Mortal Kombat/DC/Marvel crossover chps 25-26

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CHP 25: Battle of Material artists






Being awoken by the rising of the sun Liu sits up in bed yawning; well the day has finally come for him to either retain or fall to the dark warrior/knight. Whatever may happen it's going to make for a great final battle no matter who wins. Getting out of the bed Liu walks over to his closet getting dressed. After doing so he egresses out of the room and ultimately the premises. Jogging up the mountain side he enjoys the gleaming ventilation, which also helps him to think a little bit more clearly.

"I'm sure he'll do just find, if anything we don't have to question his focus." Kung Lao says.

Both he and Raiden stand by a nearby window looking out on Liu who works on his vascular endurance.

"Yes I believe you're right Kung Lao, but he will be facing a formidable opponent later this evening; either of them could be the victor. But I have faith Liu will be able to get the job done."

Still standing in place looking the two watch as Liu disappears out of sight. Traveling further up the mountain slope the champion of MK comes to a stop in front of a tree having a seat crossed legged. Awakening opening his eyes Kal looks over into the other bed but there is no Batman in sight. Far out within the vicinity of the Lin Kuei temple the dark knight stands in front of the place known as home to Subzero; alongside the grand master himself. Another individual accompanies them as well.

"The tournament will be ending today, and with that myself and the others who traveled here alongside me, will be returning back to our world. I know this may sound crazy, but I need you to stay here for a while; no more than a few month's."

A lot of what goes on right now doesn't make sense, but later it will all come together. Neither Subzero nor the other person are sure about this plan, but with the device Batman holds; he'll be able to return back to this world at any time thanks to this certain person. It's really quiet remarkable how this certain situation has played out involving this person; and in time it must be explained to the rest of the team. But for now this will stay a secret between them; the only other two in on this are Spidy and Supes. Making the meeting as short as possible Batman breaks away from the two returning back to the shrine where the rest of his team hang. Out East within the area of a towering city walks both Johnny and Sonya, reflecting over the events of the tournament.

"What I find funny is you and I both were taken out by the same guy, talk about strange. But he was a tricky one, not to mention his splendid reflexes and speed."

"Yeah I noticed that, but what stood out to me most was how converse he was. What I mean is it seems as though he was trying to befriend me."

The movie star/material artist also experienced that when fighting against Spiderman. But both can't help but think about the conclusion of the tourney. With Shang Tsung being one of the hosts you just have to assume there's going to be some sort of dark closing.

"I'm sure Liu will retain, he's going up against that guy who calls himself Batman. But I guess we'll just have to wait and see; when you make it this far that says something."

She agree's one hundred percent with his words, but that is another matter they'll have to stand by and watch play out on it's own. Whatever the case they will attend the event later, to watch as Liu Kang and Batman face off for the championship. Over back in the area of the Lin Kuei temple a certain person appears out of nowhere through flames standing in front of Subzero.

"Scorpion! What are you doing here?"

The sudden appearance of the ninja Spectre is random and has endless possibilities. Him being here on Lin Kuei grounds without permission is prohibited, so this had better be good.

"You mind telling me why those outsiders were here? And don't try and cover it up, I especially recognized the one who eliminated me from the tournament."

Is it possible the ninja spectre was spying on him, how else would he know any of this. Come to think of it why would he have any business being in this area, but answering his question with a question is going to get them nowhere fast.

"Well if you haven't already figured it out yourself, Pythena and Shang Tsung had a plan which could of destroyed us all; but it was stopped. But now there is this B plan she spoke of, in which none of us have a clue of. Not to mention Shao Kahn is also in on this."

Receiving this information causes the eyes of Scorpion to broaden; Shang Tsung and Kahn working together again!

"Does Liu Kang have any idea of this?" Scorpion asks

"No he does not, and for now it can stay that way. As of right now we don't have a clue what they have planned now."

Moving over closer to the ninja Subzero begins explaining in depth what information was given to him. With the passing of several hours brings up the final match! The area in which the final will take place has been relocated to another area. The ring stands about the same size as the one which was located in the dome. The bleachers hold the same amount of people, but there is no top to cover the area. Sitting within a front row seat Peter Parker looks up at the stars wishing he had been one of the contestants in the final.

"So are you excited this thing is finally coming to an end; gee I know I am" Carol asks tapping him over his shoulder.

"Yeah I guess so, but I don't know...something feels empty inside of me for some reason."

Sitting back within her seat she puts some thought into what he said, feeling the same way. Honestly he tries to be truthful with his teammates, but that was a lie! Bats, Superman and himself have with them satisfying information; the question is when will Pythena strike? For now they'll be sitting geese. Excluding the three of them, emptiness should be what everyone else feels; or could see this as a massive waste of time. Yup somewhere down the line they must be included. Around the four corners of the ring torches have been lit.

"I'm glad you could all make it here tonight, and I'm glad to be able to say welcomeeeeee toooo the finaaalll!" The announcer says with much energy!

