My alternate DBZ part 13 " Can Goku beat the Captain ? "

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*Goku, Vegeta, and Dende arrive where the Captain is. Immediately Goku challenges Captain Ginyu. The Captain scoffs " I won't fight the prince of nothings underling... Vegeta you've betrayed Frieza for the last time" Goku " Vegeta's not my boss I just hate bullies " Goku flashes in and gut punches Ginyu but he's not phased. Goku backs off and charges up his new power. Vegeta is impressed but knows it isn't enough. Ginyu isn't impressed and flashes in and gut punches Goku who is hurt. Goku grits his teeth and use KKx2 wishing in his mind that he didn't need to use it. They exchange a few blows. Goku can tell the Captain isn't really trying so he switches up between no KK and KK at x2, x3 and even x4 briefly. Goku's switching up his speed and power at seemingly random ways is helping him gain ground against the Captain . Right as both Vegeta and Ginyu notice Goku is gaining ground the Captain decides to use his switch bodies technique switch. Vegeta is surprised by this because he knows Ginyu was still far from getting beat. It turns out the Captain was just interested in learning the KK technique. (in my version Ginyu can search the mind of the people he switches with so he might learn the KK) Vegeta realizes this is what the Captain is going for so he flashes in and starts beating the crap out of Captain Goku. Pushing Goku out of the way he was getting his ass kicked as he was very confused to see himself beat on a new body he was in. Goku sitting back trying to figure out whats happening watches Vegeta beat the crap out him. Goku hells at Captain to give his body back witch the Captain is all to happy to do as he cant seem to figure out the KK while being beat by Vegeta. As Goku gets his body back it activates the Zenkai boost immediately he powers up and charges Ginyu without use KK but he has a rage boost. Vegeta backs off and watches as the weakling Kakarot is actually starting to win. Goku's power continuing to rise even as he pushes harder and harder in the fight. Goku is about to decide if he is going to finish the Captain off or not when the Captain tries to switch with Vegeta but Vegeta dodges and we still get Captain Frog. Dende heals Goku and the group head toward Frieza.

This feels rushed but there it is part 13