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Yamcha has been training with Nappa, and they have both raised their power levels (6 months ). Yamcha's power level has raised from 1,900 to 4,500 and Nappa from 12,000 to 13,750 as he is only teaching. Gohan now spend every weekend training with the Masters.

Meanwhile Dr. Gero has now received intel on Vegeta, Nappa and Kaoken and so has decided to experiment on the saiyans physiology by finding Raditz. Dr.Gero hasn't yet figured how to develop an android with a power level beyond 5,000 but notices as he revives Raditz that his power level is raising dramatically even before the full power of the Android is applied. Raditz's powerlevel at death was 1,500 battle boosted to 2,000 his revival Zenkai boost 3,000 combined with this Android enhancements actually equal 12,000 despite my math equally 9,500 because his biological body reacting to the enhancements adds another 2,500. Mecha-Raditz also has both power absorption hands. Dr. Gero has increased the number of spy bots he has so he can be up to date on his enemies abilities. Because of this he knows Nappa's powerlevel is still above Mecha-Raditz but is curious as to how well his memory wipe techniques have worked and feels that because Mecha-Raditz will have limitless stamina and the power absorption hands that he may have a chance against a more powerful opponent. Basically just using him as a test.

Dr. Gero this time sends a duplicate of the fully mechanical Android with a powerlevel of 5,000 that Yamcha fought in https://comicvine.gamespot.com/forums/fan-fic-8/alternate-dbz-part-5-what-if-yamcha-didnt-fall-to--1895053/#3 (part 5) but this time with both power absorption hands and an updated data base of counters for enemy commonly used techniques, with Mecha-Raditz to directly attack Nappa and Yamach. As the fight begins Nappa and Raditz square off and Yamcha and lets call him Android10 square off. Upon first hit between the saiyans they both get a feeling that they know each other. Nappa and Yamcha were training not very far from the Kame house and it happened to be a Saturday. So Shen, Roshi and Gohan are watching the fight from a distance and are the only ones that do know who Raditz is and what Nappa's relationship to him is. The Masters have been keeping an eye on Nappa hoping he dosen't remember that he wants to basically kill them all and that he could. part 5.5 will be continued

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Part 5.5 pre-amble

(The 6 months of training) Yamach is disappointed with his progress despite how much it has been. So he has decided that trickier techniques are the only way he stands a chance against the many stronger opponents that he (correctly) feels are coming. The main way he has done this is by practicing how to mimic the sound of a pebble sliding across the ground and since he hasn't any TK using Ki to change directions of things thrown while in flight. Also how to use Ki this way without making noise when the ki hits the thing that he wants to change the directions of.

Part 4.5 pre-tournament and post

King Yemma decided that the best training for Tien was for him to train Krillin and Chiaotzu which obviously made Tien very happy. Tien was very surprised to find as he was training them that Krillin's power level was at 1,850 and Chiaotzu's power level was at 1,775 when they began training. When the Tournament of Other World begins Krillin's power level reached 2,200 and Chiaotzu's power level is 2,100. And as mentioned in part 4 Tien's power level is 3,500. After the tournament King Yemma pulls Tien to the side and says he knows what Tien did. Tien decides not to apologize as King Yemma tells him that he doesn't need to apologize. Firmly confirming his ability to read minds. (don't think he has this ability in the original story but in mine he dose.((but only with the dead)) But that he dose own him for losing. His debt is to continue his training with Krillin and Chiaotzu but that the three of them will be guards of the check-in station. Tien gladly agrees.

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Android 10 ( the new one for this story) tells Yamach that he has scanned his powerlevel and knows all his techniques so he will fall. (as he flashes in and gut punches Yamach) Yamach grins and hits A10 with a spinning back fist. They begin trading punches.

Nappa and Mecha-Raditz both can't shake the feeling that they know each other as they trade several hits. Each of them hitting harder each time they clash. (Nappa excited to have a real challenge and Raditz's mix of saiyan rage and Android mercilessness = epic fight)

Yamach decides that he must start pulling his tricks out as he remembers that the Androids don't tire. So he uses the wolf fang fist and slides his foot making the distinctive pebble across the ground sound but stops right before the hit. A10 kicks through where Yamach's head would have been if he didn't stop early. Yamach now punches A10 in the back and unleashes a flurry of hits on A10. A10 looks surprised but unleashes a flurry of his own on Yamach but Yamach is able to block most of it. Yamach then uses the Wolf fang fist again sliding his foot like a pebble across the ground again this time stopping to do a leg sweeping kick this time. A10 this time dose a flying kick where Yamach head should of been flying over him. Yamach is disappointed that it didn't work but is glad/proud he is no where close to losing despite his power disadvantage. They clash.

Roshi and Shen are very frighten as it seems that Nappa and Raditz are recognizing each others attacks and blocking them with increasing ease. However Nappa doesn't know about the power absorption so he makes the critical mistake of using a powerful ki attack right as he begins to get the upper hand. Mecha-Raditz then begins to turn the tide in his favor with the power boost he's received.

Yamach dose a random spin. A10 sayes "what the hell was that" with a tone that suggest Yamach is a fool. But when Yamach isn't facing A10 he pulls a pebble from his gi and hides it in his fist. He throws the pebble as he begins a third wolf fang fist this time he doesn't slid his foot on the ground but he dose slid the pebble from a different direction. It is revealed that Yamach can barely see thorough his own wolf image as he dose the wolf fang fist. But that he can see A10 turn to ki strike the pebble. A10 takes the full hit and is hurt bad. Yamach shows that his training with Nappa has to some extent lessened his cocky-ness as he doesn't stop to bask in his victory but rushes in to make sure A10 is beat. A10's face is cracked and his wrist is broke but he stands up and blocks Yamach's first strike but Yamach knocks him back.

Gohan is now very frightened as Nappa is taking a beating but seems to be getting stronger at the same time. Shen then begins to say Kao ken but Roshi stops him. Roshi sayes if they go that route they have to wait till they've exhausted their energy. Shen agrees with a nod.

A10 rips his arm off (the one with the broke wrist) he throws it at yamach, who it caught off guard. The arm explodes and A10 disappears. Yamach is KO'd but ok.

Nappa recognizes his mistake with the ki blast and begins to turn the tide back in his favor. They trade punches as theirs fight drags out quite a bit. But Raditz grabs on and power drains Nappa their fight drags on more now as Raditz again gets the upper hand.

More soon to come