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I want to be an actor and director one day, so I wanted to show my movie and series idea. Maybe some of them would be good on Comicvine. Read it, and let me know what you think.

Adventures of Braden:

a teenager named Braden travels the world with his cousin Alexis and her boyfriend Manuel they fight evil. Braden has a girlfriend named MiReina Lopez who likes tennis. MiReina is from Mexico. Alexis uses weak sorcery. Manuel can absorb things. for example, if he touches iron, his skin turns to iron, and he can shape his hand into something like a hammer or knife. Braden uses a device called the ultimatrix. it turns him into aliens. Alexis’s dad Frank is overweight and unintelligent. Like, when Helen sent him to buy groceries, he buys a horse with weird eyes. Alexis has a talking dog named Romeo, and a baby brother named Noah seeking world domination. A man named Nigeria works in Tucson at his own Circle K. His name is Khalid. Frank has some friends. Kronk is a disabled cop who owns a department in Tucson. Shane likes women. A lot. Juhahn Brown speaks in a slow way and is the dark friend.


A puppy named Eleanor is adopted by Peter and Lois, in the town of Moscow. Eleanor must sleep alone as a puppy. When she's older, she meets Shane, who speaks with an American accent, and Predrag, who speaks in a stereotypical Scottish accent. She then meets 2 cats named Jeannie and Jasmin, who turn into backstabbers, knocking down a fishbowl, and blaming it on her. As a result, Lois and Peter punish Eleanor. Peter and Lois leave for vacation, leaving Eleanor with the new baby, named Chris. Eleanor meets Shubham, a handsome, lit dog. She is attracted to him. They are then put together on a collar, when the owl Bagheera cuts off the collar. An evil rat named Don Lino is after Peter and Lois's baby son Chris. Eleanor takes out the rat. She then sneaks off to Olive Garden with Shubham. They meet Shubham’s 2 friends from Italy: Tony and Yoshi. They get breadsticks and eggplant parmesan. They then make out. Shubham is captured by the pound but rescued. Shubham and Eleanor then have puppies

Stephen the king:

Stephen is born to King Troy and Queen Christina into the kingdom of India. When Stephen is older, he asks his uncle Sunder what he will be when he's king. He said he would be a weirdo’s uncle. Stephen meets a friend named MiReina. They have authorization to go to the watering hole, but Nicholas must supervise them. This makes them secretly upset, because they were trying to sneak off to an elephant graveyard. Nicholas says Stephen and MiReina will be married. "Eww! I can't marry her. She's my friend.", said Stephen. Stephen is excited to be leader. MiReina tackles Stephen. "Pinned ya!", said MiReina. Days later, Stephen is sitting around, when a group of water buffalo show up. Sunder kills Troy, and Stephen ends up in the Jungle of Costa Rica. He is adopted by Homer the overweight, and Arnell the skinny fellow. When Stephen is an adult, he re-meets MiReina and they get together. As they are falling in love, Homer and Arnell are crying. They get back to India and battle Stephen's uncle Sunder, who lied about Stephen's death. Sunder is killed, the environmental beauty is back, and Stephen has a daughter


A dog known as Vergil is living in Moscow. He's on a mission to stop the dictator known as Sabretooth. He can't do it alone. He meets Pablo the Chihuahua and Pacha the seagull. Vergil is always jumping through windows and taking chances when Pacha tells him not to. Vergil meets Meg. The next day, Meg and her friends Everest and Marge are watching a race. Vergil bursts into the race, wins, and grabs a hat. Sabretooth is mad at Vergil. Sabretooth and his advisor Moose. "Pull the lever, Moose.", said Sabretooth. Sabretooth falls down a hole yelling "Wrong levaah!", and then shows up with a crocodile biting his tail. "Why do we even have that lever?", said Sabretooth. They get a potion, give it to Vergil, and Vergil wakes up near an old shack. Sabretooth tells Moose to ask where a Husky and a bird went. "Squeak, squeaker", said Moose. It turns out the squirrel doesn't want to talk to Sabretooth. Sabretooth and Moose chase Vergil and his team, and purple arrows are behind Sabretooth as he runs, and red behind Vergil. Vergil and his team jump across a ledge, and succeed. Sabretooth and Moose try to do so, but lightning and a small rain cloud makes them fall. They get inside Sabretooth's HQ, and the wrong lever is pulled. "Ok, why does he even have that lever?", said Vergil. They turn Vergil into a cat with an explosion potion, and the mailman has arrived. "We did not order a giant trampoline!", said the guard. The team has defeated Sabretooth, and Moose starts a camp where they talk to squirrels

