pokemon, I saw only more questions. Which would be best for the gym leaders I would have to battle? Which would be the best is I get myself into danger again? Which would match the best with my shirts? Which would be the best to fight against Trixie?

And when I realized desperately why I couldn't choose.

"My advice, if you think that you have what it takes to be a trainer, you would dump that piece of trash and get yourself a real pokemon."

But after that reckless adventure, I found out that it wasn't trash. Just like Mr.Kopi, I realized my Golett was a protector and a friend just as much as he was. And I didn't want to give up not that just yet. I wanted to spend more time with Golett and one day prove Trixie wrong.

I told the man that I would not accept a starter Pokémon and instead granted myself a Pokédex! With the feeling of absolute knowledge at my disposal, I finally was ready to catch some Pokemon! Or I would have been if Mr. Kopi wasn't such a parent (or Pokemon I guess). He says he would rather have if we had our hotel room set up at Sandgem with him scouting out the Route beforehand to make sure that it was safe.

So after a couple of hours of walking, we finally make it to Sandgem Town. And it was far worse than I had pictured. The people there felt fearful and shady as a couple of the run-down buildings seemed to decay. The town also looked darker but not in a real way. Like the light had died a little. We kept walking aimlessly looking for a hotel on my Pokedex, but before I could realize what was even happening, Mr. Kopi was being trapped in a full Nelson by a man from behind! I tried pulling out Golett to help, but another man grabbed my arm as he snatched the ball from my hand. 2 other men armed with a bat and brass knuckles respectively started to corner us into a nearby alleyway!

They man with the bat quickly cut straight to the chase by stating

"We could either do this the easy way or the hard way. Give us all your stuff, and at least you'll have your teeth in," he said menacingly.

Shockingly Mr.Kopi replied, "Funny I was going to say the same thing to you as well," he said in a cocky attitude.

"The man in the bat chuckled at the reply."

"Are you a Slowpoke or something last time I checked we were the ones in control here. You're outnumbered and outgunned chump. Now get your stuff out before I beat out of you."

Mr.Kopi completely unfazed stated, "Well, you have me at the first part, but the second, you couldn't be more wrong, my dear punching bag."

In an instant, Mr.Kopi breaks out of his hold with explosive strength and throws the mugger straight into the man he was talking with as he also throat chops and backfisted the man holding me and proceeds to swiftly disarm the man holding a raised bat and quickly decks him so hard that he's sent flying! He then proceeds to repeatedly kick the brass-knuckled man down as he was starting to get up and followed it up by using his new weapon to unleash a broad swing that knocks out my former captor! After all, was said and done, he retrieved my Pokeball, and with a compassionate look, he said.

"Are you okay?"

I never had the chance to answer as right a voice said.

"Stop in the name of the Professor community!"

Suddenly a man with blue hair and grey eyes with a red hat, red scarf, and blue shirt ran to us with a Torterra ran towards us. He looked out of breath but quickly realized that we were fine.

" Huh, it looks like my services aren't needed."

"I'm guessing you can explain what the heck happened?," said Mr.Kopi.

"Oh, so your newcomers? Alright, I can, but I'm starving, so can I get you something while we talk?"

And next you know we were at a cafe as Kopi, and the man ate a large amount of food while I kept mine for later. Surprisingly I wasn't hungry after being nearly mugged. In between mouthfuls our meal ticket spoke.

"We've been dealing those guys for a while now. In this new age of Pokemon, the ashes of organizations like Team Rocket to Team Skull have caused a whole lot of gangs like these to pop up worldwide. Most are harmless but unfortunately not these guys. They call themselves the Triumuative, a bunch of crooks who used to be pretty spread out until they all came coming here in response to Sandgem's recent rush in high-grade Soft sand development near the beach. Chief Jenny and I have tried to reorganize our forces to stop them, but it's like playing whack a digglett. They just keep coming. We've been overrun honestly."