This gets the crowd into it yelling out in thrill, just to think this thing started off with four hundred fighters and now has come down to the final two.

"Could both Batman and Liu Kang come to the ring at this time!"

The audiences now become turbulent hearing the two of them being called to the arena! This should make for one superb match; it's not what a lot of people would have predicted from the beginning of this thing but it should be a witty one regardless. Both fighters enter into the ring from different sides getting an immediate crowd response!

"One thing I won't miss about this place is the screaming; talk about disturbing the peace." Tony says putting his hands to his ears.

Inspecting from her seat Diana smiles at his annoyance; honestly the loud noise doesn't bother her one bit. Even if they're unsuccessful on finding out who was behind the missile attacks this was still a nice way of getting away from it all. With the announcer stepping out of the battleground, everything grows silent. Looking over at a firery torch the wind blows Batman's cape back and forth while Liu looks out into the audiences.

"Lets be sure to give them all a show." Liu tells.

Looking each other in the eyes they both get into their fighting stances, both running forward to begin their attack on the other. Batman blocks the left hook of Liu while the Shalion fighter does the same to a kick by the capped crusader.

"Wow it'll be great to see who wins this, It's tough but this one could go either way." Hal says.

Punching bats in the stomach Liu backhands him across the face knocking him to the ground; but Batman flips up from it smoothly getting back up blocking a kick of Liu Kang upper cutting him. Landing on his feet Liu shoots one of his fire blasts at Batman who blocks it using his cape. Pulling out a batarang he throws it forward watching it explode near the chest of Liu Kang sending him back a few ft. But maintaining his balance the champ does not go down.

"I have to give it to that bat guy, he's got some nice toys." Jax says leaning forward in his seat.

Both throwing out a punch their fists collide, with Liu quickly adding in a knife hand to the neck of Bats using his free hand. With the Dark Knight flipping back he kicks Liu with on his chin. Just as Liu runs at the capped crusader he stops in place seeing as Batman puts a hand out in front of himself.

"As much as I would have liked to see where this match could have gone, it must end now."

Narrowing his eyes Liu Kang is stunned, what is Batman talking about. Of course the match will eventually end, once one of them is KO'd by the other! He had better stay on guard, something just doesn't seem right.

"What exactly are you talking about? What do you mean you wish you could have saw how this match could have ended?" Liu asks crossing his arms.

"I need you to defeat me in the next two moves; but it needs to look believable. I'd say a flying kick followed by an uppercut would be good."

What in the name of all that is good? Both Liu Kang and Kal-El's eyes widen at the words of Batman; yes with his super hearing Superman is able to hear every single word said! The real question is why would Batman do this? If there is one thing Superman knows among all his teammates, it's that Batman is the one out of them all that displays the greatest resilience. Quiting and or giving up is never an option in his book; he must have some rational reason for this.

"Wait huh...are you sure everything is ok? Is there something I'm missing?"

At this point Liu is becoming more and more confused, is this some sort of trick?

"Now is not the time to question me! Just do it!" Batman demands.

Sitting within his seat Clark now becomes very uncomfortable, man he sure does hope there is a really good reason for this. This action is completely out of character for Batman. Tightening his fist Liu steps back a bit putting a good amount of room between them both. Taking a deep breath Liu steps forward running at Batman performing a flying kick, and before Bats is able to fall back the other way with much strength he uppercuts him. Falling back first to the ground there is no movement by Batman!

"What in the? Wait did Batman just get beat?" Wally's eyes widen looking down into the ring.

Everything grows silent within the dome; how could the final match end that quickly, after all the hype and build up...this is it? Talk about disappointing and under whelming, no one could have seen this coming. After a few more moments of the capped crusader not moving the announcer steps into the ring. Crossing her arms and raising her shoulders, Diana knows something is up; not in a million years would Batman fall that easily.

"Well everyone it looks like we have a winner...GIVE it up FOR LIU KANG! Defeating all odds he's still your MORTAL KOMBAT CHAMPION!" The announcer yells out.

Everyone is surprised to see Batman stand up raising the arm of Liu declaring him victor. But the audiences can't help but cheer, even in defeat this dark fighter still shows great sportsmanship.

"Ah ok, who else here feels like Bats totally dropped the match. Heck it's obvious he wasn't even knocked out; I swear this guy gets weirder the longer I'm around him." Peter says, feeling positive about his assumption.

Hal Jordan rubs at his chin completely on the same boat as Spidy, hell he's fought alongside the guy on un countable missions; but whatever the reason it's probably a good one if he would embarrass himself in front of all these people. Just as Batman heads for the exit Liu runs up next to him grabbing him by the cape.

"Hold on just a second there, you aren't getting off that easy. Now you're going to tell me why you forfeited the match. You at least owe me an explanation, I'm not understanding this at all?"

Looking into the champ's eyes he can see that this is something he so desperately wants. But who could blame him, no true competitor likes to be handed things; especially not a victory of this caliber. Throughout the entire area many chant the name Liu Kang!

