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All of my characters I have ever created. (just to let you guys know how much time i have on my hands)

most of them have back stories and others are still being developed or can't be explained because two of my friends are helping build the universe and it is impossible to explain everything, without them.

There is alot more its just really late now... must sleep

HeroesVillains (With rogues Gallery)ESPIOElemental KnightsGalactic charactersTeen LegionJ-Tech squad


Cybernetic Organism Mind Mandated And Networked for Dangerous Operations,

was a gov't experiment to make the perfect human weapon. he escaped and became a Vigilante in New Orleans. Brain has super computer's installed that make him the perfect vigilante.

Is a founding member of the Legion

For more Info Read: COMMANDO Part 1 and COMMANDO Part 2

Powers: Bat-Cave level computer in his Brain makes him super smart, and makes him knowledgeable of all fighting styles and ability to handle any weapon. Expert tactician. Can dodge bullets and automatic gunfire.

Morals : No killing, No exceptions

Abra-Kadabra (Abraham Candor) {Immortal's Villain}

As a kid, Abraham loved doing magic tricks, he grew up in an impoverished family. His father made him do magic shows for the neighborhood in order to make some money. If Abraham did a trick wrong, he would get beaten by his father. Resulting in him losing his mind. When Abraham was 10 he killed his father and was sent to a juvenile detention facility. That's when he took to Chemistry and History books. He learned of Ahura Mazda and his Magic and created a serum to give himself Magic blood like Ahura Mazda. He gave himself a near-fatal dose, but he survived it. Later he was trained by Ahura Mazda to use his magic. He is the arch nemesis of The Immortal. He sees the world as a big Magic stage and he's the Magician. The rest of the world is his Audience. If some of the Audience has to be sacrificed to complete his trick, so be it.

For more info see: Immortal Part 2

He is the most powerful Magic user on earth.

Powers: Magic (spells, Telepathy, Telekinesis,

The Immortal (Demetrious Lippio)

Is an Immortal human with super strength and invulnerability. Cannot die by any means. Was a spartan and has been alive since the battle of Salamis.

Is a founding member of the Legion

For More info read: Immortal Part 1 and Immortal Part 2

Powers: Super Strength and Invulnerability to physical damage. Has wrestler stance that no amount of force can move him when he is in it. Can take strong shots and body can adapt to it and make him stronger.

Morals: Killing is okay as long as they are not innocent civilians.

Weakness: Magic. Ever

Nucleov (Nikolov Nekeyev) {Immortal's Villain}

Ex-Spetsnaz Soldier, who was framed for a crime he did not do. As a result, the KGB killed his wife and kids. He spent 20 years in a rotten prison, until finally he was proven innocent. He received some condolence money and an official apology. That wasn't enough for him. He snuck into one of Russia's nuclear facilities, and blew it up. a good chunk of the country but also giving him nuclear powers.

For more info read: Immortal part 3 (coming soon)

Powers: can shoot nuclear blasts from hands that can cause massive explosions. Durable enough to tank shots from the Immortal, Faster than sound flight speeds.

Morals: None

Weakness: Nucleite (A metal COMMANDO made that saps up nuclear radiation.)

Michael The Arch Angel

Was a regular angel until Lucifer rebelled in heaven and was cast to hell. Michael was promoted to Arc Angel and comes to earth to protect it.

Is a founding member of the Legion

Powers: Flight (his wings) Light based attacks, indestructable sword that can cut through anything (he can control if it can cut through entire fleets of ships made out of magnate or if it can knock a human out), FTL travel and combat speeds if needed. Extreme durability and strength.

Morals: absolutely no killing humans. No killing in general unless The Almighty permits it.

Damian Lippio {Immortal's villain}

Hundreds of years older than Demetrious. He fathered Demetrious with a spartan woman. Before she got pregnant, Damian despised her. After she got pregnant, he left because he didn't want to see the atrocity he made with her. After thousands of years, Damian heard about a man who was defending New York. The man had super strength and invulnerability. Damian visited him and sure enough it was his son. Damian tried to convince Demetrious to use his strength for his own gain, but Demetrious refused. So his father tried to rough him up in order to change his mind. This resulted in a destructive city wide battle, which Demetrious ended up winning only due to his extensive training as a soldier.

Powers: Same as Immortal except the body adaptation. Is a stronger Immortal than Demetrious so he could make Demetrious bleed or kill him.