The Castro’s:

A family called the Castro’s. Kaleb, a 10-year-old kid who does pranks and says "ay, carumba!" a lot. his dad is Morgan, who likes beer. Morgan works at a nuclear power plant. he is overweight. Kaleb's mom is Christina. she has blue hair sticking up, and constantly cleans. his sister Jennifer spends her nose buried in a book. his baby sister MiReina likes her red pacifier. There will be episodes showing flashbacks and the future of the characters. For example, when MiReina is a teenager, she is so grouchy. For example, she is a punk rocker when she is 16, and curses out an ugly dude when she is 14. Grandpa Castro (Raul) was born in Cuba and moved to the city of Tucson. Kaleb has some dog friends of his own. A German shepherd named Chase, and his girlfriend is a cockapoo from Miami named Skye. Skye is a dolphin's fan. Everest is a husky. When Kaleb gets bullied by a guy named Richard, Everest yells at him in Russian, but then gets slapped in the muzzle. rubble is a bulldog from Chicago, he likes the bears, but is upset because his brother meatball likes the Vikings. rocky is from Cincinnati. he likes recycling, watching the Bengal’s, and watching the bucks. Rocky’s girlfriend tundra is from Jacksonville, Florida. she likes time with Skye, and watching the jags. Zuma is a chocolate lab puppy from Philadelphia. He likes swimming, watching the eagles, and being cute. A man from Africa named Kovu works there with his brother Muhammad at a place called Circle K, with good snacks, sweets and drinks with flavor. Kovu has octuplets with his wife Aisha.


Arabia is setting its stack of money to keep the Nazist party called the Serrano party away. One man named Apu puts his money on the stack, but all the money falls in the lake. Lord Serrano says to Princess Krishna after she claims the money was on the stack; “Are you saying I’m stupid?”. They leave, and Apu suggests getting other people to help him. So, he takes a large dandelion and flies from the mountain, but crashes into a rock. “APU!”, yelled Princess Julieta, Krishna’s younger sister. “I’m OK!”, said Apu, muffled. And so, Apu reached a restaurant, and met a group of animals, who he thought were warriors. He takes them back to Arabia, and Princess Julieta’s pre-school makes a play of how the enemies will be defeated. The “Warriors” leave, and Apu is upset. “Circus people? I thought you were warriors!”, said Apu. A bird shows up, and is after Baloo. Baloo uses himself as live bait to distract the bird. The owl Armani then distracts the bird. This gives Apu an idea. Create a giant bird to scare the Serrano party. “Whoa, Apu. We are not about to fight a political party.”, said Tigress. So, night comes and the party is back. The bird is destroyed, and heavy rain shows up. Lord Serrano is captured by the real bird.


A series about singers. Sa$ha, from Mexico, who performs songs like Cannibal, We R Who We R, Backstabber and Party at a Rich Dude’s house from her Animal+Cannibal album. Backstabber represents when she was partying with Sadie, when Sadie stole her car. From her "Warrior" album, she's got Warrior, Gold Trans Am, and C'mon. She works in California, with her manager Mr. Davis. She is in a court case called "Sa$ha v. Mr. Davis". Tarun is from India, and raps. Some of his songs include Hotel Room Service, Juice box, and Green Light. He lives in Miami, and sells Dr. Pepper on a website in Hindi. He wears sunglasses and has Latina backup dancers. Tarun has worked with other artists like Kovu, and featured him in his song “Give me everything”. He’s also been featured in Rita Martinez’s hit song “On the floor”. Izzy Stephens is from Russia, and has songs like Paparazzi, Just Dance and Alejandro. Will Simpson lives in Arizona and sings songs about the world, and beautiful girls he sees, like “Lovely Abigail meter maid”, and “Jannixa Rigby”. Rita Maraj (her stage name, real name is Aditi Maraj) is from India, and sings songs like “Only (ft. Big Red, and Big Adarsh.)”, “Starships” and “Anaconda”. Big Red is from Arizona, and is featured in songs like “International love”, by Tarun. Big Adarsh is from Chicago and raps songs like “6 foot 7 foot” and “Love me”. David Benitez is from Cuba, and has songs like “Dirty Dancer”, and “Bailando”. Shane Williams is from Australia, and is a DJ. He has songs like “Turn me on” (ft. Rita Maraj), “Sexy (B-word) (Ft. Tariq), “Titanium”. Tariq is from Comoros, and raps songs like “Right now (na na)”, “Oh Africa”, and “I’m so paid”. Tramp is from Russia, and has songs like “Rap god”, “Not afraid”, and “Love the way you lie (ft. Lady)”.