"Just listen to them, you're the peoples champ; and I have no right to take that away from you. I completed my mission in stopping the evil threat; I forgot to mention I don't fight for sport." Batman says turning from Liu continuing for the exit again.

Not satisfied with the answer he runs out in front of Batman.

"You aren't making sense, what evil threat are you talking about?"

But then something comes back to Liu's mind; yes Raiden did speak of some sort of deception which was being plotted, but they were unable to verify who it was? This has to be what the Dark Knight refers to.

"I understand, so who is the one you refer to! I need to know what you know?"

Staying quite for a few moments he just stares at the Shalion member; as he said before the smaller the circle the better.

"Maybe another time champ...something tells me we will be seeing each other again in the near future."

Again he moves past the champion of MK but this time Liu doesn't follow him. Diana watches the face of Kal and knows he can hear everything what is being said thanks to his different expressions. Standing from her seat she walks over having a seat on the left side of Kal.

"So you wanna tell me what was said down there?"

Glancing over at the princess he gives her the look as if he has no idea what she speaks of. Just like Batman said, the less people know the better. Plus it's better if they don't have to much on their mind.

"I guess I must have been day dreaming; well it's good we'll be returning home soon." Kal replies with a forged smile.

Diana almost rolls her eyes at his reply, it's obvious he doesn't want to share what he heard for whatever reason. Has he lost his marbles, they can't go home until they locate the missile launchers. The people who did this can't just get away with what they did.

"How about I rephrase my question a bit, who are the one's responsible? You and Batman know don't you; I believe the rest of us should be updated so we can go after them."

In most scenarios his eyes would widen but he realizes that would all but prove he was hiding something, so he just tries his best to stay cool. Clearing his throat he turns to her leaning forward a bit.

"Since when do I withhold information princess, that type of strategy is not down my lane." Supes replies.

"Yeah maybe so but you and I both know who does."

The two of them just stare at the other for some moments not sure of what to say. It's hard to keep secrets from Wonder Woman, in time she will probably figure it all out. But telling her is not in his interest; what stands before them is a stack of dominos. If he tells her, she'll tell someone else and before you know it somehow the information could get back to Pythena. Truthfully he does not agree with Batman's method to not attack, it just doesn't make sense. Why should they sit around and wait for her to follow up with this Backup of her's. it possible Batman didn't tell he or Spiderman everything? His strategy does raise a few red flags, but he doesn't question bats much and he won't now.

"Well if he is hiding something, I have no clue. What makes you think he's got something?"

Now it is becoming pretty clear to her by Superman's speech pattern that he isn't telling the whole truth; if she had to guess, there's a chance he could be in on this. But than again she's probably just being paranoid, Superman has always been a trustworthy teammate. Down outside the ring Batman approaches that of Pythena which causes Peter to gulp.

"What is it that I can help you with?" She asks, speaking over the still roaring crowd.

"I'll say this once and only once; I need you to send my teammates and I back to our world within the next hour."

Looking him over she moves a strand of hair from her eye. It's interesting why they'd want to leave so soon, most people in their shoes would at least rest up for the remainder of the night and travel out in the morning.

"Why so rude, don't you want to stay for awhile and enjoy the festivities? Or has your latest defeat made you want to completely forget about this place?" Pythena reaches out pulling a cherry out of a nearby plate eating it.

Licking her lips she smiles at Batman who frowns.

"We'll be returning back to our shrine to pack up, and I expect to see you there shortly after. Do yourself and favor and try not to be late."

Turning his back he walks away from her looking for the quickest way he can exit the entire area. He must be extremely disappointed with the loss to Liu Kang, but than who could blame him. No one wants to get this far to just loose. Whatever, she'll let them have it their way; in fact this will make it that much easier for her. Walking past the bleachers where almost all his teammates sit he signals them to follow.

"What is he doing, none of us want to leave that quick; I mean come on we should at least try and enjoy ourselves." Wally says.

Getting up from her seat Diana grabs Wally by his arm.

"Lets go everyone."

Everyone else also stands from their seats getting up and following Wonder Woman down the stairs. Liu catches as the last of them exit out of the tournament vicinity. Who are these people, how is it they were invited to the tournament. Many questions are beginning to rise evolving around these individuals; and what did the man in the cape and cowl mean by they would see each other again. Whatever the case he must speak with Raiden as soon as possible. Returning back to the shrine Batman informs everyone to pack up and get ready to go. Hal, Diana as well as Carol try and question him but Supes steps in front of them shaking his head informing them to stand down. When inside their room Kal speeds back into his uniform in seconds.

"I heard every word you said Bruce; why did you throw the fight?"

Recovering his bag from a corner in the room bats lifts it up setting it on top of the bed. Any and all clothing which lays around including his extra utility belts are put in as well.

"It wasn't my place to become champ, besides we have bigger matters on our hands. The less distractions the better."

Finishing packing up the two of them exit out of the room together walking down the hall and stepping into the elevator. Making it down to the first floor both are surprised to see Pythena standing out in the lobby with the opening of the door. He told her to be here ASAP but he had no idea she'd get here this fast.