Morals: He is one of the strongest things in the world. He sees the world as his for the taking.

Weakness: Magic

Magne-Monk (Dingbang Zhen/ Zhen Dingbang) {laugh at the name all you want}

Shaolin Monk who found a chunk of experimental magnate that landed on earth. when his hands came in contact with the magnate, he was able to lift it and move it. Something no other being can do because magnate is attracted to a planet's magnetic field and is impossible to move by any other being except him. It is also an extremely durable metal that is second only to Divine metals of heaven.

Is a founding member of the Legion

Powers: Indestructable staff, can fly with the staff by spinning it fast like a helicopter. he also is an enhanced human.

Morals: Doesn't usually resort to killing (as a shaolin monk was trained) but if you threaten his country, all bets are off.

Ahura Mazda {Immortal's Villain}

Also an Immortal, Mazda was born with "Magic blood" After seeing all his wonders and magic spells, the Persians coined him as their God. He was the first person to defeat The Immortal. He also gave him the spell where: on the anniversary of the battle of Thermopylae(300 spartans) He will feel all the pain they felt as they were getting slaughtered.

Is the 2nd strongest Magic user on earth

For more info see:Immortal Part 2

Powers: Magic(Spells, Telekinesis, Telepathy, constructs, healing, forcefields, shapeshifting

Morals: Will kill whoever he feels is necessary.

Liberty Lass (Libertas)

Daughter of Ahura Mazda, and also an Immortal) Her whole youth was dedicated to training to beat The Immortal. After losing to him, Mazda disowned her and slandered her as the Goddess of prostitution. So she dedicated her long Immortal life to protecting the weak and freeing them from oppressors. She was later coined Goddess of Freedom. She helped the US win the revolutionary war. The statue of liberty was made in her honor.

Is a founding member of the Legion

Powers: Can generate her skin into a tough organic Metal. Super strength. Flight. A "torch" that can morph into a flaming sword or whip. An indestructable "Tablet" She uses as a shield.

Morals: Same as Immortal's

Weakness: Magic

Johnathon Edwards {COMMANDO's Villain}

Creator of the super computer in COMMANDO's head. He is he owner of Johnny-Tech. He was a weapon creator who sold WMDs to the highest bidder. He was caught by the gov't who threatened him with jailtime if he didn't create a super soldier for them. After COMMANDO escaped, he has been on the run creating cheaper versions of the super computer and installing it on people (of their free will) and sending them after COMMANDO. After several failed attempts, He gives up and recruits all his other experiments to form the J-Tech Squad.

For more info read: COMMANDO part 1

Powers: None but is a super genius when it comes to making weapons.

Morals: Do whatever it takes to get what he wants

King Arthur

After thousands of years of healing in the Avalon Healing Center, He he has returned to Camelot but found 90% of its territory claimed by other lands. He started a war with Great Britain and The Us by invading them to to get his territory back. His plans were thwarted by the legion, and he then turned neutral. Later he becomes a valuable ally to the Legion.

Powers: Excalibur sword that never misses a shot. Helmet that turns him invisible, Sheath that gives him an insane healing factor. Above human strength and speed.

MASS (Nathaniel Holmes) {COMMANDO's villain}

Was a member of the British MI6 when Johnathon Edwards asked the director for a "Favor" The director gave Edwards, Nathaniel for a computer implant. When Nathaniel heard what it can do, He jumped on board with the program. A computer was installed on his pituitary gland that allowed him to grow to 4 times his size. He was sent to get COMMANDO but was defeated by COMMANDO because of two vulnerable spots. His nose, and his testicles. After getting defeated he Abandoned Edwards and MI6. Later he joins the J-tech squad.

For more info read: COMMANDO part 3 (Coming soon)

Powers: Can grow to 4 times his size, and can shrink back at will. His stregth is multiplied as well when he grows. He's pretty durable. Whenever he grows, all wounds immediately heal.

Weakness: nose and testicle punches.

Katsuo (Martin Rosado)

Father murdered, Mother died of a drug overdose. Martin was a 13 year old parkour enthusiast who was trained by a ninja to fight against a yakuza family known as the tetsuo. After his master was killed, he embarked upon a path of revenge but crossed paths with COMMANDO. After some convincing, He worked with COMMANDO and became his sidekick.