The Braden-David show:

2 brothers named Braden and David live in their living room and try to get to specific locations for the first time. For example, when Braden’s pet fly Fido is upset, they decide to look for a picnic. Each episode begins with a cold opening showing one or both brothers in the middle of some activity, typically involving something imaginary. After greeting the audience, David introduces "The Remote" by pretending to be holding a remote control. He explains that The Remote can control the action on-screen. He demonstrates by pressing various buttons, which control Braden's actions. For example, "Fast Forward" causes Braden to move and speak fast, "Pause" causes him to freeze, "Rewind", which causes anyone to move and speak backwards, "Mute", which causes Braden to speak without any sound. In many episodes, David discovers a previously unknown "Wild-card Button," such as "Humongous" (and its opposite, the "Minute" button). This button causes some strange and/or undesired effect. He presses unknown buttons on the remote after saying "Hmm" or "Ooh, I wonder what this button does." David then offers The Remote to the viewer and "hands it over" by reaching off-screen downward. The brothers direct the viewer to "press the Play button." At this point, a strange and/or undesired effect happens ("Uh-oh, I think someone pressed the _____ button"). The brothers encourage the viewer to fix the situation by pressing a button for opposite effect. When they ask the viewer to "press play" a second time, Braden says "But whatever you do, don't press the -" but he is almost finished when the joke is repeated, and the viewer must again press the button for the opposite effect. Finally, Braden and David ask the viewer to "Just press Play" a third time, and the episode starts. In each episode, there are 3 wrong turn rooms. In the Picnic episode, the door takes them to the no-room room. In the art museum episode, they take off the couch cushions, go underneath and end up in the fog room, and at the end, go through the stuff closet door, only to take them to the art museum.


A guy named Shane, who lives in a place called Saguaro Lake in a grape house. His neighbor Tyrekk likes playing clarinet and argues with him. His other neighbor Kaleb lives under a rock, and laughs a lot. He wears green underwear with purple flowers. Mr. Hamazoui is a greedy guy about money who works at a Breakfast all day restaurant, that also sells Nigerian and Indian food: The Crispy African. The most popular dish is the Afro Sausage Muffin. The evil enemy Dr. Roach keeps trying to steal the secret recipes, but fails. His wife is a computer named Amanda. MiReina lives in a tree house and is from Texas. She is skilled in martial arts. Mr. Hamazoui has a daughter named Da'Maria. Da'Maria likes spending time with her friends, and she cries sometimes.

Shane movie:

Shane goes to work, when the newest invention of Dr. Roach is revealed. It is a fighter jet. Kaleb gets the binoculars the wrong way and screams "AAAH!!!!!!!!! He's right on top of us!!!!!!!". So, the potato guns are fired. The plane crashes, but turns into a tank. They ask the order, but it's MiReina at a drive thru, so they switch, but Mr. Hamazoui says the same thing. He grabs the ketchup and tomato gun. But it turns into a giant robot after it's destroyed. It gets destroyed and Dr. Roach gives up his penny, which is a decoy, so he can sneak into the safe. But a Pirate called Sausage beard takes a book in a Jungle and writes in it to steal the recipes. To get the final page, he must go underwater and face one legendary hero. Kaleb is vandalizing his house, and is arrested. They sneak, and a piano is played. "WILL YOU STOP PLAYING THAT TINY PIANO?!", says Dr. Roach. They dig a tunnel and come across large humans. They get the book from his ship, but end up on a rock island surrounded by seagulls. They re-write the book and get powers. Shane gets a bubble head thing, Kaleb is called Mr. Super awesomeness. MiReina turns into a squirrel. Tyrekk has a clarinet that plays loud music. Mr. Hamazoui is now a robot with rocket feet. Kaleb uses his power and summons a storm, but only eats 2 ice cream cones. "Maybe we should have picked a better superpower for you, Kaleb.", said Braden.