"I hope you two enjoyed the tournament, it was a pleasure to have you both take part." Pythena informs looking over at the two who approach her.

Both of them maintain their postures as not to give her the slightest chance to figure they know all about her plan.

"Yeah it was a great pleasure and we enjoyed the experience." Superman tells.

Awaiting the rest of the group they all come into sight all in their uniforms as well. Having them all gather around her she creates a portal in which they all step through. Once they're all out of sight she takes a deep breath. Oh if only her first set of plans were a success, it would have made this all a whole lot easier. Stepping out of the portal onto a building top, the group quickly realizes they're in the city of New York.

"Man that's funny, I wonder how she was able to get us to this particular spot. I mean who's to say she couldn't have accidentally transported us into the ocean or something?"

Everyone just looks at Spiderman but have nothing to say.

"Talk about a waste of precious time; thanks a lot Mr. Stark."

Walking toward the buildings ledge she turns looking back at the group.

"Maybe I'll see you around some time." She says grinning at a particular person.

Turning away from them she fly's out into the night sky. Everyone else looks over at Batman except for Supes.

"Uhm ok so I guess I'll ask, what is Ms Marvel talking about Bats?" Spiderman asks.

"Honestly...I have no clue."

The group talks amongst themselves, some even raising their voices because of them leaving empty handed without finding the criminals. Spiderman is tempted to say something but Superman shoots him a look to keep his mouth shut. The wall crawler does wonder how he did that; especially since he wears a mask, now that is strange. It isn't long before everyone says their good bye's departing going their separate ways. Supes and Wonder Woman use the JLA teleporter to get themselves to the watch tower. The only two left standing are Spiderman and Batman; the two of them just look down onto the city.

"You don't have to answer this if you don't want to. Am I right that you let yourself be defeated back there?" Spiderman asks.

It's funny that this city never sleeps, someone is always doing something. I guess over time the people of New York have made it a tradition, and many have become accustomed to it. This city may have it's problems, but nothing compares to Gotham in the mind of the Dark Knight.

"Like I told Superman, I'm not apart of that world; and he is their champion. All that aside, if I were trying to win it would have been a tough task which could have went either way. Liu Kang is a great well disciplined champion, and he deserves to still remain Mortal Kombat's finest." Bats replies.

The web slinger isn't one bit surprised, he was absolutely point on.

"So do you have some special plans on how we can prepare? How soon do you think it will be before Pythena and Shao Kahn will spring their attack on us?"

Spidy turns to look over at Batman but he's already gone! Wait how did he do that, isn't he supposed to be human? I guess all he can do for now is watch his back; he wonders how he could contact Superman or Batman if he is to see a sign of some sort that could relate to that of Pythena. With the passing of some hours Batman arrives back in Gotham standing over a building top, looking up to see the bat signal come up into sight. Just as he pulls out his grapple gun a familiar face hovers down in front of him.

"Superman what are you doing here?"

Seeing the tears fall from his best friend's eyes tells him something is very wrong! It must be something that probably occurred while they were on their mission.

"Clark what's wrong?" He finally asks.

The Kryptonian takes a few moments to collect himself before speaking.

"Bruce it's Lois...she's missing. It's all over the news."

If that's possible a question mark is what appears in his head right now. First off why would Superman come to him for something like this; and 2nd shouldn't he be able to find her easily?

"I know what you're thinking Bruce, but this is different," Supes stops in mid sentence to catch his breath, "I can't hear Lois's heart beat."

Listening to the info in which Supes tells him leaves him at lost for words completely stunned. This doesn't sound good at all, is it possible Lois Lane/Kent is dead?



Worlds away



A great deal of time passes with Liu Kang returning to the Shalion Temple. Most people in his shoes would be excited beyond words, but the way in which he won was not satisfying whatsoever. Raiden alongside Kung Lao enter into the main room where Liu stands with his arms crossed.

"What is bothering you Liu Kang? You've made us all proud with your accomplishments." Raiden asks.

Walking over Liu has a seat with on the sofa.

"It's nothing Raiden...nothing at all."



9 Month's later



A lot has changed through this span of time, with the events of the tournament now a distant memory. So much has happened that most have forgot or let go of the attack Pythena was plotting. There's a good chance she herself has dropped her plans of attack against them. Out in that of a public park is that of a robotic android who blasts out fire beams from it's arms! It is barely past midnight, but the civilians who're around depart from the area as quick as they can. Aiming over at a tree, an object comes out of the shadow hitting the cyborg across it's head. Looking within that direction a masked capped man holding a staff runs at it. Using a purple laser it scans the individual.

"Attacker identified as Red Robin."

Stretching it's arm out 10 ft it knocks this masked hero in the other direction into a park bench. Getting up Red Robin is quick enough to dodge the laser eyes. But before he is able to do another thing someone or something comes out of nowhere ripping the cyborg in half smashing it's head in!

"Superboy what brings you in this part of town?" Red Robin asks confused.