Is a founding member of the Teen-Legion

For more info Read: Katsuo

Powers: Peak human physicals, but is expert with ninjato and shurikens.

Morals: Before meeting COMMANDO he killed all his enemies, after meeting COMMANDO, he practiced the same morals. Not above stabbing arms or legs.

Darc (Vladimir Abramovich) {COMMANDO's villain}

A member of the Russian mob in New Orleans. Johnathon Edwards knew the Don and asked him for a "Favor" The MI6 and the CIA were after Edwards so he had no other place to turn. The Don gave Edwards his best man Vladimir. After hearing what the computer implants could do, Vladimir was right on board. The computer implants he got were fairly close to that of COMMANDO's minus the information. It did enhance his physicals to 2X that of COMMANDO's. He went after COMMANDO but was defeated in a very tough fight. Like MASS, DARC left the Mob and did his own thing.

Later he joined the J-Tech Squad.

Powers: Enhanced strength and speed. Expert with the Skorpion machine pistol.

Sai (Jade Wilson)

Daughter of Bushido, was forced to form a relationship with Katsuo in order to kill him. Jade eventually really grew fealings for Katsuo and turned on her father. she later joined Katsuo and COMMANDO on their Vigilantism.

Is a founding member of Teen-Legion

Powers: is expert with dual sai's and Kunai throwing knives. After getting shot in the back and paralyzed by Crooked Cop, COMMANDO retrieves one of King Arthur's Sheathe's and modifies it as a belt for Jade. Giving her a healing factor on par with King Arthur's. Peak Human physicals.

Morals: Same as Katsuo

MARKMANDO (Richard "Dick" Edwards) {COMMANDO's villain}

The son of Johnathon Edwards. Dick volunteered to receive implants and track down COMMANDO. His father was never there, so he wanted to make his father proud of him for once. Edwards thought that the only way to kill COMMANDO was to snipe him from a far distance so Edwards gave Dick Eye implants that gave him better accuracy that COMMANDO. He also received a custom made sniper rifle that didn't have a scope because Dick didn't need one. He also had trick bullets. He tried o snipe COMMANDO but failed due to COMMANDO's reaction speeds. COMMANDO easily defeated him when they got up close. Edwards treated his son like a faliure and Dick never forgave himself and continued to try to snipe COMMANDO on several occasions. He later became a contract killer who still had run-ins with COMMANDO

Later he joined the J-Tech squad to please his father.

Powers: Expert Marksman with unparralleled accuracy and an arsenal of explosive, electronic, sonic, and even Shotgun sniper bullets.

Banner (Benjamin Washington)

Was a normal 16 year old kid from New York. During the Attack of Camelot. Liberty Lass noticed him fighting a Camelot Knight. He was rescued by Liberty Lass and due to his courage, was given the power of America.

Is a Founding member of Teen-Legion

Powers: America in human form so he is brash, annoying, butts into everyone's business, and cocky. But he also is super strong, super durable, and can fly.

Shadow Cult Recruit (D'al E'voi) {COMMANDO's villain}

D'al E'voi is from the planet Gla'ide. He was recruited to the Shadow clan and his squad was assigned to attack Earth. His squad was intercepted by the Elemental Knights assigned to protect The Milky Way. The Knights killed everyone in the squad except D'al who managed to escape. He lived in earth for a while and decided to use the shadow powers he had for his own personal gain. He started a bank robbing spree all over the US. He went to New Orleans and stayed because the swampy land reminded him of Gla'ide. He has fought COMMANDO multiple times and has won numerous times due to his shadow powers.

Powers: Can manipulate shadows, can teleport from shadow to shadow, can shapeshift his body, and can turn his hands into weapons. Is most powerful in a dark room.

Morals: None

King Rapa

was king of the ancient people known as the Rapa Nui. Which is now known as Easter Island. He was given Telepathic abilites as strong as a Moai. (the big heads in the island To learn more about them see: Paro and the moai) After the fall of that civilization, most of the heads have fallen. But soon all 888 Moai heads were erected by the general public. Awakening King Rapa, and giving him his TP back.

Powers: Telepathy and Peak Enhanced human Physicals.

Morals: Not afraid to kill or mindrape someone.

