My alternate DBZ part 16 " The Guardian Returns"

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I have mistaken my own timeline a bit but here it gose.

Piccolo has won the afterlife tournament and been granted his life back. But before Kami and he return to earth all the Nameks from planet Namek arrive in the way station. Kami ask Dende to come to earth with him so he can be trained as a Guardian. The elders agree and Dende is sent with Kami and Piccolo back to earth. As soon as they arrive Shin recognizes that they've returned and takes Gohan to meet them. They each explain whats happend and Shin decides the next part of Gohan's training is to collect the dragon balls that have been revived with Kami's return. Kami also explains that he watched Goku's fight with Frieza and the Cold family will likely come to earth looking for the dragon balls and despite how powerful Piccolo has become he must train more. Piccolo isn't happy about it but grits his teeth and flys away. ::::: Mean while in Universe 14 a Yardrat prodigy in the use of Instant Transmission successfully jumps from his universe to U7. So that he can avoid the erasure by Zeno. Which works, because Zeno finds it to be cleaver. In standard Goku plot armor fashion the Yardrat happens to be close to planet Namek and sees that the planet is going to explode and Goku is the only one on it. So the Yardrat, Jamz flashes in and flashes to the planet of the Kai's because thats the only place he knows of for sure in this universe. Goku in standard Goku ignorance despite being saved by Jamz ask him to teach him the Instant Transmission. Jamz agrees as he is just relieved to still be alive.:::::::: Kami is right altho he doesn't know how right he is. The Cold Empire's engineers are working on the upgrades and revival of Frieza as their ship flys toward earth. We get some cut scenes of Gohan finding the dragon balls. He is supposed to take the balls back to Master Shin but instead wishes that everyone who died in the last year is revived. Tien, Choatzu and Krillin appear on the watch tower and Kami catches them up on what has happend. Tien is infuriated that Nappa is still alive and the Yamacha is his friend. Tien gose to find him and ask Krillin and Choatzu to tell Master Shin why he hasn't come to reunite with Master Shin.