Rubbing his hands together Conner Kent smiles walking over to Red Robin. Yes some time ago Conner was indeed dead, but he has since returned.

"I just happened to be looking for you, it's actually titans related. So if you have some time I'd like to discuss it with you." Superboy tells.

Looking around Red Robin makes sure there are no civilians around. After doing so he gives Conner the ok to begin speaking. Superboy quickly goes through the details making it short and sweet; it is then that both individuals turn their attention to the robot.

"You have any clue who's responsible for this thing?" Superboy asks.

"Not yet, but it shouldn't be hard to find out."

Going their separate ways Conner recovers the destroyed parts of the robot taking them with him as he fly's off. Exiting out of the park Red Robin makes his way to the city grappling himself up to the rooftops. Before he's really able to relax the sound of a voice startles him; and as a reaction he jumps a bit.

"Were you able to find Lance Ricco in crime alley?"

Turning Tim's nerves settle to see that it is just Batman, you'd think after all this time he'd be use to Bruce sneaking around. This time it was a little more sudden than usual.

"Yeah it's all taken care of, I'm sure he'll be behind bars in the next hour or so."

Moving up Closer Batman stands next to Red Robin with them both looking down on the city as it begins to rain lightly. One thing is for sure the night is still young, and there is much work that needs to be done.

To Be Continued

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CHP 26: Threat forgotten





Jogging out in what is a pressingly gloomy afternoon is a member of the Shalion Temple, making his way over to a neighboring village close to ten miles away to deliver a message. Aside from the tournament months ago, things have been really quite and peaceful. Though he was unable to accomplish his goal to become Mortal Kombat champion, Kung Lao has since got over his missed opportunity and moved on. In a few more years he'll get another shot at it.

"Hello and welcome, you must be the spokes person for the Shalion Temple. come right this way and I'll lead you to my office."

With the opening of the gates Kung Lao moves up next to the person; the gates closing automatically afterward. Out in the open area several children run around playing with one another, ranging from team sports to other activities.

"So who exactly are you anyway, are you the guy ahead of things regarding this area? And if you must know, I go by Kung Lao and am a student to Raiden himself."

"Oh I'm sorry, where are my manners. I'm Danek and am in charge of what goes on here, it's good you were able to make it over here to discuss business."

Continuing forward through the area of much wide opened space Kung Lao notices some similarities of this temple compared to the Shalion Temple; but there are also many differences. With any luck, maybe the sun will come out before night fall. This dark like atmosphere is somewhat energy draining, but than again it could be a lot worse; so there's no need to complain. Traveling up a set of stairs made of rich marble, Danek pulls out a key entering into his office alongside Kung Lao.

"That's what I love about this room, not much sound can get through. Why don't you have a seat across from my desk and we'll get right into it."

Walking over the Shalion member pulls up a chair having a seat in front of the table re adjusting to try and get as comfortable as possible. Danek stands off to the side in another corner of the room opening a drawer retrieving a few papers. Just as he turns to Kung Lao someone comes crashing through a nearby window! It is quickly identified as a woman, who dresses in all black; very attractive with her attire very revealing, showing more skin than necessary.

"Who the hell are you?" Danek almost yells.

The woman turns to him with a grin, reaching out grabbing him by his neck throwing Danek into his chair over by his desk dropping the papers in the process. Running over she jumps up having a seat in the lap of Danek turning his neck!

"Get away from him!" Kung Lao yells jumping up from his seat

Using one hand she knocks him off to the side easily without much effort. Turning back to her target, hissing at him a bit she drives her fangs deep into his neck as he cries out in agony. Wrapping her arms around him she sucks away! Shaking his head Kung Lao's vision becomes very blurry, moving his hand over he retrieves his hat putting it back over his head. It isn't long before there is no more sound from Danek indicating he has in fact passed on. It is then that this woman pulls her fangs from out of his neck still in his lap turning her attention to Kung Lao. The Shalion fighter's eyes broaden to see all the blood around her mouth, nose, chin and even her upper chest! Talk about messy and disgusting, good thing he hasn't eaten lunch yet!

"Sorry you had to be present for that hun, but we need his blood," Getting up off the now dead victim she licks her lips with a sigh, "Soon we'll own everything, enjoy your life while you can."

Smiling at him seductively, she turns from Kung Lao grabbing hold of the corpse, leaping out of the window flying away. Kung Lao yells out for help instantly, not knowing what else to do. That woman was obviously a vampire, but he's never seen her before in his life; and what did she mean by we need his blood? Wait...we! How many was she referring to? They just might be in trouble; and how was she able to fly without wings; the only other vampire he has ever seen is Nitara, but she uses wings to fly.

"I heard someon..."

The certain person stops what he was going to say seeing the blood splatter over the top of his leader's desk top.

"A vampire killed him, and took his body along with her; but I don't know why." Kung Lao informs.

Hearing this sends a shiver up the spine of this particular individual, why would anyone want to hurt their leader? He was one of the kindest people you'd ever meet.