Santa Clauso (Emilio Santos) {COMMANDO's villain}

A drug kingpin of Columbia, He is the number one distributer of the drug called Christmas. He wears red and white clothing, and has a white beard. He has had several run-ins with COMMANDO because Clauso distributes more Christmas in New Orleans than any other place. (Christmas is the drug Katsuo's mom overdosed on)

Powers: none really, he's pretty strong due to his size. He has christmas themed weapons (Candy-cane gun, Ornament grenades) and he has henchmen who take "pure Christmas" and become blood thirsty zombies. he calls them his Elves

Marilyn (Descendant of the wizard Merlin)

King Arthur returned to Camelot and was assisted by Marilyn in all his adventures. She is a student of Morgan Le Faye and was used as an instrument to make King Arthur look bad and make the citizens of Camelot want her as queen. Marilyn did this with a pain in her heart because King Arthur was treating her like a daughter. After King Arthur and the Legion defeat Morgan Le Faye, She becomes a hero. She is the 3rd strongest magic user on Earth

Is a founding member of Teen-Legion

Powers: Magic (Spells, telekinesis, Telepathy, Constructs, forcefields, healing, shapeshifting)

Crooked Cop (Commissioner Steven Blair) {COMMANDO's Villain}

The leader of all the dirty cops in New Orleans, Blair had his commissioner assassinated in order to get to his position. He has every gang in the city paying him for protection. COMMANDO proved he was dirty but due to Blair's people and resources he was able to beat the charges. He hates COMMANDO because he is cleaning up the filth that pays him.

Powers: none. is proficient with a police baton and stun gun.

Sarah The Cherubin

Is a Cherubin angel from Heaven. Is trained by Michael and brought to earth to learn when not to use her full power. she has to constantly restrain herself because Humans are too fragile to go full power.

Is a member of the Teen-Legion

Powers: Flight (her wings) and her bow which shoots light arrows (she can control whether it blows up entire space ships with one shot, or if they can knock out normal people like impact arrows.) Super strength and durability.

Bushido (Kaito Kimotsuki) {COMMANDO's villain}

Was an average Japanese soldier who fought in WWII, during the battle of Manila bay. Toward the end of that campaign, he ran into The Immortal. Kaito slashed at Demetrious with his sword but didn't even hurt him. Demetrious let him live because he was a worthy opponent, But he still knocked Kaito out. By the time Kaito woke up, The allies have taken Manila. Kaito saw a dead Japanese soldier holding a scroll. Kaito grabbed it and read it out loud. The scroll was a scroll of Bushido. It granted him enhanced strength and speed. If he found all seven he would receive an unimaginable power. Kaito dedicated his life to finding all seven scrolls.

Bushido gets asked a favor by Testsuo to kill Katsuo. By this time, Katsuo was already COMMANDO's sidekick. Katsuo has been taught Ninjitsu from COMMANDO and a few tricks which give him the upper hand against Bushido. Bushido despises Katsuo for never giving him an Honorable fight.

Powers: Enhanced speed, Enhanced strength, Expert with all samurai weapons.

Morals: Has a strict code of honor.

Hypno-Sis (Hannah Holt) {Immortal's villain}

was a former phsychiatrist who learned how to hypnotize people to do petty things for he, Nothing illegal. Then she was assigned as Abra-Kadabra's prison phsychiatrist. Kadabra showed her his magic and promised to give her some power if she helped him escape. She was fascinated at his magic so she helped him. Abra gave her some of the magic serum and she was able to hypnotize people at will. She fell in love with Kadabra, who didn't want a relationship, but uses the love she feels toward him for his own personal gain.She has hypnotized Demetrious as a favor to Kadabra, but was thwarted by COMMANDO who couldn't be hypnotized because of his computer.

powers: Can hypnotize entire crowds of people at a time.

Morals: she'll do whatever Kadabra asks of her.

Moran Le Faye {King Arthur and Liberty Lass's villain}

Morgan Le Faye was an adversary to King Arthur during his ancient reign. She helped Mordred mortally wound Arthur. Arthur was sent to the Avalon Healing Center, so she made sure his healing process took some "Time" She was silently helping create the US and Great Britain so King Arthur would come back to a changed world. She also recruited Merlin's descendant Marilyn to aide Arthur on his conquests. Her whole goal was to make Arthur go against the Legion and fail. That way the people of Camelot would want her as ruler, not Arthur.

She was discovered by Liberty Lass during revolutionary times and was defeated. Not before Morgan cast a spell on Libertas saying that if Libertas ever revealed her plans, every 4th of july she would be as still as a statue just like the one that was made in her honor.

