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King Cold : "Frieza underestimated you sayians a mistake this KING won't make. " Grrrrrrr (charges up and transforms into 4th form) " I thought no one would push ME to finale form let alone twice in 6 months"

Frieza : " Their will be no giant monkeys today " Frieza charges a death disc and cuts Nappa's tail off.

Nappa : " AAAARRG!!! falls to the ground flat. Frieza picks him up and begins a brutal beating.

Vegeta tries to to help but King Cold is holding him in a headlock and hammerlock, making him watch.

Nappa now bloodied in desperation takes a swing at Frieza who easily catches it twist it around and then breaks it. Nappa : " AAAARRRGH"

Frieza then throws Nappa into the air by the broken arm causing Nappa to scream in pain. Frieza then charges and fires a death beam at him. Right before it hits Nappa is able to release a defensive blast but Frieza quickly and easily powers through it and kills Nappa.

Vegeta still held back and oddly calm : " Cold do you know how my family became King of the Saiyans? My great great Grandpa was able to control Oozaru form and taught it to the rest of our family winning the Clan Wars. This idea of controlling our rage was continued by my Grandfather who created the practice of not showing emotion when our comrades die. *angrily pausing* "But *evil grin* Nappa was my only friend, the only one who knew my pain, grr shared my pain. And I think a little blind RAGE is exactly what this moment calls for."

Vegeta charges up while still being held back by King Cold. He growns in pain then maniacal laughter then back to just rage as he transforms into a Super Saiyan. this throws King Cold back. Vegeta flashes in to where Frieza is standing and hits him causing a huge crater.

Frieza: " Even super saiyan won't be enough to save you." He flashes to Vegeta and they start trading blows that are powerful enough to shake the planet causing all the other fights to pause.

Yamacha's eyes open and he coughs up some blood. He shakes his head and trys to get up but collapses. He then creates a faint ki ball and sends it towards Chiaotzu circling him then running into Neiz's head. This snaps Chiaotzu back into the fight and distracts Neiz allowing Chiaotzu to get several powerful strikes in. Yamcha then dose the same for Krillin against Dore. Yamcha tries the same thing against Salza who had the upper hand on Piccolo for the moment because he was less distracted by Mecha-Frieza and SSJ Vegeta. Salza then catches the ki ball.

Salza : " I won't fall for such petty tricks"

Piccolo flashes in behind and in front: " How about mine?" As two clones now beating the crap out of Salza. The two piccolo's charge a Specail Beam Cannon and eliminate Salza. The two clones fade together and Piccolo falls to a knee. *thinks wow that technique really dose take alot out of you*

Yamacha charges two ki balls this time but again coughs some blood and the balls fizzle out. He grits his teeth and sayes : "Tien needs my help" Which is true as again the bad guy is less distracted by the super fight. Cooler transforms to 4th form and is beating Tien. The two ki balls circle Cooler who spins around hitting them with his tail which combines them and sends them back to Yamacha. Hitting him and knocking him out.

Tein: "Another form I guess I will have to use KK x 8" * Hope this works*

to be continued