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Ok so I realize my story line's timeline may need some clarification. basically part 1 part 2 part 3 take place in order as numbered but part 4 takes place during part 5 and part 7. One of the main differences between my story and the original being that multiple story lines are happening at the same time and it's not the Goku show.

Before Goku and Vegeta arive on Namek Vegeta tells Goku that they will have to face Zarbon and Dodoria immediately as they will recognize that Goku is not Nappa. ( And Vegeta just isn't interested in playing the game any more he's had enough) Vegeta is instructed by Zarbon to meet with him and report what happend on Earth. (Zarbon being a higher rank in Freiza army) (( reminder Vegeta's power level when arriving on Namek 16,500 Goku's 5,000)) ((( Zarbon's power level pretty/base form 18,000 Dodoria's power level 15,500))) Goku emerges from Nappa's pod and Vegeta takes a cheap shot on Zarbon starting the four way fight. Goku uses KK x3 and has a close battle with Dodoria. Zarbon takes more of a beating than he expects to but never loses the upper hand against Vegeta. Eventually Zarbon KO's Vegeta and takes him back to their craft to take to Frieza (because Frieza ordered no one to kill Vegeta. Wanting to do it himself. As Frieza suspected the Saiyan prince was up to something on earth) About the same time Goku beats Dodoria with the solar flare then a Kamehameha. Luckily for Goku Zarbon had already begun to leave with Vegeta. Luckily for Vegeta Nail ki blast Zarbon's ship and they crash. (Both are injured and knocked out but ok) Goku sayes Piccolo how did you get here? Nail explains who he is and they go to see if Vegeta is still alive. (well Goku is checking on Vegeta. Nail is hoping he took out Zarbon) Nail has been trying to gather the dragon balls to save his planet but also knows Frieza wants to gather them for himself. Part 6 will be continued later.

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Not bad pretty good. :)

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*I thought I continued this already but didn't see it. * O well

By the time Goku and Nail arrive at the crash site both Vegeta and Zarbon are starting to wake up. Zarbon sees Nail and charges him beat the crap outta him. He sayes he knows it was him that destroyed his beautiful ship. ( Nail's power level being only 10,000) Goku's power level has risen to 6,500 after his fight with Dodoria. Zarbon then sayes to Goku that Frieza didn't say anything about keeping any other monkeys alive. Powers up and one shot KO's Goku. Vegeta showing no "cares" for Goku sayes "Good this is my fight I'm going to stomp you in the ground pretty boy" "Speaking of being a pretty boy you should be thankful that there aren't any mirrors out here you are looking *smirks* like a nerf herder" This of course infuriates Zarbon who notices that he (himself) is breathing heavier and feeling weaker than he should be due to the crash. Zarbon sayes "Well Vegeta today is your unlucky day because that crash did do some damage so I will show you MY transformation and crush you myself. I'll tell Frieza the crash killed you but you are mine" Vegeta's power level is rising as he is beginning to heal ( it takes Goku and Nail a whole day and a half to find the crash ) However Zarbon now in beast form has the power level 28,500. Zarbon proceeds to beat the crap out of Vegeta as Vegeta struggles to do more than just grit his teeth and take the beating. Zarbon is surprised by how much of a beating Vegeta is taking with out being KO'd. Vegeta can see Zarbon is tired but that he is charging up for the kill shot. Right before the kill shot hits Vegeta explodes with rage deflecting the blast. And screams " I am the prince of all Saiyans I won't be beat by scum like you" (Vegeta has tapped into his rage mode boost 28,502) Vegeta rushes in and begins beating the crap out of Zarbon. They trade a couple hit but Vegeta quickly gains the upper hand and kill Zarbon. Vegeta then passes out close to Goku and Nail. Sometime later Dende shows up and wakes and heals Goku crying because Nail is gone. He also heals and wakes Vegeta who realizes that Dende's healing power has increased his Zenkai boost from what was going to be 20,000 to 25,000. Even Goku who had only been knocked out went from what should have 6,510 to 7,000. Vegeta convinces Dende to help them find the dragonballs because Dende thought Nail was the only hope the Namekians had but can since Vegeta's higher power and Goku good nature. While he can also since Vegeta's less than good nature he can tell Vegeta has been hurt badly by Frieza. (my version of Dende being not physic but very perceptive)

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