My neighbor is a ditto Pokedex entry #001: The Journey Begins

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Welcome dear reader to the world of Pokemon! This is Donnieboy16 here serving as your handsome narrator throughout what will sure to be an unforgettable adventure! After, all this pokemon world ours seem to be almost bursting with countless stories from the past to the present — tales of human and Pokemon that have become legends. But I doubt anyone is ready for what might be the strangest of them all! But like any great story, let us skip the prologue and go straight to the beginning.

"Taylor get up for school!" a familiar voice said, rising me from my slumber.

With a grumbled and aggravated expression, I simply quip back.

"5 more minutes," I pleaded.

"Well, I guess someone doesn't want my world-famous Speleology family Pika-cakes!"

Upon recognizing the voice, I instantly get out of the bed, not even bothering to change clothes as I rushed into the to see one of my most loved ones. I saw my dad in his same old outfit of a red v-neck and shorts with his curly brown hair, eyes and freckles in holy matrimony with my mother wearing her trademark safari outfit with short cargo pants and a buttoned shirt. Her beautiful blonde hair was tied in a tight ponytail with green eyes and a beauty mark. I noticed a small scar on her cheek, but her infectious smile quickly reassured me. We both performed our tackle attacks as we hugged each other full speed.

"You came back early! How was Unova?"

" Oh, you know my side of the family, eccentric as always Oh my Arceus look how big you've gotten! Aww, I want to hear all about what you've been up to over these Pika-cakes."

You see, unlike most kids, I don't see my mom every day. As she always put it, her family was one that sought things out in a variety of careers. My grandfather was a scientist, my mother archaeologists and me, well I want to be an explorer. A couple of years, she got an unforgettable job in her home region of Unova to make sure that we lived a comfortable life here. It's hard, but my mom always returned to our little Twinleaf Town in Sinnoh.

So over the sweet-tasting Pika-cakes, I talked about my major successes and failures. I passed school without a hitch, and I was already figuring about all the cool Pokemon that I wanted to catch on my journey. I would be in the middle of the said journey right now it's already been nearly two weeks now, but the rumors of a mad Ursaring are still going strong but even with that my dad doesn't want me to go in fear of the danger. He's willing to let me travel across the region, but a little danger is apparently enough to crush my dreams. After I told my tale, my mother picked up my disappointment but perked up as she stated her true purpose for coming here.

"I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to make it before you went on your journey. But I wanted to give you something that would help you on your way."

My heart practically was about to be pulled out of my chest in anticipation. I was much too young to remember anything from Unova besides little splotches, so anything from there was a miracle. Especially the dozen or so Pokemon that Mom had at her beck and call. My eyes lit up like a sun in when she pulled out one of her Pokeballs and then excitedly said.

"Golett, show your stuff!"

A white light collided with the floor, revealing an old, brittle looking Golett that posed a dramatic salute. My mind recognized him from distant memories a couple of years back. He was a Pokemon caught by my grandpa as he passed it on to his descendants. It's not like I hate him or anything, but he is kind of like a grandparent. I tried to hide my disappointment with an enthusiastic reply.

"Thank you, mom; I love it!" I said.

" I knew you would love it! This little Golett here has been a friend of the family for generations. And I think that it will help you a lot."

"Thank you, mom, I mean it."

'Your welcome sweetie."

After breakfast, I felt I could make the most of it until I hung out with the other kids. With trainer class over other parents allowed their kids that were willing to go on their journey while still staying close to home. Which pretty much meant that while others already had their starters, all I was left with was my Golett. My Golett that did nothing but pose dramatically in silence. The teasing was alright, but my old former friend Trixie poured salt in the wound. I remember there was once a time when we were as close as sisters. But after a year at some boarding school in Hoenn, she acted like she never even knew me. And pretty much every encounter of ours was like this. She gazed upon my Golett as it also gave a blank stare in return.

"Wow and I thought Magikarp was the most useless thing that I ever witnessed. Can you even battle with this living paperweight?"