ISIS slayer:

A janitor named Kaleb. one of the employees there, Martina, secretly likes him. his manager is a guy named Mr. Robson. Robson owes $5,000 to Abu Bakr. Abu Bakr says “Braden”, and his servant Braden plays “Baby got back”, and they see him listening to it and are weirded out. “Hey, boss. Big butts. Haha”, said Braden. so, Kaleb is running, but a rock falls on top of Abu Bakr’s son Saif. he claims he killed it, and he becomes famous as a ISIS slayer. he fights Ali, but they are friends, and Ali fakes his death. so, he confesses to not being a real slayer, and he says it was a rock. so, Abu accepts his son Ali for having a friend who's an American.

Kaleb and the eggs:

Shrek the ogre is trying to find cheesecake, but meets a girl named Fiona, who steals his cheesecake and Shrek falls to the forest floor. Hyrum thinks he's having his baby, but it was just a kick. The 6th false alarm. Rath says he aint getting married. Kaleb finds 3 eggs underground in an Ice cave, and draws smiley faces on them. He names them "Eggbert", "Shelly", and "Yoko". Hyrum tells Kaleb to put them back. He says "Fine. I'm better off alone anyone. A lone, lonely loner." "That's a lot of aloness", said Hyrum. "Precisely!", said Kaleb. "Don't worry. He'll bounce back. It's one of the advantages of being Kaleb. However, a dinosaur shows up and grabs Kaleb and the babies. So, Hyrum, Rath, Vi, David, and Jaida go to rescue Kaleb. They meet Woody, who is the expert of the place. He carries around a knife. He reveals he was eaten by a dinosaur, escaped. However, Kaleb gets stock on a rock of lava. "This is the end of Kaleb the human." He falls, but Woody rescues him on a pterodactyl. Hyrum's daughter is born, and they name her Eleanor.


A guy named Ivan finds his friend Jon. They go to a restaurant and meet a Russian dog named Valeria. He has a crush on Valeria but is scared to talk to her. The owner of the restaurant, Vladimir, likes Valeria too. So, Ivan visits Valeria's house and they are having Chinese food. it turns out that Valeria is taking care of a Kazakh boy named David. David claims he ran away because his mom died & his stepmom wants him to call her "mom". Ivan calls Valeria "His little Soviet.". Jon was sitting on Valeria's couch. "So, what are we having for dinner, boss?", said Jon. "Privacy.", said Ivan. He then threw Jon out the window. They then eat, and Valeria reveals she worries that she may not marry the perfect guy, and she reveals that she loves Ivan. This makes Vladimir furious. Valeria then has a drink of vodka. so, they go to retrieve a stolen horn and a police station. David’s dad & stepmom are at the station. they reveal that David ran away after they said they were having a baby. so, they go to retrieve the horn, but a demon shows up and kidnaps Ivan. this makes Valeria, Jon and David worried. Ivan is forced to mop the floor of a demon’s house. Ivan escapes. he teaches David that you can love more than one kid, and that makes David sad because he now misses his family. David goes back to his house and says he loves them. he then asks if they have room for a pet, and they say yes. He pulls a magic trick and summons 2 bowls.


Jacob, in Philadelphia leaves for adventure. He meets Dante. Dante is the stereotypical cool guy. He loves hot girls. He follows Dante to his home. Dante lives with his friends Tito, Bryan, Ramond, and Amore. Tito likes dancing to Salsa, while Ramond is watching game of Thrones. A homeless man moves into their hut and his name is Mr. Figgins. However, Jacob's been captured by the richest New Yorker. They sneak into his mansion. Tito finds a cigar and says "Hey. If this is torture, chain me to the wall." They rescue Jacob. But Tito falls in love with MiReina, and says "Hey, no time for long goodbyes, but here's something to remember me by, baby." As he tries to kiss her, she slaps him. MiReina is the daughter of the richest New Yorker. His name is Raul, from Costa Rica. Jacob, Mr. Figgins and Anne Martinez almost get hit by a train, but Dante rescues them, and Mr. Figgins is invited to temporarily to the mansion for a while at Anne's birthday. Tito & MiReina become boyfriend and girlfriend, and they go to Valle Luna together. Dante, Bryan, Amore and Ramond go to Olive Garden. "Tito Alfonso Francisco Ceja, I love you and I want to marry you.", said MiReina. "I love you too, baby. My MiReina Carolina Martinez", said Tito. Dante and Amore become a couple.