The news was saddening. But then again as someone who wanted to explore all of life's little mysteries, I knew that I would have to find some bad. But what could we do? Kopi couldn't do anything without revealing his identity, and I was just a simple trainer just starting. What could we do against such a threat?"

"I'm sorry to hear that Mr.," I said.

"Oh, sorry I never introduced myself, my name is Lucas Basswood, but you can call me Professor Basswood, and I'm the leader of the Rowan branch of the Professor community."

"Wait, what happened to Professor Rowan?" I asked curiously.

"He retired, like four months ago. Do you not watch the news?"

"I'm ten years old. The only thing I've watched was Hawlucha the ultimate fighter and the history and travel networks."

"Well, at least you have good taste, and since your new here I would prefer it if you'd stay at Rowan's old lab. We've turned into a makeshift shelter to newcomers."

With seemingly no other options we begrudgingly accepted the offer. By the time the sun was starting to set, we had set up our room of one of Sinnoh's greatest visionary's. And between all the walking and fright, I thought I was going to have a somewhat peaceful sleep. That is, I thought until Mr.Kopi shook me out of bed.

Kopi Pov

One of the first things I realized from my transition to the real world, I realized how complicated humans are next to Pokemon. Because at the end of the day, we Pokemon are simple creatures. We eat, sleep, reproduce at our leisure, and when we fight, it's born out of instinct. Whoever was stronger was stronger: It was as simple as that. But with humans, it was so very different, like they're born with something missing inside of them. Not only that but in many ways, I also found them so very limited, in both strength and choice. They always seemed forced to do the most unnecessary things. To seek something out at the cost of everything around them. And I can't even think of a better example than these plunders of Sandgem.

In their blind greed, they have forced these people to live in needless fear for their damn amusement. Like their lives are somehow more important than all others. And even with all my power, I knew that I couldn't do anything without more of my identity being revealed. And a wild Pokemon attack would not truly be the intimidation I needed. I couldn't approach this as a human or a Pokemon. There was seemingly no way to truly run out these trainers. And then like a thunderbolt it hit me.

Upon my revelation, I realized what I could do and shook her awake. Groggily she got up with a spiteful look in her eye.


"I have a way to fix this town and stop the Trimuative. I'll just pretend to be your Pokemon!"

"Okay, what?"

" I'll pretend to be your Pokemon, and you'll challenge the Trimuataive to a public battle, and once you beat them they'll be forced to surrender! Their reputation will be ruined, and they'll have to leave."

"What, but Mr. Kopi I can't."

My momentum was completely stopped at her answer.

"But why?"

"I haven't caught a Pokemon much less battled against one. Especially dangerous thugs like these. I'm just not ready, Mr.Kopi. I'm not strong like you."

"Taylor, I understand you're afraid. I know that I'm asking a lot from you, but there may be a time where I'm not going to be able to help you. I may be your training wheels now, but that may not be the same in the future. And this Pokemon world of ours is dangerous. The reason I went on this journey with you was not only to explore all life has to offer but also to make sure that your one day strong enough to stand on your own. And this is the first step for you to do that. So you can either turn away or stand your ground, either way, I'll manage."

Taylor reviewed my words carefully, and she asked the question.

"Are you sure that I can do this? Be as strong as you?"

"No. I told you before Taylor no one decides your limits Taylor not even me. I think you can aim even higher. So does that mean?"

"Yes, I think I will."

And at that moment we shook hands in agreement, ready to take on the Pokemon world by storm with our first adventure.

The start of a legend is born! Will these two be able to liberate a town by themselves? Find out as the journey continues.

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#2 wildvine  Moderator

Okay your technical writing has improved a lot, with only a few mistakes. Content-wise... Kopi is just not grabbing me as a character. Also

I told the man that I would not accept a starter Pokémon and instead granted myself a Pokédex!

How? If this was given by the lab person that needs to be more clearly stated.