Many miles away out in the city a few business men have transferred from a different location. With them they've brought a few new weapons which could be useful down the line. Standing before the large group is the leader of them who gives a presentation on how each projectile works.

"If we do ever try and sell these weapons on the market, I'm betting we could make close to Eight Hundred Fifty million. But in order for us to produce more of these bad boys we're going to need the original blue prints. Right now they're being held in a private facility which is highly guarded." The person tells.

The many men within the room talk amongst themselves, coming up with a plan on how they can attain the blue prints in one piece. With these weapons there will be no one who can stop them, even the military would have it's hands full.

"I think I know just the two who can get the job done. Actually let me rephrase that, I know two individuals who will get the job done. Tell me captain, have you heard the names Sektor and Cyrax?"



Worlds away



Entering into a restaurant with locked arms is both Emma Frost the White Queen along with Klint Gersayer. Letting go of the other the two of them have a seat in a booth next to a window. Picking up a menu, both glance at the several different dishes trying to decide what they'll have for lunch.

"I'm so glad you're my business partner miss Frost, without your image I doubt Zelsztech would be where it is now. The only real competition left is Stark Industry, but than you have Ballew Industry and Wayne Corp not far behind."

Looking up from her menu Emma can't help but smile, must men always see everything as a competition.

"I don't see what the big deal is, your business is handled differently than all of what you mentioned; besides everything is competitive these days. Lets not forget you're at the top." Reaching over she rubs a hand over the side of his face.

As a response he just chuckles as she removes her hand lifting her menu once more; being at a five star restaurant is always tough, mainly because of the tons of great choices. Maybe now would be the great time to ask him; but a few days ago she accidentally...well more of curiosity caused her to read some of his thoughts. Something from his past interests her greatly, a burning memory of pain; the loss of his younger sister. But that's not what has her worried, it's the rage and anger she felt within him; how could he possibly contain it? It's scary to think about; but not wanting to invade his privacy any further she was unable to figure out the details which took place with the accident.

"Uhm Klint do you mind if I ask you a question?"

Setting down his menu he gives her eye contact.

"Sure go ahead, I'll answer just about anything."

Before she's able to speak the waiter comes over with a notepad and pen.

"So what can I get for the two of you on this bright afternoon?"

Klint informs the person they haven't quiet decided what they'd like to eat, so he just orders out their drinks and a few appetizers. As soon as the waiter is out of sight he turns his attention back to Emma.

"So what was it you wanted to ask me?"

Thinking it over somewhat, she decides it's best just to keep her mouth shut and not bring this to his attention. Plus who knows how he'll react if she were to tell him she read bits and pieces of his mind.

"Oh it's nothing, just forget about it."

Out in the city of New York a familiar face exits out of an ice cream store holding a vanilla cone. Walking down the street he enjoys the icy cold sweetness.

"Hey Pete wait up, I want to talk to you."

Looking over his shoulder Parker smiles at who approaches him slowing down as they walk up next to him.

"Good to see you MJ, so what's up?"

"Are you busy later this evening, there's a party taking place later and I haven't asked anyone out yet. So I was just thinking you and I could go together."

Finishing up his cone Peter throws what's left of it into a trash which they pass by.

"Yeah sure I'm down, just call me or send me a text on the place and time. I'll try my best to be there, hopefully I don't get caught up in anything."

Moving over closer to him she puts an arm around him.

"Don't disappoint me tiger, I'm sure Spiderman can take one night off." Mary Jane says playfully pinching him on the cheek.

Both friends laugh together hugging one another before MJ crosses the street waving at him while winking. Seeing this makes him feel warm inside. Walking up the street turning the corner, his eyes narrow to the sound of an explosion and screams of people.

"Just when I was thinking this would be an easy going day."

Looking around he finds the closes alleyway making a run for it lifting his shirt revealing the Spider symbol. Pulling his mask over his face he removes the rest of his clothing putting on his gloves webbing himself to the rooftops now fully suited up. Swinging from building to building it doesn't take him long to arrive to the area containing all the commotion.

"Oh just my luck, Hobgoblin!"

Flying around on his glider the villain laughs aloud throwing his pumpkin explosives down on civilians who run in all directions trying to get out of harms way.

"Hey look Hobby we can do this the easy way, or I'll be forced to take you out personally." Spiderman says swinging over closer sticking to a skyscraper.

Hovering by the goblin throws a few of his bombs at Spidy who dodges them with his super human agility and speed webbing some of them throwing the explosives away from people.

"Not today Spiderman,things are different and it will come as a bonus of me finally putting you down in your permanent resting place."

With on his glider he shoots out missiles at the web slinger who again dodges jumping off a few walls keeping his balance. the projectiles are responsible for a huge down pour of shattering glass.

"I'm curious Hobby what exactly are you up to this time? Was this merely a way of getting my attention, or are you after someone in particular?" Spidy asks swinging from one building to another avoiding a pumpkin bomb.

