My alternate DBZ part 10 "A prince alone"

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Vegeta again sinces his enemy's power before arrival, So he stops Jeice. Vegeta : You know I can't trust you either I will get close enough to see you but out of Recoome's sight. If you start fighting I will come and help if not I'm sure the two of you can catch me. Jeice : Fair enough, but I don't want any help.

Jeice to Recoome : Is it true you big fool? Recoome : Is aaaa what true? Jeice : Did you help kill my people? Recoome : Ooooo Frieza sayes not to tell you buuut then The Captain said you will find out any ways and we might have to fight you. Are we going to fight now this is confusing? Jeice : Yes you idiot we are going to fight now !!!!!!!! flashing in with a flurry of gut punches. Recoome grabs him and throws him into the ground. ::fight continues:: Vegeta flys in closer but decides not to help yet. However Burter exits their ship and takes a fighting stance. Burter : Come on Jeice he had to do it orders is orders. Jeice (winded but giving Recoome a good fight) : I don't care about King Bolt or Planet Bolthouse but he could of let me save m......:: gets hit hard in the gut :: Recoome : Frieza said if it comes to this who ever kills you gets a big bonus. ::grins:: Jeice thoughts * I'll have to deal with him after Recoome, he will take all my focus. I hope Burter didn't know* Burter starts to rush in to help Recoome but Vegeta grabs him and throws him through a tree in the other direction. Burter : What's this the prince of the monkeys thinks he can stop me? hahaha Vegeta : Burter you'll do just fine to test my new power : They clash and now two epic fights are going down. Vegeta is impressed by his new power but the fight is still close. (after a fairly long fight) Recoome stomps Jeice into the ground. Jeice : AAAARG have......a.......d *kicked into the air* AAAARG Recoome charges and hits with the Eraser gun killing Jeice. Vegeta was distracted by this and gets hit hard because of that. Realizing it's now 2 vs 1 gets a desperation boost flashes in and beats on Burter then hits him with a Galick Gun killing Burter. Recoome now standing behind Vegeta takes a swing at him. Vegeta just barely dodges then turns around and shoots a Finale Flash thats a bit weak but he increases it more and more as Recoome begins to push it back. It finally explodes and they both fall. Vegeta picks head up : I win big boy. passes out.