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The ooze started filling the room. Derek had to think.



Finally, he saw a vacuum cleaner in the corner of the room. Could it suck up the goop?


He plugged it in.

Turned it on.

And.... BOOM! The vacuum exploded!

Apparently it was no match for the gunk. Derek needed something else.

Shouldn't have opened it, he thought, Now what do I do?

He grabbed a tiny gardening shovel and started scooping up the goop.

Scoop by scoop he started flinging out the open window.

"Please work..." he muttered to himself. The mutter began to turn into a shout. "PLEASE!"

Finally, it was all out of his living room... or was it?

He didn't really care. He brushed some green gunk off of his shirt, picked it up, and tossed it out the window.

He got on his snow-stuff and hurried outside.

"Derek!" his baby sister, Terra, yelled "Yay!"

"Yeah" whispered Derek "Yay...."

"Whats up?" Derek's cousin, Jake, said, running up to him "Heard ya yelling in there."

"Oh" said Derek "Frustrated with a... uh.. a video-game."

"Ya still suck at Mario Bros, huh?" Jake laughed, running off as he expected Derek to start pelting him with snow-balls. "Dude, whats the matter? You look like you've seen a ghost or somethin'."

"No" said Derek "There was this... blob thing that came out of one of the presents! It kept growing and I almost drowned in it!"

"Like that?" said Jake, pointing to a greenish oil-type thing that was quickly heading toward them.

"Not as... blobby as it was in there" said Derek, pointing at the house "Quick, get rid of it before anybody notices!"

"Me?!" asked Jake "It's your present!"

"So?" asked Derek "I'm allowed to share my present with my favorite cousin!"

"NOW you share?!" yelled Jake, upset

"Boys" said Jake's mom, hurrying toward them "Whats going on?"

They didn't know how to answer.

They just stood in front of the slime, hiding it....

"Um..." Derek started, but he couldn't think of a way to finish.


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