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Remember the Kick-A-Long Saga? I thought it was fun and want to do something similar again.

So here is my idea for a several writers project: Multiverse Masters.

Five people wakes up next to a highway in some desert. They have no idea how they ended up there, they don't know each other and they all want to get back to what they did before blacking out since what they did was really important.

They find a paper note, explaining to them that they are from five different DC Comics universes and now have to work together to solve a problem in the dimension that they have been sent to. The note also have some instructions on what to do.

None of them believe the note to begin with, but after talking with each other, they realize that either they really are from five different realities or this is one VERY convincing trick.

Here is how the project is gonna work: Each of us get to write a chapter, then we kick the ball to the next writer who has one week to write the next chapter and so on. We are allowed to kill of at least one member of the Multiverse Masters and then replace them. But not more than one. After four successful missions, one of the team members gets to go home to their own reality.

I will write chapter 1, and the first team roster is:

Nightstar, Starfire and Richard Grayson's daughter from a Kingdom Come reality.

Lex Luthor from a world without Superman where he became the world's Man of Tomorrow and a (more or less) good person.

Roy Harper from DC Re-Created.

Donna Troy who is the Wonder Woman of her world.

Bart Allen from an alternative DC Re-Created world where Cyborg took over the world because of a technology virus.

Who's in?

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Sorry not really a D.C. person, count me out of this one.

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Gonna pass. Unrelated, I wouldn't suggest a predetermined roster. Its been tried before and rarely takes off.

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Sorry Waezi, I'm busy enough with Marvel Converso. :(

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@waezi2: Sure, let's give it a shot!

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@batkevin74: Cool. Seems like it's just you and me, so are you still okay with us taking turns in writing chapters?

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@waezi2: Sure, we'll give it a go :)