Monster slaying:

A team called the Scoobies in Dallas, Texas. Lee Davis, the genius. Amore Lopez, the vampire slayer. Nero, the vampire, who is also Amore’s boyfriend. Janixa, her best friend. They go on adventures slaying monsters like vampires and other forces of darkness. Janixa's boyfriend Guy turns into a werewolf at night.

Braden the director (short film):

A dude in Sweden named Braden is taking a bath when he has an idea. He wants to be a director and actor and quickly gets ideas. He then runs out the house naked yelling "Eureka!".

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@dantekesha: That sure is an assemblage of vague ideas. Except the first one which is shamelessly taken from Ben Ten

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There's a disabled cop and unintelligent, overweight dad in Ben 10?

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"Braden uses a device called the ultimatrix. it turns him into aliens." This one is from Ben 10

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You read my forum on adventures of Braden and liked it

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I like your other ideas!

Just change the ultimatrix name.

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@dantekesha: I skimmed your other thread and told you to write your ideas. I didn't see any plagiarism stuff in that thread or I would have commented.

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My 3 marvel movie ideas I came up with a couple days ago. Let me know about these ones


A Tibetan known as Wong is living a normal life when he hears about the problems going on in America. To prepare himself, he decides to get training in martial arts from the ancient Masters of Sichuan. He heads home to have some kung pao chicken, when Sabretooth has arrived in China. Wong must defeat Sabretooth, but he can't do it alone. He receives the help of Hawkeye and Punisher. "This animal heals real fast. Multiple bullets, a sword to the chest, and serious burns. We might want to plan our attacks wisely.", said Hawkeye. "If I may, I'd like to make a statement. Even though this guy has a healing factor, we might be able to defeat him. Ok, here's the plan. Hawkeye will start off by using his zipline arrow to kick Sabretooth in the back for a surprise attack. Next, when he gets up, Punisher will shoot him in the pelvis with a shotgun. After that, I rush in and deliver blows to his head with my staff, and we attack with our primary skills and try to strategize quickly in battle.", said Wong. "Seems like a stupendous idea.", said Hawkeye. "Can we use a fighter jet? That'll do a lot more damage?", said Punisher. "Frank, we'd have to gain access to one, then bomb Sabretooth, then you'd have to fly the jet to a reasonable landing sight so we could get in the battle.", said Hawkeye. The team travels far and wide, through the forests of Sichuan, across the rivers of Hunan, all the way to the Yellow River. They see Sabretooth. Hawkeye pulls the surprise attack like planned, which causes Sabretooth to fall down to the lower area of the rock. "Nice, try. But I heal real fast.", said Sabretooth. Punisher fires at a distance to hit him in the pelvic area. Wong finally jumps in and hits him in the head. Hawkeye proceeds by firing arrows at Sabretooth, but the healing factor is allowing Sabertooth to continue. Wong attempt to weaken Sabretooth by throwing a sword at him. Sabretooth pulls it out, but as he is doing so, Hawkeye fires putty arrows at his feet, which causes him to fall over onto his chest unintentionally. " Cheap Trick, coward. You three are nothing compared to me. Just give up already.", said Sabretooth. Hawkeye fires the PYM particle arrow, which turns into multiple other arrows. Sabretooth escapes the putty, but Hawkeye fires an explosive arrow at the ground, creating a hole. Sabretooth attempts to escaoe, but an acid arrow makes the hole slightly wider. The drop off package from the X-Men arrives, and Sabretooth is knocked out with an electric arrow. The package is adamantium handcuffs, which are put on Sabretooths hands behind his back. Hawkeye contacts Professor X. "I heard about Sabretooth arriving in China, and I felt you 3 might lose, so I decided to get involved.", said Xavier. "I'm the new guy. Wong. I helped strategize part of the battle before we arrived.", said Wong. "I see. Well, I might consider sending non- X Men to fight a few battles", said X.

Moon Knight:

Elias Spector escapes Germany to avoid living under Nazi rule. He has a son in America named Marc. Marc joins the marines and leads an OK career, until his brother killed his girlfriend Lisa. Marc left the marines in search of a new life. He arrives in Egypt, but falls down a hole and meets the Egyptian moon god Khonshu. Khonshu agrees to aid him when needed. Marc heads back to New York to create the Moon Knight suit, sword, crescent darts and the shield. He teams up with Wolverine and Domino to stop the evil clone of Deadpool. He is in Costa Rica. The team arrives in Costa Rica's jungle, and sees Deadpool. Domino shoots him in the back of the head to make him fall into a river. "Wow, how clumsy. Why did that happen to me. But hey, I regenerate, so who cares.", said Deadpool. "Hey, Domino. X-Babe. What are you doing here?", said Deadpool. "Wade, you killed people. We're here to kill you. And with a new friend.", said Wolverine. Deadpool runs up but Moon Knight throws crescent darts at both his eyes, and Deadpool acidentally crashes himself into a tree. "My healing factor will keep me up long enough to win.", said Deadpool. Wolverine & Deadpool stab each other but regenerate. Domino uses her probability power to disable Deadpool's guns, and make him fall over. Deadpool throws a rock at Moon Knight, but Marc dodges it. Moon Knight decides he's ready to finish it, but he must get energy back. "Khonshu, restore my stamina", said Marc. And so, it is, and Moon Knight slices off Deadpool's head.


The Greek god Hercules notices problems with the modern world. Like war, racism, and crime. But something A LOT more dangerous comes. Dr. Doom, Ultron and Magneto have formed an alliance. Hercules decides that they must be stopped. "By Olympus, I'll defeat evil.", said Hercules. Hercules arrives in Serbia to take out mutated humans that turned into 9 foot tall, stronger than lizard monsters. He interrogates one. "Where are your leaders?!", said Hercules. "At Latveria. In the leader's room of the castle.", said one of the thugs. "If I find out you are lying, I'll murder you! Believe me, I've defeated Hulk, Sentry and Wolverine.", said Hercules. Hercules moves across long distances. Through the Swiss alps, across the rivers of Poland, all the way to Latveria. He notices Chameleon, Sentinel, Taskmaster and Electro as guards. Taskmaster fires his bow and throws his sword, but Hercules resists it and breaks the sword. "This guy seems more difficult than Deadpool. I'm out!", said Taskmaster as he quickly escaped. Sentinel fires multiple rocket fists but Hercules feels no damage. "I may have no pain, but I'm receiving some gain right now.", said Hercules. Electro attempts to shock, but Hercules feels hardly anything, and Chameleon's tranquilizer darts have no effect. Doom and his team are found. "Call this my final labor. Evil will finally lose.", said Hercules. Hercules is moving towards Doom to punch but Doom teleports and blasts him from behind. Ultron fires at full power, and Herc has fallen over. "I guess it can't be helped. But that won't stop me! My strength is broken.", said Hercules. Magneto creates a fist made of metal to punch Herc in the back. "Hm. He's strong. But is he smart or fast enough?", said Doom as he is about to time travel Hercules, Magneto, Ultron and himself back to the Carboniferous period. Doom fires another blast, max power, knocking Onto him over onto his face, then Magneto uses his magnetism to detect nearby metal to throw at his head. Ultron kicks his face. "Ok, get ready. Because I'm about to get serious!", said Hercules. Hercules rips off Ultron's head, breaks Magneto's shield, and throws him to the ground, and finishes it off by beating Doom to the point where he nearly gets all his stamina drained. "Hope this teaches you to stop!", said Hercules. "Wow. No wonder almost everyone fears you. You could defeat Apocalypse with enough work.", said Doom.

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How about I change the name to Yamato, and in original form (like when it was the Omnitrix) I'll call it Rebellion

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@dantekesha: I’ll try to be as constructive as I can.

Adventures of Braden: This is Ben-10.

Elenanor: This is the Secret Life of Pets in Russia

Stephen the King: This is the Lion King

Did you recently watch these films?

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Oooh! I got one! A fat dictator known as Manny Fierros. Lives in the North of Mexico. He is the only fat guy in the entire country. He likes to watch Bambi when no one is looking because he's like a greedy fat child who knows what weapons and such are. Military service is mandatory for 10 years and they make kindergarteners sing songs about him. He likes to eat Cheese and drink Russian vodka. He is working on a nuclear program to defeat the USA. He also likes to make all sorts of legends about himself. Like, that he is so powerful, he does not defecate or urinate, and that he was born from a double rainbow. He also claims his dad taught him how to kill and how to drive at age 3. When his dad was alive, he claimed he invented the chicken sandwich, but they call it: Double bread bun with chicken.

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@dantekesha: All of your ideas need work. At the moment they are random smatterings of lumped together ideas with no form or direction; it’s like you feel you NEED to write it all down in one go or it’ll evaporate from your head.

So pick one. Put the others to one side for now and focus on one. Doesn’t matter which, just pick one. Then you can start shaping that into something.