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King Cold has recovered and is rushing towards Vegeta and Frieza. Piccolo : " This is no time for weakness" Rushes after King Cold.

Chiaotzu : " Tien needs me" ( Which is true as he is still losing against 4th form Cooler even in KKx8 but not badly)

Krillin : " We still have our own fight to finish" throwing Dore into Neiz saving Ckiaotzu from a powerful strike.

Chiaotzu and Krillin both charge a duel Dodan Kamehameha attack. That defeats Dore and Neiz at the same time. Krillin falls back exhausted. But Chiaotzu rushes Cooler.

Cooler strikes Chiaotzu away as he arrives causing him to hit King Cold in the back accidentally saving Vegeta from taking attacks on two sides. As he and Mecha-Frieza are still trading very powerful strikes, both becoming bloody and both not letting up in the slightest.

Piccolo then arrives and begins trading shots with King Cold.

Krillin to Chiaotzu : "Together" They both rush Cooler again. Tien this time seeing their approach pushes Cooler towards them as he backs off himself.

Cooler turns just in time to get hit by both of them. Cooler : " You fools" He grabs them both and slams them against each other. Then throws them down hard enough to create two craters. Cooler charges up two Ki balls intending to kill them both but Tien catches both of the balls and begins a power struggle with Cooler.

Cooler clenches his fist and the two ki balls explode badly injuring Tien.

Krillin struggles to his feet helps Chiaotzu up and they both rush Cooler this time stopping short and allowing their after images to strike Cooler who chooses to tank their shots rather than block. Cooler quickly sees the two fighter on opposite sides charging attacks.

Cooler : " You two can't even hurt me you are pathetic" But just then Chiaotzu drops his dodan charging and Cooler's arms are clenched in against his body with Chiaotzu's TK.

Chiaotzu : " Now" Krillin unleashes his Kamehameha. Cooler is injured but mostly just his pride.

Cooler flashes to Krillin and grabs him by his leg flipping him upside down. And beats him to a bloodied pulp. Chiaotzu rushes in to save him. As he arrivers Krillian yells NOOOO.

Cooler throws Krillin at the rushing Tien knocking them both down. Then turns with just enough time to hit and stop Chiaotzu's attack. Cooler then stomps Chiaotzu down to the ground and charges a death beam. But instead hits Krillin who has just coughed up blood as he struggled to his feet. Tien now rushing in is hit with Chiaotzu hard enough to kill Chiaotzu. Tien is trembling in shock with the death of Chiaotzu at his feet.

Piccolo : *I can't take much more of this special clone technique but Cold is just too strong. * I will use the old clone tech. and after image to switch things up.*

Cold dose get hit several times as Piccolo keeps switching up his techs. but none of them are powerful enough to do any damage. Piccolo realizing this pulls his clones together and growls in anger then attacks trading powerful strikes with the King.


Tien rushes in without KK and begins a flurry of attacks on Cooler, hurting him.

Piccolo : Sorry Kami! He then uses the special clone tech x3 and smacks the King around a bit then charges three special beam cannons and kills King Cold. Afterward reconnecting with himself and collapsing possible killing himself too.

Frieza thinks : " I will kill the green one slow when I'm done with Vegeta for that"

Cooler knock Tien back : " I wasn't going to unveil this till it was time to take over the empire" grrrrr transforms to 5th form grrrrr. " But you will all DIE for what the green one has done"

Tien : Your transformations won't save you!! I will stop you YOU MONSTER!! and begins another flurry of attacks but Cooler blocks dodges or tanks all of them.

Vegeta : " Your metal bits may give you more strength, speed and even faster Ki recharging but I HAVE THE RAGE OF A MILLION SAIYANS. AND I WILL KILL YOU!!

Frieza catches vegeta's left arm twist it and breaks it just like Nappa. Vegeta remembers and dodges Frieza's death beam as Frieza tried to do the exact same thing he had done to Nappa.

Yamacha : Struggles to his feet and looks at both fights then rushes towards Tien. Without slowing down he gose into the Wolffang Fist attack against Cooler.

Cooler scoffs and strikes where his head should be but Yamacha is slightly to the left of this and he strikes Cooler several times for his miss. Tien then pushes Yamacha out of the way and hits Cooler sending him flying then he charges up a Tri-beam attack and Yamacha charges a Kamehameha they fire together and kill Cooler then both pass out.

Vegeta and Mech-Frieza are both bloody and bruised

Vegeta : " Now you too are alone but you won't have to suffer with it long because I WILL KILL YOU.

Frieza : *Brother........??.... but I had Vegeta beat how is he still standing? * Grrrrrrrr Deathbeam!!!

Vegeta : Finale Galick Gun!!!!!

Their beams collide causing shock waves that crack the planet and scare Shin, Roshi, Korrin, Kami, and Gohan who are many many miles away.

Vegeta * mind returns to watching his father and most of the saiyans dieing * GRRRRRRRR he over powers Freiza and destories him. Then falls to the ground and despite his head bobbling with a desire to pass out he walks away.

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@catlike said:

@basicfan30: I haven't read any of them, I'm sorry.

no worries. I just reread this it's more violent than most DBZ.

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@basicfan30 said:
@catlike said:

@basicfan30: I haven't read any of them, I'm sorry.

no worries. I just reread this it's more violent than most DBZ.

Hahaha! :D