Mongul: Bleeding Pool

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"Only way any of us are getting out of this alive, is if Mongul dies," the young pirate stated.

The situation had looked grim from the begining. But things had been taken to an entirely different level several hours ago.

What was to be a simple pillage of an old, L.E.G.E.O.N.A.I.R.E transport, had been turned into a bloodbath the moment a most unexpected and unwanted guest had arrived.

The aforementioned Mongul!

Why was he there? No one could say. But what was known, was that things had gotten bad. And that they were only gearing up to get worse.

Gaven Gil'art of Thanagar had only wanted wealth. Not violence nor notoriety. So when the chance had come to accomplish the former, he'd taken it.

He'd been tipped off by a friend that a refurbished Legionnaire ship, stock with credits used by the Galactic Banking Cooperation, would be flying from sector 385 to 377. And though he hadn't much of a crew, the men and women he did have had proven to be trustworthy. And, most importantly, professional.

It was four of them, including Gaven himself. And along with his crew, they had done good work.

They'd breached the ship, subdued the crew, and had hacked the ships servers all in under thirty seconds.

Not bad at all.

But that was then. When there was still four of them.

Pip, Gaven's self professed bodyguard had been beaten to death after engaging the gigantic Warlord in a bloody fist fight. Bertram his childhood best friend, had been kicked through a wall, and had not been heard from since.

His last two crew members had done the sensible thing. They simply backed the hell off!

But Mongul was aware of their existence.

And that meant they were going to die. So Gaven figured they had may as well die fighting.

"Gaven, are you #@$ nuts, or what?! How the hell do you propose we do that? Pip couldn't slow him down, and I've seen that guy rip a Snare Beast in half," asked Alura.

Also Thanagarian. Her father had been a Hawkman, Thanagars personal law enforcement. He'd been one of the top.

He'd served and trained with the famous Kartor Hall, and, had even fought him. The fact that his little girl had opted for a life of piracy did not sit well.

Not that she cared.

"Alura's right Gaven. We cannot win this."

"I know that Bol, but.. But he killed Bertram. I gotta put him down!"

Bol, was bald, brown, and lean. Thanagarian also, and quite possibly the best marksman on the team, he was the newest addition to Gaven's crew.

As they hid in the hold of the ship, nearly a foot above it's bolews, he looked into his Captain's eyes for a moment in consideration, then, after two more anxious, unblinking minute's, nodded his head, "then what is your plan of action?"

"Yeah, Gaven," began Alura with a deep sigh, "How do you plan on getting us killed?"

To be continued.