Firing off a few more missiles at Spiderman, Hobgoblin increases the speed on his glider to full blast traveling in the opposite direction. This confirms the villain has problems not concerning him by the looks of things; but what exactly is he up to? Usually he isn't the type to make a scene in broad daylight unless it is something important. Picking up his pace Spiderman swings from building to building using his web trying his best to keep Hobgoblin in sight.

"Oh look up there everyone, it's Spiderman! Go get him Spidy!"

After what seems like a wild goose chase, Spidy finally comes to a stop on the top of a building. Looking down he scratches at his head watching as some type of Meta lifts a pickup truck throwing it into a nearby 7 Eleven, with dozens of people running and screaming!

"Come and get us Spiderman!" Hobgoblin yells out hovering above his colleague.

"Man I should have known he was up to something like this, but hey this is a day in the life of Spiderman. There is no room for complaining."

Grinning underneath his mask he webs a light post swinging down to kick at the massive brute, but with much energy and power the being claps which gives off such force; Spiderman is sent back in the other direction into an ice cream truck which passes by! The driver immediately stops looking out the window over at the hero.

"Are you ok Spiderman?"

"Yeah I'll be just fine, but you need to get somewhere safe." Spidy replies pulling himself out of the vehicle's side, leaving a huge dent.

The driver does as he is told quickly getting as far away from the area as he can. Turning his attention back to the attackers, Spidy runs at full speed leaping into the air punching at the massive individual having his fist grabbed and cracked being thrown off to the side yet again. Luckily for his Spider sense it enables him to move out of the way just as the villain shoots purple lasers from it's eyes!

"Hahaha, you're no match for us Spiderman! Finally the day has come for me to finally be rid of you, it's been a long time coming, but I'll enjoy it regardless." Hobgoblin says feeling good about the situation.

It is then that Hobgoblin begins laughing, but within moments he's knocked off his glider and his massive teammate is punched into a car. Spidy stands to his feet approaching the one responsible. But before he's able to speak she turns to him with a smile.

"Wonder Girl at your service, or if you prefer to call me Cassie that's fine to. So you must be the amazing Spiderman I've heard so much about; but if you're going to try and take on an A.M.A.Z.O you will need backup."

"Oh so that's what that thing is called. So do you work with the Justice League or something?" Spidy asks

Both look over to see the Amazo getting back up, as well as Hobgoblin who remote controls his glider back over to his side.

"Actually I'm a member of the Teen Titans if you ever heard of them."

Rubbing at his chin he doesn't recall ever hearing of them, ever since the merger of the two earths he has kept to his city not paying to much attention of what goes on outside of it involving other heroes. The Amazo charges the two of them at full speed just as Wonder Girl lifts Spidy up avoiding the missiles of Hobgoblin landing on top of a roof several ft above the ground.

"That was close, thanks for the save beautiful."

"Spiderman wait." Wonder Girl replies yelling out.

Swinging around Spidy is able to dodge a few of the blasts attempted by the Amazo but is eventually hit before he's able to reach either of the criminals. Wonder Girl just shakes her head flying out to join by his side.



City of Metropolis



Getting in from his job at the Daily Planet Clark Kent Sets his hat off to the side putting his coat in the closet. Walking over he has a seat on his bed reaching out grabbing a certain picture. It brings several different emotions within him; happiness of better times as well as the pain of loss! Not knowing what happened to her is the greatest pain of all; he's basically searched every square inch of the planet but she was found nowhere. Setting the picture back off to the side he suits up, using his JL transmitter beaming himself to the watchtower.

"It's good to see you finally made it, the others are all waiting for you in the conference room. But before you enter I'd like to have a word with you."

Superman follows Batman who leads them to a back room where it is much more silent. Through the glass windows they're able to see a great view of the earth.

"You don't have to say it, but I know exactly what's been bothering you for the past few weeks. The police may think they've investigated all angles to this, but there's a possibility they may have missed something. I promise I'll find her."

Bats places a hand on the shoulder of his best friend's shoulder trying to give him re assurance of hope. But just as quickly Kal removes the hand of Batman.

"You know what they say, the quickest way to heal is to move on. It would seem you never learned that one important fact in life," Supes begins his way toward the exit, "She's gone Bruce, just like your parents. But I won't die with her like you did all those years ago with them."

Exiting out Superman basically slams the door marching away. Talk about a sword to the throat, those words of his were rough, but than it is to be expected due to what he is going through. The chances of someone of her status being alive after missing this long are zero to none, but there is still a chance. Moving forward Batman exits out of the room as well bumping into someone who passes by.

"Oh hey Bruc...I mean Batman, so I'm guessing it didn't go that well."

Looking down at Zatanna he raises an eye brow beneath the cowl wondering what exactly she's talking about. She couldn't have known what he and Superman were speaking about.

"I have no idea what you're talking about, but I've got some things on my schedule maybe we can talk later."

Walking past her he makes his way for the main area, but she runs up next to him wrapping both her arms around one of his.

"I don't think you were informed, but my magic show is coming to Gotham in a week and I'd like for you to be there."

Looking down at her again she gives off a puppy face which causes him to grin pulling her closer to him.

