My neighbor is a ditto Pokedex entry #002:Revelations

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Welcome dear reader this is Donnieboy16 back as your narrator! Last time we left off our young trainer in training Taylor has been caught up in a situation she may barely survive. With only an old Golett to her name, how will she ever get out of this one? I guess we'll find out.

The Urasring's mysterious dark aura was unlike anything I've ever seen before. Just looking at the hulky, the downright scary figure had me feeling like I was inhaling smoke. The good news was I was far too scared to be bothered by the aura as I quickly got the heck out of dodge. My feet carried me with newfound strength as I frantically ran away, hoping I could at least have my Golett be out of harm's way as it stood there motionless.

I ran and sprinted through the route, hoping someone would help, but there was no one in sight. And with sudden death only inches away, I realized that I was about as alone as I've always felt. Once again, utterly defenseless from all of life's problems. Only this time, I don't think I will ever have the chance to return. The sound of the mad Ursaring entirely ruins my inner thoughts as he released a Hammer Arm that shook the earth so hard that I was forced to lean on a tree to steady myself from falling.

Too bad I couldn't even do that as I push myself into a roll to avoid a slash attack that tears my tree in half, leaving only fragments! My heart in response did a cartwheel as I ran even faster. Again the mad Pokemon unleashed a hammer arm that sent a volley of rocks flying everywhere! I'm lucky enough to use the trees as cover as I keep twisting threw the trees hoping to slow him down just a little bit. Too bad it was all in vain as he quickly started to chop the trees sending even more debris everywhere as a stray rock rocketed towards my leg.

Pain erupts from right leg as I'm knocked down I try to crawl away. But The Ursaring was simply faster as he inches closer. In crippling fear, I closed my eyes, but then I heard something that I never thought I'd hear.


Perplexed I saw that my old Golett was somehow not only blocking me but also covered in a mysterious orange aura. The aura glowered with a warm intensity as the only sign that told me that this was indeed the same Golett I knew and tolerated was a small thumbs up in my favor. After that, it quickly turned to the new threat and decisively pounded the Urasring in the face! The blow barely staggered it, but the Golett kept its momentum with a barrage of lighting fast pound attacks! The mindless Ursaring couldn't even land a slash or hammer arm on the now powerful ghost type who quickly countered his blow with an Astonish that makes it flinch, and it lands a powerful blow that pushes it back!

The Ursaring grew frustrated with its new challenger as it roars echoed louder and it's aura grew bigger. Golett aura in response flickered like a faulty lightbulb as The Ursaring started to have his jaw glow a light blue. The two fighters charge at each other, but in a cruel twist of fate, the Ursaring dodged a pound attack and even chomped down on my Golett's right arm! Ice erupted from the attack as Golett's orange aura dimmed down to an ember. All hope vanished from my eyes as the Urasring started to lift and slam Golett again and again until finally in a bid of mercy and disinterest, he threw my new Pokémon aside in a cold husk.

The Ursaring then turned his attention to me, and before I could die whimpering, I quickly noticed that the Ursaring was being held back by something. I then hear an all too familiar voice that almost drove me to tears.

"Taylor, get out of here, now," said my neighbor Mr. Kopi.

Kopi POV.

Someone dear to me once gave me a once in a lifetime chance. And after a year I think can safely say that I certainly haven't wasted it. Twinleaf was the perfect place for me to hide, adapt, and transform myself in any way I wanted. The taste of life, the smell of freedom was a new and frankly addicting experience. I always slept knowing each day was going to be an adventure, especially if Taylor was in it. Even in the beginning, I could sense her spirit of adventure. And as she often ranted about distant regions and places left unexplored, I realized what I craved. To see all this Pokemon world has to offer me and all the stories it has to offer. And I thank Taylor every day for partially helping with my self made destiny.

In thanks to giving me such a goal, I always sought to make sure that Taylor would always strive to be the best she could be. But I can only do so much throughout the unfamiliar feelings of bullying and growing up. And when the Speleology's came to my house asking to help find their daughter, I guess that was further evidence of that. Convincing them to let me search first while they organized a search party was a challenge. But I knew I that if Taylor was going to be found or worse if she were in danger than I would be her best bet. Tracking them down wasn't particularly difficult. Let's say being the hunter came naturally to me. What happened next was going to be far more difficult.

