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So I thought I would post a thread with all the stories and threads I have written so far,just so I can keep track of them. Every time I post a new story it will also go on here.


After Gotham City is struck by the outbreak of a mysterious virus the people,heroes and villains take to trying to survive the even more hostile city.

Villainous Villains

My perspective,thoughts and opinions on some of my favorite villains and maybe even some on which I think are underrated from various forms of fiction.

Another Night On Halloween

Just my spin on a story of one of horrors greatest icons

A New Threat:A Superman One Shot.

Not a big fan of Superman but I thought it would be fun to do.

The Pits of Kaon

Set before the Great War between the Autobots and Decepticons chronicling the origins of the Decepticons told from the founders perspective.

Horror Inc:The Texas Chainsaw Massacre A Face Full of Leather

My contribution to Horror Inc with my own take on everyone's favourite skin wearing chainsaw wielding maniac

Jason vs Predator Crossover One shot.

Batman Blood And Accounting.

Batman Another Rooftop Meeting

My Doodles