"O-Of course I can! It's strong for its age, right Golett!?"

He seemed to respond in the form of a fist bump. The motion itself gave me a little bit of hope.

"Fine, if you want to prove me wrong then how about a little battle?"

I probably would have declined, but the new Trixie radiated power. She wore straight black hair with light blue eyes that shone with a small beauty mark. She wore buttoned-up purple shirt and jeans, but hse somehow made it roll with her cold demeanor. I knew that I'd backed down then she would hold over my head like a scar. So in a combination of fear and bravery, I stepped up.

"Fine, I'll play your game," I said, trying to psych myself up, hoping for my Gollett to sense my desperation.

Too bad any faith I had was misplaced as in only a few minutes I got beaten by a female Piplup ran that she caught only recently. And as my Golett laid there in a crumpled heap, Trixie grew angrier.

"My advice, if you think that you have what it takes to be a trainer, you would dump that piece of trash and get yourself a real pokemon."

Her words echoed louder and louder along with the laughter and pointed fingers. Embarrassment choked my throat as I ran away trying to hide my tears I kept running and running mindlessly until I accidentally bumped into a figure.

" I always appreciate you are dropping by, but you might want to watch where you're going, Taylor."

I quickly backed up to see the person I had bumped into was just who I needed to see, my neighbor: Mr.Kopi.

Twinleaf has always been described as the town where new leaves breathe. It has always been a place where new stars were born, but in recent years it has quickly settled back down into mediocrity in the wake of a new generation of trainers popping up like wildfire. It almost made me stir crazy how boring this place was compared to mom's job. That is until Mr. Kopi came into my life a year ago.

On paper, he was a little unremarkable. He was a skinny man with gray hair and grey eyes. But there was something about him that drew people towards him. That always made a day in it of itself. We became fast friends and with Trixie back, my only friend. In a couple of minutes, I was on my 2nd lemonade as I kept ranting.

"And Trixie smug little mean girl she is beats my Golett and roasts me over it. I swear we smile so sad that I wanted it to split her face in half."

"Uh, huh, by the way, how's the lemonade?"

"Good, but a little sweet."

"Dang it, I thought I had it that time. But besides that point, don't let those little heathens decide what you can do Taylor. If I've learned anything, it's that no one decides your limits. And give your Golett a chance, he's a little slow sure, but I can sense a lot of potential with him. You just need to wait." he said in a reassuring tone.

And as soon as he said that four-lettered word I almost wanted to storm off in a huff. Because all I have done and all I've been doing as been waiting. I wait till the next time my mother comes home only for her to leave me. I wait out Trixie's bullying only to vent to Mr.Kopi. Heck, I'm even waiting on my journey and just like always I'm in the last place. But no more!

With my blood running hot as fire, I grabbed my healed Golett as I decided that for once I was going to live in the fast lane. So in the dead of night with my parents still asleep I went out to Route 201 to catch my very first Pokemon. As Golett and I walked over the sleeping Twinleaf, I realized the difference was truly night and day. The slow and warm days of the town contrasted heavily by the fearful and cold night that tested my courage. But still, I was too determined to turn back and kept on marching until I was mere inches away from Route 201. And again, despite what past encounters taught me, I looked to my Golett and say.

"Do you have my back?"

It simply gave a shrugging pose which didn't help me in the slightest. Still, though I felt like I couldn't turn back to home as I ventured forward onto the route. A slight sense of freedom overcame me as I ventured across the tall grass, searching for an approaching Pokemon. However, before I could even see another Pokemon, a sudden chill of fear went up to my spine. My body suddenly grew weak and tired for an unexplained reason as I heard footsteps that shook the earth. A shadowy mass started to approach me as my sickness got a little worse with each step. Not that it mattered because I was already shaking from the sight of mad Ursaring out for blood!

A dark force from the unknown arrives! How will our young heroine escape out of this one(besides a body bag I mean)! Stay tuned readers as the journey continues ever forward, Donnieboy16 out!

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