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Shin, Chiaotzu, Gohan and Krillin find Roshi and Yamacha shortly after they collapse. They take them to Korin Tower to be healed. After they are healed they can all feel a tremendous power approaching. Yamacha, Chiaotzu and Krillin decides to find the other Z fighters so they can meet the Cold Family head on together. Gohan wants to go too but Roshi ask Korin to train Gohan. As he believes Gohan is worthy of training from all three masters together.

Vegeta and Nappa both stop their training as they too can feel the power of the Cold Family approach.

Vegeta : "Nappa you've gotten much more powerful but you will have to reach new heights if we are going to survive this."

Tien and Piccolo stop their sparring as they too can feel the Cold Family.

Piccolo : "I knew they would be strong but this power is .......grrr *shakes his head*

Cold Family's ship lands and the door opens King Cold is in second form standing in the middle Mecha-Frieza is on his right Coolers is in his second form on his left. The Armored Squadron are behind the Cold Family. The Z fighters ( Vegeta, Nappa, Piccolo, Tien, Krillin, Chiaotzu, and Yamcha) all arrive and Yamacha immediately uses the wolf fang fist on King Cold saying "I'll show you Tien I'm a protector of earth".

King Cold : " You insect" Cold reaches through the wolf image and strangles Yamacha holding him up off the ground with one arm.

Yamacha : " Hoo...arrgh..ow? "

Tien : Memories of the sparring with Piccolo and Piccolo explaining why Yamacha had to use Nappa and that it worked.

Krillin : Charges up two Destructo Disc and throws them at King Cold to save Yamacha. Then rushes in to attack.

King Cold : scoffs Grabs the first disc and swats away the second with it. Then spins around knocking Krillin towards the now rushing in Neiz with his tail. Neiz hits Krillin several times knocking him further away from King Cold.

Yamacha : "Arrrg" still being choked.

Chiaotzu : Rushes in but stops short and begins using his TK to pull Yamacha away.

Dore flashes in and hits Chiaotzu through a tree breaking his TK.

Tien : hearing Chiaotzu's pain snaps back and immediately rushes in useing KK x2 before he gets to King Cold. But Cooler knocks him to the ground making a trench. Salza follows when Tien stops he begins beating him into a crater.

Piccolo then rushes in to save Yamacha who is now blue. Again Cooler flashes in and knocks Piccolo away from King Cold. This time himself following to continue his assault.

Vegeta looks to Nappa : " Together" They both charge in. Mecha-Frieza intercepts Vegeta And Cold drops Yamacha to engage Nappa. It isn't clear if Yamacha is alive.

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Well i'm pretty impressed by your work

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@gokluma said:

Well i'm pretty impressed by your work

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