Moon Knight: New Earth Part One

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***I own nothing. All characters belong to marvel comics***

***This is MY interpretation of Moon Knight (hence the title)***

***Rated T+***

I was once Marc Spector, I discoered I was a mutant. That was before I became MOON KNIGHT.
I'm a crazy schizophrenic, who Wolverine, Captain America and, and Spiderman rolled into one. My powers are enhanced by the's a full moon tonight.

There are skinheads. Drug dealers.
"Only one way to deal with them." Says a voice in my head. "Make sure they never sell that *** again."
"NO KILLING!" Says two other voices.
"C'mon, there's only one way to keep these guys off the streets."
"No. I'll rough them up, hurt them, but I won't kill them." Tonight...Captain America takes action.

I swoop down into the gang drug dealers. They're afraid of me.
"Relax, I won't kill you."

I land on a man so hard his ribs break in fifteen places. Trust me, I know this stuff. One points a gun at me. Should've used my shield.
I easily dodge it though, so no worries. I disarm him by kicking his hand. I then throw him into a wall. His nose is broken and he's missing teeth. His own Mother wouldn't recognize him.
The last man begs for mercy. I throw my shield (which kind of looks like a crescent moon....) at him. He's out cold.

I hear a voice.
"Moon Knight. I have news for you."
"Are you my conscience?"
"Dammit, no!"
"NO! I'm...a friend. I know who you are. I found a comm. link to get to you. I have an urgent message."
"You're Khonshu, aren't you?"
"NO!" listen, I've gotten a tip that Bushman has taken control of The Committee. He's kidnapped them and used their funding to create super soldiers.
"Like me?"
"....yes. Like you. You'll find some of the members at an abandoned warehouse."
"I'll see what i can find."

I arrive there approximately three hours later. I took a while since I had to refuel my webbing....
I sneak up on a man and put him in a sleeper hold. He falls out in a matter of seconds. Apparently some people hear me. Ten to be specific. I use my agility to dodge the bullets, then punch a crater into the ground. Two fall back, unconscious.
Another grabs on to my back, so I elbow him, and flip over him. in mid flip, I grab his head and throw him.
Another man goes to kick me. i block it and take out his other leg. He's down. One man ducks under my punch, so I bring my knee into his nose. I throw his unconscious body into two more people. Man are they easy to fight! I web two more and bring the close to me. One person I hit with a roundhouse kick, causing him to fall into another guy, knocking both of them out.
Last one. Man, i thought these people were tough!
"With a name like the Committee, did you expect to put up a fight?"
"No....I just warned the others....."

I look around me to see that I'm surrounded by all sorts of assassins. I judge by the weapons they carry that they know what they’re doing.
"You've got yourself in deep now, Spidey...." I say.

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