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Frieza : "O ho ho ho the prince of none has come to challenge ME? I've been waiting for this ( Vegeta looks puzzeled) tail of a monkey and brains too I see. Yes Vegeta I know of the Super Saiyan. So show me this so called super power. So I may crush your last dream" Vegeta begins to charge his power then flashes in and attacks Frieza. Frieza tanks the first shot then begins to dodge and block but not attack. Goku and Vegeta notices this. Vegeta is angry-ed by this so he charges a bit more and flashes in again this time getting hit hard in the stomach for his effort. Frieza : "Is this really all the power you have? I've waited all this time just to crush you in my base form. Vegeta : Actually you had better upgrade you little runt play time is done. *charges up fully* Frieza : "My my you do have a bit of power after al-gaaaw. *gets hit in the gut* Frieza backs a way " Awe I think I will show off my second forrrrrrrrrrrm * transforms*. Despite this Vegeta is still getting about a 1 to 3 hit ratio in. Vegeta realizes he can't keep this up and gets a rage boost from the feeling that he might not be enough. Frieza : Oooo so you do still have some fight left in well I've had enough of this it's time to crush you grrrrrrrrr *transforms again*. Vegeta's hit to getting hit ratio worsens to 1 to 10 but he grits his teeth and keeps going despite now clearly being out classed. Vegeta begings getting beat even worse but receives a desperation boost right as Frieza is about to shoot his death beam. Vegeta dodges the death beam and hits Frieza with the first shot that actually hurts him. Vegeta : "NOW KAKAROT" Goku performs the false moon technique and Vegeta transforms. Frieza : "So this is the power of a super monkey?" Vegeta : " I am the prince of all Saiyans and I will KILL YOU GRRRRRAW" Vegeta grabs Frieza and slams him around like Hulk with Loki. Frieza * super angry* "I have another transformation I can't believe I have to use on the prince of nothing" Frieza and Oozaru Vegeta have an evenly match slug fest. More to come.