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Dende has shown Goku and Vegeta the location of one dragon ball and is going with them to find the rest. Guldo is terrorizing the village that the next dragonball is in when our trio arrive. Goku excitedly ask "Can I fight that green guy". *guldo stops and notices that they have arrived*

Vegeta : Well he holds a grudge against me for calling him out about his weakness soooo sure you can squash the four eye frog. But even tho he's pond scum he dose have a trick or two up his sleeve.

Goku : Thanks Vegeta Guldo : Still a prince of one Vegeta? You've lost Nappa and replaced him with this weakling? Find I'll kill him first. So you can become the prince of nothing like you really are.

Vegeta : You hear that Goku kill him quickly and don't just beat him like you did with Dodoria this is a war not a fight.

Goku powers up and quickly realizes that he will again have to use KK X3. ( Guldo power level 20,000 Goku base power level 7,000)

Guldo becomes more and more frustrated as Goku can tank or out speed Guldo enough that even his Time freeze and TK attacks aren't enough. Goku is taking a beating but he is also still winning.

Guldo uses his paralysis TK and sharpens a tree as Jeice arrives but stays back and hidden to see if Guldo can handle this fight on his own.

Vegeta considers helping but also decides that he must see if Goku can handle this on his own.

Jeice scans Goku to see if Vegeta's new friend can really help him or if he can take them both on himself. As he feels he could do if it was still Nappa.

At that same moment Goku realizes that Vegeta's not going to save him and he must pull out all the stops so he sayes Kaio-ken X5 grrrr X7 Goku breaks free of the paralysis and beats the crap out of Guldo as Jeice runs away after seeing the scouter read 35,000 and still climbing.

Jeice thinks to himself that he will have to get Burter and use the purple comet hurricane to beat this new monkey.

Goku passes out. Vegeta flashes in kicks Guldo into the sky and blows him up with a ki blast.

Vegeta : Wake up!! ( goku manages to open his eyes) I told you to kill him this is a war what if he uses that paralysis technique when you are fighting some one else? You'd be the one dead is what. If you can't see that this is a war then you are no use to me at all.

Dende heals Goku. Goku stands back up but pasees out again.

Vegeta to Dende : What's wrong with him?

Dende : I think it's that K-O-kent thing *confused* I think it uses soul energy and while I can heal body, mind and soul the energy takes awhile to replenish it's self.

Vegeta : Great Kakarot .Fix him he may still be of some use to me. I'll find the dragonballs and crush Frieza myself if I have too.