It took all the strength at my command to barely hold the Ursaring back, but the more I breathed in the toxic aura, the weaker I became. So weak in fact that the Ursaring quickly shook me off. Once I landed, I narrowly sidestepped out of an ice fang to the stomach. Sensing the weak point in front of me, I capitalize on another powerful chokehold! And with my straining muscles, I tell Taylor again to get out.

"I can't! My leg is busted, and my Golett is down!"

A thousand curse words spouted out of my mind as I decided to change tactics. I quickly let go of my opponent and unleash a couple of staggering blows that leave my hands bruised. I finished off with heavy rock to the head as I rush to Taylor. I whip her onto my back and order to hold on as I also was forced to pick up Golett as we made our way out of danger.

The long-absent sense of adrenaline and stress was like a distant memory, hard to process but easier overtime to manage. My blazing speed was now slowed down to a crawl in the wake of my focus. And that might have saved both of my occupant's lives as at the corner of my eye I saw a bright light. Terror engulfed my very being with only instinct guiding my next action.

In one fell swoop, I threw Golett and Taylor out of harm's way as I'm forced to brave the explosion of a hyper beam! Even without the direct hit, the explosion still sends me colliding with a nearby tree! My head tanks the brunt of the blow, completely leaving my body almost entirely immobile. I would describe the pain I was under, but luckily, the shock was already taking effect.

In retched horror, I saw the mad Ursaring approach a crawling Taylor and a barely moving Golett. My very soul erupted in a conflicting war as my brain pounded with every frantic neuron. I could end this all, at a cost that I may be too much to bear. A price that may end my promise to the one that I hold most dear. One that may end the identity I had spent so hard trying to maintain. Something that will bring me right back to where I once started as nothing more than a blank slate. But as I saw my friend crawling oh, so desperately to safety from a raised hammer arm, my mind flashed back to an all too familiar view from my mind. A scene that still makes my metaphorical skin revile in the bitter taste of failure. And at the utterance of such a word, I remembered a promise I had made that I would carry from my old life to the next: that failure was unacceptable. So in one decisive action, I break my shackles.

Like so many times before my cells fell to my command as my entire makeup started to change. Every part of my body began to flatten and fade away until my concussion lost all effect on me. And in one sudden move, I sprung forward to Taylor's side as the Ursaring swung down! However, the blow was interrupted, and for once, the Ursaring finally felt an emotion other than mindless rage. Instead, perplexity took over as he saw that a mirror countered his attack! For this vicious predator was now forced face to face with an existence unlike any other in this Pokemon world. It faced something who's power stands at the pinnacle of all others. And that power would be, the world's strongest Ditto!

In an instant, the mad Ursaring was forced back by a Hammer arm from my free hand. And as the Ursaring was forced to recover, I instantly gave up my new arms to replicate the vocal cords of a human.

"Don't worry Taylor, everything is going to be okay now, I got this," I said in a prideful manner.

After my reassurance, I morph the arms of an Ursaring so that I may employ one of the most devastating techniques from my endless arsenal: Freeflow combat! Using my natural speed and the strength of a Ursaring I rebound across the forest to completely overwhelm and outmaneuver my enemy! Each Hammer arm and slash I laid out was more brutal than the last until finally, I finish up with an ice fang to the right leg!

However, I quickly regretted the decision as even with the frozen leg the Ursaring's Guts ability still took effect, increasing his power in response to the status ailment. I quickly morph to full Ursaring in accordance to the alarming increase in power from my enemy. We both charged up our hyper beams to maximum efficiency until the power simply couldn't be contained any longer and fired at full force! The colliding rays turned the entire route in an intense white light! Our combined power made the wind whip and earth tremble. Everstill even with his overpowering aura, I finished the struggle with one last final push! And with that victory was mine in the form of my beam throttling the mad Pokemon through several trees and a thunderous explosion! But I don't even look over my conquest as by the time I turned around I was already back to being the mild-mannered man of Twinleaf. Even with my various wounds, I turn to see my friend in total shock and disbelief at my true identity. With no real way to excuse myself out of this even with a now fine head, all I could do was hide the pain from all of my previous wounds in the form of a very fake smile and say.

"Welp, Taylor I guess you can say your neighbor is a Ditto, huh?"

A crisis averted, a secret revealed(if you've never learned Danish or Haitian Creole), and a bond is redefined forever! If you want to see what happens next, stay tuned as the journey continues! Anyways, hope you enjoyed the chapter, Donnieboy16 out!

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