Libertas decided to take the gamble later on and took the penalty. But Morgan was discovered by the Legion and defeated, with the help of Arthur and Marilyn.

She is the 4th strongest Magic user on Earth

Powers: Magic (Spells, Telekinesis, Telepathy, Constructs, Force fields, Healing, Shape shifting

Morals: None

Geore-Geare {Magne-Monks Villain}

Was a nobody in the planet Magnasia. Until he invented the Magnasian Droid. An advanced Robot that will take the place of soldiers. He became rich and famous, but he had plans. He used the droids to eradicate all of the Magnasian people. He only let a few live for experiments. After all of them were gone, he used the Magnasian droids to forge a galactic empire. Since they had the strongest metal in the galaxy, they were unbeatable. He created many types of magnate. one being the experimental magnate that consisted of a rare liquid from the under the planet's surface. One foolish mistake sent the experimental magnate to earth, a planet Geore never heard of. Magne-Monk found the metal and was curious about it. it smushed like clay for him, but nobody else was able to smash it or move it for that matter. Geore-Geare tried to fight Zhen for the metal back, but the liquid already seeped into Zhen's body and enhanced him. Later Magne-monk turned the metal into a staff, then Geore was defeated by Magne-Monk.

Geore later tried to invade earth and add it to his empire, but was defeated by the Legion.

Powers: Stronger than humans, super smart and has an army of almost-indestructable robots.

Morals: none

Rōnin (Ronald Thompson) {More of a Anti-Hero and is no specific character's villain}

Was a the right hand man of Bushido. The difference between him and Bushido is that he doesn't have a code of honor. When Bushido found out about Ronald's honorless deeds, He was disowned and dishonored. Bushide gave him the title Rōnin. Instead of egging for forgiveness, Ronald embraced the name and became Bushido's rival. Rōnin became a Mercenary and did any atrocious act as long as he was getting paid. He even worked for Johnathon Edwards and was given two custom made swords he calls the Fangs.

Becomes a member of the J-Tech Squad.

Powers: Peak human physicals, really skilled with his weapons.

Pirhanno (No name) {COMMANDO's villain}

Was an experiment created by Gen-Labs. It was a human egg mixed with a modified pirhanna DNA. The result was a Human-Pirhanna hybrid.

Powers: Can tear a tank to shreds in seconds.

The Mime (Michael Candor) {COMMANDO's Villain}

The son of Abra-Kadabra and Hypno-Sis. When Hypno-Sis found out she was pregnant, she took the baby to a friend in Gen-Labs. They accelerated the baby's lifetime to an adult. It used its Magic blood to do Mime tricks. The tricks are actually invisible constructs and force fields.

Powers: Invisible constructs and force fields.

Morals: Not above killing, but isn't a Psycopath like his parents.

Metal Jacket (Harold Peterson) {Legion level Villain}

Harold Peterson was a scientist who specialized in Nano computers as well as armored suits. He also studied insects, and was fascinated with wasps. Harold invented a swarm of nano computers that interacted like wasps. The government can use them during war-time to gather information, and they could even attack enemies. A North Korean sleeper agent heard this, and waned to get some of the tech and bring it back to North Korea. The agent held Peterson's wife hostage in order to get Peterson to give him the tech. Peterson was cooperative and almost gave the agent his tech, when the agent accidentally pulled the trigger.When Peterson saw that his wife was murdered, he turned on his swarm and they all attacked the agent. The agent was in a corner getting tortured by the swarm as Peterson went to hold his dead wife. All Peterson wanted to do was help people, and this was the card life dealt him?

Peterson made a wasp themed armored suit. and called himself Metal Jacket. Peterson went on a crime spree, and was unbeatable by the regular law enforcement. He even gave the entire Legion a hard time because of his advanced weaponry. He was eventually defeated by the Legion, but they still haven't heard the last of him.

Powers: Advanced suit and army of Nano-tech wasps. The armor is durable enough to tank hits from The Immortal. and has missles that can hurt Michael the Arch Angel.

Morals: Not above killing to get what he wants.

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@mikesterman: This is cool- like reading a preview comic that shows character sketches, to whet your appetite for the actual stories ahead. Now that you have the characters out there, maybe you can take time to develop them more. ;) Added to my FF Long Box - Authors. :)

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@cbishop edited, added a few more villains