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When we left off the Cold Family and Armored Squadron were kicking the Z fighters A$$. However as Chiaotzu and Krillin gained their composure they rushed towards each other with Neiz and Dore following. When they are close enough to clearly see each others faces they smile. They both stop short before colliding but their after images do collide.

Neiz and Dore (both move slightly to the left or to the right) : "What the hell are they doing" At the badguys are confused Chiaotzu charges and shoots a Dodan Ray at Neiz while Krillin dose the same with the kamehameha towards Dore. While neither of these attacks were very strong they did daze their enemies long enough to give the little Z fighters a chance to stop their beat down.

Mean while Tein drops KK : " I don't need KK to beat you" They trade hits Salza is on the losing side but is getting hits in.

Also Meanwhile Piccolo charges up but then splits into a clone. Cooler sayes "ha everyone knows that tech. each copy is weaker" But the two Piccolos start striking Cooler. Cool thinks *How can this be they are both as strong as the original* With Cooler surprised how beat up he is the Piccolo clones refuse back together and Piccolo is pretty winded.

Vegeta to Frieza : " What's with the metal bits did that lowly A-class warrior beat you? " **Altho Vegeta already had a bloody mouth**

Frieza : " That scum may have surprised me with the so called Super Saiyan form but I will crush you all" He flashes in with a gut punch. With Frieza's fist still planted in his gut Vegeta charges up. Eventually pushing Frieza back.

Nappa charges up thinking * King Cold is toooo strong but I won't give up" However his charging is interrupted by a strong punch from King Cold. As Nappa's body trenches the ground he thinks * Maybe I can just survive long enough for Vegeta to help*

Neiz now facing Chiaotzu : " Alright runt if you want to face me fine" He flashes in and the two trade attacks. Neiz is surprised by how well this little guy is doing.

Dore now facing Krillin : " O so the slightly larger runt wanted to switch fighters well I will crush either of you" They too trade blows surprising Dore.

Tein uses KK x3 and throws Salza into Cooler. Piccolo then hits Salza away from Cooler as Tein rush in and hits Cooler then drops KK. they switch their fights .

Cooler : " I'm finishing this NOOOOW" as he transforms into his third form. Tein comes to the same idea Goku did against Captain Ginyu switching up between KKx2, KKx3 and KKx4 but keeping in mind that too much KK can kill. Unfortunately he is still getting beat but he is getting some hits in too, which is infuriating Cooler.

Vegeta finishes charging up. He then jukes towards Mech-Frieza but flashes in hitting King Cold with a flurry of attacks. "Now Nappa" *thinking I waited too long* As Frieza catches up kicks at Vegeta. Vegeta dodges letting the kick hit Cold. Vegeta then hits them both with a flurry of ki attacks.

Nappa charges the false moon technique.

As he releases this Korrin Roshi and Shin scramble to hide Gohan. Also Salza, Dore and Neiz are all distracted by this lucky for Krillin and Chiaotzu who again switch fights.

Nappa's transformation is nearly complete as Mecha Frieza knocks Vegeta out of the way and charges Nappa. Vegeta tries to follow but King Cold now in third form grabs him and throws him back in the other way.

to be continued

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I'm thinking you are doing a good job in this story.