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Dende and Goku arrive to where Vegeta and Recoome were both passed out. Dende wakes and begins healing Vegeta who pulls away saying " Not yet I'm not finished with him yet". (Recoome woke up about the same time as Vegeta) Recoome : " You do well.....hehe Vegeta You do well" Goku : Aweee... Vegeta I want to fight him with this new strength I bet I could win." Vegeta : "If you had been here before perhaps but I must finish this myself. I'm glad to see you eager and I can feel your new power. Guru helped you too? I have a plan now that includes you learning a true Saiyan technique" . Goku : " I hope it includes me fighting too waiting like this is too much to take". Vegeta smiles then flashes in and gut punches Recoome. Recoome: "Daaaaaw that was sneaky". Recoome hammer punches Vegeta into the ground but Vegeta sweeps his leg before getting back up. *Their fight is epic* Vegeta now bloodied and worn sayes " Unfortunately I need a bit of healing now runt" Dende : O......ya... yeas sir ( Dende is a bit afraid of Vegeta) Goku: "So whats this special technique you want to show me?" Vegeta smiles : "Have you heard of the Oozaru? " Vegeta proceeds to explain what Blutz Waves are and how to do the false moon technique. " The Captain is the only one left Karrot I will let you test your new power against him but I can't afford to let him kill you. I know you have saiyan pride but I can't do that technique and fight at the same time."