"Ok I'll be there Zee, but if for some reason I'm a no show, don't be surprised. Crime never takes a break."

"Thanks Bruce, you're the best." Zee replies reaching up wrapping her arms around his neck kissing him on the cheek.

Skipping away she hums to herself leaving a stunned Batman who just shrugs his shoulders continuing with what he has planned for the day.



Worlds away



Moving with much caution the superior of the group signals for his men to proceed further, all heavily suited up for potential battle. Five different groups enter the building through separate entrances. As soon as they kick the doors through, they begin shooting down the guards who're caught completely off guard.

"What we have come for is just up ahead." Cyrax informs to his group

Down another hall opposite to them Sektor blows open a door using a missile which leaves behind a lot of dust and even flames! A few more guards are shot down as they try and approach. Sektor informs the rest of the group to stay put as he moves forward. Inserting a chip into their main computer he hacks the main server. Moments later Cyrax and his group of men come into sight entering into the wide room.

"So have you been able to upload the blueprints yet?" Cyrax asks in his robotic voice.

"Yes it is all here, but it'll take several minutes before it is all fully uploaded into my system." Sektor replies.

The large group of men standing behind the cyborgs smile, excited with their accomplished success! This couldn't have been written out any better, these two fighters will be of great value in the future as well. Both Cyrax and Sektor will be a huge part of their success.

Out in the area of the mountains a certain someone enters into a dark cave; the candles around the tables are the only source of light. Alongside her she drags two dead corpses, walking over and placing them each in a separate coffins!

"So I see you've found two of our many rare blood types needed, good work Rosea." Nitara congratulates.

"Seriously though, Danek tasted bitter, but whatever," Walking over to one of the tubs they have located in the cave, she strips down completely naked getting into the pool of water, "Once Dieya is resurrected things will get a lot easier for you and I."

Nitara couldn't agree more, once she returns they'll expand their empire from out of their home world throughout many other area's. What's the point of having power if you don't have an entire kingdom to rule!



Worlds away



The moon shines bright within the night sky, Batman gliding down from a rooftop his eyes set on a vehicle which passes by at un natural speeds for the particular area. Pulling out his grapple gun it helps him to navigate and continue forward when there are huge gaps between buildings. The communications device within his cowl begins beeping.

"Hello Batman it's Hawk Girl, do you have a minute?"

"I'm busy..Batman out."

Reaching up he turns off the device being sure to keep pace with the vehicle up ahead. This group of drug dealers have finally showed their faces and he's not about to let them get away so easily. Out in the city of New York another hero returns home through his open window. Lifting up his mask Peter throws it off to the side reaching out for his phone to check if he missed any calls.

"Hopefully it isn't to late for me to attend that party, it's about time I start having a little bit more fun. All this patrolling will eventually get to a guy's head."

Looking over his messages he can see that he has a few missed calls, two two of which being Mary Jane. Walking over next to his closet he un dresses out of the Spider suit walking back over to retrieve his phone re dialing MJ. It takes a few moments but he does get an answer.

"Oh hey Pete, well I hate to say but the party is over; but if you'd like you can come over to my place where we can hang out."

Looking over at the time he thinks about it for a second.

"Yeah that sounds cool, I'll be right over."

"Alright see you than." She replies.

Getting fully undressed he steps into the bathroom taking a quick shower before getting dressed into some causal clothes. Walking over to a mirror he looks at himself a few times deciding this will do just fine exiting out of the room and eventually the house. It isn't far so he just decides to walk.

"I wonder where Hobgoblin is now, and what was he doing with that Amazo."

Peter thinks back on the battle he had against the two criminals earlier in the day; but what he really isn't understanding is how they so easily escaped he and Wonder Girl. There's no way he's loosing his edge, that was just one lucky get away. But smoke bombs is elementary to him, they shouldn't have left his sight off of something like that. Traveling down a few more blocks he finally arrives at her place ringing the door bell. He wonders how the Justice League members he attended the tournament with are holding up. He hasn't seen or heard from any of them since they've come back. Well maybe Superman is a exception seeing him several times on the news.

"Come right on in, and do make yourself at home." Mary Jane says cheerfully.

Peter moves forward stepping into the house closing the door behind him. Reaching over MJ grabs him by his wrist leading him up the stairs.

"I know you like to cuddle, so in doing so you can tell me what happened throughout your day. Honestly it's obvious something is bothering you."

"Yeah sure if you say so." Peter replies chuckling.

He follows MJ to her room without another word, as much time as he has dedicated to Spiderman lately, this will be a great change of flow. Things may not have worked out the way either of them wanted while dating, but they're still really good friends. Heck who's not to say they still have a possible future together?



Worlds away



Just outside the Shalion Temple Kung Lao walks back and forth un able to get that revolting sight off his mind! It was like staring at death itself, but in the form of such beauty. Why was he unable to help, he just watched as the life was sucked out of that man! But the real issue, is to be prepared for what may be coming their way in the future.

To Be Continued 
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