Multiversal Relocation

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During the Infinite Crisis event, some residents from New Earth have
vanished and appeared on Earth-50 when it became the Wildstorm
Earth during the 52 event. And strangely enough, their original 
histories had now been integrated in that world.

They also won't remember the other inhabitants of the mainstrem
DC Universe (and vice versa for those people there too).

How would things go for the Charlton, Quality and
Fawcett characters in the Wildstorm Universe?

How would things go for everybody and everything else on New Earth
without the characters from the previous comic book companies/divisions?

And what happens if the Red Circle, T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents and Milestone
characters and their original histories became integrated into the WU 
a short while afterwards?

Note: The former residents of the mainstream DCU won't remember
the various Crisis that happened in their lives once they move
to the Wildstorm 'verse.